Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 7

It’s time to go shopping with cash cows fattening and premiums bottoming out… including some juicy pork at an unprecedented price.

It’s Pig O’clock

To think that Rocky (MID, $498,000) is available for under 500K is hard to believe, but due to injury, we have been presented with a gift from the Fantasy Gods. If there were any concerns about his calf being 100%, he quickly put those to rest after gathering 32 possessions, taking five marks and laying a whopping 10 tackles against the Swans. He is currently only in 12% of teams and has a break even of 94, which is like a break even of about 40 for most people. He has form against every team at every ground for the remainder of the season, that’s why he is a pig.

Other locks to consider:

Joel Selwood (MID, $537,000) Coming off 126 and 134, he is a bargain with a break even of 63 heading for another game at the Cattery this week where he might as well wear a cape.

Luke Parker (MID, $586,000) Going under the radar despite a low score of 96 and big totals of 121, 135 and 141 so far. Has a break even of 89 and a smorgasbord awaits with games against the Bombers at home, before taking on the Tigers and Hawks.

Back Streets Back

The backs are a bloody mess, unreliable, injury prone etc. So the last person I thought would be the answer to this problem was Heath Shaw (DEF, $540,000), but it is official… He is a must have. 38% of coaches are already on top of this, but I am receiving a lot of questions as to whether we bring him in (these are people Heater has burnt hard in the past most likely). This year he is making a mockery of the competition, doing what he likes, taking uncontested possessions galore, as we saw against the Hawks with 11, to go with 32 possessions (including 29 kicks). He scored 135 which gives him a break even of just 63 going into a game against the lowly Dockers.

Top 4 Alternatives:

Bernie Vince (DEF/MID, $517,000) Has been a mark of consistency while averaging 101 in his last three. A stress free set and forget.

Kade Simpson (DEF, $484,000) is averaging 101 in his last three and looks set for a big game against the Pies who are leaking plenty.

Matthew Boyd (DEF, $526,000) Averaging 106 in the last three rounds and Dogs don’t have the luxury of resting him unless there is injury concerns.

Shane Biggs (DEF, $464,000) A headache to watch because he goes missing and scores less than 10 in a quarter once to twice a game. Has a huge quarter ceiling where he can heat up for 50 or 60 in that time. If you have a weak heart, avoid, otherwise enjoy the show and hope that one day he puts 4 quarters together.


It’s like throwing darts at the moment, but Josh Smith (MID, $203,000) looks like he was the bulls-eye. Although only 9% of the competition were smart enough to grab him before rising 78K, the question is… Is it too late now? This is a tough question to answer, and the correct response would vary from team to team, but as far as scoring ability and looking up to the speed of AFL standard, the extra cash is justifiable. Especially if you need him on the ground. He had another great game on the weekend, scoring 97 against the Eagles which gives him a break even of -39 going into his game against the Blues. If he fits your structure, lock him, he will make a heap of cash compared to his rivals.

Is the time right?

Dustin Martin (FWD/MID, $498,000) looked to be back to his old self with the return of his old mate Lids coming back into the side. Last week he managed to score an equal season high 114 against the Power with 31 touches and a goal. This week he takes on the Hawks, who are giving up a heap of points and Dusty will embrace the opportunity and ton up in back to back games for the first time this year. He has a break even of 96 and I doubt he will be available for this low again during the year.

Twitter Time:

No reason not to get him this week if you have the luxury

He will probably be dropped, who knows

I think we will have a few young blokes to look at this week as a few teams are likely to ‘shake things up’

Ok, good luck! Use the comments section to discuss your trade ideas.




  • Thoughts on trades??

    1. Adams to rich
    2. Cameron to smith (menadue dpp to forward)

  • For the first time all season my trades have been improvements to my team rather than remedies. Should probably just enjoy it while it lasts…

  • Fantasia becomes Josh Smith (via Mills dpp)
    Matt Crouch becomes Rocky.

    Gives me a midfield of Hannebery, Danger, Ablett, Selwood, T.Adams, Zaha, Rocky & Hunter – Josh Smith & Hewett. Potentially have to use both bench players this week with clouds over Hunter & Adams. *shrug*

    Backline is beyond repair. :P

  • Should i trade abblett out

    • Go to the previous comments section and read my response to PeeCee, that will answer your question.

    • Yes, Pinky, trade Ablett out.

      Then give up on playing Fantasy, cause you don’t seem to know what you’re doing.

    • Off course get him out of your side why would you have him in the first place.. A good side trade. When you have finished the trade delete your Fantasy account as soon as you can.. Next year have another go..

  • Is it worth holding dea at all because they play the swans and should get a fair bit of the ball down back and trade m crouch or hold crouch and trade dea

    • Why would he get more of the ball against Sydney? Carlton whooped them and he battled his way to 38.

      The ball’s several times more likely to be going over his head than landing in his hands.

  • Thoughts on these trades: M Crouch-Duncan and Laird-Rocky ??
    Would mean keeping dea/Adams for another week

  • Ablett to Rockliff
    Marcus Adams to Dbj
    Good trades?

