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2014 Prices

North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL Fantasy Prices 2014

Who is there to look at from North Melbourne? Can Liam Anthony crack the best 22? Is Kieren Harper a lock as a cheap forward? Are we destined for another year of Daniel Currie warming our ruck bench?

After a great fantasy start to his career, Liam Anthony ($221,100) comes in at a bargain price but can he get games? Also keep your eye on both Robin Nahas ($178,100) and especially Kieren Harper ($161,300) who could be cheap forward options.

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JackZiebellNorth MelbourneMID$513100
AndrewSwallowNorth MelbourneMID$512000
BrentHarveyNorth MelbourneFWD/MID$503400
ToddGoldsteinNorth MelbourneRUC$487100
NickDal SantoNorth MelbourneMID$479200
DrewPetrieNorth MelbourneFWD$464600
RyanBastinacNorth MelbourneMID$463200
DanielWellsNorth MelbourneMID$450600
BenCunningtonNorth MelbourneMID$446300
SamGibsonNorth MelbourneMID$442500
Scott D.ThompsonNorth MelbourneDEF$421000
AaronMullettNorth MelbourneDEF$402600
LeviGreenwoodNorth MelbourneMID$398300
LachlanHansenNorth MelbourneDEF$391900
LeighAdamsNorth MelbourneFWD/MID$389100
AaronBlackNorth MelbourneFWD$384500
JamieMacMillanNorth MelbourneMID$373500
ShaunAtleyNorth MelbourneDEF$365800
CameronDelaneyNorth MelbourneDEF$356100
NathanGrimaNorth MelbourneDEF$355500
LindsayThomasNorth MelbourneFWD$343900
ScottMcMahonNorth MelbourneDEF$323200
MichaelFirritoNorth MelbourneDEF$316900
RobbieTarrantNorth MelbourneFWD$275600
SamWrightNorth MelbourneDEF/FWD$262500
BradMcKenzieNorth MelbourneMID$247700
LukeMcDonaldNorth MelbourneDEF/MID$243900
TaylorHineNorth MelbourneDEF$231500
MajakDawNorth MelbourneFWD/RUC$226600
LiamAnthonyNorth MelbourneMID$221100
BenJacobsNorth MelbourneMID$192400
TrentDumontNorth MelbourneMID$184300
RobinNahasNorth MelbourneFWD$178100
KieranHarperNorth MelbourneFWD$161300
BenBrownNorth MelbourneFWD/RUC$138200
MasonWoodNorth MelbourneFWD$135900
TaylorGarnerNorth MelbourneFWD$135500
MitchellWilkinsNorth MelbourneDEF$122100
TomCurranNorth MelbourneDEF/FWD$115200
DanielCurrieNorth MelbourneRUC$115200
TimMcGennissNorth MelbourneMID$115200
JoelTippettNorth MelbourneDEF$115200
KayneTurnerNorth MelbourneMID$115200
EricWallaceNorth MelbourneRUC$115200
MaxWarrenNorth MelbourneDEF$115200

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1 Comment

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    December 14, 2013 at 11:46 am

    Ben Jacobs at 190k if he can get games!

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