Is Trengove Real? – Ep. 80

So many questions to come out of the round and we sit down to chat about a heap of players and potential trades. Is Jackson Trengove real? Should we trade Ablett? (Well, apparently he failed a concussion test… we found out AFTER recording – damn!). Your tweets are answered and Calvin names up a couple of great captain options.

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  • Well if I go swap from Mills

  • Sorry Mills 314k to Tren at $270k pocket $44k. Mills avg 62 with b/e 66 and Tren b/e 1 then I can only make money and be honest Mills scores been average so expect Tren to at least be similar

  • Matt Boyd or Bernie Vince? Already got Shaw, Bartel and Kelly

    • You haven’t listened then… Boyd suspended this week. You wouldn’t bring in a guy who is missing this round’s game.

      • You tell him, Warnie!!!

      • come on Warnie, that’s poor by you mate. some of us have real jobs rather than looking at afl fantasy stats all day mate – maybe he hasn’t had time to listen! Cut John some slack

        • I would say ‘fair point’, but we record a podcast to try to put a truck load of information for people to listen to. We also have a My Team post for people to post in for questions like this (preferably these comments are for people to discuss the podcast).

          If you go through the twitter feed on the right hand side of the page, you would have seen a tweet retweeted with the news on Boyd. Also, that was on

          • Agree 100% Warnie, so little initiative taken by some people – want information and answers delivered to them on a platter and they are probably the same people who send angry tweets complaining when a recommended player gets injured.

            You blokes do an awesome job and I’m hugely grateful.

        • No offence GN, but this comment’s like someone saying to their personal trainer “I just ate a donut for dinner and washed it down with six beers for dessert”.

          Not paying attention deserves a smackdown… particularly when you go on to Warnie’s site to whine about it. Maybe you can bag Warnie out on your blog and we can all go comment there?

  • M.Crouch for Hopper and Mills for Simpson.

    • Big gamble that Hopper is going to keep scoring so well. Remember Hewett got 95 in his first game, and then it’s taken him 7 weeks to get to Hopper’s current price. If Hopper were to score a more realistic 60 avg from now you’re not making much cash.

      • I’m thinking he can’t do any worse than Crouch. Had him since the start and he’s made me 4k. He might even be dropped soon.

        • I’d worry about job security – Greene will be back next week, Tomlinson is beating down the door with 40+ possessions and even people like Hoskin-Elliot could force a reshuffle that gets him out.

          I’d be looking at real rookies first or maybe even Petracca who has great job security and DPP.

  • I’m playing with the idea of mills>mohr to free up cash to hopefully snag a double premo trade next week.

    Do you think he has the ability to rack up a decent average if he gets named?

    • No he doesn’t. Mohr’s best season average is 58 (55 games over 3 years). He may limp eventually to a price of around $280k, but don’t hold your breath.

  • I can tell you why the NEAFL is so easy to score in. It’s because there are AFL level players playing in a third rate competition. Most of the good AFL players in the country come from Victoria, WA and SA and play in the VFL, WAFL, and SANFL, so these competitions are relatively good and provide a reasonable level of competition for ALF reserves. The NEAFL, on the other hand, does not have the quality of players to draw from and so is not as good. Thus, when AFL players play in it, they have a field day.

  • Talked me into Docherty over Simpson, saves some cash too. Doing Fantasia > Docherty, and Ablett > Walters. 93k in the bank. HAVE to get rid of Menadue and Mills next week

  • Great episode gents, Docherty is only 22 yo. Should be a gun for many years to come.

    • Also his 140 was 27 more than his next highest ever score, which was Rd 4 this year. He’s tonned up 3 times so far, as many times as he did all last season. Breakout?

  • great read guys i will be bringing trengove in this week he was in my side last week until thecarnage that unfolded forced me to do other more important trades. what do u think of bringing in lids this week i have never seen him priced under 500k could be the time to jump on ???

    • Lids is always a good pick, but he has been injured on/off for the last 2-3 seasons (missed 4 or 5 games in 2014, 2015 & already missed 5 this year).
      If you’re confident he’s fit, great choice.

