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AFL Dream Team Fixture Strategy… Countdown

The 2011 AFL Fixture will be announced on October 29 and this has a major impact on how we will play Dream Team next year. We will guide you on how to use the fixture to your advantage when picking your initial side. Stay tuned!

With the byes this year, we are going to help you maximise your Dream Team points this year.

We get to have a look at the AFL Fixture for 2011 on Friday 29th October and with this, we can start thinking about strategy coming into arguably the most tactical Dream Team season to date.

In a nutshell, if you are playing for the best ranking possible, it will be much harder to win your league… however, if you’re aiming to win your league, you’ll be able to set your side up to maximise your chances of winning league games and finals by looking closely at the fixture.

The AFL posted an article this week  talking about the new rules for 2011… which avid readers and viewers of DT TALK knew months ago!

How to win your league

This isn’t a fool-proof method, but because there will be ‘league-byes’ on the rounds where we will have 3 byes (5 rounds in total), you can be smart in who you don’t pick from those teams initially… and can also help with trading. Setting your team up for those final 4 rounds (DT Finals) is important as you won’t want premiums (keepers) to be from any team who will have a bye from Round 21-24. That we will know on Friday.

How to win the game

It is going to require a fair bit of strategy and the typical luck you need in Dream Team to win the competition in 2011. Each round will count towards your total score and national ranking. So getting the right mix… and most importantly cover from your extended bench players, is more important than ever. This might mean limiting the amount of players you pick from one team. My team this year would have copped it if Collingwood, Geelong and St Kilda had a bye in the same week – there would have been no way I could have covered players.

How to win a weekly prize

My mum is aiming to win a weekly prize. As soon as we know the weeks where we have the 3 byes in a round, she’ll be picking a team to build towards winning a weekly prize in one of those 5 rounds. She’ll be very smart in picking players from the 14 teams that are actually competing that round. She’ll do no good overall or in leagues, but the weekly prize would be awesome.

Stay tuned for more

There are a lot of other anomalies in regards to the 2011 fixture… such as the Gold Coast bye in Round 1. Stay tuned to for all of your AFL Dream Team news, strategy and pretty much everything during this preseason and right through 2011!

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