AFL Dream Team look at the 2013 Fixture

The AFL Fixture has just been announces and another piece of the AFL Dream Team puzzle has been put in place… who are in what bye rounds.

Click here for the fixture.

From our first look Round 13 will be a killer… but now is the time to start planning out our bye rounds. Do so in the comments!

We already know about Round 1 and the split round we will be facing first up. This will be a big challenge, but for me a welcomed one to really make sure our starting squads are as good as they can be but to have us making some decisions all over the weekend – I feel the men will be separated from the boys with they way they handle the pressure for the first fortnight. We will most likely see what a rolling lockout will look like as that seems the logical solution to make sure everyone has the best opportunity to get a team happening (and then that would be the last we see of it… I hope).

We also have a couple of other weekends of games where there are Thursday or Monday night games. These will add extra challenges.

Below are the bye teams for their respective rounds.

Brisbane Geelong Adelaide
Fremantle Melbourne Carlton
Hawthorn North Melbourne Collingwood
Port Adelaide St Kilda Essendon
Richmond Sydney Gold Coast
Western Bulldogs West Coast

GWS Giants

 Discuss the 2013 fixture in the comments.


  • A LOT of midfield potential in that Round 13 MBR: Collingwood, Gold Coast, Essendon, Carlton…. tough choices again!

  • Agree with Benny, round 13 the worst round. Again, the MBR’s have screwed our teams!

  • Believe it or not, but as it stands at the moment, I’m losing more key players from my team due to the Round 11 byes than any other bye round.

  • Essendon isnt a problem, who could you possibly have from them??

  • Shit all decent options down back in round 12.

  • Round 12 will comfortably be the easiest round

  • On the plus side, it looks like a Nic-Nat/Berger combo is still viable.

  • Fortunately my team has been relatively unaffected. My Forwards and Rucks remain unchanged, and the only change I might make down back is Gibbs –> Grimes.

  • Round 13 will be tough because of Bench cover on mids aswell, no Crouch or O’Meara…

    • Assuming those rookie options are still in your side by round 13? Counting rookies in the bye set up is pretty pointless, most will be upgraded/downgraded…and those we deem worthy of keeping will be worth the pain anyway.

      • Hey Boomah! Yeh I agree although as we saw last year there were so many injuries that I had to keep rookies longer than i wanted to so you never know

        • Hey Feath! i’m insulted, no FU BOOMER? Manners mate, lol. Hey Feath check your inbox on dream stats.

  • Grimes and Waters the only premo defenders with the round 12 bye? Wasn’t interested in Waters but may now reconsider…

  • Brisbane, Hawks, Richmond and Bulldog players now become very DT relvant! Luke Ball and Andrew Embley have now become SUPER locks for me. Upgrade to Redden, Cotchin, Delidio, Boyd, Rockliff etc come round 12.

    Awesome MBR for myself. Looking forward to it in 2013.

    • I agree. The byes worked out well for me, and I look forward to 2013. Bring it on.

      On a related note, Great Draw for the Lions, very happy with our run into the finals (we’ll definitely be there), and with our start to the year.

  • biggest positive is the fact that the worst rnd is 13 and not 11… chance to offload mid pricers and rookies to rnd 11 and 12 premos at this time. birchall and waters become great upgrade targets!

    • Hey X, i thought the exact same thing when i first saw the byes too, i was thinking of starting with Birchall and Waters but that’s going to change now might start with just 1 of those

  • Interesting. Ball and Embley become very important in the midfield now. As does Bock (if he doesnt become a keeper)

  • I feel like it’s a more even spread across the byes this year. I also like that we don’t have to worry about players against weak teams in rd 23. Bulldogs play Melbourne and Gold Coast play GWS.

    • Also, Boooo at having to clear my mind from last year and re-engrave these teams into my brain. Will happen naturally over time I guess.

  • for all those who are saying “my team won’t change” due to the fixture – that may be so. The one problem you will have is that when DT is released in December you will find your team is currently $400,000 over the cap. You might need to change it then.
    My concern with the draw is that my captain each week was going to be either Swan or GAblett who will probably be my only two premium midfielders to start with and now they are BOTh out in round 13.

