Pete from’s Fantasy Team Reveal

Pete from reveals his team and a bit about the work he does crunching numbers on a podcast.


Whilst attempting to fill an initial team the realisation early looking at Defenders provided no comfort or security for what was being spent, after contemplating no players over $400K one player sits alone in that bracket Rory Laird at 489K.

The goal was to find value in all remaining players and take advantage of the first upgrade of DPP’s this year in an attempt to complete what hopefully is a quality scoring group of defenders, saving trades in the Ruck will hopefully provide an opportunity to be aggressive in the defensive part of the ground.

As the Team stands now, the total spend is just under $2.1 Million


Going cheap in the backline has allowed for a good spend on quality Mids that should keep the scores ticking over early in the season, all of the 5 tops starting Mids have a huge ceiling for points.

Brendon Ah Chee is a speculative pick, he averaged 95.0pts in his last 4 games of 2015 and should see increased midfield time at the age of 22. Clayton Oliver & Callum Mills round out the starting midfield which should provide a very good return on investment.

Once again not having to upgrade in the Rucks will allow for an aggressive trade strategy to assist with DPP’s for the Midfield & Defender group.


Stef & Goldy locked in, hopefully there will be no injury issues to deal with allowing trades to be used in other areas. Gawn looks to be a quality pick this year, but happy to take the points with Martin & Goldstein.


Dustin Martin is a must have, Mitch Robinson comes in to the team this week as Dayne Beams is set to miss several weeks with injury. Robinson averaged 117.4pts without Beams late last year in his final 5 games which included a 166pt return in Round 20.

Jordan DeGoey has been in the Team since day 1, he will see plenty of midfield time at Collingwood despite his age, the other selections are deemed as value including Lincoln McCarthy who should play at Round 1 for Geelong.

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  • Great team Pete!

    Just one question, any reason for no Barlow and Dangerfield?

  • That backline is putrid

    • He admitted as much in the article, which you clearly didn’t read. It’s part of his strategy.

  • Hello Pete,
    Thanks for showing us your bottom 8 side

    Yours sincerely,
    The Rock

  • No offence Pete – at least you tried, but it a’int going to bring home the bacon a’int it?

  • No offence but that team is shocking

  • Why Weitering on bench????????????????

  • Way to many mid prices

  • Don’t really fault any of the Midfield, Ruck or Fwd line with the exception of De Goey, the defence however…… could use some help.

    No reason to pick JW on the bench and no reason not to include the Wizard that is Heath “Heater” Shaw.

    • @LachieNeale what’s wrong with De Goey in fwd line?

      • With the pies mid, he won’t average super high this year.

      • Pretty much what Another Artic ………. said.

        De Goey’s time in the midfield will surely be limited due to the sheer amount of quality mids that the pies have. An expectation of an average above 80 which some people are expecting is far fetched imo.

        • I think De Goey will have around 50% of his game time in the midfield even with all these ‘quality’ mids the pies have. I’m still gonna lock him and and well you’re gonna miss out when De Goey goes bang at the start of the season and hits the heights of 85+. :P

    • Its almost like people are intellectually incapable of switching A.mcdonald with Weitering on the bench.

  • Thanks Pete but Bugg, Aish and Weitering on bench is disgusting

    • Bugg isn’t such a bad pick, can average 80 really which is great for his price

    • Absolutely nothing wrong with Bugg pick. He looks a great smokey at a new team.

      As to Weitering on Bench, its almost as if you are incapable of mentally subbing off the cheaper Macdonald.

      • What does this even mean?

        • He reckons putting a 232k player on the bench is a good move and anyone that doesn’t agree with him is mentally handicapped.

          • No, what he said was that what you all are saying (having Weitering on the bench is stupid) is stupid. If you want, make it as if Weitering is on field and M-T is on the bench. Exact same thing if someone put Shaw on the bench and Broad on field. We’d all make the mental move to chuck Heater on field and move Broad to the bench.

  • Dat backline doh. Yuck.

  • Hey Pete, Weitering and Macaffer is too much coin to have sitting on the bench mate, downgrade both and use that coin elsewhere, or if you are happy with the side, run with it, because at the end of the day, it’s your side.

  • Why no Zac Dawson?

    • Mate, that’s my line!

  • Surprised you haven’t got Daisy or Ballantyne in there too.

  • Defence is the only thing that needs work.

  • Put Bugg out (he’s putrid) for a 120k player and switch Weitering for a 400k+ defender.

  • Pete my 12 year old son side is better than yours I have not seen a bad backline like that for a long time

    • Just look through the My Team pages and look for Wathdog’s name, you’ll find a shitter backline!

