Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 9

gibbsTOP 10 HOT FORM

#1 – Bryce Gibbs v Kangaroos @ Etihad Stadium

The secret is out – Gibbs has been killing it over the last three weeks and sits at #1 with an average of 131. He is against the Kangaroos though and they are one tough team to score on, the third in fact. He had 115 on them last year and although he ticks all the bosses, I won’t be taking anyone playing the Roos.

#2 – Dayne Zorko v Melbourne @ the MCG

Zorko has averaged 119 in his last 5 games with a lowest score of just 107 and he has averaged 128 in his last 3. Zorko dominated the Dees last year with 124 and won’t be slowing down this week.

#3 – Heath Shaw v Bulldogs @ SPO

Shaw loves playing on his home ground and backed up his 135 from earlier in the year with 132 last week. He is averaging 125 in his last 3 and even had 136 and 113 on the Dogs last year. They’re tougher than that this year though, but based on his form and history, you won’t be called crazy if you roll the dice with him again.

Lachie Hunter will be running around as well but you’d be mad to put anyone captain against the Giants, especially at their home ground. Even though he looked back to his best last week with 113, you just can’t do it.

#4 – Nick Riewoldt v Essendon @ Etihad Stadiumvoldt

Ok… let me break this down for you….

Scores at Etihad this year: 144, 126, 137, 119 – average 131.5 Scores away from Etihad this year: 101, 123, 71, 55 – average 87.5 Average last 3 rounds: 124 Average last 5 rounds: 126

The Bombers aren’t bleeding the points we thought they would, but over the last two weeks their true colours are starting to show. Last week Sam Gibson (149 with 15 marks), Goldy (109) and Swallow (100) hit the ton against them and the week before Tom Mitchell (130), Heeney (119) plus 4 other Swans all clocked up 100+.

Oh… and I’ve left the best bit for last. These numbers here are his scores against the Bombers over the last 12 years. Yep… this is nasty and they are obviously one of his favourite teams to play.

121, 111, 93, 135, 98, 91, 101, 106, 133, 106, 86, 133, 114, 120

In summing up… Form + Fav Team + Etihad = A bloody huge ridiculous score!

#5 – Patrick Dangerfield v Collingwood @ the MCG

114, 89 and 135 are his last scores on one of the easiest teams to score against and if you are a Danger owner then you’ll enjoy the weekend coming up. He carries a lowest score of 113 in his last 4 games this year and will simply dominate alongside Joel Selwood who has scored 82, 103 and 126 in his most recent games. Not a bad option either against the Pies.

#6 – Michael Walters v Richmond @ Domain Stadium

Who? He’s averaging 122 in his last 3 games and 109 in his last 5. Only 3.5% of coaches are smart enough to have jumped on this lad who has been on fire and already climbed $100k in price. Captain material, nope, but a jet in wicked form.

#7 – Dan Hannebery v Hawthorn @ the MCGhanna

Last year on the Hawks, Hannebery scored 90 and 119. He loves playing at the MCG clocking up scores of 120 and 119 in his last two runs there. Although the Hawks have given up some points this year, they have only given up 4 in the last two weeks with only Walters going 120+.

Tom Mitchell scored just 61 last week and Fantasy Freako told us on Twitter during the week that when the game was on the line against the Tigers, Mitchell rode the pine from the 22nd minute mark. His role is very 50/50 week to week. He’s the whipping boy of the club and comes with way too much risk.

A better option is Luke Parker despite his 69. Massive smokie based on his last week failure. He’ll bounce back for sure!

Sam Mitchell won’t make the 5 this week after his poor 77 on the weekend. He had 77 in his last game against the Swans and must be passed on based on these below par numbers.

#8 – Rory Sloane v Gold Coast @ Metricon Stadium

The Suns are bleeding points and this man will be cashing in this week, although he does miss my top 5. The main reason for this is because the game is away at Metricon. He has scored 155, 74 and 135 over the last three weeks and will still be great against a team that hasn’t turned up this year.

#9 – Zach Merrett v St Kilda @ Etihad Stadium

143 last week in his first game at Etihad this year and the signs look positive again despite only scoring 65 and 75 on the Saints last year.

#10 – Jack Viney v Brisbane @ the MCG

Brisbane have given up 10×100+ scores in the last two weeks and Viney has form on his side to join the list of centurions. He did only have 83 on them last year though but surely will be much better than that. However, Max Gawn is the one I like in this game and the fact he’s going up against Stefan Martin doesn’t worry me one bit. Grundy (102), Trengrove (95) and Tippett (121) have all scored well against Stef in recent weeks and Maximus will have a 115+ with ease.




  • good article Cal, bit surprised at the structure of it. Also I think Steven is a good shout against essendon, has 142 and 124 on them last year too.

    • Agree, little chance of a Tag, should dominate.

