Inside the Fantasy Numbers – Round 6

Pete looks inside the numbers that matter for Fantasy coaches.

Just add water

Conditions were ideal at the GABBA for Brisbane & Sydney players that loved to tackle in wet conditions, it was a scoring fest as 11 players eclipsed 100pts or more (6 Players 120+) in amongst the combined 355 Contested Possessions & 197 Tackles.

Who wants a 100pt game?

A whopping 12 Geelong players scored 100pts or more against Gold Coast on Saturday Night, Tom Hawkins enjoyed little resistance from a Suns defence kicking 4 goals and scoring a game high 150pts. Spare a thought for Cam Guthrie, he finished on 99pts.

Hawks easy to score against, believe it or not Ripley

Hawthorn have given up 400+ Disposals in each of the last 4 games, additionally the have conceded an average of 1704.5pts over the same period (Ranked 17th).  The Hawks were Ranked 2nd last year conceding just 1495.9pts during the Home & Away season.

Hot Dogs

Despite losing on Friday Night to Nth Melbourne the Western Bulldogs continued their season long consecutive streak recording 400+ Disposals in each game, the Bulldogs are currently averaging 450.8 Disposals per game.

The Bulldogs scored 1628 team AFL Fantasy points a full  81pts more than Nth Melbourne, considering the Kangaroos were ranked No.1 for AFL Fantasy points conceded heading in to Round 6 this bodes well for the remainder of the season for the Bulldogs continuing their scoring ability.

Average Team Scores – Win: 1674.5

Average Team Scores – Lose: 1486.4

Matthew Boyd

Team Scoring Trends

We are starting to get a full picture of what team scoring will look like at the end of the year, this will make decisions that little bit easier fading players on low scoring teams or taking a POD on a high scoring team.

Highest scoring Fantasy Teams Last 3 weeks

Geelong 1748.7
GWS Giants 1744.0
Collingwood 1698.0

Lowest scoring Fantasy Teams Last 3 weeks

Gold Coast 1353.0
Richmond 1424.3
Port Adelaide 1452.7



Individual Players of Note

Lachie Hunter

Round 6: 44 Disposals & 133pts (Both Career Highs)
Season Ave 111.2
Season Ave Disposals 33.0

Nick Riewoldt

Round 6: 126pts
Rounds 2-6 Ave: 115.2
Season Ave: 105.2
Marks Rounds 2-6 Ave: 11.6
Season Ave: 10.5

Michael Barlow

Last 2 weeks Ave: 131.0
Season: 96.5

Michael Barlow Ave 2015-Current

Without Nat Fyfe: 113.4
With Nat Fyfe: 88.7

Michael Barlow


Stephen Conigilio

Round 6: 119pts
Last 3 Weeks Ave: 118.3
Season Ave: 101.4

Dayne Zorko

Round 6: 148pts
Last 3 Weeks Ave: 121.3
Season Ave: 112.6

Bryce Gibbs

Round 6: 125pts
Last 2 weeks Ave: 117.5
Season Ave: 102.7

Scott Pendlebury

The 12 game streak for Pendlebury scoring 100pts or more vs Eagles came to an end on Sunday, the streak began in the drawn/extra time Semi Final back in 2007

Good Luck in Round 7

Scott Pendlebury (3)


  • Should I Trade out a lower price mid or Forward to get Rocky in my side.

    Mids are R Davis and C Oliver
    Forwards Menadue or Kommer

    • keep oliver over any of those others…

    • This is the priority order I think u should dump the in
      1 menadue
      2 davis
      4. Oliver
      Menadue needs to go as even if the rest r not playing they can’t lose money off the field

    • How about getting rid of a non-playing rookie first?

      • If you can afford it get rid of Kommer and try to bring in someone who’s going to play.

  • In the Fantasy Points Against table, surely the ‘Average Last 3’ column should be green if under the teams average and red if over the average, opposite of the for?

  • Who Should i get for 482k amd under?

  • Coniglio rolling along nicely in a high-scoring team… how was he not named for R1?

  • Any tips for someone who only has 2 or so players active on their bench? How can I improve the availability of players on my bench??


      Nah, probably just trading in basement priced rookies that are playing.. But you should fix the players on your field before your bench..

  • I have a bit of a dilemma..
    I have the Bont & Hartung on the bench and am thinking, without injuries, to double downgrade them to rooks..give me some help on who to get, already got J.Smith playing

  • Anyone on the thought of putting Heater captain this week? 117 last 3 round average and playing a below par Freo rebounding off of half back at Subi

  • Heater Capt why not but don’t ask me I have not got one right yet it is a record for me. In frustration I have traded in the old pig Rocky and put C on him v Port

  • Stat of the Day: GWS has the lowest tackle count of any team this year (360) followed by Carlton (367), Bulldogs (369), Richmond (373), and Melbourne (388).

    Considering that each tackle is +4, and extremely fantasy relevant, GWS needs to pull their fingers out to get up to the lofty standards of Port Adelaide (471)…

    • GWS have a low tackle count because they are winning so much of the ball, especially from clearances. You can’t tackle when you have the ball.. same story for the bulldogs. Port aren’t getting much of the ball but are still applying good pressure.