  • Thoughts on these options:

    1. Laird -> Rocky (Mills DPP)
    Dea -> Petracca (Walla DPP)
    – 117k in bank to upgrade Adams/Walla to Vince next week

    2. Laird -> Vince
    M Crouch -> Rocky
    – 16k remaining

    3. Laird -> Rocky (Mills DPP)
    Dea -> Daniel (Walla DPP)
    – 14k remaining


    • I like number 1 much more. yes, Dea needs to go, but go does young crouchy and if it means you get vince + rocky then thats more of a sure thing than rocky + caleb daniel.

    • Liking the look of number 2. Vince and Rocky :)

  • Zorko or rocky???

  • Which trade?

    1) Dea -> Simpson
    MAdams -> JSmith

    2) Dea -> Rocky
    MAdams -> Tucker

    3) Dea -> Rocky
    SGray -> JSmith

  • Everyone who’s thinking about trading out Ablett please do it, coz your just helping us who know he’s gonna bounce back by making him a more unique player

  • don’t know whether to keep or trade laird

    • I’m keeping

    • Look, sometimes the DT Gods work mysteriously. Lairds injury provides the perfect solution to getting in Rocky, it will cost you only $11k more with a potential 30-40 score increase plus an added captaincy choice. In the meantime you have 2 to 3 weeks to gather more cash to get lairdy back just in time to face gold coast if you so desire. If you are serious about team performance, commonsense should tell you it’s not a viable proposition leaving that amount of cash, and therefore scoring potential, on your bench. Nuff Said.

      • I’ve gone dea to keays and m.adams to rocky. If i trade laird, i will still have a 50 on my field (as have to keep adams or dea). With laird on the pine, hartley comes on with a 50. Still have $211k for next week. It will only be maximum 2 weeks

  • Should I trade Laird when I still have Adams and Dea?
    My first trade is M.Crouch to Rocky and I was planning on Moving Mills to DEF and trading Dea to Petracca.
    Or I could trade Laird to Vince?

    • Stats are a key to making trading decisions, they are freely available to those who have the energy to look. I traded crouch 2 weeks ago at his peak value, when i realised he was only good for 80/90 to Ziebel that trade has netted me 43 extra points $17k plus the cash i didn’t lose from crouch.Lucky trading, or reading stats? Anyway, without knowing the rest of your squad it’s hard to answer correctly, but crouch had 1 game under par he is still good for 80/90 and dea/adams aren’t, although adams is better than dea. so for the same reasons as above in response to MJ, Laird out Rocky in, then dea or some other low scoring peaked cashcow to a better choice than petracca who scored 58 with a be 36 and may rise 10k at that rate. Post your squad and we may be able to give some decent advice>

      • DEF: Shaw, Laird, Adams, Dea, Cameron, Byrne (Hartley and Ruggles)
        MID: T.Mitchell, Ablett, Parker, Hunter, J.Selwood, Duncan, M.Crouch, Mills (Menadue and Davis)
        RUCK: S.Martin, Z.Smith (Frost and Currie)
        FWD: D.Martin, Hall, De Goey, Kerridge, Wells, B.Kennedy (Kommer and M.Mcgovern)

        This is my team with no trades made this week and 197k remaining.
        Thanks for the reply, Laird to Rocky didn’t occur to me and I can still get rid of an under performing rookie.

        • So laird to rocky with mills dpp leaves $186k. from there you could be greedy and go crouch to hanners leaving $32k and giving you a formidable midfield, or dea to simpson ave 95 1 poor score of 60 odd leaving only $2k. or upgrade zac to blicavs extra 30-40 ppg and leaving $33k. or my preference, get rid of kommer put Mena fwd as e and trade in J smith in mid who will make $30-$50k leaving $119k for next week.
          There are a lot of options have a look do some trading and reversing to get the right one. Hope this helps

          • Big help mate, thank you!
            I will do some tinkering with that second trade once players are named.
            I’m thinking of taking the risk and trading Dea to Yeo. I’ll start doing some homework.

        • Added note, your def is not great but apart from shaw, laird, houli and simmo theres not much better. some def rooks may get a gig this week like Brand for example which will give you a look at their scoring potential for a possible down grade/up grade in def next week.
          in the meantime wear what you’ve got there.

  • Any thoughts on Parish ? Has he topped out ? Looking at upgrading him to rocky …

    • Parish has not made his current B/E in the last 4 rounds, he also lost $10k last round, that answers the topping out question. An upgrade from parish to rocky potentially gives you an extra 185 ppg because you get 2 rocky’s. so great trading.

      • Thanks god :)

        Can you please explain the ‘2 Rockys’ statement ? Is that because of captaining him ?

          • Can you please explain the 185ppg statement? Is that because he’ll score 92.5 more than Parish?

          • Rocky 130 x 2 – parish 75 = 185 Easy really

          • so if i captain hannebery and get my 135×2.. then rocky is only worth 65ppg? stop yo nonsense god

          • If you want to look at it like that old mcdonald then yes rocky is an “Extra” 65ppg on parish so still a great trade. If you were as clever as you pretend you would have read the statement correctly and saw the word “potential”. not nonsense.

