NBL Dream Team With @ChookDT – Round 1

There are few more exhilarating sights in Australian sport than that of Tom Abercrombie soaring high above the pack to stuff home a one-handed tip dunk, or Kevin Lisch splashing back-to-back triples en route to another 30-point performance. But a swash-buckling game by your favourite player can provide more than just pure entertainment – it can also earn you bragging rights at the workplace water-cooler or in the school playground with NBL Dream Team, the exciting fantasy game where your ultimate 10-player squad scores points based on their actual on-court efforts throughout the 24-round season

Selecting your team is pretty simple: just grab four guards, four forwards and two centres that fit under the $1,000,000 salary cap, with your starting five all earning full points while your bench players contribute half their score to your team’s total. You’ll need to pick a captain, too, and it pays to put some thought into who will lead your basketballing warriors into battle each week as their score is doubled. He might be hard to guard, but former Gold Coast playmaker Adris Deleon ($157,900) is also proving hard to ignore as a round-one captain choice as he and his new Wollongong teammates face a first-up meeting with Sydney, who are tipped to be among the league’s most porous defences this season.

It’s not just about putting the ball in the bucket in NBL Dream Team though – rebounds, assists, steals and blocks all count too – hence why last season’s top dime-dealer and steals leader, New Zealand’s Cedric Jackson ($191,300), starts the campaign with such a hefty price tag. If Deleon or Jackson don’t tempt you, other gold-plated guards to consider include last year’s MVP winner Lisch ($166,100) and Cairns’ all-action import Jamar Wilson ($151,000). In the budget bracket you could do worse than take a punt that former Gold Coast teammates Jason Cadee ($62,500) and Chris Goulding ($60,200) will adapt well to their new surroundings in Adelaide and Melbourne respectively, while New Zealand comeback kid Corey Webster ($49,100) is an out-and-out scorer eager to make amends.

The athletically-gifted Abercrombie ($154,000) was the highest-scoring forward last season, but an ankle injury sustained in the Breakers’ semi-final victory over Townsville could result in a slow start and more value, then, in the likes of Crocs pair Jacob Holmes ($145,200) and Peter Crawford ($129,700). Townsville players should be high on your radar anyway as, like the Kings, they play seven games in the first five weeks, while Perth has just four in the same period courtesy of a bye in round 4. For that reason alone, Sydney’s Tom Garlepp ($49,100) should come under strong consideration for a place on your forward bench.

At centre, feel free to splash the cash on Adelaide’s Daniel Johnson ($180,200), after he proved that the arrival of Luke Schenscher at the 36ers won’t dent his output with some stand-out pre-season performances. Emerging Townsville big man Ben Allen looks a steal at $43,500, while fit-again teammate Russell Hinder can be snapped up for just $41,900.

There’s nothing better than snagging a narrow win over your best mate or boss in one of the five leagues that you can join, but you can also compare your progress with players from your state or favourite club. And the player that racks up the most points overall will win a trip for two to a 2013 NBL Grand Final Series game in Australia as well as a 12-month broadband deal. It’s shaping as a thrilling season of NBL Dream Team, so head to dreamteam.nbl.com.au to register now! My top 5’s:

Top 5 Guns
Cedrick Jackson, NZ
Kevin Lisch, Perth
Daniel Johnson, Adel
Shaun Redhage, Perth
Tom Abercrombie, NZ

Corey Webster, NZ
Ben Allen, Townsville
Tom Garlepp, Sydney
Greg Hire, Perth
Clint Steindl, Cairns

Top 5 at new team
Adris Deleon, Wollongong
Cam Tragardh, Cairns
Chris Goulding, Melb
Luke Schenscher, Adel
Adam Gibson, Adel





  • Late amendment to the post, guys (put together a couple of days ago): Townsville have since signed Gary Ervin, a former MVP winner, and he’s a must-have given his price and the Crocs’ double game weeks coming up.

    By the way, big ups to Calvin for his bye/double games planner attached to the Wortho article. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s an essential resource for the season ahead. And thanks for the logo, Warnie!

  • Have 3 players from the crocs: Hinder, Ervin and Allen.
    Is that too much?

    • If you’re really worried about it, get rid of Hinder.
      Although he’s really cheap it’s dubious whether he is over his broken leg.

      • Potential replacements (for not much more) could be Mitch Creek, Dave Gruber, or Greg Hire.

  • Plus, I only have $100 left in my salary cap.
    At least I think I’ve sorted my team out.

  • My Current Line-up

    FORWARDS: Tragardh, Scott (Garlepp, Hinder)
    CENTERS: Johnson (Allen)
    GUARDS: Jackson, Ervin (Goulding, Webster)


  • Great work, Chook! Playing with my team tonight! Exciting!

    Don’t forget about Wortho’s article here. Heaps of great advice.

  • Great job fellas if you could keep writing up on the NBL DT, the season runs perfectly aligned to the AFL off season. Some must haves written up in the article for this season for sure plus a trap for new players is understanding the double game rounds scoring, Captains anyone? Anyway I’m still looking for 5 players to put their hand up for a hopefully competitive league where everyone will stick it out for the whole season, check it out there will be some great competition when you see who is already involved! League: 674528.

