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Centre bounce attendances 2020

With thanks to Champion Data and Brice Mitchell, all 2020 CBAs can be viewed here.

Centre bounce attendances 2020

This year we have been lucky enough to have access to all of the centre bounce attendance numbers via articles for throughout the 2020 season. The numbers have been supplied by Champion Data and the wizard that is Brice Mitchell (follow @bricemitchell on Twitter) has compiled them into a nice accessible Excel spreadsheet. Brice is a legend among the Fantasy community and if you appreciate his work, you should consider buying him a coffee.

DOWNLOAD: CBAs 2020 – Brice Mitchell – DT Talk.xlsx

DOWNLOAD: CBAs 2020 – All Clubs.xlsx

The club-by-club data is below. Click the image for the full size and to zoom in. See download links above from more. Feel free to have a play and share with us! We’re keen to hear your takeaways in the comments. For example, Fremantle used the fewest players at centre bounces with 12 for the season, while Hawthorn used the most with 23. We’ll be looking over these and including information in our club season previews in the new year.

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