NBL Dream Team: Round 11 Preview


Jermaine Beal smashed out a round to remember and finished with the highest score seen this season. The bye rounds start this week with Adelaide taking an early holiday.


Reviewing Round 10

Round 10 Champions

Round 10 was the Jermaine Beal show as he swept all three champion categories in an awesome display. AJ Ogilviy (106) wasn’t to be denied though and was the second highest scorer. Jesse Wagstaff was third highest, but Markel Starks (82), Daniel Johnson (82), and Kevin Lisch (80) all had really big weeks also, making it a very high round for scoring as many people had three or four of them. Nathan Sobey (44) was third for Best Value by the slightest of margins.

Round 10 Disasters

Matt Burston (2) was technically the Worst Value Pick but it was by such a tiny margin over Webster that I felt he deserved a reprieve given how hard he worked to try and get himself on court. Oscar Forman (0) wasn’t far behind those two after managing to foul out in less than 8 minutes of court time in his second match. Ebi Ere (4) might have limited days left for Adelaide, while Majok Majok (8) continues to slow down with his previous worst being 18.


Get Ready for Round 11

Now is the time to trade out your Adelaide players as over the next three rounds they play just a single game. Even after their byes finish they only have single matches for a couple of weeks. When trading players in also consider that Cairns, Illawarra and Townsville have a bye in Round 12, while Perth has the bye in Round 13. New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney all play every round, keep all this in mind when trading as you want to keep your structure sound.

Round 11 Premium TT

Jermaine Beal has breakeven of about -8 from two games this round so should fly up in price again, assume he doesn’t turn into a pumpkin and get a huge negative score (he’s done it before). He’s scorer over 50 in 3 of his last 4 games though and it’s been 10 games since he scored below 16. If you’re looking past these five, the only other premiums with low breakevens are Mark Worthington and Chris Goulding.

Round 11 Bargain TT

Mirko Djeric misses out on the above list, despite having a negative breakeven, because he’s scored 4 or less in 10 of his 18 games this season. Tom Jervis could also be a consideration but his scores have been very variable this year due to his limited minutes.

Round 11 Captains

You probably want to pick one of these lads as the only high scorers with a double match who didn’t make the captains list are Matthew Knight and Kirk Penny, and I wouldn’t risk Penny after he left the court injured.

Illawarra, Perth and Sydney are the only teams with doubles this round after all just played doubles too so simply keep them on court and pick your best singles.


  • Will Prather play?

    • Everything I’ve read says he will and that he was rested as a precaution.
      That said, I forgot to take his potential injury into account when putting him 5th on the Captains list, he probably shouldn’t have made it as it’s too much a risk for captain.

      • I’m holding him as of now but I’m torn whether to flip him for Knight.

        Already went DJ > Beal for Cash and tiny BE