Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 6


Based on form, Max Gawn is currently the #1 man with an average of 122 in his last three games after a huge 143 last week. Mumford struggled against the Saints last week though with 64 and based on this reason alone, I’ll pass on the beard this week.
Jack Ziebell sits at #2 (scores of 101, 126 & 137) and Aaron Hall still ranks high at #3 despite his 94 last week. He’s against the Cats this week in a game that will certainly separate the men from the boys. In the same game will be the mighty Ablett who looks very sore. He had 91 last week but has a great record on his former team (137 and 140) and thrives against them… that’s if he plays.


Ben Jacobs will tag… Lachie Hunter? The Bont? Matty Boyd? You tell me.
Hunter had 124 on the Roos last year, but right now the Roos are just too good and no one can score against them. Hall (94) and Ablett (91) tried their hearts out last week and still couldn’t manage 100+. Then we have Ben Jacobs, one of the only real taggers in the game who dedicates his footy to wrecking the footy of others. So who will he run with? He doesn’t know how to play any other way… Everyone in this game comes with too much of a risk but if you want to pick someone here, then maybe it’s Todd Goldstein. He had 107 on the Bulldogs last year but only managed 102 against Dan Currie last week. Pass, pass, pass.


#1 – Dan Hannebery v Brisbane Lions @ the GABBA

After 102 last week, Hannebery is an interesting #1 selection by yours truly this week, so let me explain.
Firstly I can’t hit sh*t with a shovel, so why not just have a wild stab? Ha ha… But seriously, Hannebery has a great record on the Lions with scores of 120 and 127 in his last two games. His record at the GABBA is also very impressive. The Lions give up the 5th most Fantasy points in the game and last week, Koby Stevens (34 touches – 117pts), Wallis (33), Hunter (32) and Boyd (31) all clocked up plenty of touches with 7 players scoring over 95+… you’d think that if Hannas is in a good mood he’ll do the same with 35 touches and a nice 130.
Tom Mitchell was in my calculations for the same reasons but only had 109 on the Lions last year. He had just 92 last week so I’ll reluctantly pass.
An interesting one for you is old mate Luke Parker. The Lions are the only team he hasn’t scored 100 against in his career four games against them. He had 114 last week but it’s too risky against his worst team to play.
Finally, Tom Rockliff! Rocky is about to explode and warmed up with a nice little 88 last week but is back on his home track this week, against a team he scored 128 and 141 against in his last two runs. Rocky is in the mix people and no one will bag you out for rolling the dice with him this week by giving him the big C.

#2 – Patrick Dangerfield v Gold Coast @ the Cattery

Dangerfield had a huge 138 on the Suns last year and after his 115 on the weekend, he’ll be out to crave it up again. Most likely to go head to head with Ablett… we might see a Danger v Fyfe game that we saw last year.
Ranked at #7 based on form over the last three weeks is Joel Selwood averaging 114 after 134 last week. He had 137 on the Suns last year and is ripe for the picking right now.

#3 – Andrew Gaff v Collingwood @ Domain Stadium

Gaff is as consistent as they come and is a lock to score between 105 and 115. He had 114, 116 and 105 in his last three against the Pies and is coming off 103 last week. He’ll smash it out of the park this week and if you are a lucky owner… enjoy.

#4 – Steele Sidebottom v West Coast @ Domain Stadium

Steele is on fire! He’s currently ranked at #5 on form over the last three games and has scored 128, 101, 115, 105 and 101 in his last 5 games on the Eagles.
His team mate Scott Pendlebury goes one better though with a record on the Eagles that has to be seen to be believed. 102, 107, 119, 129, 119, 129, 138, 131, 124, 139 and 103 are his last scores and he still can’t squeeze a spot in my 5, I think I’ve lost the plot. But at the end of the day… I can only have 5 can’t I.

#5 – Zach Merrett v Carlton @ the MCG

Yep, he’s back. After just 66 last week, I am willing to back Zach in for one more run in my top 5. He has been in great form and we can’t write a guy off just based on one disgracefully horrid game. Carlton give up the 2nd most 120+ scores in the game and last week, Neale (130) and Barlow (138) cashed in. Zach is still averaging 107 in his last 3 and will be back to his best this week.
David Zaharakis only carries a top score of 88 in his last three against the Blues and he too struggled with just 82 last week. Out of these two, Zach gets the votes for me.

Oh and finally… no Sam Mitchell this week. His record against the Giants isn’t great (low 100+ in last 3) and the fact the game is away means that it’s a great week for me to give him as miss. GWS are tough to score on and it’s just easier to say ‘no’



  • Pendles over Sidey surely

  • Sloane v Freo?
    Freo have given up a lot of points and I think let 5-7 hundreds last week. Sloane has a very good record against Freo as well.

  • Trading in Pendles to skipper my team

  • Don’t have any in the top 5 in my classic side but Selwood definitely seems the go followed by Parker. Sidey retains the captaincy in Elite though

  • Going Pendles this week, just can’t trust Merrett or Titch after the last 2 weeks

  • Jack steven???

