NBL Dream Team: Round 2 Preview


The season has officially begun and it was an exciting opening round, highlighting the quality and talent in the league.


Wrapping Up Round 1

Scottie Wilbekin

Scottie Wilbekin

Opening the season with a score of 500+ was the perfect start for 122 teams and has left the rest of us with some early catching up to be done. Most, if not all, of those 122 teams would have had Scottie Wilbekin as their captain. With a pair of impressive performances, Wilbekin started with 48 then added 62 to take his total to 110, making him the first century for the season. Based on what we saw over the weekend though, it certainly won’t be the last. Wilbekin was one of seven players who scored over 50 in a single game, with 72 by Josh Childress being the biggest score. Childress looks like he’s got plenty of room for improvement too.

There were some great results too from our value players led by Tim Coenraad hustling up 46 and 40 to a very impressive 86, equal second overall. Mitch Creek showed some great intensity with his 38 and 32 while team mate Brendan Teys showed that his improvement from last season was here to stay, scoring 26 and 18. For their new teams Adam Ballinger turned back the clock with 18 and 34 and Rhys Carter shot his way to 42. Cody Ellis managed to get 34 despite only being on court for 11 minutes.

It wasn’t all celebration though. If like me you had Cameron Tragardh as captain his scores of 20 and 10 were very underwhelming. Another popular captain in Mickell Gladness wasn’t much better with 32 and 8. Clint Steindl started with 36 and was looking like a big trade target, until he got 0 in his second match. Popular bench players in Josh Duinker and Corey Webster got 4 and 2 respectively. Damian Martin, the most expensive player in the competition, had a game to forget and got -2, while team mate and last year’s Grand Final MVP Jermaine Beal only managed 2.


Round 2 – Trade Targets

With round 1 completed you should now be looking to make 2 trades. Although there may be a few top scoring teams which seemingly picked all good players, the rest of us should be actively correcting our list before price changes come into effect. Top of your wish list should be Cedric Jackson and Scottie Wilbekin. If you don’t have both of these players then you should definitely trade them in.

New Zealand is about to go on a four week run of double matches but looking at their players there isn’t a lot of certainty once you get past CJ. With the absence of Abercrombie and limited minutes to Pledger and Webster, it’s unclear how indicative their round 1 scores are. That said, Rhys Carter is only $76,100 put up a solid 42 so is well worth considering as a trade in. Beyond him, Ekene Ibekwe looked solid, but had good and bad games all pre-season, while Ruben Te Rangi is cheap and got over 30 minutes of court time on his way to 20. Tai Wesley got 10 and seemed to struggle with the stepped up intensity, but I’d hold him if you’ve already got him. Keeping or trading Corey Webster depends on how serious his injury is. I would consider trading out Mika Vukona if you have him. He was quiet coming back from injury and the extra $52,400 from trading him down to an import would be pretty handy elsewhere.

Wollongong still has three weeks of double matches and has a few players you should definitely be looking at. Tim Coenraad was full of hustle and intensity and getting into everything, exactly the sort of player we love in dream team because it means he should score well every week. Adam Ballinger is cheap and scored well, but has the risk that potentially only got the extra minutes because Gruber and Davidson were out. Brad Hill is also cheap and played some nice basketball, he looks better at Wollongong than he has in a long time. Luke Nevill, Gary Ervin and Jahii Carson all scored well and should continue scoring well, they’re just a bit more expensive. Oscar Forman had a slow start to the season but is probably worth holding if you’ve already got him.

Cairns also has the double match, but then has four weeks of single matches, so beyond Wilbekin I wouldn’t be looking to trade any Cairns players into my team. If you have Torrey Craig, Stephen Weigh or Alex Loughton then hold onto them for the minute, but consider offloading Cameron Tragardh, Matt Burston or Cameron Gliddon who all have break-even scores which are unlikely to be achieved.

