Round 7 Lockout Chat

Discuss everything AFL Fantasy in the comments over the round.

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  • Glad I decided to wait a week on Rocky.
    Feel for those who took the plunge

  • Rocky & the Five Stages of Grief

    1. Denial: What he can’t be injured again I just traded him BACK in!?

    2. Anger: Fark you piggy for derailing my weekly score for the 2nd time this year. #FMDT

    3. Bargaining: Which premo to trade to replace? Perhaps someone with a baseline level of durability. Hmm there’s a thought!

    4. Depression: I knew the risks but still took them. Burnt 3 times in the last 2 years. Damn my feeble brain.

    5. Acceptance: #NeverAgainList #OinkedHisLast

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Whatever happened to relying on Rocky and Gaz? :(

  • Well thanks Houli and Yeo-Yeo!
    But lucky in some ways, decided to keep C Sinclair for a few more weeks, upgrade M Crouch (was thinking Libba) to Rocky, but changed my mind to NRiewoldt for a POD!
    This was after choosing Zork over Barlow last week too!
    Unfortunately my BL is a shambles!

  • Ahaha, what a season. Averaging a premium injury per round. Robinson, rockliff, fyfe, johannisen, crouch, laird, rockliff again. Can’t catch a break (or maybe I’m catching too many breaks…)

  • Par this round? 1900?

  • stef restoring some sanity after #rockydown

  • 2064 with Stef Martin still going.
    I think that modest score might be fairly competative this week.

  • I’m going to fucking murder the cunt who talked me into getting rocky over Zorko,
    From memory it was CrozaN

    • not funny in the slightest mate.


      • Not trying to be funny dude, just very pissed off

        • very poor choice of words to deal with your frustration.

          threatening murder is never on.

          • Yeah, maybe not, just should’ve stuck with my original gut feeling.

          • Its just a joke mate welcome to the Internet

          • threatening murder should never be said as a joke mate.

    • You’re a psycho mate. Can someone please block this clown from commenting again.

    • i thought it was funny

  • True. It’s all good to take advice from others, but ultimately the final decision is yours alone.

  • I just remember due to FanHub taking so long. I won’t be able to trade out Rocky until tomorrow.

    :D :D :D

  • When you’re ahead by 80 points and it’s down to Rocky vs Stef.. Yeah you can see how that one went for me :(

  • What’s even worse about Rocky getting injured is the fact that he wasn’t scoring well up to that point anyway. Might of been because he was still recovering from his previous injury. Oh well, another 2 forced trades with Wells and the Pig gone for a cousin of weeks.

    • Wells came on for the last 10 mins of the game, i think he’ll be right for next week

  • Rocky straight swap with Duncan??

  • Lachie neale do you sit there all day watchin this crap. Get a life

    • I’m not the one laughing and taking pleasure from people hurting themselves, so I’d say I have a life m8.