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Dream Team Medical Room: Round 17

With only a handful of league matches left before finals time those who are trying to make a late play for a top 8 spot, full teams at this point are essential. Just as it has been all year long the stars are falling and the cracks are starting to appear.


With only a handful of league matches left before finals time those who are trying to make a late play for a top 8 spot, full teams at this point are essential. Just as it has been all year long the stars are falling and the cracks are starting to appear. For those who have the luxury of a few loose trades to do some patch work everything will be ok, but after the season that it has been most coaches will be looking nervously towards the next few weeks.


First off the rank is yet another drama taking part in the ruck department. Everyone had just started to breathe a collective sigh of relief after the return to form of Told Goldstein, the rise of Ivan Maric, the inclusion of Jarred Redden and even the promotion of Tom Campbell. But then just like that Johnathan Giles gets rested and Maric is out with groin troubles. After copping more than a few donut over the bye period there would have been many coaches with two frosted donuts in the ruck department last weekend. Now Giles should be back this week as he was rested, however Maric is cause for alarm. There is a chance that the big man will in fact play this weekend, but reports coming out of Richmond town are that he will be “nursed” though out the remainder of the season, potentially even reducing his training load and missing sessions. How will this affect his DT output? I guess we will have to see? Carlton’s Mathew Kreuzer (ruck again) is also out this week with his ongoing groin injury.


This week will / may mark the return of a few stars and potential PODs for those lucky coaches with the cash and trades. Nathan Fyfe is a chance to play GWS after a lengthy stint out with a shoulder a injury and Hawthorns Luke Hodge is 60/40 to play Collingwood in what promises to be a cracker of a game. Dustin Martin has served his two-week suspension after an off field incident (as has Jackson) and should slip straight back into the Richmond team, as should Brendan Goddard after his two-week lay off. Stewart Crameri’s suspension is also over, however his calf injury will determines if he is to play. Geelong should welcome back James Podsiadly after some ankle troubles and Adelaide will regain Kurt Tippet when they face the Eagles in Perth this weekend. The Eagles will be playing with clipped wings once again this week with the likes of Waters, Shuey, Embley, Nicoski and Kennedy all confirmed outs. Jack Darling has also had some hamstring issue that need to be resolved prior to getting the nod for this week’s game. In some unfortunate news Mark Lecra has been ruled out for the remainder of the season following his knee reconstruction earlier this year as has Fremantle young gun Anthony Moribito who has had yet another knee related set back.


Chris Judd will miss four weeks for attempting to carefully remove another players arm and Jack Ziebell will also miss four after inflicting some head high contact. Some controversy surrounds the Ziebell incident with Carlton’s medical reports leaving some questions to be answered, however Both have opted not to follow up the report. Other notable outs this week include Adelaide defender Sam Shaw after a very useful 84 DTP last week; Shaw will miss at least one week with an eye injury. Melbourne’s Jamie Bennell will miss the rest of 2012 with an ACL injury and Sydney Lewis Roberts-Thomson sustained a third head injury so is almost a certainty to get a rest. After playing a stellar 3 quarters Drew Petrie was subbed and is also unlikely to play this weekend. Troy Dickson, Chris Mayne, Andrew Walker and Marc Jamar are all also out this week with various calf injuries. Timeframes will vary from 1-4 weeks, however they could all be back sooner rather than later.


And that rounds it up. The injury list below is from and the Herald Sun. Some timeframes may differ slightly to official individual club releases and people with inside knowledge. So do some research before pulling the trigger?

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Shaun McKernan (jaw) 5 weeks