  • I’m far happier with this fixture. I am interested to hear if the boffins are giving us more players on the bench and more trades as they should have done this year.

    • Yeah this will greatly affect our teams. Any idea when we will find this stuff out Warnie?

  • Round 13 is going to be a big FMDT round for everyone.

  • I am embarrased to have the same name as you…

    • wasn’t that a fail, that was a reply to Joe on his comment about Watson and Stanton past it…

  • Reckon Cotchin and Selwood’s stocks just rose. Swan, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Stanton (dare ya), Ablett, Murphy, Gibbs, Thompson and Dangerfield all sharing a bye.

  • Before we get too up and about the MBRs and strategy around those… we should wait on the Virtual Sports fix. Things will be easier to understand once we have their solution – stay tuned!

    • Is it definetely gonna be released in December?
      And if so do you know what part (early, middle, late)?

  • Start with Budwood or upgrade round 12? Mmm…don’t think I could go without Buddy for that long.

    • The numbers tend to support this. Buddy finished 26th overall in his position in terms of total points. When you consider that traditional forwards like Cloke and Riewoldt managed (slightly) more than this in ordinary seasons and that 13 of the top 20 scorers were DPPs, I’m also thinking that he’s not really the best value first up.

      In light of the Hawks 2013 draw, I’m virtually resigned to considering him an upgrade. Just don’t go scoring any more 200s before I get you in Bud!

      • What, with GWS, Gold Coast and Melbourne in rounds 8 9 and 10 representatively

      • I’m sorry tradejunkie, but 26th in total points is completely irrelevant. He played 6 less games than Cloke and almost beat him. If you want to make a case that he is likely to miss more games than the average player than I’m good with that, but don’t try any justification for Cloke>Franklin, total points is a useless stat in and of itself since we have cover for these donuts most weeks.

        The fact is Buddy was 4th out of forwards last year for average score and, in all likelihood, the 3 that beat him won’t be forwards next year. He could play 10 games or 22, but so could anyone. Buddy is such a dangerous player not to have because that $50k you might save doesnt look so good when he pops out a 180+. He’ll be close to my first picked.

        • When people say “Yes, he may not play as many games, but when he scores a 180, you’ll be sorry”, I just laugh. In 2012, he got the 200, but other than that…

          If you take out his 200, he averaged… 94 in 2012. His next highest score was 130 in Rnd 1.
          In 2011, his highest score was 144.
          If you take out his 200, he had 6 scores below 80, and one 81 (in 2012)

          So what I’m saying is, if you do pick Buddy, don’t expect any 150+, or even 130+, scores in 2013. He isn’t God.

          • If you were to upgrade to Buddy you’d surely have to wait until his bye is over to bring him in. Even with the tough start for Hawthorn you’d miss out on some potentially massive scores against weaker teams as Aidan pointed out.

            It’s probably better to play it safe and start with Bud because the majority will have him. It’d be too stressful not having in your team when your opponent does, knowing he could go bang at any minute!

        • Thanks for the reply portedaspet. I’m not suggesting for a minute Cloke or Roo are better selections. I’m saying I wouldn’t pick Roo or Cloke at the start of the year, so the value in taking Bud first up at his higher price must also be questioned.

          The case is indeed that based on his history (last three years in particular) you would expect a few games on the pine. Yes, we will have cover, but when I’m paying top dollar for a premium ‘keeper’ at the start of the year I’m forced to look at their value over the entire season. That’s why I reckon the total points stat is very relevant for those initial keepers – we’ll just have to disagree there (but it’s nice to participate in some robust discussion on this site).

          • It’s interesting to think about the impact of premiums missing games is. Perhaps a better stat than total score would be

            Total Score + Games Missed*Replacement Score (maybe 70ish)

            which would put Buddy ahead of most people.

            Of course when it comes to next year you have to consider

            Expected Games*Expected Average + Expected Games Missed*Replacement Score

            Of course the first 2 are tough to work out, but this would penalise Buddy sufficiently. How many more games is Buddy likely to miss than an average starter? I don’t know the answer to that.

