Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 5

Wow, life got in the way of me preparing my team on Friday night, but I didn’t deserve that many knocks as punishment. For a coach who is as pedantic as myself, I literally had no time and was severely punished (even more than usual) with my bench options after the rookie error of rolling back my team.

The positive out of this is, I have learned my lesson, but the bad news is, I am banning myself from answering any tweets in the half hour leading up to lockout. After telling multiple people to field Cripps over Newton and then I accidentally field Newton, not to mention McCarthy vs Honeychurch… something has to give, and at the moment, my sanity is the thing most likely to go unless I switch on at game time.

Having said this, my Twitter account @RoyDT still drives trade talk, so let’s do this!

Lumumba (DEF/MID, $381,000) was like me pre lockout, he had an absolute shocker, and if you can trade him out, do it! As Forrest Gump said, he is like a box of chocolates with scores of 42, 70, 103 and 51. As for a replacement, you would need to expect some inconsistency from Whitecross (DEF, $267,000) as well, however there is room to be more lenient given the price difference. Whitey is a favourite of mine, I have had him a few times over the years and he is certainly ripe for the picking at the moment with a break even of just 23 on the back of 84 last week. What impressed me most was his ability to get among the marks with 8 and given the backs are rabble anyway at the moment, at least he gives you some cash to upgrade elsewhere.

What the hell to do with Barlow?! That is the million dollar question, or should I say the $562,000 question after Barlow has dropped 65K since the start of the season, and on the back of 55 and 44 causing a break even of 158, it only gets worse for his owners. The thing is, I cannot pinpoint why this is happening, there is no injury, It looks more like form than anything, which has rarely been an issue in the past. Having said this, a slight role change may have affected him more than first feared with him attending only 26% of centre bounces as opposed to 44% last year. The old schooler in me says to hold him as he proved last year he is an elite premium category, but realistically I don’t blame anyone for trading him out while bleeding this cash, especially with that centre bounce news courtesy of the Freako.

My number one guy to bring in for him is the in form Dyson Heppell (MID, $621,000). If you can find a way to bring in a player in the calibre and form of this guy (Jordan Lewis is in the same boat), I think it is justified. Hepp is averaging 119 and has three whopping scores of 111, 129 and 138. He has had the ball on a string this season, but it is his ability to free himself up for marks and also do the grunt work laying tackles that has elevated him to the truly elite. Any new Hepp owners should be in for instant reward with a match-up vs the Saints.

It is amazing! If you had of dropped these names five weeks ago, and told us how much they will be worth when they bottom out, people would have called you crazy! Every one of those guys are future Fantasy Hall of Famers, the fun thing is going to be working out when to pull the trigger and get them in.

This is very similar to the Barlow issue, where the form of Parker (MID, $523,000) is the main issue. Yes he has been playing forward a little, but his heat map percentages indicate he is predominantly in the midfield, despite playing mixed roles since Buddy knocked his head off and derailed his season. For a player holding a premium position in the mids, returning scores of 86, 61 and 82 is unacceptable. He did have a good second half on the weekend, but if this is a luxury trade, Fyfe (MID, $577,000) is playing at a completely different level to Parks and this is justifiable.

Personally, I will hold and am expecting a ton this week.

I like Krakouer (FWD/MID, $189,000) as a downgrade. Not only does he add some handy DPP flexibility, but over the last two weeks he has looked right at home and seemingly cemented his spot in the team. He has a break even of -15, so he still classes as a significant cash cow and his scoring potential in his role across half back looks ideal.

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Here are yes/no answers to a few Twitter questions











  • What trades should I make?!?

    J Martin -> Krak (ddp to midfield)
    Honeychurch -> Tarrant
    284k in the bank for next week

    Honeychurch -> Krak (ddp to midfield)
    Lumumba -> M Talia
    130k in the bank

    Or any other suggestions for getting rid of Lumumba, J Martin or Honeychurch?

    • Martin’s gotta go up in price this week, offload Lumumba & Church.
      Possibly T Hunt? Seedsman? both risky. 2 Rookies is safer

  • Please someone help this headache.

    Lumumba > Steven

    Lumumba > Goddard, moving eventually to FWD.

    Steven’s a bargain atm but I can’t decide if hes top 10 mid?

  • With Swan/Gray/Hunt all set to miss this week, what to do.

    Strong words from an inside source have almost ruled out Robbie Gray, and will not risk him going into this match, having looked at the Crows injury list themselves, which is not looking to good. TRADE before the late with drawl.

    Swan had a light training session today, but this could be a teaser for the ultimate let down for us. Having said this, they pay Friday night and surely this will be “OUT SWAN” come Thursday night teams.

    Taylor Hunt, has been looked at this week in training, and is clearly not running the way he should be, from the spy’s around punt road. He took another slight knock as well. He will certainly be rested this week, if we need to look at trading him out.

    So what will this Carnage do to our teams. Can we hold on these guy’s or do we keep.

    Swan and Gray are keepers in my eyes. Hold them if need be.

    Hunt on the other hand needs to be looked at. With a few others coming through the ranks ie Seedsman this maybe a good option for you.

  • NVB to Heppell or Krakour and why?
    I have the dollars but thinking long term I could use extra cash next week to get new dpp players??!!

  • Are these good trades ?
    Lumumba to Dick (Saad onto field)
    Newton to Dalhaus

  • AFL Fantasy
    DEF: Hibbo, LUMUMBA, HUNT, Newnes, Saad, McIntosh (Oxley, GOODES)
    MID: Lewis, BARLOW, Parker, Beams, NVB, CEY, Vandenberg, Cripps (WALLIS, Newton)
    RUCK: Jacobs, Belly (Holmes, Cox)
    FWD: Motlop, Martin, SWAN, Dahlhaus, Salem, Clark (McCarthy, Honeychurch)
    Cash: 13k

    Main issues in caps (excluding CEY). Thoughts?

  • Barlow to Heppell or Lumumba to hibberd?

  • which one???

    lycett > krakouer
    heeney > body/thompson/rischitelli


    heeney > krakouer
    lycett > dalhouse/schneider

  • option 2 lycett to dalhaus