Team Reveals – Midfield

Welcome to the 2015 Dream Team Talk Writers Team Reveals. This year, the teams of each writer will be released one line at a time, over four consecutive nights. This give you a chance to look at each strategy used in the teams, in various lines and compare them to your own.

It’s worth remembering; these are the writers current teams. As with all coaches, there will likely be plenty of changes until lockout. In fact, I’d be surprised if they were still the same from the time they were recorded for these articles, to the time you are reading this right now.

So let’s get into in it. Presenting to you, the writers 2015 AFL Fantasy selections in the Midfield.

The Teams


Anthony Mids


Calvin Mids


Chad Mids

DOVE LOVE – Crutton

Crutt Mids


Dunny Mids


Griff Mids


Jeppa Mids


Lefty Mids


Matt Mids


McRath Mids


Roy Mids


Warnie Mids

What can we learn?

Of the 2014 top ten averaging midfielders, three have not been selected; Dyson Heppell ($606,000), Matt Priddis ($611,000) & Steve Johnson ($613,000).

The two most expensive players, Tom Rockliff ($763,000) and Gary Ablett ($675,000) have not been instantly locked into the writers teams. Five coaches have forked out the big bucks for Rocky, but Ablett’s price and injury interrupted pre-season has obviously kept many away, with only Jeppa & Roy backing him in from round one.

When it comes to rookie priced options, every coach has backed in Patrick Cripps ($163,000)Aaron Vandenberg ($120,000). Keep in mind that these teams were provided more than a week ago, and before this tweet went out from Fox Sports’ Adam Baldwin.



Developing Crow Cam Ellis-Yolmen ($120,000) has been backed in by ten coaches, as has the new Demon Ben Newton ($192,000).

As for under-valued premium break-out contenders, Ryan Griffen ($485,000), Lachie Neale ($466,000) and Andrew Swallow ($508,000) have all made appearances and Tbetta’s boy Scott Selwood ($459,000) has also snuck into Anthony’s team.

The most expensive M5 spot goes to both Roy & Warnie who have picked Luke Parker ($585,000) and only two writers have a $485,000+ priced player at M6. The majority of coaches are running with three rookies on the field.

The most expensive midfield belongs to Lefty, who despite not having either Rocky or Ablett, has spent a massive $4,053,000 (40.5% of his salary cap) at an average of $405,300 per player.

The cheapest midfield belongs to Anthony, who limps in to round one with Luke Parker as his most expensive player, spending just $3,264,000 (32.6% of his salary cap) at an average of $326,400 per player.

Of note, only three players, each selected once, are priced between $192,000 -$466,000. Daniel Rich ($268,000) in Crutton’s team, Daniel Wells ($356,000) in Dunny’s team and Marcus Bontempelli ($392,000) in my (Griff’s) team are those players.

So what do you think? Comment below and let us know who you think has has the best midfield set up and why.


  • Ok got to ask the question. Since Ablett, is Ablett and if fit, he will be named Rd1 and be a season long keeper, are you saying he won’t play Rd1? I say this because my understanding of fantasy is that premo’s will fluctuate in price, however you are comfortable in this fact so you buy them regardless, full well knowing they will be a Top 8 mid by end of season.

    • my plan is not to start with him but within a few rounds bring him in. He tends to not start well after injury/no preseason so im thinking he will go down a little bit and then ill sideways swap to get him.

    • I believe the assumption is that Ablett will fall in price over the first few rounds due to the automatic pricing changes (in AFL Fantasy). Therefore you can save $50,000 on him if you find another player who may go up in price at the same time.

      • Then is the theory that;

        a) you trade a Yolmen to Vandenberg early on (dependant on rookie upgrade) then use the cash to upgrade to Gaz? And from whom?


        b) Leave 60k in the bank, buy a Griffin/Swallow type, hope for improvement and upgrade from there……

        It’s just a commodity i would not want to risk for very little gain. However if you are thinking Gaz will drop to 500k, it may be worth my while.

