Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 3

Here we go again… and boy do I have some rippers for you this week, in what is shaping up as another tough week. Without Gaz and Rocky, my job is shaping up as a tough one this year and so far, I’ve steered this ship pretty well. Enough babble Calvin… let’s get into it.


You’ve heard it here first…. Dayne Beams will bounce back this week!

In his first two games this year, Beams hasn’t found it difficult to get the ball. He has averaged 26d (8 kicks and 18 handballs) a game and just has his ratios around the wrong way. Add to this, in total over these two games he has let himself down in other areas to by only taking 3 marks and laying 4 tackles.

Dayne Beams is $9,800 in Moneyball. Pick him in your MEGA SATURDAY team.

He scored 131 on the Tigers last year and if Beams can reverse his kick/handball ratio and increase his mark/tackle count which sits at basically nothing… his scores will improve and this week he will be back!

Also in this game we have Brandon Ellis who scored 115 and 96 on the Lions last year but the interesting guy here to look at is Dustin Martin.

When playing the Lions, Dusty has averaged 90 against them at the GABBA and 111 when he plays against them at home. Amazing stat, but he’ll still be good this week as he scored 115 and 96 against Brisbane in his last two runs.


When playing in Tassie last year, Jordan Lewis averaged 111 (4 games). Last week he came home strong with his score of 119, backing up his monster 156 from round one. He has scored 4×100+ in his last 5 games against the Dogs with scores of 102 and 106 in his last two. He’s the safest pick going around at the moment and the numbers here truly support that.

Pick Jordan Lewis for $10,200 in Moneyball.

Marcus Bontempelli will be one of the most traded in players this week and might even be able to back up the 133 he had last week. Aurora Stadium is one of the highest scoring Fantasy ground in Australia and I’m expecting him to go big again.


The Giant task this week will be for GWS to contain Lance Franklin. He scored 121 last week and had 120 on them in his last game against them in 2014. Buddy is starting to heat up and might produce something BIG again.

Luke Parker came home strong last week for his score of 86 but in his 5 games against the GWS, he only carries a highest score of only 90. He’ll be better than this but the numbers here are quite ugly.

On the flipside of that, Callan Ward loves playing the Swans, who are one of his most favourite teams to score Fantasy points against. Over his career he has averaged 92 against them and has posted 92, 111 and 108 in his last three.

Finally, Adam Treloar should bounce back from his 86 last week. He posted 97 and 124 on the Swans last year and should be in the top scorers in this game at the SCG. A prediction…. 112!


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No he doesn’t suck, Dyson Heppell is on fire at the moment and won’t be slowing down this week. He plays the Blues, a team he has averaged 109 against in his last 3 games.

Dyson scored 129 last week, and the Eagles scored 8×90+ scores against the Blues and I’m tipping that he will run a muck on Saturday arvo.

Pick Dyson in MEGA SATURDAY for $10,000.


Scott Pendlebury Vs St Kilda @ MCG – Pendles scored 113 against the Saints last year and will attract a tag (Mav Weeler) this week. There is doubt over his availability this week but being the Friday night game, we will know if he’s in before lockout.

Joel Selwood Vs Gold Coast @ SS – averages 93 on the Suns in his last 3 games against them and had 91 this week. He’ll be back to his best this week for sure in a game that Geelong will dominate.

Gary Ablett Vs Geelong @ SS – He’s not playing fool! Don’t make him captain.

Nathan Fyfe Vs West Coast @ Domain Stadium – scored 125 and 106 on the Eagles last year (avg. 121) and posted 116 last week. The man is flying at the moment.

Robbie Gray Vs Kangaroos @ Etihad – Only scored 70 against the Roos last year and has never scored 100 against them over his career of 7 games. That will change this week but the numbers here aren’t great.

Steve Johnson Vs Gold Coast @ SS – 68 last week… but the Saints had 5×100+ scores against the struggling Suns last week and Stevie will get busy on his home ground (surely). He only scored 103 on them last year but has monstered them before with scores of 171 and 146 back a few years ago.

Dane Swan Vs St Kilda @ MCG – The Pig has started the year solidly with scores of 105 and 82. He didn’t play the Saints last year but has posted 109, 120 and 137 on them in his last 3 games. Swan is just $8,400 in Moneyball and you can pick him in your Friday and Round team this weekend.

Rory Sloane Vs Melbourne @ Adelaide Oval – He is averaging 115 this year and the Crows have been on fire. Shiel (136), Coniglio (124) and Ward (108) all racked it up last week against the Dees and so will Sloaney.

Brad Ebert Vs Kangaroos @ Etihad – has averaged 88 in his last 3 against the Roos. Pass.

Michael Barlow Vs West Coast @ Domain Stadium – The Eagles used to be one of his favourite teams to score again but he only managed 96 and 80 on them last year. Slightly concerning.



  • Beams at #4 pls he will be lucky to get 4 points……

  • Stanton all the way against the blues <3

  • the issue is beams bleeding sooooooo much cash….be 147…..

    • Trade now or forever hold your peace.

    • It doesn’t matter if he bleeds cash the next couple of weeks as long as he turns it around performance wise. If you’re not trading premos cash isn’t relevant.

