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GameDay Squad – Round 11 Trading Targets

Kerm from GameDay Squad has some GDS trading tips ahead of round eleven!

Depression… I’d even go as far as saying deep depression even! Round 10, a round where the most trending sports hashtag was #ham, ham for hamstring. The dreaded hamstring… Victims include, the number 1 ranked midfielder in GameDay Squad Aussie Rules Clayton Oliver, point-of-difference forward Jason Johannisen and in-form GWS midfielder Josh Kelly, all succumbing to hamstring injuries. Then you add on recent hamstring injuries to Mitch Duncan, Adam Treloar and Luke Davies-Uniake and I’m not a sports medicine genius or a physio by any stretch of the term, but you have to think there is some type of pattern going on here!

It’s time now to get stuck into some round 11 fantasy chatter! GameDay Squad is a little bit different to your more traditional AFL Fantasy and AFL Supercoach platforms. Some features that make it a little bit of a different experience are:

  • There are no weekly trade restrictions, which means that you can take your MRO frustrations out stress-free.
  • In GDS the cards you use to play are virtual player cards which you can collect from player card packs, with that, there is a fully functioning peer-to-peer transfer market in which you can trade, auction and sell player cards that you own. Yes, this means that you can not only rage trade but rage sell all of your Clayton Oliver cards!

It’s also essential to keep in mind that GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy football platform and that will be heavily taken into consideration in this article.

GameDay Squad – Create. Coach. Compete.


Angus Brayshaw

Melbourne Demons – Defender (DEF)

Angus “Beef” Brayshaw in 2023 anyone? Gus was the 6th ranked defender with an average of 117 GDS fantasy points per game last year and thanks to a Simon Goodwin masterclass role change, we’ve seen Brayshaw revert back to his ghosting ways. Averaging just 88 GDS fantasy points per game to date, Brayshaw has pretty much fallen from a consensus top 5 defender leading into the season to borderline unusable. The reason is lack of midfield time… Brayshaw averaged 66% centre-bounce-attendances in the last six games of the 2022 season which brought his average way up! To this point in the season Gus has only average 9%, with a Clayton Oliver sized hole to fill, I expect Brayshaw to be the one to do it. We even saw glimpses last week with Brayshaw attending a season high 38% centre bounces. I don’t think i’m going to let him going around the track without chucking him in my team.

Connor Nash

Hawthorn Hawks – Midfielder (MID)

Jai Newcombe, Will Day… Connor Nash? Just quietly going about his business, Nash has been on a little bit of a roll! The 24 year old has been on a rampage, finding the ball with ease, eclipsing 25+ disposals 6 games on the trot now. His problem from a fantasy perspective has been his kick to handball ratio, and i’m talking a kick to handball ratio thats rarely been seen, in round 5 he had 5 kicks/23 handballs, in round 7, 4 kicks/22 handballs – he has had the ball on a string but cannot put it on the laces… until round 10! Where the trend changed and his fantasy score followed suit! 148 GDS fantasy points thanks to 16 kicks, 14 handballs, 8 marks and 8 tackles on the day! If he can keep that ratio up, he’ll be a must have player card! We just need those numbers on a more consistent basis.

Ben Hobbs

Essendon Bombers – Midfielder (MID)

It is simple really, opportunity = production, we cracked the code! Ben Hobbs looked right at home in his natural position as a midfielder! With Darcy Parish, Will Setterfield and Dylan Shiel all ruled out due to injury, it was up too Hobbs to step up to the plate and take the opportunity with both hands. He got the ball in his hands plenty! Racking up 23 disposals, 7 marks and 6 tackles, which took him to a season high score of 101 GDS fantasy points. Hobbs is one to keep an eye on over these next few rounds with Parish and Setterfield still out, but also a player you want to keep tabs on for seasons to come! Break out pending.


Jason Johannisen

Western Bulldogs – Forward (FWD)

I wrote about Johannisen as a buy option in this very blog a few rounds ago now. In that blog I stated that JJ just about ticks every wrong box, he’s ageing, he’s prone to a role change, Bevo despises fantasy football with all his heart and… he’s about as injury prone as they come. *sigh*

I mean props to anyone who jumped on a few rounds ago, he averaged a very healthy 112 GDS fantasy points per game in his last three outings but in true JJ fashion, his hamstring become very not healthy and was ruled out. Early diagnosis reports state that Johannisen could be out for up to 10 weeks! Just to add salt into the wound as well! Jump off him now, we can reassess in 10 weeks time, but until then, in the words of the great Patrick Stump, thanks for the memories JJ.

Sam Berry

Adelaide Crows – Midfielder (MID)

Was 2022 just a mirage? I know he’s been injured and I know he’s been somewhat pushed out of the midfield rotation, Jordan Dawson and Rory Laird are two of the most inform players in the league this season but Berry is still ranked third at Adelaide for centre-bounce attendances at 56%, just 2% behind Jordan Dawson. Berry was viewed as one of the better dynasty players in 2022, averaging 96 GDS fantasy points per game, but with an average of just 57 GDS points in 2023 to date, he might be one to offload and reassess at a later date.


Jeremy Cameron

Geelong Cats – Forward (FWD)

Unfortunately, this is what happens when a goal kicking tall forward doesn’t kick any goals. I actually thought that Cameron broke that mold and didn’t have to rely on goals but here we are. The first time Jezza went goal-less this season and it is the first time this season he’s fallen below triple digits. Cameron was just holding on to the latter streak for a couple of rounds now but I think if anything, it just goes to prove he is human. Cameron is still very much playable and should be i your weekly selection considerations up forward, we just have an idea of his scoring floor now…

Darcy Cameron

Collingwood Magpies – Ruck (RUCK)

I think it’s really important to not be disgruntled by Darcy Cameron’s round 10 score. Just 69 GDS fantasy points on Darcy Cameron’s return from injury where he shared ruck duties with mason Cox and only spent 64% of time-on-ground. Once Cameron gets his fitness back up and starts to take the ruck reigns back from Cox, I fully expect him to challenge Richmonds Toby Nankervis and Fremantle’s Sean Darcy for that third position in ruckman rankings.

Harry Himmelberg

Greater Western Sydney Giants – Forward (FWD)

No one likes Harry Himmelberg when he’s played as a forward… Everyone loves Harry Himmelberg when he is played as a defender! Harry “Himmy’ Himmelberg averaged 96 GDS fantasy points last year spending majority of the season down in defence for GWS, allowing him to play an intercept marking and rebounding role which took his fantasy stock through the roof! In 2023, we’re seeing deep forward Harry Himmelberg again which is killing him as a fantasy asset, only managing to average 65 GDS fantasy points per game. Now… not to get too excited yet but Himmelberg started the game in round 10 down back for GWS and spent a total of 75% of the game spent in the defensive half. He did however cop a concussion early in the game and the likes of Isaac Cumming, Phil Davis and Sam Taylor were all out so take the role change with a grain of salt but, it is exciting nonetheless!

The information contained in the article is not intended and should not be understood or construed as financial advice. As always please do your own research, my placing history suggests you should absolutely do your own research!

One of six known Gold Coast Suns fans (endangered species) spotted in the wild... and a part of the GameDay Squad fantasy platform team!

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