Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 7


This is the week that many Fantasy coaches will cooking up some bacon on Sunday afternoon, to watch our beloved pig, Tom Rockliff fire up once again. He had 132 last week and looked back to his best and at his price he is a MUST have this round, especially as he plays the Power.

In his last two games against Port he has scored 90 and 133 but it’s what other teams have been doing to Port that gets me going here. Check out the damage over the last two weeks

Vs Richmond (and they lost) – Grigg 133, Houil120, Ellis 115, Martin 114
Vs Geelong – Selwood 134, Dangerfield 115, Duncan 110, Blicavs 106

Most of those players are premium midfielders, so fire up that frying pan on Sunday arvo and smell that sizzling bacon.

If you can’t wait that long, how about you cook up a feast for Lachie Hunter against the Crows on Saturday night. At Etihad (again) he will be amazing after his 44 touches and 133pts last week. He has averaged 114 in his last 3 games and even had 104 on the Crows last year. Last week, Neale (40 touches) 115pts dominated the Crows along with Walters (141) and Barlow (124).

The big issue here though is… how is Lachie feeling? He went to hospital after his game, with delayed concussion. Keep an eye on it, but I think he’ll be ok and I’ll rank him accordingly.

No doubt he is a piglet, but can Lachie Hunter keep up this very high standard to be the 3rd pig added to the pen?


The boys have been on fire and Joel Selwood has led the way with 126 and 134 in his last two games. He fronts the Eagles this week and he’ll be great and so will Patrick Dangerfield.

Selwood has scored 61, 125 and 135 on the Eagles in his last three and should keep his run going again this week.

Dangerfield scored 91 and 142 on West Coast last year and will also dominate again. He has scored 129 and 115 in his last two runs this year and my only concern here is… I think West Coast can win and last week, they made it tough for some of the Pie mid fielders.

However, form is form and both these guys will be awesome.


Is it time for Gary Ablett to go? Many question why Gaz has never been given pig status, it’s because he gets close and then goes on one of these ‘runs’ of injury and/or poor form.

He’s averaged just 88 in his last three games and many have run out of patience and will use him to get in Rocky this week. I advise against such a move, but we’re here to talk captains, not trades, that’s Roy’s turf and we don’t like standing on each other’s ground.

So should you make him captain? Based on form… no. But he does play Melbourne at home, a team that gave the Saints 5×100+ scores last week.

A better option though is Aaron Hall. He has a great record at Metricon Stadium and is coming off scores of 107, 94 and 114. Geelong we’re tough for Hally last week so expect him to thrive back at home against easier opposition.


#1 – Nick Riewoldt v Kangaroos @ Etihad Stadium
Averaging 129 in his last three games

Too old! Too injured! – YEAH RIGHT!

Voldt has scored 126, 137 and 123 in his last 3 games and is the #1 ranked played in the game based on form. His best score against the Roos in his last four is just 103 but he has form to cover any doubt you might have if you were thinking of giving him the big ‘C’.

The Kangaroos though are on fire and are one of the hardest team to score Fantasy points against, so based on this alone, I will steer clear of Voldt and Jack Steven, who hasn’t scored over 100 against the Roos in his last 4. Steven even had 70 on them last year… his worst score of 2015. Add to this, a potential tag from the dangerous Ben Jacobs.

You can’t touch Toddy Goldstein either. So up and down like all rucks at the moment, he can’t be trusted. 64 last week and although he’s only up against Tom Hickey, Gawn (88) and Mumford (64) haven’t gone as well as you’d expect against him over the last two weeks.

#2 – Lachie Neale v GWS @ Domain Stadium
Averaging 126 in his last three games

In his last four games when Fyfe has missed, Neale has found the ball 40, 38, 39 and 34 times.

He had 115 last week (40 touches) and even had 147 against the Giants last year. He would have made my top 5, but… GWS are the hardest team to score Fantasy points against and this alone gets my alarm bells ringing. Yes… he’s on fire, but the Giants beat the Hawks, they are full of confidence and are holding teams to nothing.

On the flip side, Freo are the 2nd easiest to score against and a few Giants are running hot as well. Steven Coniglio ranks #9 on form averaging 118, Toby Greene #10 and Heath Shaw #12. Shaw had 147 on the Dockers last year and is an awesome smokey captain option this week if you have the guts to do it.

