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Jack Crisp – Deck of DT 2022

Catch last year’s 3rd overall take on the durable Pies defender.

Name: Jack Crisp
Team: Collingwood
Position: DEF/MID
Price: $854,000
Bye round: 14
2021 average: 101.8
2021 games played: 22
Predicted average: 98
Draft range: Early Rounds

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Why should I pick him?


Jack Crisp has not missed a game since he arrived at Collingwood seven seasons ago. He’s played 163 games straight! That’s seven straight seasons without missing a game. That’s insane folks. To put it into perspective, the next best for current players is 74 (Jack Macrae & Jack Darling). He’s also 28 so coming into his physical prime. What this means is that whilst other people might burn trades on an injured premium you can use your trades to actually improve your team.


In the past three seasons Jack Crisp has averaged: 2019 – 98, 2020 – 95 (adjusted), 2021 – 102. Before that he had four seasons averaging between 84 and 91. He also closed 2021 with an average of 103.5 post-bye. If you take out his RD 23 score (the deadest of rubbers which also cost me a car), his post-bye average jumps up to 109. This guy is a proven scorer in the backline or midfield and should once again deliver in the 95-110 range.


Although predominantly playing off halfback, he does get minutes in Collingwood’s midfield. In 2021 he attended 38% of Collingwood’s centre bounces. When playing more than half the game in the middle his 2021 average was 105 compared to 100 when playing less than 50% midfield. This is one to watch in the pre-season.


Jack Crisp can go bang! In 2021 he had 4 scores over 120 and 8 scores over 110. If he gets a fantasy friendly role he can definitely string together some big games and get your team a great score.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?


Although he’s proven he can score well playing off halfback, he does occasionally get a more defensive role which restricts his scoring. In 2021 he had 5 scores under 80 – not exactly what you want from a premium! A new coach potentially increases this risk.


I don’t like Collingwood’s chances of making finals or winning games this year. De Goey may not play, there is turmoil off the field and a new coach coming in generally signals a rebuild. Last year they finished 2nd bottom with 6 wins and I expect them to win around that many this year. Now given Crisp is a defender this might not be an issue and may even help him accumulate touches down back. But it could also mean opportunities are given to younger players and defensive roles given to older blokes like Crisp. I’m not too concerned but it is one to keep an eye on!


Maybe I’m clutching at straws here but Crisp shares the Rd 14 bye with popular defenders James Sicily & Aaron Hall. I think you can start with all three but it does limit your flexibility as to who you bring in before the bye rounds.

Deck of DT Rating.


Jack Crisp will be a Top 6 defender in 2022. He has the best chance of playing every game out of all current players and this will save you a trade. He’s a safe play with a little upside but very little downside too. Lock him into your team and be rewarded week after week.

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3rd overall in AFL Fantasy Classic 2021.




    January 17, 2022 at 8:17 am

    Can get him anytime for that price. Upgrade target

    • Lemon_DT

      January 17, 2022 at 10:20 am

      True. But you’re not picking him for value!

  2. Blake

    January 17, 2022 at 11:22 am

    Awesome article. A no from me to start as I see better value elsewhere but no doubt the Crisper will end up in my side at some stage.

  3. Constantgin

    January 17, 2022 at 4:17 pm

    Great write up Lemon

    His my D1 atm over hall. His just so reliable and i think i might need that this year.

    • Lemon_DT

      January 17, 2022 at 6:21 pm

      Love that. Bank Crisp’s 100 points each week and save your trades for upgrades!

  4. Boges11

    January 17, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    D1 for me. He’s the new Laird. Just set and forget.

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