      • Partially agree with all of you.
        Beams WAS a premo in his previous role with Collingwood. Now at Lions he is performing well in the context that he is playing the role asked of him which ATM is LESS FANTASY RELEVANT (ie high handball, low kick, low mark and low tackle count). The bigger problem is the Lions are being dominated all over the park for now, too many holes not enough plugs, this may be the case for few weeks and maybe until Rocky and Hanley come back. IMHO you can’t wait that long.
        For me, I had Beams starting as my M3 so I “pencilled in” more points. I went the GnR approach with M1-M5 “guns” and 3 onfield mid rooks. This always results in lower scores early in the season but not as low as I the scores I’ve been getting but alas I’m not alone. I hate trading premos but no other significant issues and better options available Beams has to go for now, looking to trade in post byes.

  • Steve Johnson not in the top 5 is a surprise…
    Geelong will be desperate to pump the depleted suns and Stevie J averages 128 against Gold Coast from 4 meetings, plus it’s on the happy hunting ground of Kardina Park – Enough said!

  • Pendles over Sloane, Danger… really Calvin?

  • Now second guesing my trade of beams….

  • Only way to get bont is trade beams. Really confused now

      Im not letting someone else’s ‘feeling’ that beams will go well. Im staying with beams > bont no reversing. beams will lose 30k, bont will gain 30k = 60k win if you trade, 60k loss if you don’t!

  • Beams has no Pendles or Rocky to protect him, he’ll get sat on.. I’m trading him, he’s bleeding cash. Fyfe not on your board, can’t believe that. No Scooter or a WC back line, He will KILL WC, predicting 180, I’m putting the C on the Natser.

  • Heppell against Malthouse’s team of 22 taggers…you’ve got balls.

    • Shuey and Gaff with 119 and 115 last week seemed to cope alright.

      Plus Simon White who destroyed Dusty first week is injured.

      • And the damaging Brownlow winner Priddis was restricted to a sub-100 score, in a game which the Eagles won by more than Carlton’s total.

        • That was only due to Priddis handballing a lot.

          Which he does a lot.

          He still got 31 touches.

          Wow, completely tagged out of it!

  • Luke Hodge for me… He’s going to kill it

  • Where’s kolo

  • Beams will probably ton up this week but i can’t see him averaging more than 100+ for the season. No Swan, Pendles and Sidey along with the experienced Pies midfield. He was drafted into a dominant Pies side.

    Now at a poor side and he is the number 1 mid i can see him stuggling.

    • Not sure I agree with that analysis. He and the Lions have started very poorly but he does/ will have Rocky, Rich, Christensen, Zorko, Redden, Hanley.

      • I think getting Rocky and Hanley back in the team will be key. That’s still a while away so i’m happy to wait.

  • Fyfe or Lewis?

    Want to go Fyfe for some difference

    Matt Rosa could restrict his score though, thoughts?

    • Fyfe showed last week he can score well against a tag.

    • Fyfe is not a huge DT scorer. He probably played one of the most dominant games last week yet only got 116 DT points.

      Lewis should get 120+ without raising a sweat

      • +1

      • one of the most dominent game? He was on 10 at qtr time. Hardly call that dominent

        • He had 36 touches and kicked 3 Stuart. That sounds fairly dominant to me

        • Exactly why he’s not a huge DT scorer. Best on ground, maximum votes from the coaches yet only got 116.

      • About the only thing I’ve got right this year is Lewis.
        I was concerned with his R2 score at 3Q time but came home like a train with ease.

  • An in-form Tex to kick a bag against the Dees?
    Might be a smokey for captain…

  • Taylor Adams is actually the worst injury to have

    So hard to move him, just want to hold onto him :|

  • no way i would consider making fyfe captain. from fantasy perspective barlow is the king of fremantle

    • Agree. I’d have Barlow at third before Fyfe at fourth.
      Try saying that ten times fast with a mouth full of chips!

  • In reference to Barlow scoring low vs the Eagles last year, if I rem right he was carrying an ankle injury from early? Looks cherry ripe so far this season!

  • What about Barlow?

  • no body is talking about mundy!…….oh 2.85% ownership….thats why…haha

  • Beams might bounce back this week but it wont be for my team after i bounced him out in rage on sunday night, he can stay there!

  • Beams>Walker (Bont dpp)


    Beams>NVB (Already have wallis)

  • Worst list I’ve ever seen in this post. Beams is a good ordinary player who needs Pendles and Sidebottom by his side drawing the heat, he’ll be useless at Brisbane. Pendles himself has been under an injury cloud all week, thetefore obviously not a captain option. With Ablett and Rockliff out and Swan past it (though still cracks a mention lol) there’s only one proven pig left (Barlow) who doesn’t even get in the top five.

    Apart from that it’s good to see Dr Dream Team has made a comeback in now writing Calvin’s articles.

    For those that need advice here’s my list:

    1. Barlow
    2. Lewis
    3. Franklin
    4. Bontempelli
    5. Sloane

    It’s 2015 guys, wake up.

  • Cheers for the crap Moneyball ads too, DT community is obviously crying out for even more formats and chances to gamble, awesome work guys.

  • For all who doubted you cal we are sorry, forgive us.

  • Lol… Don’t worry TRockliff you got tens of thousands of mates who would have traded out the good ordinary Beams too, though probably not for Swan as he’s past it…