Fantasy Freako Wrap – Round 8

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  • • Explain the nature of your contemporary issue:
    – What aspects/characteristics does it have?
    – Asylum seekers is classified as a problem in Australia. It is the influx of illegal immigrants attempting to come to Australia by boat. Typically they are fleeing war and are seeking for a safe place to live.

    – Define issue
    – We do not have the capacity, resources or ability to accept the thousands of Asylum seekers that want to enter Australia. How can the government be able to house, feed and educate thousands of people who don’t even speak english. It is not up to the Australian Government to look after another countries problem.

    – How does it relate to Australia? What is at the heart of the matter?

    • What views in society are there on the issue?
    There are many view on the asylum seeker issue, some positive and some negative. If you look on the negiative side, you see a lot of racism and fear of difference. Some people believe that all asylum seekers are Muslim and all Muslims are bad. Others believe that they are taking our jobs and don’t belong in Australia as they are only taking advantage of the refugee camps. Other views can be more positive and show Christian values. These are like saying that everyone should be accepted and integrated into Australian society and that it is inhumane to decline them.

    What is the churches view?

    Why does the church have this view? Scripture/CCC/Jesus teachings, etc
    – Matthew 25: 31-48

    • Well said Sir. Currently the US under Obama us letting in hundreds of thousands Syrian Refugees, most not going through the proper vetting process. It will soon be a complete mess like Angela Merkel has left Europe with her ridiculous policies of letting millions through Germany. The results can only be a clash of Civilizations and Cultures. Especially because many of these people do not intend to assimilate and want to set up their own zones and laws within those zones at the expense of the Countries in Europe that have to deal with this. The whole thing is a powder keg ready to explode. The US will start seeing attacks within its boarders soon too. They’re (the EU) are even fining Countries for refusing to offer asylum for each person, €250,000. Australia can not go down this path and must realise the danger as the Radical Islamists & ISIS has infiltrated the genuine Refugee population. So it’s not only an Economic question or a Humanitarian question but a question of a Countries sovereignty and safety.