      • Of course Buddy scored low in total points for the season, he missed something like 1/3 of the regular season……..

    • If you don’t start with Buddy, you will have to upgrade to him in round 7-8

  • How did Essendon ‘earn the right’ for Friday night games?

    • Because they have massive blockbusters against other teams (eg. Collingwood, Eagles etc).

  • I’m liking this fixture alot more than last years. Last year it was tough to find a decent prmo in the rd 11 bye, so if you upgraded your rd 12/13 kids, you didn’t have a hell of alot to chose from, not so for 2013.

  • heres a roughie taking into account of the byes, probably change quite heavily once draft is finalised
    could even upgrade a fwd midpricer

    TEAM NAME: dreamteam 2013 roughie

    DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, B. Waters, G. Birchall, N. Bock, J. Pittard (J. Toy, S. Colquhoun)

    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, S. Selwood, L. Ball, S. Docherty (T. Mitchell, J. O’Meara)

    RUC: N. Naitanui, M. Leuenberger (B. Grundy, J. Witts)

    FWD: L. Franklin, M. Robinson, M. LeCras, T. Varcoe, D. Menzel, J. Stringer, B. Staker (B. Macaffer, B. Dick)

    CASH LEFT: $368,400

  • where do I watch the bulldogs/port london game??????????

    • I wonder why the AFL chose those two teams, you would think if they were after a few teams to play an exhibition match to expand the market for the AFL, they would choose two semi-competent teams.

      • I thought exactly the same when they announced that is was going to be Brisbane and Melbourne playing in Shanghai

        • Brisbane won 10 games last year, twice as many as Port. The same number as Richmond, and most people would call them a semi-competent team.

  • Had a good hard study of trades and utilisation of DPP throughout the MBR’s and concluded that I will cop 3 doughnuts in total, or 2 if Colquhuon has a round 12 bye. Obvioulsy injuries may increase this number, but that seems to be a relatively low amount.

    • Yeah, that is if you keep the same team throughout the whole first 10 rounds. And if all of your rookies are gonna go to your predicted teams. Or maybe you will knee-jerk someone in or out. Or maybe you just trade out of frustration. Or maybe you can’t get access to your team on a Friday evening/afternoon to change stuff. Or maybe injuries will plague your team and you will have to cop donuts cos of them. Or maybe coaches will pull a Ross Lyon and change a player during before-game warm-ups. Or maybe someone will actually pull a hammy in the before-game warm-ups. Or maybe someone will get a season ending injury and you can’t trade them out cos you have to use your trades elsewhere. Or maybe someone in your team will get delisted and then be forced to go into the draft and change teams and therefore changing their DT relevance. Or maybe someone’s wife is going to have a baby on the same weekend as the byes. Or maybe someone is just gonna decide to chuck a sickie and not played. Or maybe someone will do a Dustin Martin and be found wasted and get a club-imposed suspension. Or maybe someone will just get a general suspension for something. Or maybe the most OBVIOUS one is you definitely won’t go into Round 1 with that team. I bet you $500,000,000 at least one of things will change your team before the byes.

      • Well said What the Bejeebers, the only bye planning that you can really do at this stage is speculate as to whether or nor you will have Player A over Player B. Not much will change until drafts are complete, I know November 22nd seems an eternity away, but all we can do is wait. You never know what selection issues you’ll cop during the byes, players could be injured, subbed or rested.You never know.

  • And the $500m would be yours. Things are obviously going to change, but I think it will be handy to have a good bench mark structure to try to stick by. Say an amazing new rookie pops up who has a round 13 bye and forces out a rook with a round 11 bye. But one of my premos in the same playing position who has a round 13 bye is hardly any different to a premo with a round 11 bye, so I make the swap and keep the same bye strucutre. Ditto for trading in the first 10 rounds. But what you said is all true, anything can- and will- happen.

  • Any interest in setting up a DT cricket tipping comp on the footytips website?
    Dunno how it all works but it might be fun to have a crack in the off season.