Fry’s Forgotten Few – Round 11

Round 11 marks a weird time in the fantasy calendar. Technically at the completion of this round half the season will be over, but by no means are we on the home straight. Our reward for survivng the first half of the year are the dreaded bye rounds, which will make or break a large number of coaches. While the players I have addressed below are awesome picks, make sure they fit your structure to avoid potential headaches.


Darcy Byrne-Jones, Power ($556K, 54 BE, 1.03% ownership)
Fresh off his bye, DBJ looms as a potential steal in defense. Owned by just over 1000 coaches the Port defender has played his way into consideration lately. Byrne-Jones has benefitted greatly from Hamish Hartlett’s ACL tear, averaging just over 95 in the past month. I’d wait perhaps a week or two on him, but should he produce again a ton of coaches will pounce.

Luke Ryan, Freo ($576K, 46 BE, 3.3% ownership)
I’ve owned Luke Ryan for most of the season now and it has been a little bit of a roller coaster. He was on thin ice following a 47 against Richmond, but since then he has gone at 114 in his last three. His lofty price might rule him out for some. If you can find room though Ryan looks like an awesome unique.

Draft Sleeper – Lachlan Weller, Suns ($518K, 79 BE, 0.76% ownership)
You know what you are getting with Weller, a solid score that ranges between 75-85. He will have the occasional bad game, but that will be balanced out by a solid showing. If you are struggling for help in defense, he could be your man.

Image result for luke ryan


Andrew Gaff, Eagles ($735K, 92 BE, 3.04% ownership)
I was this close to trading in Andrew Gaff last week and I was kicking myself everytime I refreshed the scores from the Eagles/Hawks clash. Gaff, once again, is flying under the radar despite putting up ultra-consistent numbers. Get him in.

Dayne Beams, Lions ($683K, 88 BE, 3.98% ownership)
Speaking of flying under the radar, you may want to take notice of what Dayne Beams is doing. Everyone is talking about his stellar teammate Dayne Zorko, but Beams might be the real fantasy gem residing in Qld. After four scores over 110 in his last five, which included 127 on the weekend, Beams has peaked my interest.

Draft Sleeper – Sam Powell-Pepper ($508K, 57 BE, 1.47% ownership)
With his off-field issues behind him, SPP has scored 87 and 109 in his two matches back in the big time. I have a feeling that those type of numbers are going to become standard for Powell-Pepper and it might be wise to find room for him before someone else does.


Jarrod Witts, Suns ($641K, 78 BE, 3.21% ownership)
A lot of people (myself included) are frustrated with Sam Jacobs. Not only is he scoring at a woeful rate, but he has a late bye and because I own (insert ruckman with Round 13 bye here) I can’t trade in (insert another ruckman with Round 13 bye here). Enter Jarrod Witts, who is seriously making himself an option. He could be in for a big score against the Cats this week too, making him ripe for the picking.

Draft Sleeper – Aaron Sandilands Replacement, Freo ($???K, ?? BE, ?% ownership)
This one isn’t rocket science. Sandilands seems destined to spend a few weeks on the sideline and it wouldn’t surprise me if they rested him until after his bye. Michael Apeness is the favourite to take out the spot and team sheets will reveal all later this week.

Image result for jarrod witts


Michael Walters, Freo ($577K, 73 BE, 4.64% ownership)
Sticking with the Fremantle favour is the No. 1 Dockers trade target in my opinion. Nat Fyfe continues to garner the Brownlow votes, but Michael Walters continues to steal any fantasy points on offer. a 99 and 125 since returning from injury means he won’t be unique for long.

James Harmes, Demons ($569K, 74 BE, 0.84% ownership)
The second forward spot this week was under a lot of debate. I was reluctant to give it to a Demons player, given the ease at which they have won their last two games. Still, Harmes has put his hand up as one of the form players in the comp, especially following his mammoth 138 against the Gold coast a few weeks ago. With the Dogs and Pies coming up the points should keep flowing.

Draft Sleeper – George Hewett, Swans ($467K, 40 BE, 0.56% ownership)
Since Hewett has adopted a tagging role his numbers have actually increased quite significantly. He has averaged 88 points in his last three games, which is a lot better than the 54 points he averaged in the first seven rounds of footy. Snap him up while you can.

