Pre-NAB Challenge Hype Team 2016

Every year I usually drop my pre-NAB Challenge team, you know, just before the pre-season games kick off. I sort of did that a couple of weeks ago on

So this year, I thought I’d post a team of the most selected players so far this pre-season and call it the first Hype Team.

It is basically made up of the most popular players across each line, fitting it within the salary cap. The forwards have the most selections by the looks of it, and as a result, I’ve chucked in Jed Anderson, Jonathan Simpkin and Liam Sumnar as FWD/MIDs to make it work. Having that many DPPs isn’t common practice, but that’s how the numbers came out!

It looks very vanilla -much like most teams I have seen posted around the place- but for this early stage of the season, it’s not a bad thing! We can tweak things as the NAB unfolds.

Check out the side below, talk about it in the comments, vote in the poll below and get keen for the NAB Challenge starting where we will make hundreds of changes as the pre-season rolls on!


How many of these 'hype team' players do you have?

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  • I’m surprised that Leuenberger is still showing as a “most selected” player. Don’t people read injury reports??? Same could probably be said for O’Meara.
    I would have thought that either Martin or Goldy would have more selections than either of these two ruckmen or were these chosen due to salary cap restrictions?
    Always interesting to see what the masses are thinking. Personally, I have 15 of these in my squad.

  • Not sure why Brodie Smith is there, I can’t recall too many teams posted with him in so far.

    Zac Williams would have been more appropriate IMO

  • I expect a lot of people picked initial team either themselves or auto pick when joined and have not touched hence the Luey even those who still looked have just not removed him

  • Brodie Smith is value for his price, and probable role he’ll play this year, that’s why

  • I’m concerned about NorthMelbourne new recruits. They haven’t been given much of a run over the last few years…. I’m talking promising players like Trent Dumont, Kanye Turner & Luke McDonald. North seem to favor wheeling out the geriatrics season after season – does seem to get them to prelims, just not helping fantasy coaches.. who are more important :)

    There appears to be a long list of youngsters waiting for a chance in the senior team. Players like Hibberd & Anderson may well get early games – i’m worried they’ll not string enough games together to fulfill their cashcow potential *shrug*.

    • Firstly.. I’m a North supporter so I’m biased..

      I do agree, but disagree at the same time..

      I see Trent Dumont as the only unlucky one out of the three you’ve mentioned.
      he didn’t get a game in his first season then played half a dozen or so last year, a few vests included though! very unlucky because he looks very promising for us.
      Coming into the AFL Turner weighed all of 13 kilograms, I was extremely surprised that he got named to play a game in his first year! After watching him though I could see why he played as many games as he did!!
      Lukey Mac…. he played 23 games in his first season, 3rd in the rising star?, knocking Mullet out of the 22, not bad for a first year player. if it wasn’t for his stuttering form he would have played more games last year!

      I think those 3 players have got games when they have deserved them..

      Hibberd will be up against McDonald, Mullet, Dal Santo, Atley, Wright and co for a rebounding Def spot.. so he’s up against it.
      Anderson on the other hand I think/hope will slot straight in, his pace is going to help us big time.

      • Agreed. North shinboner member!! Macca and fish will be first in line for a defender role shall a player be rested / injured..Jedi Anderson will play round 1.. Daniel (wheels) Wells is in tip top shape north want many games as possilbe out off him.. Ive locked n loaded.. masive POD player.and look out for Ryan clarke hasent played a game and already a contract extension had a ball on a string in 2nd half when moved in midfield..

  • These are the most selected players in fantasy right now so obviously people see value in them and want them in their team, thus they are hyped

  • Only 10 for me, I have gone with some potentially massive PODs, Gawn, Grundy, Adams, Neale, Duryea, Billings and I see tremendous upside in Salem if he can stay on the park

  • Hey lads,

    Join my classic fantasy league…

    8 spots left…


  • I am also surprised Leuenberger is a top selection. Limited preseason and long history of injuries. O’Meara is a gun but will he be fit for round 1.

