NBL Dream Team: Round 9 Preview


As predicted round 8 saw a lot of lower scores but an abundance of doubles means that will change for round 9. Clubs are starting to make some big changes too and it could really shake things up.


Reviewing Round 8

Round 8 Champions

AJ Ogilvy continued to be the stand out Dream-Teamer for the year posting the two biggest single match scores for the round, despite not even making half time in the second game. Kirk Penny (84) turned back the clock with two stellar 40+ games. Kevin Lisch (70) rounded out the high scorers, with the next best being Nick Kay (54) and Brian Conklin (50).

Round 8 Disasters

While Clint Steindl (28) was the most popular upsetting player, team-mate Mitch Young (14) also ended his streak of decent games. They were far from alone though with the single match exposing plenty of players. Jason Cadee (4) seemed determined to prove he can’t score well with Childress on court, Cameron Tragardh (-2) has had steadily decreasing scores, and Thomas Abercrombie (8) has struggled to score his is last few games. Brendan Teys (4) also ruined his money making potential, at least he can’t lose much either though.


Get Ready for Round 9

Round 9 Premium TT

It’s a tough call with trading this week as you’ve probably already got seven or eight players with the double in your team, meaning that it’s more about long term prospects and immediate points. Josh Childress has a breakeven of 40, which means that if you have a little bit of spare money you could wait a week to see the impact that Sydney’s new coach has on his scoring. He’s still going to be a must have though, so I’m getting him in now in case he smashes out an 80+. As well as the above, Chris Goulding has dropped significantly in value, although he’s unlikely to make his breakeven of 77 this week.

Note – if have you Brian Conklin then it’s time to trade him out as he’s just been cut by Townsville.

Round 9 Bargain TT

The number of bargain options is slowly diminishing as players have either jumped in price or are showing that they don’t yet have what it takes to be a consistent scorer. Not on the list though are Kevin White and Jarrad Weeks, who both also have low prices and low breakevens, however I’m overlooking them as the impending return of Rhys Martin will have a significant impact on their roles.

Round 9 Captains

Unlucky to miss out on the above list are Charles Jackson, Thomas Abercrombie, Matthew Knight and Daniel Kickert. All have been averaging above 30 and should also do well but I felt they were less likely than those in the list. You could also take a punt on a single game from AJ Ogilvy or Josh Childress if you’re feeling crazy. Illawarra and Sydney are the only teams with the single game this week so other than those two then you should get all the other players from those teams onto your bench.

It’s an early lockout this week as the round starts over in New Zealand so make sure you don’t get caught out. Make your changes now, you can always reverse them if you need to!


  • Argh conks twice in one year you burnt me.

    18th for round last week was nice.

    Went conks to gliddon moving Prather fwd. now deciding do I finally flip Te rangi for Davidson or White. Low BE for both. Or save the trade.

    Last thought I’d majok or Kay worth a look over AJ on court? Tempting but last time I did that AJ had 90 in one

    • Very nice, any time you’re in the top 50 for a week is a big win.
      I’d go Davidson over White, but regardless they’re short term money making options which TeRangi isn’t, he can’t seem to get a big score.

      The only reason I’m nervous about having AJ on court is if Illawarra decide to be cautious and rest him, but given that they’re playing Melbourne I think that’s unlikely.

      • Yeah makes me slightly nervy but 93 of top 100 have him so it would be zeros together.

        Te rangi has been Bain of my life but the cash Davidson or whoever makes could be good stepping stone

  • Any GRD options to make some money?

    Looking to dump Carter

    • Sorry, meant Cadee

      • Cadee is actually one of the more expensive guard amazingly – you could upgrade him to Goulding for less than $4k!

        If you’re looking for a downgrade though it’s hard to know. Steindl or Beal would gain you more than $10k and are avaerging almost as much as Cadee. Ebi Ere has the chance to have a really big score and is quite cheap now, but he’s from Adelaide so you’ve only got two weeks before you would want him out.

        You could gamble on Weeks or White, but find out what Illawarra is doing with Martin’s return first.

  • Webster to weigh and Bruce to Penney. Team will be DJ.Kay.Burston Gliddon.Prather. BENCH – Majok.Weigh.AJ.Goulding and Penney.