#3 – Adam Treloar v Carlton @ the MCG
Averaging 124 in his last three games

If I had a top 6, Treloar would have scraped in. He scored 123 and 133 on the Blues last year at the Giants. Carlton are his favourite team to score against and he will tear them to bits this week.

Steele Sidebottom racked up 96 last week and is still averaging 121 in his last 3 games. He only has one ‘captain worthy’ score in his last 4 against the Blues.

After 85 last week, Scott Pendlebury looks shakey but has a very impressive record against Carlton, as he does with most clubs. 123, 135 and 128 are his most recent against them and owners like Warnie, will be much happier this week.

#4 – Dan Hannebery v Essendon @ the SCG
Averaging 123 in his last three games

136 last week is about what we can expect again in round seven. He scored 99 on the Bombers last year, but let’s face it… he’ll easily beat that. Carlton onballers Thomas (131), Gibbs (125), Graham (108), Curnow (102) and Marc (101) all racked up and so will the Swan’s midfielders.

Tom Mitchell loves playing at the SCG with previous scores of 132, 111 and 92 there this year. Hanna’s get the nod over Mitchell again for this reason… In their last 4 games, Mitchell hasn’t had over 30+ touches, whereas Hanna has done it three times.

#5 – Dayne Zorko v Port Adelaide @ Adelaide Oval
Averaging 121 in his last three games

Wowzers. What a trade in if you did it, but only the brave would make him captain. 79, 80 and 77 are his most recent scores on Port but he’ll be good again based on what he’s been doing.

Stefan Martin should smash Dougal Howard (who is being assisted by Dixon/Westhoff). Hampson went against young Dougal last week and had 39 hit outs for 63pts with only 7 touches. If Stef can find the ball 20+ times, a huge score is on the cards.



Parker has been too good to be ignored and has scored 111, 114 and 119 in his last games against the Bombers and 114, 121 and 135 at the SCG this year. He had 141 last week and is one of the most inform players in the league. I still have Tom Mitchell ahead of him as Tom can possibly go 150 here and my top 2 picks are locked in stone.

Lachie Hunter gets the boot after his concussion scare last week. Selecting someone coming off 44 touches is a good call, but guys coming off big knocks can sometimes be shakey and hesitant.


  • No mention of Parker?! He has been killing it, and expect him to do damage against the depleted Bombers

    • Calvin just have missed him… As soon as I saw it was the Dons I knew I’d put the C on Parker, also no mention of Franklin? I know it’s a roughy but he could get a HUGE bag agains his favourite whipping boys!

      • Not missed, prefer many others ahead of him

        • Thats a rather interesting stance you have on Parker there Calvin…

          Luke Parker top scored for the Swans when they last met
          Essendon in Round 1 last season, recording 35 disposals
          and 111 points from just 63% game time. He was
          concussed late in that game and finished on the
          interchange bench

          • Has tonned up 5 of 6 games this year (96 when he didn’t tonne up, is coming off 141 last week, also has scores of 114, 121 & 135 already this year. Is averaging 118 but not worth a sentence either in your article or in direct response to a readers question. You refuse to explain your reasoning, yet you have Hannerbury as your number 1 and Titchell at no. 4 top captains choices. Well lets look at your number 1 boy Hannerbury 4 of his 6 scores this year are 76, 96, 100 and 102. Titchells last 3 scores… 106, 92 and 60. Cheers for your expert advice.

          • fire up doolsy

    • +1
      Ive got my C on him

    • I totally agree! Always Mitchell but parker hasn’t gone under 90 and smashed it last week going into the 140s. Very under rated a better pick than danger and will probably score just as well as rockcliff

    • Parker more reliable than massive which is why he isn’t on the list. Wil do well though

    • Good point, he should kill it again this week and he is my vice Captain.Thank god I picked him again this year because his previous years were ave.

  • Hey Calvin Mate, Cats vs West coast is at the cattery.

  • Yes! All of those once I bring in Rockliff

  • Got all of the top 5, how nice.

    I loved Hanners (C) last week, but finding it hard to go past Rocky this week.

    • Gambler by name and by nature… gimme the in-form Hanners every time against the Dons at the SCG. Could well go 150+. So could Rocky I guess.

