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Roy’s Rollin’ 22 – Post-R7 update

Roy’s Rollin’ 22 has been updated after round seven.

Welcome to Roy’s Rollin’ 22. I will be posting this here on the first Tuesday of the month, but if you would like to see it weekly, consider joining our Patreon page. From as little as $5 a month, I will update the 22 and offer my extended trade insights (I have included some below in today’s DT Talk edition). This is posted every Tuesday at 3pm AEST.

It was nice for coaches to get some reward for effort last week with many posting nice scores. How good was it to see Green Day back?! especially for those who held them through suspension with scores of 136 and 100 to repay the faith. As you guys know, neither of them budged from the Rollin’ 22 through that stretch and they justified their holds. We need to keep prioritizing the removal of our worst rookies but cash gen is tough, so we need to keep identifying legitimate value options.

1. Nick Daicos – Copped a proper tag and still hit 99, first sub ton.

2. Jordan Dawson– Three game average of 116 and just gets it done.

3. Will Day– Returned with a nicely rounded 100, three game av of 109.

4. Tom Stewart – Three game av of 104 and headed back down to the Cattery.

5. Harry Sheezel– And people thought the Cheezel was done! 126 points later.

6. Jack Sinclair– Coming off season high 119, low of 90 in last four.

IN THE MIX: Sam Docherty, Jack Ziebell, Luke Ryan, Darcy Macpherson

1. Clayton Oliver – 125 LW and an easy upcoming fixture for the clear number one.

2. Rory Laird – Knee, calf, fatigue… 110 and a three game av of 116.

3. Tom Green – 13 tackles and a season high 136 upon return was huge.

4. Christian Petracca – 142 pushed his average up to 111. Hard to ignore.

5. Sam Walsh – Back to back 130s, albeit against easy opponents. Workhorse.

6. Caleb Serong – Consistency has been elite and carries a three game av of 111.

7. Josh Kelly – Nice late save against the Swans to crack the ton.

8. Noah Anderson – Coming off a friendly draw but four hundreds on the trot.

IN THE MIX: Andrew Brayshaw, Jack Steele, Darcy Parish, Zach Merrett

1. Tim English – First sub 100 return… Still managed 99. What a gun.

2. Rowan Marshall – That huge bully ball ceiling was on display with 159.

IN THE MIX: Sean Darcy

1. Tim Taranto – Continued the ton run with a thumping 126. Av 118.

2. Stephen Coniglio – Three game av of 117 and looks great in the middle.

3. Connor Rozee – Needs to make the most of his match up this week.

4. Josh Dunkley – A Dunks like stat stuffer on the weekend was a good sign.

5. Jeremy Cameron – Playing at an extraordinary level and scoring reflects that.

6. Errol Gulden – Was on notice last week and bounced back with season high 116.

IN THE MIX: Josh Rachele, Bailey Smith

Chopping Block:

Andrew McGrath, Mitch Duncan, Reuben Ginbey, Mattaes Phillipou, Liam Stocker

On Notice:

Will Setterfield

Trade Targets:

Tom Stewart (DEF, $776,000) I understand some peoples perception that the star Cat is a ‘boring’ upgrade but I can assure you he is anything but. His ownership should be much higher than 20% given the value he has presented over the last three weeks in which he has averaged 104. He’s back in his playground this week at the Cattery with a BE of just 73. His bye round also increases his value 10x.

Brayden Fiorini (MID, $559,000) Okay, we don’t all have the cash to upgrade rookies to RR22 premiums. That’s why we once again resort to looking at some stepping stones, even ones who are fraught with danger. Last week we thought Touk’s injury could bode will for Fiorini who has proven on a number of occasions he can score with the best if given the right role. In an odd twist, his CBA’s in fact dropped but his scoring was impressive, although uncharacteristic with nine marks and six tackles and 112. He has a low BE of 31, so it won’t be a disaster either way, but the fixture instantly gets a lot harder against the Dees. High risk, high reward, but an option for the cash starved.

Rooks: Alex Cincotta (DEF/MID, $301,000)

I have extended trade thoughts over on the Patreon page.

Key Questions:

Can you downgrade a fat rook like Ginbey to Rory Atkins (DEF/MID $386,000)? Look, there are a few factors in play here. To be honest, he was a shock selection to even get a game, so even though he played well, I’d keep an eye on him getting selected this week, let alone next. The Suns have been playing a slow, high mark style which he made the most of with 11 which contributed to his 102 but it’s not going to be that easy this week vs the Dees. He has a BE of just three, so if he remains in the side for four weeks, he will be a good cash cow, its just a big IF.

Name a random player who you think is under priced. After a slow start to the season, which included an opening five week stretch where Adam Cerra (MID, $812,000) managed a high score of just 90, he has turned it around in a big way the last two with scores of 130 and 137 which coincides with the piss funny release of his AFL Fantasy video. He has a BE of just 54 and is a play despite the increased fixture difficulty incoming.

I have extended questions answered over on the Patreon page.

Please note: The Rollin’ 22 will be updated each week on our Patreon page for all members (both $5 and $10 tiers).

The most successful DTer out of the boys prides himself on his multiple top 200 finishes... nearly as much as he prides himself on his guns! The coach of destROY wants you to follow him on Twitter: @RoyDT.

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11 months ago

Any love for Jack Steele? Got North, Crows, Giants and the Hawk next..

11 months ago
Reply to  MiseryBestowed

Wrote about him as a trade target in the full Patreon article. Also in the mix in the above article.

11 months ago

Green Day :D

11 months ago

Thoughts on Jayden Short vs Adam Cerra?

11 months ago
Reply to  Tex

Short for future defender status

11 months ago

i’m incredibly intrigued by Atkins as a “downgrade” target, but it is that IF you mentioned that’s holding me back potentially..
1 – Atkins IN (on field) pushing Hollands to M9 with $160k extra..
2 – Weddle IN (bench), playing Hollands at M8 with $260k extra..

11 months ago

Aitkins played well in a rare Suns win, he would have to get a gig this week, Touk injury may get him the 4 weeks you mention Roy.

I’m gambling on him

11 months ago


11 months ago
Reply to  cam

currently he’s SickDog, wait until he turns back to SicDAWG

11 months ago
Reply to  a.jay

that being said, he’s playing well enough to atleast be in the mix..

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