  • Simpson or rocky

  • what are peoples thoughts on Jordan Lewis? hold or trade? very frustrating scores atm!

    • Hold. Should come good. Focus on other options. Trade if not performing in a few weeks.

    • Hodge out may help lewi

    • Glad i don’t have him at the price you paid, but… 5 out of his next 6 games should see a remarkable return to form. his bad scores are against point restrictive teams,i’m predicting a turnaround starting this week and he’ll bottom to under $500k. It’s nearly time for me to jump on the Lewis train.

    • He’s on lots of radars I’d imagine… some looking to offload, others looking to pick up a bargain.

    • Personally I’m trading Lewis to Rocky. Should save me cash. Plus it won’t put me in a position of trading him if he continues to drop by 40k and is priced low 400k

  • Anyone think short from tigers is a good downgrade this week

  • Which is better

    1. Dea>smith moving mills dpp
    Weitering> possibly macpherson if he gets named
    Leaves 288k in the bank


    2. weitering> macpherson
    Leaves 18k in bank but finishes my midfield

    • Personally i would try to upgrade/downgrade rather than leave 288k in the bank.
      Maybe Dea > J.Smith via Mills and Weitering > M.Boyd, leaving 52k in the bank.

    • 2

  • Hey DT community, long time reading first time posting. Just wondering if there is any Elite forums on the site or should all squad related questions be posted in “My Team”?

    • Ha Ha was about to get defensive to your statement, then re read it and realised it was a genuine question. In answer, i have not noticed any Elite chatter on this site, however if you start your question with “In Elite” i’m sure one of the many helpfull coaches will either answer or give you a link to the right site.

      • Haha, I can see how the word “elite” could be mistaken for a dig at y’all. Not my intention at all so I’m glad you didn’t take offense. Thanks for the quick response god (aka Gary Ablett Snr), I’ll be sure to head all draft league posts that way.

  • Parish to Parker/ Selwood and
    Eric McKenzie to Josh Smith via DPP or should I trade M.Crouch for R.Sloane.

    • I honestly think its time to get rid of crouch. What about rocky instead of sloane?

  • Dea to J. Smith (due to a cpl DPP swaps)
    M. Crouch to Rocky leaving me with 175k to upgrade M. Adams next week.

  • 1.) Cash Generation
    Weitering – Rocky
    M. Adams – Smith

    2.) Points
    Weitering – Rocky
    Laird – Boydd

    help pleaseeeee

  • have to trade out Laird if injured and was wondering if a pretty much straight swap to kade simpson or a downgrade to rich would be the way to go

    • If you’re the Huey’s Hero’s guy thats in 3rd at the moment then you clearly don’t need our help haha.

      Anyways I’d get kade out of the 2. Although Rich seems to have been more consistent in his 3 uninjured games this season

      • i am haha, but getting another opinion on things is always helpful

    • Rich a good choice if ya need/want the cash but simpson would be my pick

  • Not sure about Laird’s injury, afl website saying 2-3 weeks, but everyone else seems to be saying 1. If he is out, vince seems the logical choice, but doing so would stop me getting rockliff.. So I’m thinking kolo and rocky > Vince and a 450k mid that I’ll have to trade out later anyway

  • Simpson or Vince or someone else for Laird replacement

  • 1) Laird > Rockcliff (via Mills)
    2) Crouch > Simpson (via Mills swap back)
    3) Dea > Leuenberger (via Adams)

    1 and 2 or 1 and 3? Simpson fills the gap in defence but crouch shouldn’t score too bad this week.

  • Should we trade Laird or hold him because he will just end up back in our teams after he gets back?

    • Depends how strong ya def is with laird on pine and likely rookie in his place…. i dont/didnt have him so its great

  • If Taylor Adams is out again do we trade or just keep holding. Seems like wasted points on the pine

    • downgarde to rocky and then upgrade a rookie or cash in for the next week with two big upgrades

  • Who to get rid of – M.Adams (BE 68) or Dea (BE 64)

    Thoughts appreciated

    • Dea.

      Could be a disgusting bloodbath at the SCG for the scum

  • Got Laird so think have to trade him, thinking:
    Laird to Rocky (DPP – M Brown to backs and on fied, Kerridge to fwd on field)
    Dea to J Smith (DPP – C Cameron to backs and on field, C Ellis to fwd bench)
    with 243k in bank

    other options are considering benching Laird and going M Crouch to rocky with J Smith on field (leaving 172k, Ruggles as cover and option for laird trade next week rather than trades above and 243k in bank)

    or Laird to Rockliff, Dea to Rich (approx 60k in bank but miss out on J Smith)


  • I’m stuck
    Should I do
    1.s.gray and dea for rocky and Smith via dpps
    2.dea and adams/Davis for Smith and macpherson and use the cash next week to upgrade a rookie to rocky

  • I’ve taken a punt and traded in daniel menzel this week, looked awesome last week. Great to see!!.