  • surely it’s hall…could nudge 150.

  • The Weagles cats game is at the cattery

  • Armitage to Smith for the cash? or to Rocky/Selwood?

    and should I hold Weitering and go Marcus Adams to Menzel?

    Cheers Fellas!

  • I’m thinking this is an early release of Calvin’s Captains. A few corrections and adjustments to be made.

  • Parker was the obvious captain choice for me this week but after this article I’m thinking of changing it to Rockliff. What should I do??

    • Wait for the adjusted article.

      • Hey mate, nah won’t adjust the article but maybe the top 5 as I do from time to time.

        Parker definitely needs to be re-looked at also depends on Hunter as well.

        If I do fix it (it is early in the week) I will announce new top 5 on Friday’s AFL vid and on Twitter.

        The Geelong boys won’t make the top 5. Yeah it was a mistake in the content but, the top 5 is well and truly decided on before I started tapping away on the keyboard. Occasionally with my two finger ultra speed, and constant staring at the keyboard, I get side tracked on what I’m saying.

        Hanna, Rocky will not budge from 1 and 2 thats a given

        Thanks everyone

        • Nor should they! But… buuut, if Parker rolls Hannebery’s score this week he’ll be my #1 trade target. Can’t help but think though, the week I pick him he’ll remind me why I haven’t yet. Have owned him the past 2 years and he’s given me some wild rides!

    • If you like Parker and there’s no reason not to, stick to your guns and captain him.

      I don’t think the article mentions Parker at all?

      • Not a peep… maybe he owned him last year and like the rest of us, put him on the “never again” captains list. Doesn’t explain how Shaw gets mentioned though, does it!?

        • Or maybe a” sneaky “parker is his ticket up the rankings. “Calvins conspiracy” lol

  • Rocky won’t deliver. Hasn’t strung 3 games together since 14′ as if Parker won’t go huge!

    • Hasn’t gone huge in 3 consecutive games you mean?

    • Going 124, 123, 143, 140, 159, 149 for the final 6 round of 2015 sounds like stringing some games together to me.

    • agreed. The boys have their favourites and favour Tasmanians. Just look at the Jesse Lonergan hype from the pre-season. If Beams plays he takes away mid-field time from Rocky. Beams also puts pressure on Keays retaining his position. I am staggered that Parker doesn’t rate a mention; and against the Bombers, he and Hanners will duke it out for the highest score. Mitchell has gone off the boil.

    • All good to have an opinion, but using false stats to deliver it?

  • How do you think Barlow will go?

    • Hoping for another big one so he gets further out of reach for non-owners ;)

    • Plays GWS this week. Hopefully coniglio goes to Neale or no-one at all.Will still make cash but I’d be surprised if he kills it.

  • Am I stupid actually considering Heath Shaw? His big his huge but his worse isn’t great. So many plus 6’s and he comes up against a Dockers side that has given up ten 100+ scores in the last two weeks?

    • I’m strongly considering heath shaw. If fremantle play their defensive style again, he could get a ton of the ball. Last week all of the crows half backs scored well: Brodie Smith scored over 90, atkins (drops back frequently) scored in the 80s, laird got 81 in around 60% TOG and LUKE BROWN scored 100. Shaw has a friendlier fantasy game than all of them.
      But what worries me is that gws have never won at domain stadium and like you said, a poor score from heater is very bad.

    • If you read the article?, you would have seen “Shaw is a smokey if you have the guts”.

    • Heater was great last year and has been pumping out some big ones this year too.

      What more do you need to see?

    • Risk v reward.
      It’s all about league for me and my opponent doesn’t have Shaw. But I think I have him covered already, so won’t opt for 2 X Heath Shaws… But if I was behind, then big-balls Captain call on Shaw might be an option… But I also know how stupid I’d feel if Shaw fizzed…. “How did I not know that would happen”. Would be face-palming myself big time!

  • You seem to be chasing your piggy tail…I mean scores with Rocky. The C has been on and will stay on Parker for me!

  • I am going to go a smoky here and captain calendar daniel.
    Calf seems to be fine and expected to be named.

