Round 3 Lockout Chat

Discuss your team, trades and progress throughout the round in the comments.

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Keep it pretty simple. Look for value. Prices will change after round four so think about some of the cheaper guys who did well last week. Sort by last week’s scores when selecting your team to get a feel for who scored well below their asking price last round.

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  • One, two, three, delete team

  • Bartel out… It keeps on getting better and better

  • Was on track for 2100 but yeah cheers wallis and bartel :(

  • Why is KK so fucking useless

  • YES… this week all popular options going down that i DONT have!

  • need another 100 out of clark and KK (now that Bartel is down) to crack 2000…

  • VENT:
    I was looking at a blinder score this week… Enter Stevie Fucking J and Jimmy Bartel. Luckily it’s RDT so Jimmy’s price won’t change so he will become the Swine Dane Swan. As for Steve Johnson you’ve just put the nail in the coffin for AF. As for his RDT career in my team, along with Parker, hanging by a thread.
    It’s only quarter one but I know things won’t change because Stevie J is a rabbit.


    Rant over

  • Looking forward to the “sob” stories of people trading dusty week 1, and beams this week, and the same people will trade parker next week….and they will wonder what they are doing wrong.

  • I can’t be the only person who traded out Beams and Lumumba this week can I?

  • KK is the biggest steaming pile of poo ever

    • oh well, at least you now know for certain whom to trade between him and lumumba…(assuming you have lumumba)

      • I traded Lamumba this week.

        For Hodge, so not all bad I guess.

        But stupid decision to choose Harry over Kade, I agree.

  • Where the hell is Tollodjashnij actually playing?

    I can’t see him anywhere, not on the wing, not in the pocket, not anywhere…

  • I honestly think Trollo to Talia might be a good option.

  • Thoughts on Bartel to Swan and Wallis to Rischitelli?

  • Jimmeh to Swan for mine

  • Eagles just kicked 10 goals on the run on


  • Am I the only one around here doing well? Its a nice change for once ahaha

    Sitting on 2071. with Jelwood and Saad still to finish a half.Looking at 2150ish

    So happy I was forced to keep Beams and traded out KK over Lumumba

  • LOl both Eagles and Dockers are Captained by South Australians!


  • Yes I’ve almost got the full house of injured players. Wines, Wallis, Bartel, throw in Parker and Geary as carnage support this week. After dealing with rocky, sidesphincter, Ablett and Bartel AGAIN the first couple of weeks!
    Gotta laugh!

  • 1913 with Prestia second half and Barlow to go.

    Had Anderson 14
    Bartel 8
    Maric 67
    Geary 54

    Can’t really complain .

  • Fuck my decision making process

  • If Stevie can grind his way to an 80, i’ll be satisfied… doubled his score from half time in 10 minutes

  • At work, but do the Eagles actually realise there’s a game being played? What the hell is going on, no tv?

  • KK must be dead

    I’ve never felt so much rage against a player ever

  • Thank fuck Nic Nat

    • 0 marks to NicNat again, amazing. A tall athletic ruckman not taking marks! Ah well I guess as long as he averages around 80 he has done his job

  • Anyone know what Jake Kelly’s JS at adelaide is like?

    Im looking to do KK (the spud) > Jake Kelly in RDT.
    Not a great strategy as usually you need a player to have had 2 weeks in RDT, but desperate measures possibly required.

  • Barlow gone to the pub.

  • NEALE Thank you for ending my weekend with a positive

  • What is par this week? 1950?

  • Nic Nat going to go through the whole season taking 0 marks.

    Just fuck right off

  • Annnnddddddd Rischitelli is now relevant that Gablett is out.

  • Can anyone top this.
    Got my worst ever score this wk. Lost both games to teams far worse. Had Adams late out wallis injured for 10 Bartel injured for 8 kolodjashnij 45 Parker 61 Barlow career low score and i had goodes who was sub score 19 starting on the ground instead of oxley because i reversed changes and it switched them back. all this on top of having already made 4/4 trades to converter injuries hence why i still have spuds like kolodjashnij 2 injury trades this wk and looks like kolodjashnij will still be there to top it off first sub 1800 score ever. In my 7 yr career

  • Can we just not talk about this round.

  • First week ranked 1200
    Second week ranked 800
    Third week sitting 2500


  • What is with all these so called reliable premium mids failing. Parker, JPK, Barlow as well as Beams last week

  • Lachie Neale seems like the most un-fun footballer in the whole comp.

  • Stephen Hill is making himself very relevant right now

  • Byrne or Kelly?

  • My 2 cents guys:
    *Don’t get Coniglio – pretty sure he had a tagging role, tagging Parker. Good score but that role makes him risky!
    *Byrne will get plenty of games – good bench downgrade (Malthouse has stated they will play kids)
    *anyone trade out Neale this wk? That would of hurt!
    *Barlow is a ball magnet but seems to have a bit more of a half forward role… nice for goals but may hurt his stats a bit like today. Could be a handy fallen premo after that 55 today though in a few wks.
    *Do not be fooled by Steven Hill. @Albert I’m looking at you! Great when not tagged but teams that have some brains always shut him down. This coming from a mad Freo fan!
    *i love beating the Weagles!

    • Yeah I agree about Coniglio. I wouldn’t get any of the GWS midfielders at the moment as Treloar, Greene, Griffen, Ward, Coniglio, Whitfield and Shiel will take turns having the 100+ days and other weeks struggle to make 70.

  • @James I almost agree with you. Really tempted with Whitfield. Really showing why he was number one pick and is no chance for a tag!