Fry’s Forgotten Few – Round 12

They are finally here, the dreaded bye rounds. Strangely I feel calm and organised this time around rather than panicking or fretting over fielding a good 18 each week. Of course, curveballs will be thrown our way so I’ve adopted a different tactic to look at some unique players over the next few weeks.


With only Port and Gold Coast coming off their bye there aren’t many viable trade targets with low ownership. However, here is the best of the bunch.

Touk Miller, Suns ($625K, 91 BE, 0.45% ownership)
If all you need in your midfield is 95-100 for the next three weeks then Touk is your man. He hasn’t showcased a huge ceiling this year, but his consistency is off the charts. It wouldn’t be my first move, but it’s definitely a unique one that could pay dividends. Especially in Draft.

Darcy Byrne-Jones, Power ($568K, 79 BE, 1.58% ownership)
One of the popular picks of the week is Byrne-Jones. I addressed him last week as an option and his 77 against the Hawks will scare some coaches away. Three straight home matches at Adelaide Oval should see those numbers tick upwards again.

Travis Boak, Power ($603K, 109 BE, 2.18% ownership)
Boak has flirted with us all year long. At times he looks like a good player to trade in only for his score to crash and we lose interest. With Rockliff and Gray (more from him soon) chewing up minutes he is further down on some people’s radar, but the Power skipper is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Jarrod Witts, Suns ($643K, 97 BE, 3.65% ownership)
I’ve had Witts on my list for a little while now, especially given the form of Sam Jacobs. The lanky Sun scores slightly in waves, but he has shown he can go BIG with two scores over 125 and two 80’s in the last month. He’s seriously close for me this week and if you are in a tricky spot with your rucks, consider Witts.

Jarryd Lyons, Suns ($635K, 127 BE, 1.17% ownership)
Michael Barlow, Suns ($654K, 119 BE, 2.49% ownership)  
The Lyons/Barlow combo is a unique case. Two players who we consider as good fantasy players currently both omitted from the team and have been left on the outside looking in. It would shock me if the two of them weren’t back in the side soon and when their respective price slides slightly, grab them for your squad ASAP.


Image result for travis boak

Defender POD’s

Here are the six defenders who currently have under 10% ownership that I would keep an eye on in the second half of the season. In no particular order…

Jack Crisp, Pies ($675K, 76 BE, 3.86% ownership)
Jeremy Howe, Pies ($646K, 106 BE, 2.8% ownership)
Connor Blakely, Freo ($602K, 108 BE, 2.19% ownership)
Alex Witherden, Lions ($552K, 104 BE, 2.35% ownership)
Michael Hurley, Bombers ($595K, 136 BE, 6.57% ownership)
Matthew Suckling, Bulldogs ($589K, 89 BE, 1.35% ownership)

The Three Big Questions Of Round 12

Is It Smart To Bring Players On Their Bye Now?
I understand the appeal of adding Jack Macrae or Tom Mitchell to your team sheets, but there is no point doing it until they can contribute. Even though there is the chance other factors may halt you from trading them in next week, it’s not worth the risk. You want to be aiming to improve your team over the byes and if something were to go pearshaped with them you could find yourself without a paddle up s*** creek.

Should I Triple Downgrade This Round?
With a brand new batch of cash cows in the fray trading down is a popular move this week. If you can generate some $$$ this week by offloading certain passengers like Sam Murray or Jeremy Finlayson then this is the week to do it. Don’t look back.

What Do I Do With Robbie Gray?
As an owner I understand the frustration around Gray’s last two scores. Someone that I flagged as the likely top forward can’t be putting out 60’s and there are fears that more is to come. A stretch of games in Adelaide should see his scores return to normal but boy is he in thin ice. My advice would be to watch his performance like a hawk and if he fails to fire then cut ties before he bleeds too much cash.

Image result for robbie gray

Back From The Dead

Michael Hurley, Bombers (65) – Will be ripe for the picking in a few weeks.

Paul Seedsman, Crows (63) – Needed to repay his coaches. He didn’t.

Nic Newman, Swans (44) – Who are you and what have you done with the real Nic Newman?

Majak Daw, Roos (43) – Came OH so close to not being bottom of the group. Seems fitting though.

Good luck for Round 12!

Peace ✌

Got a question that needs answering? Feel free to leave a comment below or message me on Twitter @alexgfry_ and I’ll get back to you!


  • Cheers Fry!!
    I had Seedsman out this week to bank some cash for double upgrade next week, but with Laird potentially out, he could get a few extra +6s down back, so he stays for me and should crack 100, should…

  • Now that dusty is out, I have to trade him instead of tuohy. I got 714k to trade for any position. I’m thinking the likes of Brayshaw, Phillips, beams, Westhoff. Anyone got ideas

  • Dusty, Fyfe, probably Laird, good chance Conigs.

    Let alone a good chance many rookies wont make the cut.

    And this is SUPPOSED to be the round where my team is over stacked lol.

    Considering a spud trifecta “premium” cull to rookies this week.