    Of those in the popular picks I have a few in my team that are raising concern.
    Lobbe, query on if he can break into the 90’s. Before Ryder, 2014 & 2013 was solid in the 80’s. Needs to get more possessions as he relies heavily on HO, but his tackles above average for a Ruck.

    My forward line looks shaky with Wells, Simpkin, Petracca. I doubt I will go with the three of them.
    Wells is injury prone and his position may change to a high forward. Petracca is priced hgh considering he hasn’t played a game and Simpkin is a wait and see as is all the Essenton top ups.

  • Bit off topic, but thoughtson Bastinac ?????????
    POD or SPUD

  • Can anyone tell me if there will be an up to date list of players, with % owned etc this preseason? There was one last year, and the info seems to exist somewhere but does anyone know where I can access it? Thanks

  • Lewy and lobbe 100% dont touch!! Wells for anderson.. mcgloven is a must!! Omeara hell no better picks avallable .. and bartel wont play 15 games let alone a season.

  • Is anyone thinking of picking Crowley??

    • will depend on role, not in my plans, even if not tagging full time he will have games where he does and if your serious you cant afford to drop those points.

    • Crowley definately represents ‘value’ as Worsfold said he will let him loose, thus increasing his points output. But increase it to what end?

      It is a fine balancing act when you need to consider you will be busy trading rookies in and out of your team and upgrading to premium players. You will often find other more ‘pressing’ trades needing to be done during the early part of the season and find yourself putting the Crowley trade on the backburner as a result. You wouldn’t expect Crowley to increase his price much past the first few weeks if ‘value’ is what you are after in him.

      The end result is, you have Ryan Crowley in your team for the first 5+ weeks… is this really what you want? I’ll pass.

  • Thoughts on Dangerfield?

    who will cop the tag at Geelong now? Danger could run wild?

    • Dangerfield is an absolute weapon. Regardless I see him averaging 110 +

    • Danger will cop the tag.

      If Selwood was fit and able to play NAB he would be locked in my team.

      • how have tags affected him previously? this is a genuine question as Im not sure. I did notice Sloane copping a tag fairly often, Danger has speed and strength and is prone to burning posession, I still think Selwood is a better tagging target, to a degree

  • Kyle: Generally if the tag target has been sufficiently subdued in the past, teams wont change it. Expect the tag to remain the same on Geelong players unless:

    1) The opposition team’s tagger has had success vs Dangerfield in the past or
    2) Opposition coaches in previous rounds have located a more effective tag tactic that is then copied by other teams.

    There are other considerations such as changes to role but I think that you can expect the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ to apply most of the time.

    • Sidenote: Footy is a relatively conservative game strategy-wise. Most sports are on a year to year basis. One coach may test a new tactic during the season, but for the most part teams keep to the tried and true strategies especially if they have worked in the past few seasons for them. Expect experimentation from the bottom teams mainly.

  • Reading between the lines of your post, if you are afraid of picking Dangerfield because you think he will get tagged, don’t stress about it.

  • hes back… @Nat Fyfe

  • OPINIONS PLEASE Brad Crouch v Libba or both or none

    • libba, crouch has some concern. he pulled up a bit sore in intra and crows said they’ll manage him. Also Libba should average more anyway.

    • I actually prefer Crouch as a scorer myself, but I have no faith in his body sadly. He’s still in my side, but only because I haven’t found the 150k I want to upgrade him.

  • Libba is only $28k more than Crouch, I think he is a must have selection.
    Crouch is iffy as the others have stated and putting my two bobs worth to it, his only played 25 games so he is price maxed. However the Guy seems the have the ability to improve.

  • Cheers all thanks

  • Matt Crouch will outscore Brad!!!

  • Good luck with the call today Calvin, Roy and Warnie. Will be listening.