      • @RLGriffin, what are the rules for price changes this year? as you said automatic pricing changes

        • In AFL Fantasy I believe it will be the same as last year. Automatic price rises for rookies after just the one game. Same one game rules for decreases in premiums – although less severe.

  • Atm I have Ablett, Lewis, sidey, beams, fyfe. But seriously considering gaz to Parker and upgrade Berger to Jacobs/mummy along with the leftover cash I already have. Thought?

  • ULCYKSJ7 – Join if you’ve played 10 or more seasons…

  • Warnie with two Brissy and Collingwood premos as his premo mids, thought on that?

  • So who’s everyone getting as Vandenberg replacements if he isn’t good to go?

    • Cripps, Rich, Newton, Lambert, Heeney, Yolman, Anderson, Freeman, Woodward (hawthron)

      But look at Jeppa’s article this week for other options that have slipped my mind

    • Not sure, probably Karl Amon or Blake Acres.

      • doubt Amon will play much. Acres, Anderson or Kavanagh are best options. I’ve gone Kavanagh

    • he will get upgraded to senior list soon, no harm in starting with him as M10 to save a future trade

  • Surely Ablett must be more of a consideration in RDT if he’s fully fit for R1?!?!
    Be interesting to see the RDT mid set-ups – I think there would be some subtle differences to Fantasy

  • Seeing a lot of teams with Vandenberg in them and he’s yet to be upgraded so what is the reasoning behind that?

    • “Keep in mind that these teams were provided more than a week ago, and before this tweet went out from Fox Sports’ Adam Baldwin.” (About Vandenburg). Be sure to read the whole article :)

  • Hey guys i got a fantasy league that needs filling, $20 entry grand final winner takes all, if ur interested please email me at, 6 spots left

  • Ok, so assuming Vandenberg isn’t playing, I have a slight dilemma/opportunity. I can either:
    A) find a replacement rookie (my current non-premo mids are Rich, Anderson, Newton, Cripps and E-Yolman) or
    B) move Adam Saad from my backline to replace Vandenberg, allowing some DPP opportunities with my backline. My other backline rookies are Oxley and Goodes.
    The question is, can anyone name a mid priced rookie (that I don’t already have), that would be a better option than moving Saad to the mids and selecting another rookie Defender?

  • I hope Anthony has changed his team since the teams were given. Way too many trades to make with only Parker being the bonafide premo and Swannie will be moved forward. I like Roys and Warnies mids, nice and strong should be top 10 mids not many trades to worry about there unless injury occurs.

    • Not really concerned about needing trades as it’s Fantasy, trades are our friend ;)
      My mids will pretty much look like this, the only change so far is Swan has become Beams. I think we’ll see a drop in price from some of the premo’s this year in regards to GAJ, Stevie J, Rockliff and Barlow ect, all seemingly coming off limited or below average preseasons, I’m hoping for some slow starts from a few of them. So I’ve gone with some underpriced mids who I’m hoping will pull out a decent average and rise in price. The plan being to sideways to a falling premo hopefully before or during the byes. Doing this has allowed me to spend a little more cash in the defence, ruck and fwds where I think the rooks are noticeably weaker this year. Anyway, you know how they say it, ‘the best laid plans oft go awry’ but I think it’s worth the gamble. If it works I’m laughing, if not it’s not the worst position to come back from. Just wanted to try something a it different from the norm this year!

  • The three Launceston amigos have all got Rockliff in their line up. The “love child” has rotted their brains.

  • not much love for barlow? limited pre season but the guy should still be top 8 mid

  • Hi all just let you all know that last weekend I went to the Brissie V Suns game and I like the look of T Miller for the Suns, he is in the mids and priced at 211,000. COULD BE A CHOICE FOR YOUR MID Rookie.

    • Good on ya Marcus. Did you get a meat pie? Maybe you could put it in your defense.