NBL Dream Team: Round 4 Preview


Welcome back for another week of NBL Dream Team and it certainly was a week of highs and lows.


Big Scores

James Ennis again led the way with 92 points on the back of a big game against NZ. However the most impressive performance came from Ogilvy who score a massive 70 points from a single match. Redhage continued his consistent start to the year with 66, whilst Daniel Johnson barely cleared his single game scores but was respectable with 58. Unexpectedly after their first two rounds, Beal and Petrie also scored big with 84 and 68 respectively.



Cash Cow Pain

Amongst the big score were some serious heartbreakers. Jason Cadee, Corey Webster, Kevin White, and Mitchell Young all managed to post negative scores in round 3. This is the worst possible time for a negative score and unfortunately these guys are all cheap so unless you have a bundle of spare cash you’ll just have to ride the pain and try to hide them on your bench.


Then Some Days Luck Ruins Everything

It only took three weeks for disaster to strike me down and it hurt all the more because it felt like it could have been avoided. At 5:51pm, a mere 21 minutes after lockout, the NBL posted the round 3 injury list and it contained a very big surprise. Cameron Gliddon was listed as a test. Surely not? I’d just traded him in on the basis that Tragardh was likely to miss the match. And then disaster as the next evening Gliddon sat on the bench with 0:00 against his name whilst Tragardh actually played. That big donut sitting on my court really hurt. And if he’s not better then I might have to trade him out without seeing a single point. If only the NBL had posted their article a mere half hour earlier.


Trade Time

Ok enough lamenting, there are some sweet trade targets this week led by the 2 gamers.

Tiggs will defintely be the most traded in player this week. With an average of 38ppg, he’s only going to get better as he learns Wollongong’s systems. And he plays a double game this round.

Goulding has returned from his ankle injury with all guns firing and has 37ppg off his 2 matches. Has a double game in round 5 so is also a good investment.

Oh yeah, there’s this guy Gliddon who didn’t play the last game. If he suits up then he’s worth having. That’s IF and you might not find out before lockout, which is again Thursday 5:30pm AEDT (I’m not bitter, really I’m not).


Good Grabs

AJ Ogilvy had the biggest price increase by far and if you missed it then that’s unfortunate but take a deep breath and trade him in anyway. He plays a double game this week and if he continues scoring at 59ppg then he’ll jump another $30K-ish.

Lucas Walker smashed out 50 points on the weekend and is looking very impressive. His rolling average will drop off his round 1 score of 18, so he should have a big cash increase this week.


Trade Them Out

If you have Lazare or Trueman then it’s time to move them on as they’ve been cut to make way for Wilkinson (they should have *** next to their name to help you notice).

Jervis crashed back down to earth with 28 points from his two games and highlights the Perth dilemma. Perth plays 1 game this week and then has a bye in round 5 before playing 2 games for both rounds 6 and 7. It comes down to your personal choice but if you want to push early then trading out Perth players could be the way to go. Just make sure you plan how to get them back for Round 6. Jervis isn’t a bad option to trade out as his poor scores in round 3 mean he probably won’t jump much value this week and Knights is due back in round 6 or 7.


Captain Choice

AJ Ogilvy.

If you don’t have him then either Johnson, Kerron or Daniel, is an acceptable alternative.


Final Thoughts

  • If you traded out Beal on my advice last week, I apologise, but then before last round it felt like he was struggling to even hit the ring. He’s a potential trade target for round 6 now though.
  • I want to get Tiggs and Goulding, but to do that I’ll have to trade out Ennis. I may be crazy enough to make the gamble.
  • There are three DT Talk leagues in the Top 20, led by DT Talk Chook at 11th and with DT Talk Tristan holding tight at 20th spot.


Hopefully the luck turns around this week.


Coach of the Statismathgicians.


  • What do you think of Jervis->A.MacMillan from Melb? Good pre-season form, solid 22 in his last. Really sick of White as well, even with a double game he could go negatives! Thinking White->Demos with the other trade?

    • Jervis to McMcMillan is a pretty solid trade that will give you some nice money in the bank. Keep in mind though that McMillan’s 22 on the weekend came from a game where Ballinger hardly saw the court, he’s probably not up to producing much more than 10 a game on average. That said though, he should score more than -2 (which he did in Round 1) and go up in value.

      I personally like Kevin White but he got his court time significantly cut on Sunday due to both Carmouche and Madgen playing well. This is a good thing for Sydney, but makes it hard to know if White is worth holding. Demos has played well so far this season and you probably can’t go too far wrong trading to him, but this is really a luxury trade, make sure you’ve got enough guys who’ll put big points on the board with all the double games happening this weekend.

  • Cheers mate, I could get Vanderjagt for 7K more maybe..

    White started this week, yet didn’t really capitalize… :/

    Steindl is the other I’m looking to boot. But I think he showed more than White this week TBH. Think I might grab a cheap center and look at my options for next week.

    Thanks. :)

    • All my starters except Ennis have the double game so I should be sweet for this week.

  • Should I go Pledger -> Ogilvy Jervis -> ? or should I hold tight on Jervis

    • Have $98,750 for back up centre

    • I would make the Pledger to Ogilvy trade. Ogilvy’s scores are simply huge and he’ll gain a lot of value over the next few rounds.

      Trading Jervis really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. I’m keeping him this week as he’s unlikely to go down in value and his score will be a bench score. Plus I have other trades I want to make and there are no really good centre targets in my opinion. But he’s a safe option to downtrade if you need cash.

  • or should I go Hill to Beal

    • Don’t trade in Beal yet. He only plays one game in the next two weeks and you’ll get a lot more output from Hill in that time. I think that Hill’s 8 was an anomaly rather than the norm, but I don’t know if he’s a lock for on-court this week.

  • being new to this fantasy game any chance of putting the team of the player after the name in the preview eg oglivy(syd) I like the preview cant find the players team and is there any site that has stats beside the official nbl site

    • Happy to put some team names next to players in future articles, particularly since teams which are playing double games are important.

      As for the stats, I just use the live-stats pages from each game on the NBL website, plus the stas breakdown on the NBLDT website. I find it generally gives me all the stats I need.

  • any help would be great help