    Out: Dusty, Lambert, Billings.
    In: Austin, Ahern, Maybe Giro/Mihocek

    Bye round status = f’ed. The league Im taking serious dont play over byes so likely just concentrating on fixing my structure and cash generation.

  • Teams…complete and utter carnage…

  • Literally the worst week to have these injuries and suspensions.
    I had players getting 120s on the bench last week.
    Now I am guaranteed a donut

    • except for next week? Or any other week? Isn’t this literally the best week of the year to have it?

  • Surely Scharenberg deserves a shout

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Whitfield, Ryan, Doedee (Rice, Murphy)
    MID: Macrae, Mitchell, Fyfe, Coniglio, Merrett, Taranto, Rockliff, Phillips (Coffield, Banfield)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Ronke, Guelfi, Smith (Giles-Langdon, Spargo)

    Cash: $145k

    Currently have gone Ronke (via Rockliff) to Crouch and Murphy to Austin and Coffield to Ahern. What to do now with Laird, Fyfe, Smith and Coniglio out?? Thoughts on trades and other options appreciated

    • Tricky one, I’d look at still grabbing Austin (for Murphy) and/or Ahern (for Smith) but the premiums cause some headache. Cogs and Fyfe are going to be out for two of the next three but then they will be playing, Laird’s injury is a bit more serious so I’d prioritise trading him out

      • Have they given any furrther info on Laird? I thought he was a test for this week, which would imply he should be right for next week.

      • Thanks mate did the trades you suggested, and traded Laird (via Coffield) to Treloar, who would you guys suggest?

        • Who to trade if Laird is only a one weeker?

          • I know I’m backflipping on what I said before, but on second though I’d be cautious trading Laird as it may be tricky to get him back into your side. If you are moving him though Treloar is definitely one of the best options.

  • Def: Lloyd, Seedsman, Doedee, Murphy, Rice, Cumming (Laird, Sicily)
    Mid: Sidebottom, Neale, Merrett, Kelly, Phillips, Coniglio, Barry, Mutch (Mitchell, Macrae)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (McInerney, Cameron)
    Fwd: Heeney, Smith, Rockliff, Guelfi, T.Smith, Gowers (McClean, Waterman)
    Got about 430k in the bank for a big upgrade. So far thinking

    Mutch/Barry -> Ahern
    Smith -> Apeness
    Cumming -> Brayshaw
    Leaves me with about 140k

    Mutch/Barry -> Ahern
    Smith -> Westhoff
    Cumming -> Austin
    Leaves me with 80k

    Which one?

  • Trade Dusty?
    He’s cost me a fortune this year waltzing around like the millionaire he is.

    Is Austin the real deal as a back-up defender?
    Ridley was a real disappointment.

    • Austin will make nearly $100k in next 2 weeks before his bye in R14
      Jump on

    • There isn’t much you can trade Dusty too, but it seems like a good play if you can turn him into something decent

      I went Ridley over Austin and feel your pain, at nearly $300K we may have missed the boat, but if you want him this is the week

    • Thanks fella’s.
      I’ll give Austin a try.
      I’ve picked up a few dud rookies this year: Cumming, Ridley, Crowley.

      And I think I’ll just part with Dusty for Ahern and upgrade someone else later.

  • So much for good planning and the easiest bye week
    May now have only 17players playing

    Cogs injured, Laird injured, Fyfe BS suspension by Mitchell cocksucker, TSmith dropped, Ridley dropped, Mutch out, Billings dropped and Big O probably not playing (only chance of fielding 18)

    Will be right next unless massive carnage worse than this week and enough cash to work my Round 14 overload

    Really been hit hard this year and probably heading for worst result in years

  • higgins -> ahern
    murphy -> Austin
    dusty -> crouch


    1st one
    murhy -> mihocek
    dusty -> zorko

  • I’ve read calvin’s captains but im still not sure about who to captain
    – crouch
    – gibbs
    – gawn
    – smith

  • Callum Moore vs Giro, Who do I bring in?

  • My Trades 1. Mutch to Ahern

    2. Mirra to Austin

    3.Dusty to Brayshaw 81k left

    My problem is getting Austin into my Backline with Laird Simmo Seedsman Doedee Rice Mihocek…..Its very round 14 heavy

    is there someone other than Austin?

  • Mihocek Rice or Giro?

  • dusty + keefe + mutch to Austin + rice + ahern


    Dusty + Keefe + Mutch to Brayshaw + ahern + austin (leaves only 2k)

  • Brayshaw and Giro/Apeness +60k


    Austin and Westhoff

  • brayshaw or westhoff, not worried about the byes, also what do people think of Tim smith will he get another run or time to move him on, cheers

    • Brayshaw and maybe, it says he was omitted but apparently he hurt his neck too. I wouldn’t hold out hope but maybe he gets another crack if the Dees injuries keep piling up

  • Boys… should laird go and then bring him back after the byes? Cheers

    • if u arent too worried about the byes hold him, otherwise its a roll of the dice he could be out for the 3 to get it rite, a crack in the hand isnt something ud wana carry for the rest of the year

    • Be careful, trading him back in might become complicated. My advice is to hold

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