  • Cheers Calvin. I know you can only have 5, but no love for Steven? Every time I put the C on someone different it goes to shit. Averaging 111, lowest score of 95 this year.

    • played twice against melbourne last year, under 100 both times and I think one was a 70 odd

      • I’m assuming he was tagged both times as melbourne tagged a lot but they don’t seem to be doing it much this year

        • Yeah just checked 87 & 93 last year, but I hadnt noticed them tagging anyone this year

          • he won’t go under 90 but id expect somewhere around 100-110

          • Viney definitely not tagging and haven’t seen Vince doing it and obviously no Cross there anymore, so history not really relevant (assuming he was tagged last year).

    • If it gives u any confidence Steven will carry the captain duties for my team this week as well, form beats history as tbetta says above

      • You could argue that stevens was “in form” prior to playing Melbourne both times last year. So dont completely rule out history

        Rnd Oppnent Score
        10 Hawthorn 133
        11 Melbourne 93
        13 W. Bulldogs 113
        14 Essendon 142
        15 W. Sydney 136
        16 Richmond 101
        17 Melbourne 87
        18 Pt Adelaide 106

  • Go with your gut, Don’t listen to someone who only knows as much as you!

  • Selwood vs Gold coast ;)

  • I’m not sure if I can captain Zac Merrett 2 weeks in a row, will Carlton possibly tag?

  • Hanners for me. Also have Steven And Merrett tho.

  • Sheridan => Josh Smith via DPP with Mills

    Menadue => Vince via DPP with Cameron


    • If you’re considering putting the C on Menadue then my thoiughts are you should delete you’re team. But Vince could go big this week and will be unique so of those guys I’d go with him as your captain for sure!

  • Jelwood for me or New recruit Viney.

  • Josh Kennedy to pump out a 140 against the Pies.

  • Great read Calvin. No love for Neale against the Crows coming off back-to-back 130’s?

    • Some weird injury talk around Neale circulating this week

      • Was it that he got attacked by Tigers?

        seriously though,
        he did have bandages on his calf on Sunday, but still played the whole game out really well. Amazingly he had 86% TOG which is the first time I remember it being over 80% let alone 85%.

  • Worth trading in Rocky this week? B.E of 140 odd but it’s very achievable, and may be hard to grab later. Thoughts?

    • I’d wait one more week Callum. Then lock him in!

    • I would probably hold just because it would be very hard to bring him in later and also because it is Rocky. Unless you are willing to bring someone in like Viney to fill that void it would be quite hard to justify a trade. And if you do have a luxury trade I would probably downgrade a cashcow to make a little money.

    • I spose it really depends on your team structure and planned trades. If your looking at bringing in a premo mid this round then rocky would have to be up there. But if you are planning on trading him in next round then its no biggie in waiting as he won’t increase too much in price.

  • So many good options this week. Hanners and Danger definitely leading the way. I also think Titch and Zerrett will be back to their best.

    • Yep you right Gambler.
      Surely Titch can’t keep on scoring low and Danger who knows, he could put up a sign “Danger don’t pick me” or “Danger I’m on fire”…maybe I’ll go Hanners just to be safe imo.

  • Petracca or Peter Wright to bring in this week????

  • I’m also thinking Merrett this week but have hanners so still a bit undecided

  • Kerrige for me going to back him in for a big one against Essendon

  • surely nick riewoldt gets a look in on form alone ?? 119, 71 (concussed in the second quarter i believe? 123, 137 – 119 and 137 at etihad where he plays this weekend, fantasy coach also says that his average against melbourne is 118.8 .. who seem to give up a decent amount of points with high ceilings ?

  • Is Robbo still a threat to tag or was that game against Geelong when he moved to Danger and did a number on him just a once off?

  • Just HAS to be Danger or Jelwood for mine this week hands down. Not just both in elite form, not just with awesome records against the lions at the Gabba, not just playing a team giving away heaps of tonnes this year but… two rather insignificant mid outs in Rischatelli and Prestia ffs!!! No need for a top 5 this week Calvin. A top 2 would have been all we need ;)

    • But they’re not playing the Lions. They’re playing Gold Coast.
      And the match is in Geelong, not the GABBA… But other than that, you’re spot on! 👍

  • Trade in Rockliffe or Pendles?

    • Pendles, he is at his cheapest while rocky might get a good score but will drop in price because his BE is to big

  • Jack Steven Should still be a good captain surely

  • Anyone else not jumping on petracca? looks ready to be better than many other rookies

  • Has Arron hall lost all relevance in the captaincy material?..

  • Thoughts on Sam Jacobs as captain? I don’t have any of the top 5, but have bought Rocky back.

    Wingard and Ruggles out, 2m Peter in leaves me $504k. The exact price of Rocky. Nice.

    I think Jacobs will monster Freo without Sandilands, and he got 96 with 40 HO against Ceglar and McEvoy last week.