  • Each to their own atleast he put his team up, sure defence isn’t what it should be but the way some of you are carrying on its the end of the bloody world.

    • Yeah, there is a difference between commenting on his side and being straight out plain f**king rude, if this is the side he wants to run with, it’s up to him.

  • Love the Bugg pick will average 80, perfect stepping stone come rnd 6.

  • I actually don’t mind the Bugg pick.

  • Nice approach Pete, however apart from the Stef M Goldy combo I don’t think your team has a competitive edge in any other position.

  • Pete, to be honest and certainly not rude, like others, the only changes I would make on field are in the back line, Bugg and Aish, Aish to a premo like Shaw, Houli, if you want to run with Bugg then do so, I don’t think he’s that bad a choice and think he has potential to score the same or roughly as Sheridan, Cutler, Weitering at over $200,000 is too much coin to have sitting on the bench mate, either put him on field over Aish maybe if you don’t swap him to someone else, or trade to a 125,000 rook on the bench.

    Midfield isn’t that bad, only difference to other sides is Ah Chee really, Macaffer again is too much coin at $199,000 on the bench, downgrade maybe to Davie?

    Rucks are in beast mode man, haha, that ruck line up will pull chicks on a Sunday night no worries at all.

    Don’t mind the forward line, people only question De Goey because he’s in a strong midfield side with Swan, Sidebottom, Treloar, Adams, Pendlebury, Crisp, Greenwood, but then again, De Goey could be a sweet POD in your side that others haven’t gotten on due to mentioned above, if you want him in, then hold him.

    It really isn’t that bad a side Pete, just a couple changes here and there and it’s all good, but of course, it’s up to you, because it’s your side man.

  • So many haters. I’d love to know where everyone else’s teams ranked overall last season…

  • Defence is weak you could get squashed like a Bugg!

    Ah chee was hyped up in December as the next big thing, Spud for me!

    Goldi to Gawn use the cash to make a better team.

    De Goey at F3 is not a solid option!


    Good Luck in 2017

  • Howe or Weithering?

  • i like the ah che pick. and i totally get why you felt the need to put a bit more cash on your bench. this years rookie crop is terrible. but you need to use that cash to upgrade aish. weitering will play more football this year than aish

  • Listen to all u know it all maggots, who do you think you all are

  • Cheers Pete! I love seeing different strategies and unique picks, and so far the Reveals have all the been varied.

    Interested to see how your DEF strategy works out! I had something similar in early iterations due to the perceived lack of safe Premium choices at the time.

  • Pete do not listen to the haters bud! You do need to get rid of Aish and weitering for say someone like adams (bench) and then someone better than aish (lonergan maybe or houli if you have the cash) but besides that mate very unique team I like it!

  • RDT league 746000

  • QUESTION – Barlow v Sam Gray

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with his unique strategy. He has filled defence with upside midprice/expensive rookies, hoping to cash up any DPP or more sure beat defenders. Its risky, but all the players chosen have upside.

    Its also great to see non “vanilla” unique strategies.

    Its interesting if you look at teams at different sources there are different favourites and uniques.

    Bugg is a great POD, so is Ah Chee.

  • QUESTION – Barlow v Sam Gray – PLEASE SOMEONE? – take into account the cash difference also

    • well i expect barlow to average 100 and sam gray to average 90. now they are $88,000 difference and in the AFL fantasy pricing model each point is worth $5535. therefore on that basis gray is the better buy because greys points are costing 4700 each and barlows are costing 5100 each roughly. but that said if you have nothing better to spend the savings on then still go barlow because he will score more.

      • Cheers mate I like the calculations what about v Hall what do you expect him to average?

  • a) Sheridan + Hannebery + Pendlebury + B.Crouch

    b) Laird + Titchell + Adams + M.Crouch

    Thanks guys :)

  • All that matters at the end of the day is how well your chosen players score. If said combination beats everyone else’s, congratulations… you’ve won $50k. If not, join the 200,000+ others whose didn’t.

    If you know in advance that you’re this year’s chosen one, post your opinions like you know what you’re talking about.

    I don’t know whether Rocky Road, FevsBingles or my mate’s cat is going to have the winning combination of players… till I do, I sure as f–k won’t be preaching to the masses like I know all the answers.

    I find most of the advice provided by readers of this blog about as useful as Stephen Hawking’s pen!s anyway. Come September (pun intended) only one of us can be Dirk Diggler!

  • Obviously this is a decoy team.

  • Bugg or cutler ?

  • seedsman or sheridan