    • The 1st Annual Pittbull OPEN is now… closed. Top 8 will win an invite to the 2013 AFL Pittbull Invitational. The bottom 4 will be relegated. Get on the waiting list now for next year! Stay tuned to see how we go!

  • free league guys, 649969

  • Sam, I think a lot of people will have those three crocs players… should be sweet.

    Hey Chook , Ever since I got rid of my rooster, one of the hens has started crowing (well, trying to crow) in the morning?! You seen this before in the chook pen? Got any advice??

  • 159103 join

  • Thanks for the article Chook
    I just finished putting my team together and can’t wait. for NBL DT to start, September is sooo long every year waiting for the basketball to begin.

  • Corey Webster 2011 stats:

    24 games, 4.0ppg,0.7rpg,0.9apg,fg37%
    Hope the year off improved his game

    • His pre-season form suggests he hasn’t really improved.
      I got stats for three of his games and his DT scores were -4, 0, and 18.
      That’s an average of 4.7 so if they were his first three games for the season he’d drop in price

  • Daniel Johnson – OUT
    Ian Crosswhite – IN

    Is that a decent trade?

  • What about Tragardh or Abercrombie?

  • Crucial information for your last minute decision making:

  • When does the NBL season start, when does your NBL team have to be in by?

    • Starts tomorrow night (Friday). Lock out is 5.30pm, I think. Personally, I can’t decide on my forwards and will keep shuffling until then, I suspect.

      • Cheers Chook!
        What is a score you would be happy with for NBL Dream Team, Something that is like 2200 in Dream team (Afl)

      • It really depends on the week and how many teams (and which teams) are playing double games.

        On an “ordinary” week with each team playing once, a score of 200 is pretty good.
        However, because you only have 10 players, if someone has a huge game of 60 or 70 points and they’re a captain option, then 200 won’t look so good.

        In years past I’ve seen times where one week 150 was a good score and then the next week has a lot of double games and getting less than 300 would be dissapointing.

  • This is a question for everyone, what forward would you have if you have if you could buy everyone?

  • Hi all,

    First of all thanks Chook for the article and thanks for neglecting to mention a few worthwhile players as well ;)

    I am looking for some teams to fill my two leagues on NBL.com and Sportal. My team STRAYA came 2nd and 1st overall respectively in those 2 comps last season so I would love some competitive teams to fill these leagues this season.

    The league codes are:
    NBL.com: 951905
    Sportal: 728837



  • Thoughts on my team everyone? This is my first year in NBL dream team, but i feel as though with all the help from Wortho and Chook, i have been able to come up with a team that should be reasonably competitive. I’m so happy that NBL is in the perfect off-season for AFL!

    So thoughts?? Maybe some tips for who i should take out and who i should bring in. I really need your help. :)

    Here it is:

    Forwards: Tragardh, Redhage (Steindl, Garlepp)

    Centers: Johnson (Allen)

    Guards: Lisch, Ervin (Cadee, Webster)

    • Oh and i have 4,600k left in my salary.

      • I’m not gonna tell you who you should bring into your team
        But there are definitely better value for money players
        In my opinion you should downgrade tragdah and
        downgrade Johnson..
        There are players that can score just as good or even
        better for a lot less money

  • Which starting five is better:
    FORWARDS: Abercrombie, Crawford
    CENTRE: Johnson
    GUARDS: Lisch, Ervin
    FORWARDS: Tragardh, Scott
    CENTRE: Pledger
    GUARDS: Lisch, Jackson

    Help appreciated guy!!:)

  • Hey all, some leagues to join if you’re interested. First go at NBL DT this year. Looking forward to some added interest while waiting for the real stuff to return!!

    954374 Cows league
    806805 Go 6ers

    Cheers and good luck!

  • Is Jason Cadee going to play?
    If not, who’s the best pick as a replacement for him(GUARD)?
    No more than 64.5k

  • What would a par (Top 5k) score be?

    • There isn’t even 5k players, hahaha

      • Par for top 500 then

        • no idea. This week it probably would have been around the 250 mark.
          But it changes every week due to things, it will change every week is all I know, I am still new to DTNBL this year.

  • 646 overall – any body higher?

  • I’m not, just outside the 1k mark.
    Still, happy with my result firstly coz I’m a first year NBL Dter and secondly, I copped a doughnut

    • Seth Scott in for Abercrombie?

      • If it’s for yourself, go for it.
        I don’t know a ton about NBL but Seth’s game on the weekend was solid. Plus, you’ll make a handy 40k.

  • I don’t have Abercrombie. I’m probably not trading just yet anyways. Thanks for the advice though.

  • Has Gary Ervin been cleared to play?

    He cost me a doughnut and I would’ve had a dream start if it wasn’t for him.
    Scored 235, hoping to get 260+.

    What are the chances of him lining-up this week?

  • SO pissed, they counted my score wrong and I scored 209 points. Should have scored 212 points. Sounds a bit wussy but those 3 points would have won my game by 1 point!!

    • hahaha whoops probably just mad. They counted it fine, its all good. Haha