Michael Doughty (neck) test

Ricky Henderson (ankle) 4 weeks

Brodie Martin (hamstring) 2-3 weeks

Kurt Tippett (concussion) test

Taylor Walker (suspension) 1 week

Jared Petrenko (ankle) test


Matthew Leuenberger (achilles) indefinite

Brent Staker (knee) season

Bryce Retzlaff (knee) season

Ash McGrath (hamstring) season

Simon Black (knee) test

Jared Polec (foot) 1 week

Mitch Golby (foot) 3 weeks


Jarrad Waite (back) test

Zach Tuohy (back) doubtful

Robbie Warnock (VFL suspension) 1 week

Kade Simpson (jaw) 3 weeks

Andrew Walker (calf) 3 weeks

Jeremy Laidler (knee) season

Shaun Hampson (knee) season

Sam Rowe (testicular cancer) indefinite


Marley Williams (shoulder) season

Ben Johnson (shoulder) Indefinite

Andrew Krakouer (knee) Indefinite

Brent Macaffer (knee) Indefinite

Josh Thomas (foot) Indefinite

Luke Ball (knee) Season

Lachie Keeffe (knee) Season


Stewart Crameri (suspension) available
Michael Hibberd (quad) doubtful
Kyle Reimers (hamstring) doubtful
Angus Monfries (hamstring) 1 week
Heath Hocking (suspension) 1 week
Paddy Ryder (calf) 3 weeks
Michael Hurley (hamstring) 3 weeks
David Zaharakis (quad) 4 weeks
Brent Prismall (knee/hamstring) indefinite
Zac Dawson (knee) test
Nathan Fyfe (shoulder) 1-2 weeks
Josh Mellington (hamstring) 1 week
Aaron Sandilands (toe) 6 weeks
Hayden Crozier (illness) TBA
Anthony Morabito (knee) TBA
Alex Silvagni (calf) test
Nick Lower (concussion) test

James Podsiadly (ankle) test
James Bartel (suspension) 1 week
David Wojcinski (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Travis Varcoe (foot) 5 weeks
Nathan Vardy (hip) indefinite
Josh Cowan (achilles) indefinite
Daniel Menzel (knee) season
Michael Coad (thumb) 1 week
Joel Wilkinson (ankle) 3-5 weeks
Nathan Bock (leg) season
Daniel Gorringe (achilles) indefinite
Seb Tape (knee) season
Rory Thompson (ankle) season
Jaeger O’Meara (groin) season
Alex Sexton (hip) Season
Dylan Shiel (foot) 2 weeks
Rhys Cooyou (groin) test
Josh Growden (leg) 1 week
Setanta O’hAilpin (knee) season
Liam Sumner (foot) 4 weeks
Jacob Townsend (concussed) 1 week
Rhys Palmer (jaw) TBA

Will Langford (shoulder) test
Xavier Ellis (knee) test
Brent Guerra (suspension) 1 week
Luke Hodge (knee) 2 weeks
Lance Franklin (hamstring) 2 weeks
Michael Osborne (knee) season
Alex Woodward (knee) season
Cameron Bruce (back) retired

James Sellar (thigh) test
Josh Tynan (concussion) test
Jai Sheahan (ankle) test
Lynden Dunn (suspension) available
Luke Tapscott (groin) TBC
Jack Watts (ankle) TBC
Liam Jurrah (ankle) 1-2 weeks
Michael Evans (back) 1-2 weeks
Mark Jamar (calf) 3 weeks
Rory Taggert (back) indefinite
Aaron Davey (foot) season
Jamie Bennell (knee) season
Clint Bartram (knee) season
Max Gawn (knee) season
Mitch Clark (foot) season
Hamish McIntosh (knee) 1-2 weeks

Drew Petrie (adductor) test
Leigh Adams (shoulder) test
Jack Ziebell (suspension) 3 weeks

Mitch Banner (knee) 1 week
Robbie Gray (knee) season
Hamish Hartlett (hamstring) 1 week
Steven Salopek (knee) available
Jay Schulz (abdomen) 4 weeks
Dom Cassisi (hip) test
Cameron Hitchcock (hamstring) 2 weeks
John Butcher (hip) TBA
Jacob Surjan (hip) TBA
Dustin Martin (club suspension) available
Daniel Jackson (suspension) available
Ivan Maric (groin) TBC
Ben Griffiths (calf) test
Brad Helbig (foot) 1 week
Matt White (suspension) 2 weeks
Jake King (knee) 3 weeks
Dylan Grimes (hamstring) indefinite
Ty Vickey (leg) season
Nathan Foley (achilles) season
Dan Connors (left the club)

Brendon Goddard (suspension) available
Jack Steven (club suspension) available
Rhys Stanley (hamstring) 4 weeks
Jason Blake (ankle) 4 weeks
Warrick Andreoli (shoulder) 5 weeks
Mitch Morton (quad) 1-2 weeks
Luke Parker (collarbone) available
Gary Rohan (leg) season
Lewis Roberts-Thomson (concussion) test
Andrew Embley (shoulder) 1 week
Josh Kennedy (ankle) 5 weeks
Mark LeCras (knee) season
Mark Nicoski (hamstring) season
Scott Lycett (knee) 6 weeks
Beau Waters (knee) 3 weeks