    • Just hasn’t had the runs on the board In recent weeks

      Tried a new structure as 1300 words is a bit too much, 800 is a little neater but I still cover all the players in my notes, even if I don’t mention them.
      Nothing missed here in the Pirate Ship

  • Great article I need to beat my son mn this week and was targeting Trelor who I think will get easy 120 v Cats at MCG but now am thinking Nick Reiwolt and make him captain – thoughts PLEASE I MUST BEAT MY SON

    • haha I think go with Calvin, the guy knows his Captains – is Roo a unique for you? is your team as good as your son’s?

      if your team is better, go for a safe captain, if your team is probably not as good as his, go for a unique captain.

      I think Roo will go huge & I wish I had him.

    • Beatingchildren is domestic violence.

    • I have Voldt better than Trelaor this week, but yeah I can see you issues

    • Use the buckle end of a leather belt.

  • Feels so weird for me to think “Yep, I’m going to lock in Heath Shaw at home for a solid 120+”
    Who would have thought ‘Headache Heath’ is such a +6 pig. Guy plays like he has money riding on his fantasy score.

  • Thanks for the article, Calvin. First time ever, I have all 5 of your top choices (providing I go through with my plan to trade in the Zork for Ablett). Not sure whether to C St Nick or Dangerfield. Not sure that Zorko is the go for captain this week. No Beams & Rockliff mean Zorko will cop the Vince tag.

    • Vince hasn’t tagged in any of the Dee’s games I’ve noticed.

    • I though the same about Zorko and the Vince tag. Any you are right Taezer – I have watched every game this year and Vince hasn’t tagged once. However, he’s named on half-back flank, and I reckon this is as good a chance as any that Roos will send a tag to a playmaker. If he does, then that would be Zorko.

      Plus you have the tackling pressure of Oliver and now ANB which means Zork won’t get as many clean outside possessions.

      I would love to bring in the Zork but I just can’t bring myself to do it after the scars of 2-3 years ago.

      For what it’s worth I’ve decided to put the C on St Nick and the V on Viney.

      • Melbourne’s flankers leave their man and become an extra two midfielders and with Bernie’s kicking, no Salem, and the Lions lack of midfield depth… I reckon Bernie will go 130+

  • For the first time in HISTORY. I have all 5 of the top 5! Thinking Roo, but Zorko is making me think long and hard too

  • With Calvin naming Zorko so high, Is he a better option then Trealor, Adams or Neale? (including long term?)

  • I am amazed Leigh Montagna hasn’t been mentioned. Playing Essendon where he has averaged 129 against them in his last 3 games. He scored something similar last week against West Coast and for people looking to upgrade Wells he comes in a very juicy 537k..

    • He’s the guy I’m leaning towards at the minute. Don’t think the Bombers tag much and his record against them, plus at Docklands, suggests a large number is on the horizon.
      Also, think Dusty could tear it up against Freo, despite the game being played in Perth.

      • At this moment i have Montagna traded in for Ablett if named out. And he’s wearing the C. Also have Shaw and Dangerfeild. But Montagna could go berserk if they play kick it to me, kick it to me keepers off.

    • I had about 220 grand in the bank, went Ablett and Wells to Montagna and Parker.

    • I brought Montagna in this week, but I’ll hold from putting the C on him. It seems like I am cursed if I put the C on the premo I traded in for the week (think Titch & Rocky this season, and god knows how many before it).

  • I’ve only got Shaw.

    What about Montagna? Also high ceiling…

  • I’m 2 and 5 in one league (despite being 6th by points!) I’m backing in Riewoldt to save my season!

  • I know this is a captain blog but I wanted to ask a question. Should I trade:
    Adams to Macpherson via dpp
    And Fantasia to Docherty

    Adams to Macpherson via dpp
    Ablett to Treloar

    Help is much appreciated

    • whats your mid bench cover like?? offloading underscoring defenders is the go and with fantasia at a good price to get to a premo id be going option 1 cheers

    • I Like the first part of your trade, but out of Fantasia/ablett…
      Gotta know more about your side and there’s a big chance there will be more carnage tomorrow when teams drop – you might be trading to avoid doughnuts.

      Hall, Gaz, Wells, Cox & Rich are all popular players with question marks over them at the moment – who knows tomorrow.

    • Ablett 5 round avg is 85 and Trelor 119 this is an upgrade my friend not a sideways trade

      • Would treloar continue to average 119 from now…..don’t think so. If Ablett returns to his best after his rest, possibly.

  • Montagna locked with the C for me. Guaranteed no more than about 60 now

    • I too have this terrible affliction. *Yeezy stinkeye face*

      • I’m sure the worm will turn… just seems to be taking its sweet ass time about it!

  • Danger C lock and load :)

  • Lachie Neale? Maybe…..BARLOW?

  • Coniglio for me. Job done.

  • I want to go unique against the grain. But the SWAGGER! Trading in Voldtermort and slapping the C on him.

  • Merrett anyone? 6/8 scores over 110 this year and a friendly game at Etihad

    • Would if I had him

    • Currently have the C on Merrett. Only gave him the job one other time this year for his only 60 of the year too. Picked titch for his 60 last week, rocky for his 33 AND his 24, as well as gaz when he dropped from 120s to 80s. I think I have 3 weeks where my captain went over 100 and none where they went over 110 (I have Hall, Danger, Hanners, Titch, Hunter, Gawn, Viney, all delivering decent scores, so I’m not devoid of players who are capable, I just can’t pick em!)

