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Collingwood 2021 Fantasy preview – Ep. 394

PODCAST: Calvin runs through his AFL Fantasy Classic and Draft watchlist from the Pies.

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1:25 – How do Taylor Adams‘ numbers look with Adam Treloar out of the side?

4:15 – Calvin has inside word that Will Kelly will be in the best 22.

5:30 – Brodie Grundy is the second most selected ruck and with good reason.

6:40 – Could having Max Lynch as a RUC/FWD swingman be a good option?

8:00 – Jeremy Howe was delivering epic numbers last season before injury.

9:50 – There hasn’t been too many players better than Scott Pendlebury over the years.

11:45 – Roy is still scarred by Jack Crisp.

13:00 – Is Jordan De Goey a no-go?

16:30 – It is suggested that Brayden Sier isn’t a lock for the Pies’ 22.

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Best 22

B: Jack Crisp, Jordan Roughead, Brayden Maynard
Isaac Quaynor, Darcy Moore, Jeremy Howe
Chris Mayne, Scott Pendlebury, Josh Daicos
Tyler Brown, Brody Mihocek, Will Hoskin-Elliott
Jordan De Goey, Mason Cox, Jamie Elliott
Brodie Grundy, Taylor Adams, Steele Sidebottom
Callum Brown, Brayden Sier, John Noble, Levi Greenwood

Emerg: Josh Thomas, Will Kelly, Rupert Wills, Jack Madgen

Fox Sports

B: Brayden Maynard, Jordan Roughead, Jeremy Howe
HB: Jack Crisp, Darcy Moore, Isaac Quaynor
C: Josh Daicos, Scott Pendlebury, Chris Mayne
HF: Callum Brown, Brody Mihocek, Will Hoskin-Elliott
F: Jordan De Goey, Mason Cox, Jamie Elliott
FOLL: Brodie Grundy, Taylor Adams, Steele Sidebottom
I/C: John Noble, Will Kelly, Tyler Brown, Brayden Sier

Collingwood prices and positions

AVG (adj)
Taylor AdamsMID87300091.5114.417
Brodie GrundyRUC86700090.9113.617
Steele SidebottomMID/FWD84100090.9113.69
Scott PendleburyMID80500084.4105.513
Jack CrispDEF72600076.195.117
Brayden MaynardDEF7160007593.817
Jeremy HoweDEF66900085.5106.94
Josh DaicosMID66400069.68716
Jordan De GoeyFWD60500059.974.98
John NobleDEF58500061.376.615
Jamie ElliottMID/FWD54500057.171.416
Chris MayneMID53900056.570.612
Isaac QuaynorDEF50300054.367.99
Darcy MooreDEF49500051.864.816
Will Hoskin-ElliottFWD48600050.963.616
Jack MadgenDEF47000049.261.511
Brody MihocekFWD46600048.86116
Callum L. BrownFWD43800045.957.414
Brayden SierMID40200053.366.63
Josh ThomasFWD39900041.852.312
Levi GreenwoodMID39800047.859.84
Darcy CameronFWD39500044558
Jordan RougheadDEF39500041.451.815
Mason CoxFWD3810003948.89
Tyler BrownMID36300039.2499
Trey RuscoeFWD23900030.538.14
Oliver HenryFWD238000
Finlay MacraeMID/FWD234000
Reef McInnesMID226000
Caleb PoulterMID/FWD212000
Liam McMahonKey FWD210000
Nathan MurphyDEF208000000
Mark KeaneDEF1940002733.81
Beau McCreeryFWD184000
Will KellyFWD17200024301
Max LynchRUC/FWD17200024301
Anton TohillFWD170000000
Jay RantallMID170000000
Trent BiancoDEF/MID170000000
Tom WilsonFWD170000000
Jack GinnivanMID/FWD170000
Isaac ChuggDEF/FWD170000

2020 centre bounce attendances

Big thanks to Brice Mitchell for his work on these.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Luke Parker

    January 21, 2021 at 1:14 am

    Think Grundy will be awesome but the way he finished still gives me cause for concern given how banged up he looked. He’ll be great but currently rocking with ROB and Preuss. Just think ROB seems primed to jump into that 110-115 range and seems a good POD over Grundy.

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