      Remember, if he averages 110, but misses another 3-4 games this year, it will hardly help your team when Menadue comes off the bench to score 46 points.

  • Good podcast as always!
    You have me doubting Trengrove now, Nicnat and Lycett will teach him a thing or two.
    Ablett is out this week to Dusty
    Need to get rid of Fantasia to, who would you pick out of Trengrove or Macpherson?
    I will be fielding at D6 or M8?

    • macca for cash growth trengove for more consistent scoring

    • So I’m guessing you, like me and 10% of other fantasy coaches out there, brought in Fantasia after he scored a boat load from racking up possessions on the wing. You’re trading him out because his role changed, having nothing to do with his form – just a team restructure due to availability of other players.

      Trengrove could do nothing wrong and all of a sudden go back to lock down defender averaging 45 points when any of the other ruck options comes back.

      MacPherson 100% with a lock and a pink ribbon on it.
      Will play every game with all the injury carnage, shown he can score 70+ in losing games and will make a bunch of money.

  • Trengove will be putting up numbers (80+) as long as there’s no Lobbe or Billy Frampton.

    Walters is a perfect forward option considering he’s going through the mid. He’ll average 90+ until the end of the year.

    • I agree – but as a dockers member and watching all their games, nothing would surprise me if Barlow came back in the mid and pushed Walters forward.

      Any of Blakely, Weller, Suban, Tucker, Mundy (who played back last couple weeks) could spend more time in midfield and send Walters forward.

      I can’t risk it and don’t think i’ll risk any Freo players at the moment.

  • I havent listened to the podcast, but trengrove should score decently while in this role, but you would imagine him struggling against wce. I think nic nat has him covered both in ruck and around the ground. And from watching last week, Trengrove may be under the spotlight with Hinkley from his rushed disposals, even when not under pressure. just my thoughts.

  • Hall not even in the conversation for top 3 Fwds?

    • on form, has only averaged 101 over the last 5 games – it’s really only his first 3 that have him so high.

      My fave risky pick up from start of the season, but I think he’ll probably only average 100ish from here onwards.

  • wagner or trengrove

    • Trengrove a better smokey high risk-high reward and might average 80+ between now and when Lobbe or Dougal Howard comes back in – Even a slight role change from Dixon or Schultz coming back could impact his role.

      Wagner a safer 70 points per game here on out.

      I think guns and rooks is the way to go, grab B.Williams, or Mullet if you think he’ll keep playing.

  • ok, after my earlier post, I have now listened to the podcast. On trengrove “nic nat and gawn will hit the ball down mids throats, effectively nulling trengroves clearances” I would dare say, when he went up against Martin, you would have said the same thing (if rounds were reversed). Having said this, I must admit Im still wary, but not following the logic since Martin was named top 3 rucks from here and nic nat not mentioned.

    • NicNat (and Max) is a better tap-ruckman than Stef.

    • You’re confusing Fantasy scores with actual real life football. Martin isn’t even close to a top tap ruckman, he scores from possessions and basically being a tall midfielder who wins 20+ taps each week (many not to advantage). He doesn’t really hit the ball down anyone’s throats with consistency.

      NicNat doesn’t have a huge fantasy game, but he will jump over anyone in the league and is right up there as an elite ruckman.

      Sandilands is another one who, when fit, dominates ruck contests and just about everyone’s fantasy average is lower against him, yet only scores 70-80 points.

      • again, fair point, still think most would have balked at trengrove scoring 95 if port were playing brisbane this week.And as I stated in my first comment, seriously think he will struggle against wce.

  • Dougal Howard will not play. Ken Hinkley has said his body isn’t mature enough and Billy Frampton is 2/3 weeks away from being right for Port. Trengove will be a short term prospect, not worth the risk for 3 maybe 4 weeks of an average of 75.

    Should we be getting rid of Kerridge now that he’s hit his ceiling or is he now proven himself to consistently average over 80? I’m thinking upgrade to Walters or Robbie Gray when he’s cheap enough after 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Kade simpson or Bernie Vince, and someone under 300k for the midfield I was thinking Hopper?