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North Melbourne AFL Fantasy Preview

North Melbourne have often shown us nothing when it comes to AFL Fantasy but this year there have been a few names thrown up during this pre-season. Your ruck bench might be full of Roos. Read Jimbob’s preview here.

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This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2013 season.


1.  Andrew Swallow (Mid – $528,800)

‘Spitz’  is likely to take the next step this year and establish himself in the elite DT bracket. With averages of 90,90,99 and 103 in the last 4 years. Leading a developing midfield who will be salivating at more finals games, Swallow will no doubt lead from the front in the only way he knows how – tackling! Swallow led the competition in tackles last year and has laid the third most tackles in the league since 2007 (thanks Champion Data) and will be all over the +4’s in 2013. Durable as they come playing 89 consecutive games, Swallow will be the top DT scorer in overall points and average (already averaging 153 points per 100 min this season!) for the roos. Pick him at the start and save a trade when everyone brings him in after rd 9!

2. Ben Jacobs  (Def – $311,000)

The ex port power backman hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in DT, averaging 60 points in his 2 years in the system. A ball magnet as a junior, he played a negating role at port and may have been brought in to the roos with a more attacking role in mind and deliver on the potential that comes with player taken at pick 16.  Hopefully someone at the roos teaches him how to kick as he rated below average for disposal. Huge gamble in the backline, but who knows? The kid could be happy he is back in his home state and go bang? I for one am not picking him as I picked him last year and that went just great :(

3.Ryan Bastinac (Mid – $405,800)

Another young mid on the rise. Bastinac now has 57 games under his belt and could be ready to go bang. Lifted his average from 66 in ’11 to 79 in 12′; Bastinac is likely to continue lift his average, but by how much? Last year he did show he could get leather poisoning, amassing 44 touches and 138 DT points (was against GWS  in their second game though), but with roos looking to give other clubs that sort of treatment this year, it could become more common.

4. Shaun Atley (Def – $311,200)

Really wanted to keep this bloke quiet, then the Rainman goes and does a Deck of DT article on him here.  A bit like Deledio last year, Atley has the Def eligibility but is likely to run through midfield. Improved his average by 12 points in 2012, and enters his much anticipated 3rd year, Atley seems to be a genuine breakout candidate in what looks to be a position with much  untapped talent.

5. Daniel Currie (Ruck – $102,700)

Looks to be a lock for the R4 spot in a lot of teams, Daniel Currie could genuinely be number 2 in the pecking order ahead of young Ruck Ben Mabon (20 yo and still developing) and Sudanese Majak Daw. If their #1 ruck Toddy Goldstein goes down, Currie has a pretty good case for leading the ruck division ahead of Daw. Having spent 5 years with the Swans and a season with North Adelaide in SANFL , Currie is also starting to come into his prime at the age of 24 and offers more experience than a raw Daw.



Sam Gibson ($468, 400) is going to be a genuine ball magnet again this year and is worth every penny and I reckon he will be north of 105 by the end of the season. Wish I had the cojones to pick him! If Kieran Harper ($253, 200) can lose the vest this year, he could become anything and has already shown a bit in pre season (90pts per 100 min). Toddy Goldstein ($407,300) has to be on your watchlist by pure fact he is the sole ruckman at the club and averaged 99 in 2011. Cameron Richardson ($108,500) is back to give us nightmares by accumulating 40 disposals in the magoos and backing that up with 4 in the real thing, but his Def/ Mid eligibility may sway us again later in the season.


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