Round 6 Lockout Chat

Discuss everything AFL Fantasy in the comments over the round.

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  • Captain Hanners looking ok so far

    • Yes I had Hanners as Captain Rocky heater Zorko Buddy houli Danger Hall J keneddy [west coast 102 still playing] Boyd and some other great scores…

  • Zorko what a beast

  • CRIPPS???

  • Yeo late out for WCE, Hutchings in.

  • Zorko and Rocky scored a bit too much today for my liking I think.
    May now be a couple of $$$ short for Harwood/MAdams upgrades.
    Rocky will be a definite for MAdams but have to think whether to still get rid of Hardwood for someone else or maybe use Dea/Bennedy/Kunt (only shit when I field him) to still go for Zorko
    Pending injuries from my 5 Essendon players today

    Will finally crack 2100 this week and side coming together nicely after all the shit I have had to deal with
    Hopefully fantasy gods are finished laughing at me and will pick on some other poor bastard now

  • Sherdian to Zorko has proved to be trade of the year for me so far :D

  • When you forget to change captain from goldstein to hannerbry

  • Well Mr Merrett you have 2 quarters to prove your worth as captain or you will never be captain again.

  • Bloody Fantasia, knew he was a pretender!!!

  • Wtf fantasia

  • Dea, Walla, Weitering, McCarthy, Fantasia, Harwood, MCrouch.
    I have all these guys on ground and before today, I was on track for a huge scores.
    I’m not speaking on here for weeks now!


  • Merrett you can get F*****. I pay 600k for you and you score 120 as captain last week and not even gonna get 200 as captain this week, absolutely ridiculous.

  • What is the deal with pendles is he injured or just shit

    • Neither. You’re a flog

      • Apologies he had a very poor start to the game. You must be a Collingwood supporter to get so fired up. I know a good dentist that does reduced rates for the unemployed if you are interested.

    • Been consistent for years and years, an absolute gun, and you call him shit after a slow start to one game?


      Meanwhile he is still on track for 100

  • I’ve ended up with 2025- what does par look like for this week??

    • I reckon about 2000. looked like is was going to be a huge round, but I think everyone’s backlines are shithouse!

      • rookies let me down. Had 6 on the ground 2 over 60 and those scores were 60 and 61. Also three of them under 50

      • Yep, backline crucified me. I had Sheridan, Dea, Adams and Wagner all on field who averaged 47 points each. Sheridan was supposed to be long gone but Fyfe and Adams wrecked those plans. Ended up with 1966 and lost 2000 spots in the overall rankings so I think it must have been a massive weekend.

  • One more before I cry myself to sleep,
    Josh Smtih or Ben Keays

  • bIG ROUND 2050[AF] not enough.

  • 2138 and my first win for the season. I’ve actually been scoring okay but narrowly losing every game so far. Hopefully have broken that trend

  • Nice score. well done

  • Eagles steeping on the gas

  • 2140 so far with Jennedy still going my best for awhile..

  • Fielded Dea over Hartley, but that’s as close as I’ll get to winning the rookie raffle all year.

  • Brought in yeo yeo this week, and was prepared for the ups and downs, but this is ridiculous!

  • 2134, moved up almost 5000 sports to 4000 ish, Essendon rookies were a bit disappointing!

  • trade out Dea or Sheridan???

    • Sheridan first because he’ll lose value quicker. But both if you can.