Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 3

With two trades per week, the first couple of rounds usually provide us the chance to shuffle players to fix up mistakes. Unfortunately, it already feels like round 22 patch ups are dominating our thoughts.

Players like Beams and Ablett should be the last names on our mind, but their ever rising break-evens and no sight of a decent score in the near future demand trade consideration. Also, Ablett has now been ruled out for this week and there are rumours it could be for a little while.

Former premium, and popular mid-priced ruck, Leuenberger is beyond words after the weekends game.

Brodie Smith would have to be in doubt and Pendles is a chance to miss. All this without mentioning the effort of Mitch Clark etc.

Once again, I will use my Twitter feed @RoyDT to drive my focus areas this week.

@PepPangallo is sick of Leuenberger and wants to know the best replacement.

After an appalling effort on the weekend which resulted in a score of 33, 65,755 coaches are left scratching their head in regard to what to do with him. I have to remind myself that he is a former premium who has twice averaged over 85, including a personal best 93. He is only 26 and should be in his prime! I understand he is spending time forward and sharing ruck duties, but that is why I was going to be happy with 65/70’s. The hard this is, he is still so cheap, it is a big jump to a decent replacement, especially considering our cash cows have barely started beefing up. My best replacement however, requires cash.

Despite an awesome 155 from Todd Goldstein on the weekend, if you can find the cash to upgrade to a premium, the best option is Sam Jacobs (RUC, $550,000). I think he will have the highest average from all the big men at the end of the year and he is currently only owned by just 12% of coaches, so it is a good chance to get a step up on your opposition. He has a two game average of 104 and a BE of 86 leading into his match-up with the Demons who he has scored 110 and 104 against in his last two.

@jeddzetzer is having back line issues like most of us and desperate times are calling for desperate measure as cash flow is a big issue so early in the season. He wants to know if Rory Laird is a viable option.

Rory Laird (DEF, $383,000) is coming into his third year at the top level, so a traditional break-out if always on the cards. In his first two years at the Crows he played 18 and 16 games respectively which is impressive in itself for a young player. Over those two years he averaged impressive numbers of 71 on debut and 61 in his second year. In 2014, his averaged took a hit with two green vests including a score of three in round 22 last year. He is quite versatile and plays a variety of roles including the odd tagging job. He has had an amazing start to the year with scores of 91 and 96. The games ahead look good to continue his form with games against the Dees and Dogs with quite a soft draw over the next 7. He has a break-even of 32 and if he can continue to take marks like he has in the first two rounds with 7 and 9, he will well and truly have that covered. Keep in mind the Crows have been winning easily, but that shouldn’t change this week.

@Jarvis_Blake wants to know who to pick up out of Dahlaus and Tex

I love both of them blake! I really regret not starting with Dahl, and I am happy that Tex has proved me wrong that a key forward like him is not worth looking at with so many DPP’s. Let’s crunch some numbers and make a call!

Firstly, a common trend here is that the in-form Crows are popping up everywhere in my feed, and it always pays to tread carefully and remember it’s a long year. Having said that, Tex Walker (FWD, $486,000) is in beast mode and it’s hard to see how he is going to be stopped. In two weeks he has taken 26 marks and had 16 shots on goal while scoring 146 and 110. The most impressive thing has been his willingness to work up the ground to get a +6 just to keep the score ticking over. He has a break-even of just 31 and should take full advantage of playing the Dees, Dogs (despite playing great footy), Suns, Saints and Giants within the next six weeks.

Luke Dahlhaus (FWD, $518,000) has had a great start to the year and he looks to be thriving under the influence of Beverage (Unlike Calvin) and is a great pick as a forward. Once again the Dogs are a team that has started very well but Dahls numbers can’t be ignored. He is averaging 108 over the first two games and has a BE of 71. His statistics across the board have been impressive, but I like his improved tackling the most, with 9 and 8. Even in a loss, you have the opportunity to lay tackles. Having said that, the games ahead vs Hawks, Crows and Swans are quite daunting.

With all this considered, I have swapped from my first thought of Dahl, and am now considering getting big Tex in myself!