  • Why try fry Calv for putting an overall great piece together…its only his opinion and no one is forcing ya to C anyone hes just offering gun stats for those who dont have time,too lazy etc. Iv had parker since rd1(C last week for 282) dont really like titch/hanners so wont get either into my team. I will likely go rocky C this week tho

  • +1 A good smokey if your rival’s smokey is puopolo.

  • I can bring Hannas or Parker in. Which one and will put C on. At the moment I have Parker.

  • There are two types of people in fantasy….those that lock Parker as captain and those that wish they did!

  • Attention Lachie Neale, or anyone else with common sense and individual player knowledge. I would like to know your opinion on rocky’s scoring potential in blustery wet conditions?

    The forecast for adelaide is N-N/W winds @19-25 knots, and 90% chance of 15-25 mils.

    Being a local i’m confident a strong northerly will produce the rain as stated.

    Thanks in advance.

    • The weather if its correct haha will produce more ball ups for rocky to crash in….one time i remember he went huge vs hawks in tassie wet but statistically iv no idea!

    • See last weeks game in Brissy when it was wet

    • Rain is great for inside players who love contested ball and tackles (Rocky in this category, Parker and Hanners as well) but it is not good for those outside players who rely on cheap possessions and marks (e.g Mr Brandon the Seagull and probably a Hunter type as well)

      • thanks mate, thats the info i’m looking for.

      • So is Titch an outside player then? That might explain why he ‘only’ got 92 and 106 in his last two against WC and Bris.

        • After watching his last couple of games with eyes only on Mitchell,i would say he is leaning that way. He looks like a quater back waiting for the ball to be spat out,not saying he doesn’t go in after it,but seems to be waiting on the dish out a bit more.

          • Either that or he goes in too hard for a tackle and gets a -3 instead of a +5. So many 8-point turnarounds on his scores

        • Titch is experiencing somewhat (but not to the same extent) what Barlow was dealing with in the first few weeks. As he isn’t the number 1 or number 2 midfielder it is harder for him to get the same numbers as obviously the team is better off with Hanners, Parker or JPK being at the bottom of the pack meaning Titch is forced to roam off it a bit more and be a more outside player.

          He plays at any club other than Sydney and he is challenging Rocky’s 133 average imo.

    • For me it’s a toss up between Titch and Rocky.

      Titch plays on a beautiful day at home on Sat, and Rocky plays on a wet and windy day away. I think that will tip the balance.

      And besides, I don’t handle waiting for the last game of the round to see my captain’s score very well.

  • Parker for me in DT … T.Mitchell in AF only because I don’t have Parker

  • Bring parker or rocky in this week?

  • Zorko for me!

  • No Parker in top 5?!?! BOY OH BOY WOWEE

    • Even more frightening, Stef Martin is ahead of him in the Poll at the top.

      Martin averaging 83, Parker 119.
      Martin rucking in the wet at Adelaide Oval, Parker playing Essendon in perfect conditions at the SCG.

      I’m confused…very confused !

      I guess as it’s quite often reinforced after someone’s critique, it’s only an opinion and no one is holding a gun to make you follow !

      • Stef Martin vs Dougal Howard… it’s like chucking Don Bradman up against Zimbabwe. Could go HUGE, or could take pity on the poor bastard and take it easy (and still pull his pants down).

        The Stef of a year ago would absolutely towel this bloke up. Still nursing a concussion and sore ribs from last week, so may use this week as a chance to blow out the cobwebs. Only time will tell…

      • Wet at Adelaide means more ball ups and against a poor ruckman means more hit outs. Will make it hard for him to get the extra possessions around he ground more though

        • Clearly never been in your team. Hit outs don’t get the job done for Stef, like they do for Goldy/Gawn.
          He’s effectively a tall midfielder. 20+ possessions and hitouts are icing on the cake !
          And he’s not at his best pre or post concussion.
          He’s in my side and Parker is not, but my point above still holds true !

  • Love your work, you can board my ship anytime Calvin. Just an FYI.

    • Can he ring your bell, walk your plank and raise your flag too? Arggggh!

  • Am going Conner Menadue as captain

  • Calvin has been hauled over the coals at Fantasy HQ. The Pirate will be walking the plank tonight and taking away his Parker hate to re-do the top five. Tune into the chat and tomorrow’s video, Calvin will be having a crack at the five again!