Despite Melbourne’s star studded line-up I would recommend avoiding them all at this stage. With their sub-par performance on Sunday and now Chris Anstey’s departure it’s really unclear how the team will be structured going forward. If you already have a Melbourne player in your team then you can hold onto them for this week and see what happens, they do still have the double match so should get you some points and hopefully not lose you too much money.

Townsville only has the single match this week and next but a double in round 4, so is a real midway team as far as the fixture goes. Todd Blanchfield looked great and looks like he could be amongst the best this season. Absolutely worth consideration despite his higher starting price and a single game. Brian Conklin is slightly more expensive again but really enjoyed the extra freedom he gained when Gladness was on the court. Even though his score was less than what people wanted, Mickell Gladness is worth holding onto, he’ll only get better as the season progresses. Clint Steindl looked good in both games and I have to admit I was surprised when I found he’d scored 0 against Adelaide. Hold onto him. Look to trade out anyone else from Townsville, particularly Steven Markovic who is $131,200 and will give you a new import guard with some change left over.

Adealaide has six straight weeks of single matches from this point which is really unfortunate as Mitch Creek, Brendan Teys and Peter Crawford all scored really well in the opening week and should make some great money. All would be worth a bench spot though if you can afford the luxury of trading for your bench. Hold onto Anthony Petrie or Jamar Wilson if you’ve already got them but consider ditching Adam Gibson and Daequon Montreal. Gibson’s role is unclear and he’s to expensive for uncertainty, while Montreal lost his starting spot in game two will need a few weeks to settle in.

Perth and Sydney both only have a single game for the second week, meaning that you can wait another week before grabbing or ditching their players as they won’t change in price this round. That said, if you absolutely must, then you could look at getting Josh Childress, Tom Garlepp and Angus Brandt from Sydney or DeAndre Daniels and Greg Hire from Perth. If you’re struggling to find players to cut, then I’d trade out Kendrick Perry and Kevin White from Sydney and Damian Martin and Jermaine Beal from Perth. Anyone else from these two teams should absolutely be given one more week.


Round 2 – On Court Selections

Cairns, Melbourne, New Zealand and Wollongong all have double matches in Round 2 so make sure that you’ve got your stars from those teams on court. Captain choice is a tough one but there are really only two candidates to choose from: Cedric Jackson or Scottie Wilbekin. CJ starts against Adelaide while Wilbekin finishes against Wollongong and both have a two day break with Melbourne as their other opponent. I’m probably going to select Wilbekin just because he doesn’t have to face Adam Gibson. Hopefully this works better than selecting Tragardh instead of Wilbekin did.

You can follow the live dream team scores for the games at dtlive.com.au




Coach of the Statismathgicians


  • Great write up
    I scored 546 with my starters bar madgen? Should I trade him out(who too?) i have Hill & Adelaide players on the bench. Or should I hold my trades given my good start?

    • I would really need to see your squad to answer those questions.
      546 is a great start though.

  • Fwd coenrad, Madgen, Deandre Daniels, Hill
    Ctr Neville, Schencher
    Grd Wolbekin, Jackson, Teys, Crawford

    • I can see your conundrum there and you’ve got a good case for holding your trades if you want to be conservative.

      I’d look at what trades you might want to make next week too and decide who will be going next week and then decide if you’re better trading them this week instead.

      You’re in the lucky situation where any choice you make is a luxury

  • Creek, Trigger (Balls, Wesley)
    Gladness (Duinker)
    Wilbekin, CJ (Carson, Teys)

    $90k in the bank

    Going to go: Gladness > Nevill — Wesley > Coenraad

    Ride the Creek, Coenraad and Balls price rises this week and swing Trigger > DeAndre Daniels next week before his price rise and Duinker > Childress the week after.

    Team this week will have 4 double game starters:

    Coenraad, Trigger (Creek, Balls)
    Nevill (Duinker)
    Wilbekin, CJ (Carson, Teys)


    • They’re some great immediate trades but your future plans might need changing. At this stage I’m assuming that I’ll be trading Childress into my team after Round 2. If he scores another 50+ in round 2 he’ll be an absolute must have before his price skyrockets.