In a word:

Should I trade out Ablett? Yes

Should I trade out Beams? Yes

Is Nic Nat a good option for Leuenberger? Yes

Are you missing Rocky? Yes

Is it too late to get McIntosh? No

Heppell an elite premium? Yes

Do you think Matty Boyd will get DPP? Yes

Can we expect Oxley to average 80+? No



  • Is putting Oxley on my field this week so i can get Laird next week to risky?

  • Guys I’ve got 1 trade left
    Lumumba to Bruce
    Brown to Oxley
    Lumumba to Docherty (with almost no cash left)
    Mcgrath to Hogan/Honeychurch

  • Ok Heres my Team:

    DEF: Newnes, Kolo, Lumumba, Talia, Mcintosh, Goodes (Saad, Oxley)
    MID: Lewis, Parker, Barlow, Beams, Wallis, Rich, Newton, CEY (Vandenberg, Cripps)
    RUC: Jacobs, Leuey (Naismith, Holmes)
    FWD: Martin, Swan, Gray, Bartel, Salem, Honeychurch (Clark, McCarthy)

    $357,000 left in the bank.

    Really want to get in the bont! Someone help me with my trades. Would appreciate it :)

  • Ablett to Bont = LOCK (money reasons making it the lock)


    Hamling to Oxley – Having a non-scoring player is a waste of money and Oxley will make money for weeks.


    KK/Beams/Leu to an upgrade target


    I’ve have ideas for who would trade for those 3 but I want to know which option is better.


    • Woah you have yourself a pickle! Beams price will drop even more, leu will probably stay near the same with a BE of 51 and kolo will stay the same with a BE of 71… But beams could go big while leu and KK won’t. Get rid of Leu or KK

    • With stefan martin carving it up at the lions, Leu might even be dropped! get rid of Leu! he wont score much.

    • Calvin said to give beams another week, he could explode any second now.
      Ablett to Bont is you best bet, Leuy up to NicNat or Jacobs (whoever you can afford)

  • Bont and Nic Nat or Jacobs/Goldy and NVB/Rich?

  • Jacobs by far!!

  • Balett to Barlow and Kolo to Hunt good trades?

  • A: Beams and Leuey -> VanBerlo and Jacobs (51k left)

    B: Beams and Lumumba -> Sloane and Laird (14k left)

    C: Beams and Lumumba -> Heppell and VanBerlo via Saad DPP (73k left)

  • Is it time to start burning rookies? Particularly Clark/Goodes?

    Cripps to Bontempelli is probably set. Here is the team with one trade (perhaps Laird):

    D: Hodge, Butler, Geary, Ibbotson, McIntosh, Saad (Goodes, Oxley)
    M: Pendlebury, Parker, Fyfe, Boak, Goddard, Bontempelli, Rich, Newton (Ellis-Yolmen, Vandenburg)
    R: Bellchambers, Leuenberger (Downie, Cox)
    F: Gray, Swann, Martin, Ziebell, Salem, Honeychurch (Clark, McCarthy)
    B: $184,000

    • Upgrade Luey

      Like yesterday

    • Cripps to Bont should not even be in your thoughts. Your team is very poor. Butler didn’t play last week, Ibbo isn’t doing much, Pendles might miss, you haven’t got a really solid captain option each week (Lewis, Barlow, Heppell) and Leuey is hopeless.

      My first trade here would be Ibbo > Hunt or Laird and then Leuey > Nic Nat if possible. If you don’t have the funds, then trade Ibbo to maybe Josh Bruce. If you don’t like Josh Bruce and want Hunt or Laird but don’t have the funds, then trade Leuey to Zac Smith, Brodie Grundy or Mark Blicavs. All averaging between 65-85.

      I know Bont is high in everyone’s wish list but sometimes we need to make others priorities first. Cripps still has plenty of cash to be made, while players like Ibbo and especially Leuey are bleeding cash and not scoring well either. Make these guys your priorities first.

  • Heppell and Sheppard
    Simpson and Wallis?

