NBL Dream Team: Round 13 Preview

HeaderA swathe of injuries plagued round 12 leaving us with lots of conundrums ahead of the NYE games bonanza.


Wrapping Up Round 12

Tom Garlepp

Tom Garlepp

It’s almost a certainty that your team was affected by injuries this round with Josh Childress, Jordan McRae, Cedric Jackson, Jamar Wilson, Mika Vukona, Alex Pledger and David Barlow (plus a few others) all having injury concerns that caused them to miss their game or score below expectations. When combined with the fact that it was the only round of the year with no double matches, it’s no surprise that most people had their lowest round score for the year. 19 teams still managed to score 300+ though.

The were a few shining lights worth mentioning as honours for top score of the round was shared between Tom Garlepp and Tai Wesley who both scored 68. The only other players to achieve 50+ though were Cameron Gliddon (52), Ekene Ibekwe (50), and Adam Gibson (50). At the other end of the scale Mark Worthington had a shocker and only got 4 after missing nearly all his shots, while Corey Webster got 0 despite spending over 30 minutes on court.


Round 13 – Trade Targets

Deciding who trade this week is highly dependent on injuries. Jamar Wilson looks like missing a few more games so trade him out and invest in Adam Gibson who steps up magnificently when Wilson is absent. Similarly Tom Garlepp played like a star in Josh Childress‘ absence although he is worth grabbing even if Childress does return. Darryl Corletto could be a great cheap option if Jordan McRae ends up spending time on the sidelines. This would also boost the output of Stephen Dennis and Daniel Kickert. However note that Melbourne only has one double in the next six rounds, which makes trading McRae out a real option if his injury is even slightly serious.

Players that have doubles this week who would be good additions to your squad include all the potential captain choices below, plus Brock Motum, Scottie Wilbekin or Mickell Gladness. If you’re after some cheaper options then Mitch Creek, Clint Steindl, Steven Markovic, Kendrick Perry and Alex Loughton all have potential to score nicely over the double but have been less than reliable of late.


Round 13 – On Court Selections

Adelaide, Cairns, Sydney and Townsville play the double match round this week and who we put on court is going to be highly influenced by injuries. Of course we probably won’t know for a lot of them prior, so take the conservative approach and go for guaranteed points over the speculative big score (unless you feel like gambling).

Captain choice is a bit tougher this week as again Josh Childress would have been first choice but with his injury cloud it might be prudent to select someone else. Brian Conklin and Cameron Gliddon are looking in great form and are the most solid choices. Tom Garlepp is likely to go big again if Childress is out and similarly Adam Gibson is a solid contender while Wilson is still out. Other options could be Anthony Petrie, Ben Madgen, Cameron Tragardh or Todd Blanchfield.

Take note – Lockout is WEDNESDAY 5:30pm AEDT, so get yourself sorted before you head out for your New Years Eve partying.

As always you can follow the live dream team scores for the games at dtlive.com.au/nbl




Coach of the Statismathgicians


  • Hi Tristan
    I have a real problem with my team. Had Childress and kept Wilson for the doubles, intending to bring two more in this week. Now both are out and I only have two benchies (Brandt and Cadee) on doubles. I have McRae, Wilson and even Wortho to trade out and can get either forwards or guards… which two players do you think I should bring in? I was thinking Conklin/ Gibson/ Gliddon/ Garlepp. Thanks for your help!

    • It really depends on how much money you have but the best options are Gibson and Conklin, but Garlepp would be close behind Conklin and is significantly cheaper. Gliddon only falls short because he has less doubles.

      Also, consider sticking Cadee on court, he’s been delivering really good scores lately and in your position it’s worth the gamble.

      • Thanks for the advice Tristan…I traded in Conklin and Gibson (C) and started Cadee. I actually didn’t think of starting him until you suggested it and it has turned out well so far :)

  • Hey mate
    Current team with $30,000 bank
    Childress petrie barlow kickert
    Gladness ibekwe
    Macrae wilbekin ervin cadee

    Macrae and cadee to gibbo and madgen?

  • Or actually i could get funky and go macrae and barlow to gibbo and madgen, keep cadee 1 more week. Means starting wilbers or cadee this week tho….

  • Hi Tristan.

    Trades for this week I have gone Wortho – Garlepp and McRae – Gibson.

    Team is # Childress, Garlepp
    Gibson, Cadee
    Bench # Weigh, Steindl, Duinker, Ervin and Corletto.

    I have 93 k in the bank. Is my team looking ok and are those the best 2 trades to do this week. I have 8 trades left after the 2 this week.


    • They’re some solid trades and gives you some nice cash in the bank to upgrade some of your guys.

  • Any late update if childress is out? I’m now thinking of benching him if i cannot hear anything soonish

    • I expect he’ll miss tonight but they’re still putting out the word that it’ll be a last minute fitness test. You’d be hoping that he’ll be back on Friday but even then I’d be sceptical. I’d bench him.

  • Fitness test today for Childress was last word and Mcrae to play that I saw. If Childress misses tonight you think he’s play Friday against Melb, I think i’ll leave him on floor just in case.

    I have benched Mcrae to start Ervin as insurance.

    Team this week is

    Childress Conklin Ibekwe Ervin Gibson on court… Bench is Weigh, Duinker, Ballinger, Mcrae, norton

    I had to trade Wilson > Gibson and I went Wortho > Conklin with so few melb doubles in next few weeks

    • McRae is apparently not too bad and will be fine to start against Sydney, D-Mac said it wasn’t as bad as they’d feared.

  • Looks like i got the madgen and garlepp coin toss wrong.

    Standard for this year!

    • I think those calls have been going wrong all year for most people. I just traded Cedric Jackson to Cameron Gliddon, that’s looking like a very bad move right now!

  • Good news about McRae. I benched him and Childress this week so anything I get from them will be a bonus! McRae, if healthy, will be great for the double in a couple of weeks as I will probably trade Wortho to Knight.