Josh Hill (hamstring) TBA
Jack Darling (hamstring) test
Luke Shuey (suspension) 2 weeks
Ashton Hams (late withdrawal) TBA

Tom Campbell (soreness) available
Mark Austin (thigh) available
Daniel Giansiracusa (foot) test
Adam Cooney (knee soreness) test
Easton Wood (adductor) test
Andrew Hooper (hamstring) 1 week
Dylan Addison (jaw) 2 weeks
Lukas Markovic (hamstring) 2-3 weeks
Dale Morris (leg) indefinite
James Mulligan (achilles) season



  1. Warnie


    July 19, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    Hi guys. Jakub sent this in before the teams were released… unfortunately I couldn’t get it up before hand (sorry, takes us more than just two minutes to get organised for the live show…even if it doesn’t look like it!).

  2. Avatar


    July 19, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    waters in!

  3. Avatar


    July 19, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Any news on broughtons injury?

    • Avatar


      July 19, 2012 at 10:54 pm

      Probably just resting rather than a particular injury given playing GWS at home.

  4. Avatar


    July 19, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Thanks Jakub for the important weekly injury update.

    Tory Dickson is listed as having an abductor injury, do you know how bad it is? How long does an abductor injury usually take to recover from?

    • Avatar


      July 19, 2012 at 9:40 pm

      About as long as an adductor, give or take

  5. Avatar

    The Croweater

    July 19, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Maric and McEvoy?
    I’m trading one of them in this week.

    Maric was “rested” last week but there were reports that said he has been carrying an injury throughout the season. Does Jakub or anyone else know how severe this groin problem is? He can either smash out the rest of the season or tail off.

    McEvoy has had 3 big scores against decent opposition in 113 v ESS, 91 v NTH and 100 v BRI but can he keep it up? He’s $80k cheaper which is money I want (but NOT need) for my last upgrade.

    • Avatar


      July 19, 2012 at 9:49 pm

      Mate, seriously. Just drop it already. This is about the 6th time I’ve seen this post this week. When no-one discussed it the first 5 times it meant no-one was that interested.

      Quick note though on the ACTUAL article in question here. Jakub, I’ve picked up over a few articles now you’re more than likely an Eagles fan. That being said I would think you know where your team is playing each week ;)
      You might find a few less people than expected at Subi to see the Eagles play there this weekend.

      Nice work though. In my opinion though the biggest question this week is what the hell is going on with Beau. 5-6 weeks was the initial indication yet now he’s pushing for selection this week. Is it simply a matter of West Coast trying to get him in for the big game against the Crows? Or did they in fact just exaggerate the early prognosis?

      • Avatar

        northern nemesis

        July 19, 2012 at 9:58 pm

        Made the wrong call all year with “misdiagnosis” of players. Why do they (clubs,doc’s, whoever) bung this crap on us ? Stop playing mind games you bums !

      • Avatar


        July 20, 2012 at 12:01 am

        Crows fan actually, which is just as bad i suppose as they play eagles this week.

        • Avatar


          July 20, 2012 at 12:11 am

          haha, that could be worse mate! it’s in your back yard

  6. Avatar

    The x Factor

    July 19, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    c- patrick dangerfield
    vc- beau waters ;)

    “dangerfield will be a possible late withdrwal on the weekend with a small crack in his hand”
    source:channel 7 news

    Tex also stated this ealier today and we all know his infamous call on zaharakis……..

    RUC: roughy, mcevoy (giles, campbell)

    FWD:sidey, beams, danger, rok, dusty, zorko, robbo (buddy, pattison)

    not taking chances on a donut and if he’s playing injured won’t score great anyway. so roughy for debut in fwd line and giles on field. I have lake as emg for waters.

  7. Avatar


    July 19, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    Eagles dont play in Perh this weekend.

    • Avatar


      July 20, 2012 at 9:43 am

      + 1

  8. Avatar


    July 20, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Is Didak even going to make a F***ing return?
    God knows why I got him in….
    Worth holding out for Fyfe to drop to around 380-90k and swapping to him then?

    • Avatar


      July 20, 2012 at 4:25 pm

      dids will be back next week mate,

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