  • Which should i do this week? Pick 2 looking for cash to make and points to get :)

    1. Kolo -> Hunt
    2. Lumumba -> Hunt
    3. Beams -> Bontempelli
    4. Beams -> Sloane
    5. Lambert -> McCarthy

    • not sure on Lumumba, he’s got 1 more chance in my team.
      Kolo has already been used as a tagger and I can see it happening again!!
      Kolo -> Hunt is probably the safe choice, but I don’t mind the look of Laird, especially is Smith misses. food for thought.

      id also get rid of Lambert for McCarthy, especially as he wont be playing so ur missing out on a cheap fwd going up in price. Beams on the other hand will be playing and there’s every chance he could score 100, no doubt he will go down in price, but he will be alright eventually!!

    • 1 and 3, Bont has a low break even

    • to make cash you gotta have playing rookies, 5 and 3

  • ok guys

    this could be absolutely stupid or it could be a genius move.
    does anyone think it is worth getting Matty Boyd in the midfield?

    he is playing well at the moment, and hes coming out of the back line so there is surely a huge possibility that he is moved to a DPP. im thinking about jumping on the bandwagon before he goes up too much in price (17k already) and crossing my fingers that he is upgraded to a DPP player..


    • was considering too but they have a tough run till dpp changes so ill hold off till then mate

      please if you have time help above :)

  • Have about 450k for this week and I want to spend it. But I find better options that are actually cheaper. I’m looking at kolo to hunt, then either beams to Bont (500k left) or Berger to Jacobs (140k left) thoughts?

  • okay i have 2 options

    Option 1- prestia–> bont
    lumumba–> simmo
    42k left over

    Option 2- prestia –> bont
    clark–> yolman via bont

    Option 1 would make bont my M5

    Option 2 would make bont my F5

    Trading prestia becuase i have no other issues and his scoring will drop now that ablett is out- he will get the No1 tag.


  • 1st trade I did was kolo to Simpson.
    Currently don’t know what to do for my second trade. I have Beams, Lumumba and Berger that I want to get rid off.
    I am currently thinking the following:

    1. Lumumba > Hunt
    2. Beams > The Bont

    If you have any other ideas that would be great, even if that means reversing my other trade. Thoughts and ideas would be great.

    • Or I can go kolo to smith (if he is playing) and then go beams > heppel/Sloane (elite inform). Or do I hold onto to beams for one more week and use my other trade on Lumumba or even a bench player that isn’t playing or is injured like Clurey/lambert

  • what would be better trades?
    lumumba–>oxley and bgoodes–> docherty or
    priddis–>wines and aswallow–>shuey

    first trade leaves me with no money in the bank. I think the first trade would help me in the long run earning money with oxley and helping my lumumba problems.
    priddis is bleeding cash and i reallY wanted to get rid of him. the second trade gives me immediate points but it might hurt me in later rounds.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated cheers

  • Best trade for Ablett > premium under 585k??

  • Def: Gibson, Newnes, Kolo, Geary, McIntosh, Oxley (Goodes, Saad)
    Mid: Ablett, Lewis, Fyfe, Beams, Wines, Newton, Yolmen, vandenBerg (Cripps, Sinclair)
    Ruc: Goldstein, Bellchambers (Holmes, Read)
    Fwd: Bartel, Martin, Gray, Swan, Salem, Clarke (Lambert, McCarthy)

    Trade 1 = Ablett > Barlow/Heppell/Slaone is a no brainer

    Trade 2 I need a little help with. Should I look to trade Beams (bleeding cash) sideways to one of the others mentioned above, downgrde him to Bont or Rich, etc, or look to trade out Lambert to another rookie (Hogan or other) who will keep making cash?

    Thanks folks!

    • Beams to Bont is a no brainier, should leave you with a bit of cash for next week.

  • Here is my team:


    I want to trade out Ablett but I don’t know who to replace, and who else should I trade out?

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  • 1st trade I did was kolo to Simpson.
    Currently don’t know what to do for my second trade. I have Beams, Lumumba and Berger that I want to get rid off.
    I am currently thinking the following:

    1. Lumumba > Hunt
    2. Beams > The Bont

    If you have any other ideas that would be great, even if that means reversing my other trade.

    Or I can go kolo to smith (if he is playing) and then go beams > heppel/Sloane (elite inform). Or do I hold onto to beams for one more week and use my other trade on Lumumba or even a bench player that isn’t playing or is injured like Clurey/lambert

  • Rory Laird or Taylor Hunt. I’m thinking Taylor Hunt at the moment.