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North Melbourne 2021 Fantasy preview – Ep. 383

PODCAST: Roy runs through his AFL Fantasy Classic and Draft watchlist from the Roos.

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1:20 – Jed Anderson is coming off his best career-best Fantasy season.

4:00 – Can Jaidyn Stephenson return numbers similar to his sophomore year?

6:25 – Calvin is confused as to why Todd Goldstein isn’t in Roy’s big three.

8:00 – Jy Simpkin is now MID only.

10:40 – Keep an eye on Will Phillips as a bargain.

11:00 – Warnie is considering Ben Cunnington as a discounted player.

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Best 22

B: Lachie Young, Ben McKay, Aidan Corr
HB: Shaun Atley, Robbie Tarrant, Luke McDonald
C: Trent Dumont, Jed Anderson, Jared Polec
HF: Tarryn Thomas, Nick Larkey, Luke Davies-Uniacke
F: Jack Ziebell, Cam Zurhaar, Jaidyn Stephenson
Foll: Todd Goldstein, Ben Cunnington, Jy Simpkin
I/C: Josh Walker, Bailey Scott, Curtis Taylor, Kyron Hayden

EMERG: Flynn Perez, Aaron Hall, Jack Mahony, Kayne Turner

Fox Sports

B: Josh Walker, Ben McKay, Aidan Corr
HB: Luke McDonald, Robbie Tarrant, Shaun Atley
C: Jared Polec, Ben Cunnington, Jed Anderson
HF: Luke Davies-Uniacke, Cam Zurhaar, Tarryn Thomas
F: Jaidyn Stephenson, Nick Larkey, Jack Ziebell
FOLL: Todd Goldstein, Trent Dumont, Jy Simpkin
I/C: Lachie YoungWill Phillips, Bailey Scott, Curtis Taylor

North Melbourne prices and positions

AVG (adj)
Jed AndersonMID79500083.3104.115
Todd GoldsteinRUC76000079.699.517
Trent DumontMID74800078.49817
Luke McDonaldDEF69200072.590.617
Jared PolecMID68600071.889.813
Jy SimpkinMID67600070.888.517
Jack ZiebellFWD64400037.6478
Aaron HallFWD58300061.176.415
Robbie TarrantDEF55700058.47316
Luke Davies-UniackeMID52200056.470.59
Shaun AtleyDEF52000054.568.117
Ben CunningtonMID50300066.783.43
Aidan CorrDEF48000050.362.915
Cameron ZurhaarFWD47200049.461.816
Jaidyn StephensonFWD47000049.261.512
Bailey ScottMID/FWD45300047.559.413
Curtis TaylorFWD4260004657.59
Josh WalkerDEF41900043.954.917
Dom TysonMID410000000
Tarryn ThomasFWD37200038.848.56
Ben McKayDEF3630003847.511
Will WalkerMID/FWD34500047.559.42
Taylor GarnerFWD34200041.551.92
Jack MahonyFWD3340003543.810
Nick LarkeyFWD33200034.843.510
Kyron HaydenDEF32700036.545.68
Flynn PerezDEF29900039.749.63
Kayne TurnerFWD298000000
Aiden BonarDEF28200033.241.56
Lachie YoungDEF/MID2760003847.52
Will PhillipsMID2660000
Tom PowellMID246000
Connor MenadueDEF242000
Tristan XerriFWD22300028.535.64
Tom CampbellRUC/FWD2230001822.51
Atu BosenavulagiFWD20600027.334.13
Charlie LazzaroMID200000
Phoenix SpicerMID/FWD1880000
Charlie CombenRUC/FWD170000000
Matt McGuinnessDEF170000000
Eddie FordFWD170000
Patrick WalkerDEF170000

2020 centre bounce attendances

Big thanks to Brice Mitchell for his work on these.

The most successful DTer out of the boys prides himself on his multiple top 200 finishes... nearly as much as he prides himself on his guns! The coach of destROY wants you to follow him on Twitter: @RoyDT.

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