      • So you’d bring in Childress before Daniels?

        • At this stage I’d say so, but thankfully we have another week to get a second look.
          At first glance Sydney desperately needs Childress on court and scoring points, while Perth is a lot more established and can afford for Daniels to build.
          If they both continue performing then I’ll possibly be working out if I can get both.

  • Feel like i pretty much got my team right?

    F: Coenraad, Trigger (Balls, Wesley)
    C: Gladness (Duinker)
    G: Wilbekin, Ervin (Teys, C Jackson)

    $45,900 in bank

    Had Trigger Capt which was only barrier to scoring over 500.

    Any trade would be a luxury i think as don’t need to chase $ yet.

    Maybe Trigger > Vukona. Both will likely go down in value but NZ have 3extra doubles

    Duinker out for some one hot?


    • I definitely wouldn’t trade in Vukona.

      On my personal shortlist of possible trades is “Trigger out, Ibekwe in” just to optimise on the remaining NZ doubles and avoid having a player go down in price. It’s a lot harder to get money later in the season so I’ll usually burn a few extra trades early for the extra cash.

      Duinker out is definitely a luxury trade and you’d only do it to get in someone who is definiely going to jump up in price this week.

  • I scored extremely badly for first round and have a lot of catching up to do!
    Any suggestions who to trade out/in would be much appreciated. My first trade (as I had intended anyway) would be Markovic to Jackson…

    Current team:
    Forman, Vukona (Trigger, Wesley)
    Gladness (Duinker)
    Markovic ,Wilkebin (Teys, Te Rangi)

    • Markovic to Jackson is an easy win and definitely do that.
      I’d trade out Vukona (or Trigger) and my preference would be for getting Coenraad, but a lot of people are looking at getting Childress or Daniels the week early. I think a cheap Coenraad who looks like comfortably averaging 30+ is too good to pass up.

      • Thanks Tristan. You don’t seem optimistic about Vukona improving in his next two games? Or is it just the likely price drop that is putting you off him? I thought if he does come out and turn it around, he could be a good POD, looking at other people’s teams.
        I’m thinking Trigger to Coenraad (as in your second suggestion)because he only has the one double to come and is likely to fall in value also.

        • Vukona really struggled all through the game against Perth and was still on a negative score at 3/4 time. If it hadn’t been for some last quarter cheap points he would have been really bad. He could come good but given how expensive he is it’s just not worth the risk in my opinion.

  • Forwards: T Coenraad , C Tradgardh Bench: B Hill , L Henry

    Centres: L Nevill Bench: A Brandt

    Guards: S Wilbekin , Cedric Jackson Bench: J Wilson, B Teys

    Remaining salary: $69,200

    Round 1 score: 516

    Got little to no idea mate, have never watched a game and have just been following what to do from your articles. Suggestions on what to use my 2 trades on or whether to not use them, cheers mate

    • I’d trade out Tragardh (I have in my own team) but it’s really up to you who you target with him. You’ve already got my “must haves” of Jackson, Wilbekin, and Coenraad, so you’re looking at someone like Ebekwe or Creek or going a week early on Childress or Daniels.

      You could also consider swapping Wilson to someone like Carter or Carson if you’re feeling ambitious.

      • is my bench all fine? or is their better players out their on the bench/

      • Leon Henry was only average in his first two games, but I think he’ll improve and you’ve already got most of the good rookies.
        You could consider Te Rangi or Wesley if you want to get extra double games.

  • NBL injury list is up:

    Ballinger isn’t listed but I’d still be hesitant to trade him in given that his back could play up again and Wollongong has a pretty hectic schedule.

  • Tristan, have you heard any news on Te Rangi? Should I be worried and trade him out?

  • Did you remember early lockout today? I just wondered because you haven’t updated your page :(