      So based on my history, Merrett is a dud choice. I’ll be sure to let everyone know if my choice changes, you can consider me the anti-captain choice, the opposite of Calvin if you will.

      • Welcome to the club! I’ve had Titch twice in the 60s, got Rocky’s 33, Had Gawn’s 88 which was bookended by 130+ scores… the list goes on. The only time I got it right was Ablett in R1.

  • Great read Calvin. Danger has always been reliable as a captain so he is likely to get the C. I wasn’t sure about giving it to Zorko or not but this has givene a reason to. Thanks Cal

  • Montagna or Steven for me…vs essendon should dominate

  • Going Montagna captain this week 110%..

    No mention of Dusty??
    Versing Freo.. could go big.. thoughts on this??

    • Definitely starting to show some form!

    • “versing” hah. I cringe to see how the English language is evolving sometimes.

      I presume that they are not going to have a poetry contest.

      please use the root latin word “versus” as it should be used. Sorry if this causes offence. I come from a family where my brother and I shared the nick-name “Pedantic Man” and would argue over grammar and language…

  • Goldstein against the non-existant Carlton ruck division?

  • Menadue against a depleted fremantle???

  • Joey or dusty for me

  • Thanks Calvin. I don’t have NRoo so Danger is my next best option. Is there any concern that Greenwood would revert to his tagging ways and try to shut him down?

    • Good luck! Danger in his current form is unstoppable. Greenwood tag (however unlikely) may reduce his numbers slightly, but he’ll go big either way

  • Calvin no mention of Treloar. Last 5 round avg of 120! I know playing the Cats will be a factor but surely has to be considered based on form!

    • Nah you couldn’t do it based on the Geelong factor only. That’s why he’s not mentioned, gotta draw the line at some point with these players or I’ll be covering 50 each week

      • Even with 10 there are a few notable absences… love that you go out on a limb though.

        Remember folks, if you follow the herd you’ll end up stepping in sh!t.

      • Fair call. Food for thought though with Sloane going 147 against the Cats last week!
        In saying this will most likely still throw the C on Zork or Steven! They’ve been hard to pick this year!

  • This week……one of the trickiest weeks for Tradong, I’ve been happy with all the Trades I’ve done this year, but this week what do I do.
    Shaw, Mills, Dae, Walla, Wagner, Byrnes, (B-Jones, Broad)
    Danger, Pendles, Hunter, Zar’kis, Abblett, Duncan, Lewis, Oliver, (Wells, Davis)
    Gawn. Martin (Cox, Currie)
    Zerret, Hall, Dusty,Kerridge, S Gray, Menadue (McCarthey,Kommer)

    I would appreciate some suggestions please.

    • your trades really dont look that hard, your mid bench isnt even playing, that would be your first clue.

    • You need to trade first to your more serious injuries (Wells, McCarthey, Ablett), and also take into account each player’s Break Even score.

      Based on team selection tonight you probably just need to focus on getting 18 players on the starting field. Good luck

  • I know this isn’t a question 4 here but I need help this week.

    If I win the whole thing at the end of the year I will share my winnings with everyone that helps.

  • Goldstein? against carlton with no Kreuzer

  • Any info on Goldy for captain this round?

    • WTF do you mean by info PooBum?! Stop talking SHIT for once in your life honestly, your comments are the biggest loads of POO i read on this site.

      Info = proven consistent scorer against a team without a ruckman! YES HE’S GOING TO GO LARGE THIS WEEK DR.
      what more in the name of sweet baby bouta do you fkn need FFS?!

  • Calvin, is that the first time you have Gawn there?

    Pretty bold call after a 59 last week when he couldn’t take a chest mark. I love his work and think he will fire up this week, but it is a big call. I’d be on Viney over Gawn, thanks to the latter’s ruck work.

    As mentioned above I think Zorko will get pressure from Vince and others, and that means he could be a risky choice.

  • Goldstein vs Carlton surely needed a look in ?

    • Yes, especially with no Kreuzer and the inexperinced Gorrienge coming in, goldy looks set for another big one.

  • thoughts on dmartin va freo?

  • thoughts on dmartin vs freo?

  • Gaz > Vince or Montagna
    Wells > Lewis

    Donut for M. Crouch

    Vince to run over the lions or Montagna to do the same with the bombers?

  • Calvin, any reason you haven’t mentioned Goldy? His form hasnt been worthy of the big C, but surely hell get his 50 from hit outs alone against gorringe? I can see a 150 on the cards. Picking Gawn over Goldy after a 60 point round doesnt mske sense to me?

  • #MakeGawnCap…The power of hindsight…HOW WAS HE NUMBER 5 CAL!!!!!!
    But still, love your work mate, you generally do a good job.

  • Went Shaw based on CC’s and who I have in my team. Brilliant call by you, you bewty Vin!