NBL Dream Team: Round 15 Preview

HeaderThere were a number of donuts in a big round of double matches making it a painful week for many. Round 15 promises a lot more and could make or break some team’s seasons.


Wrapping Up Round 14

Double match players were the flavour of the week as the top 15 scorers all played two games, led by Mickell Gladness and Thomas Abercrombie who both totalled 86. Popular captains Brian Conklin (82) and Gary Ervin (80) also devivered 80+, along with Tim Coenraad (82). The single match players were led by Jamar Wilson and Tom Jervis who both got 50 and both took full advantage of the extra time that was delivered by their team mates in Adam Gibson and Matthew Knight, who both got 0, although Gibson just had a shocker rather than being injured. After posting a season high 54 last week, Peter Crawford reverted to being barely sighted and had the lowest score of the week with -6.


Round 15 – Trade Targets

Perth is about to play 6 matches over the next 3 weeks so are the perfect trade targets this round. Top of the list is Tom Jervis who will get a lot of extra court time following the news that Matthew Knight is out for 6-8 weeks (which is possibly the rest of the season). Jervis has been delivering solid support all season and will thrive in the primary role. If you have Knight then this is an easy trade that will net you ~$60K spare into the bank account.

Damian Martin seems to be back in form, but has been a bit up and down this season and is priced above his average currently. I still think he’s the best option of the Perth guards despite Jermaine Beal being ~$35K cheaper with almost the same average. DeAndre Daniels is priced about right and should provide relatively consistent points for the next weeks. I wouldn’t consider any Perth players other then those four at this time.


Round 15 – On Court Selections

Double matches are being played by Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney so there are plenty of decisions to be made. Stick with your guns first and foremost, however for your guards after Jordan McRae I’d go with the guys who have recent form, like Jamar Wilson and Damian Martin, over players who’ve been a bit erratic, like Adam Gibson or Jermaine Beal.

Captain choice is probably Josh Childress, although he’s been slightly quieter since recently and is only averaging 37 since returning from his injury. If you’re really up for a gamble then picking Jordan McRae or Mark Worthington as your captain could be an option. I wouldn’t consider anyone else and realistically I’d be sticking with Childress since Sydney play Townsville and Cairns.

Lockout is back to 8:30pm AEDT on Friday so we’ve plenty of time this week, but it’ll be a long round with the last game being between Perth and Melbourne on Wednesday, so be ready for a really short turn-around next week.

As always you can follow the live dream team scores for the games at dtlive.com.au/nbl




Coach of the Statismathgicians


  • Hi Tristan

    Just wondering … would you consider trading out Wortho and Cadee for Daniels and Martin? I have very few trades left and want to get the best use out of what I have left. Wortho could score more points but has one less double and Cadee is a bit of an unknown with Childress back.
    My team would then be:

    Childress (Conklin}
    Daniels (Te Rangi)

    Jervis (Ibekwe}

    McRae (Jackson)
    Martin (Ervin)

    I would be covered pretty much up until Rd 18 when I could trade out Daniels and Martin for a couple of Sydney players and I already have a start on Rd 19 with CJ, McRae and Ibekwe.
    I haven’t got enough cash to get rid of Te Rangi so he will have to stay unfortunately.

    • I’d hesitate to trade out Wortho if you don’t have many trades left as he’ll be one of the most valuable players in a few weeks. Melbourne have double matches for both the weeks of Dream Team finals, so McRae, Wortho, Kickert and Dennis will become very popular.

      I’d be more inclined to get rid of Ibekwe, Jackson and TeRangi as NZ only have one more double, although it is the semi-final week.

      And Cadee has been getting more court time because of Perry’s shortcomings and Cadee has been doing really well with it. He’s great to keep on your bench for bonus points.

      • So Jackson to D Martin instead then? Daniels can wait since I have Wortho and Conklin starting with Childress for the next two weeks.

  • Hi Tristan.

    My team at the moment is Chill, Conklin, Gladness, McRae and Ervin.
    Bench is Weigh, Madgen, Duinker, Cadee and Corletto.

    1st dilemma is 7 trades left. Do I keep McRae for Melbourne’s doubles in the last 2 weeks and save a trade down the road?

    2nd is do I keep Ervin. Need to get rid of Weigh and probably Ervin as need the $$$.

    Trades this week thinking Weigh to Jervis via Duinker and Ervin to D Mart.

    Will have 35 k in the bank after these 2 trades and 8 double players this week and 5 trades left.


    • I’m planning to keep McRae and Ervin for the rest of the season at this stage, but given that your other guards are Cadee and Corletto your lacking the dollars to make a lot of movement there without ditching at least one of them, which makes Ervin the correct choices and then you can evaluate McRae after he’s played the double this week.

      Weigh to Jervis is awesome, I want to get rid of Weigh but decided that I should ditch Gliddon first since he has been so useless for the last two weeks. I lost so many points and so much money trading in Gliddon.

  • So team would be # Chill, Madgen, Jervis, McRae and D Mart.
    Bench # Conklin, Duinker, Gladness, Cadee and Corletto.