NBL Dream Team: Round 12 Preview


Kevin Lisch stepped up in style and narrowly fell short of last week’s record score by Beal, who was busy turning into a pumpkin and will now be traded out of everyone’s teams.


Reviewing Round 11

Round 11 Champions

In what is becoming a bit of a trend, Kevin Lisch also had the highest single match score for the round, however the round started with the Tom Garlepp (74) show as he opened up with a spectacular first quarter. His round score was fourth behind the Illawarra big three, but Cody Ellis also stepped up to joined Kirk Penny (88) and AJ POgilvy (84). Lisch was also second best for value, just ahead of Angus Brandt (62).

Round 11 Disasters

I talked up Jermaine Beal last week, praising his new-found consistency. I should have known better. Casey Prather (20) failed to play his second match, while Daniel Kickert sat on the sideline looking forlorn after getting injured during warm-up. New Zealand had a wealth of under-performers led by Charles Jackson, but Alex Pledger (6) and Cedric Jackson (10) weren’t much better.


Get Ready for Round 12

Cairns, Illawarra and Townsville all have the bye this round, while Perth have the bye next round, so now is the perfect time to trade out players like Jermaine Beal or Nick Kay who’ve made you good money but are on the downward slide. Make sure you trade out Julian Khazzouh if you’ve got him as he’s been ruled out for the rest of the season.

Round 12 Premium TT

Not a single Melbourne player makes the target list thanks to Daniel Kickert‘s injury. If he was fit and playing then he’d be prefect to get in as he’s been the most consistent player from United by far. Instead if you really want someone for the double lookat at Chris Goulding, Hakim Warrick or Stephen Holt. All have breakevens of 60+ so aren’t great value, but will get get you points.

Round 12 Bargain TT

In Khazzouh’s absence Angus Brandt should step up nicely and has even been getting extra court time since Sydney changed their coach. Todd Blanchfield has been pretty quiet but has huge potential and is really cheap. Otherwise it’s just bargain priced speculation.

Round 12 Captains

Daniel Kickert should have been at the top of the captains list, but it really comes down to how many games he’s going to miss with his injury. If you’ve no Melbourne players and looking for a captain that can go big, then Corey Webster is your man, unless you love really crazy risks and think Jermaine Beal can yo-yo back up.

Melbourne are the only team with the double match this week, so get any of their primary players on court and then just have your decent scorers supporting. Make sure you’ve got your Cairns, Illawarra and Townsville players benched.

Lockout is still Wednesday at 7:30pm AEDT but then we have to wait until Sunday for the final two games. I hope everyone has a good holiday but make sure you remember that the basketball doesn’t stop.

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  • Think I’ll cash in Kay for Blanchfield

    Just waiting for the 2 C.Jackson’s (NZ) to bottom out, then I’ll grab them