    • Ah, I see what you’ve done there Warnie… nice promotional “hook” for the Pirate

    • Also Warnie, ask him if he has changed his opinion on Rocky being number 2. Beams is in and Rocky is named in the forward line. Should we be concerned?

      While you mention the Pirate, when is The Pirate going to make a return? Why is he getting this Calvin bloke to do the talking for him. I wanna see the hat and the awful Pirate accent again!

  • Tough Captains call this week. Many different opinions. Good luck!

  • Is rocky a must have this week or do I grab a backline premo instead and trade out a rookie.
    Atm its Crouch up to rocky.

    • That depends on what your backline looks like now?

      • I’m in the same vote. Crouch to rocky feels like it should be a must for me i think. I also have laird so need to trade him (thinking boyd). Still unsure if i go rocky from crouch or save cash and downgrade a rook. I can do both rocky and boyd but only have 3k in bank. Already have hoili and shaw

    • I asked myself the same question last week. Chose Vince. Still happy about that. Planning to get Parker this week.

  • Picking Crouch instead of Hunter and Hanners instead of Parker in my Round 1 line up are two mistakes that still haunt me today…

    • I swapped Hunter and Z.Merrett for Wines and S.Gray in the last couple of days before lockout as I thought Port would have a lot better year than they are having…..

    • Hanners over Parker is fine apart from the 90k premium.

      Parker is prone to knocking himself out too.

  • M Brown to get the C this week. coming off almost a ton, changed position and playing a small Sydney backline, should tear up

  • Surely Buddy against Essendon. The Swans were poor against the Lions and would have got a good smack from Longmire. Buddy scored very well even in heavy rain. He has historically loved Essendon. 10 goals and 150+ is definitely on the cards.

    • Its possible that buddy could break his fantasy record this week.He puts the smack down on the dons when they had a defence. A huge smokey!! Good luck if you do.

  • Questionable putting Hunter at number three ahead of either Parker or Selwood at the cattery.

    As much as I love owning Hunter, I doubt he will replicate 44 possessions after that nasty hit by Thomas, versus the crows who are playing great football. I predict a very good score from Hunter (90 to 120), but there are plenty of other options capable of getting such a score that not listed in the article.

    If you had to put the ‘C’ on someone very likely to get 40+ possessions, then you’d be hoping for a huge 145+ score. This is what we were getting from Rocky, Ablett, Swan, and Pendles in their fantasy prime.

    • Surely Hunter can’t run around on his own any longer

      • I heard Lindsay Thomas was following him rather closely last week…

        • I hate Lindsay, and the shitty comments on this by Petrie and Scott. Trial by media my ass. The news has to be reported, and they aren’t above it.

  • I just did a trade for Matt Crouch to Rocky. Hopefully Rocky performs, I always get Rocky in but then gets injured straight away for two and a bit seasons now. Hopefully my luck has changed for all Rocky owners. No mention of Parker, except from the other comments. Thanks for the Dangerfield tip last week.

  • Need 2 Def Rooks on field:
    DEF: Byrne, Ruggles, Harwood

    and 1 Fwd Rook:
    FWD: Menadue, Brown, McGovern

  • Trade options 1, 2 and 3:
    1. Menadue -> Rocky and Walla -> MacPherson (DPP) (14k remaining)

    2. Menadue -> Rocky and M. Adams -> MacPherson (DPP) (54k remaining)

    2. Walla -> Rocky (DPP) and M. Adams -> J. Smith (DPP) (21k remaining)

  • Captain T. Mitchell, S. Mitchell, H. Shaw, D. Zorko or A. Hall??

  • A little part of me wants Hunter to dominate and Parker to bomb. Partly cause I have the former and not the latter, and partly because Calvin copped so much shit that he amended it.

  • First time I have listened to this Calvin’s fucking captains and I smell burnt pig. I was in the top 1000 past week and in the top 3000 and this week was a FU in a major way.. Had 1800 with Zorko Burnt PIG as captain and Wells to go. PIG made FA and Wells 36 and I doint give what Zorko makes. I am a Sydney swan nut and I could have picked any 6 swans to make captain. BUT I LISTENED to Calvin.. Me a fool..

    • don’t be that person.

      You made the choice to captain Rocky and Calvin does not predict injuries (as that is a shit thing to do)

  • Hey just messing around my friend don’t stress