The Three Big Questions Of Round 11

Trading Sam Murray vs. Tim Kelly?
With a handful of cash cows culled in the last few weeks, it’s time to start turning them into premiums. No one has made more money this season than Sam Murray and Tim Kelly isn’t too far behind him. When it comes to prioritising the pair I look at two factors. 1) are they playing or not, 2) which area needs my attention more. Upgrading Kelly to an awesome midfielder is likely to net you more points than Murray to a DEF premo. That being said if Kelly plays and Murray doesn’t then it might be wise to move the dead weight. If I had to pick which one to ditch first I’d choose the Cats mid, who has reached his absolute peak price.

How Many Power/Suns Players Should I Target?
There is no right or wrong answer here, but be warned. It’s very easy to be tempted by Gold Coast and Port Adelaide players, who are fresh off their byes. During the other three bye rounds having them on your field is a massive bonus, but don’t go getting them just because of the jerseys they wear. I advise against bringing in too many players who weren’t already on your radar. Just because Justin Westhoff looks like a good pick, it doesn’t make him a good pick. There are plenty of decent options, just be wary of who you opt to finally pull the trigger on though.

Should I Trade In A Player With A Round 12 Bye?
I’d advise against it if you can. I understand that you are probably trading a player in that you plan to keep for the rest of the season and there is some merit to pulling the trigger. However, considering we have three trades to work with each bye week I’d be waiting and grabbing them in Round 13 ready for the run home.

Back From The Dead

Jaeger O’Meara, Hawks (112) – Don’t look at this and be upset you traded O’Meara, a 65 is on it’s way.

Ed Curnow, Blues (104) – Less than ideal, but still a deadset gun.

Matt Crouch, Crows (103) – Once he strings (pun intended) a few games together Crouch will be an awesome get.

Josh Kelly, Giants (93) – See above.

Andrew McGrath, Bombers (70) – I thought we’d be seeing a breakout year from McGrath. So far, we are not.

Esava Ratugolea, Cats (0) – The sad news story of last week with Ratugolea breaking his ankle. Fingers crossed he has a quick recovery.


Good luck for Round 11!

Peace ✌

Got a question that needs answering? Feel free to leave a comment below or message me on Twitter @alexgfry_ and I’ll get back to you!


  • With Rocky looking like the obvious trade this week, would you suggest just observing what he does this week? I’m still not 100% sold on him and I’d like to see him get another big score first.

    Instead, I’m looking at going Murray to Rice and Ratugolea to Tim Smith to bank some cash before upgrading Kelly next week. Good move?

    • Yeh I’m doing Murray to Rice to bank some cash to get Mclean after his bye for Taranto and then kelly to Rockliff. I think in Tassie you have to get Rock yand if you can afford him for Ratugolea I would advise u to do so.

    • I will be trading Rocky in this week, but I can understand why you want to wait another week and save up some $$4. Personally, I think you have to get Rocky this week, but if other moves take priority it’s not the end of the world

  • Kelly > rocky
    Tarranto > walters.. or should i trade out seeds?

  • Awesomesauce Fry!!
    After NicNat got 56 in Rd 6, I brought in Witts thinking he’d bottomed out completely and wanting to avoid another Rd 13 bye Ruck. Fair to say I’ve been pleased with his 112 average since I got him, although I would’ve liked more from McInerney who I had to field last week as cover..

  • Great job Fry love the PODS and ownership.
    1. Taranto- Tim smith. Doedee- Brayshaw with $250k. I do go back 3 rookies fwd. but leaves me to double upgrade next week but bye 13 gets worse.

    2. Taranto- Smith Doedee- laird $150k (byes ok)
    3. Taranto – Walters Keeffe- smith $140k (byes ok)
    4. Taranto- Boak/ Franklin/ heeney. Redden to Brayshaw. Miss out on smith money and byes ok leaving around 100k.
    Is smith a must have and Brayshaw for their BE. Already have rocky and want to get McLean and danger next week.
    Have savage, Howe, Godard, Llyod in def.
    Thanks for the help and anyone else who can help cheers

    • I’d go 3. The only reason I wouldn’t go 1 is Brayshaws injury history. I think while playing he will deliver. Walters too is an injury risk but he would share it for me

      • Thanks you 3 is not so bad not worry about injury’s so much just the players and their roles. BE r hard to turn away

    • If you are trading Taranto I say grab Walters, he’s one of the must have forwards right now (along with Rocky). I think Brayshaw is right up there as a must have too. Tim Smith has already gone up a ton of money, so if you can’t get him I think its OK.

  • is it worth going up to macrae this week if i have the cash

    currently going

    kelly and dom barry
    rocky and macrae

  • Got a bit of a dilemma – Ive got Sidebottom, Coniglio, Beams and Merrett (all round 13 bye). What should i be doing? Moving on two of them or one or none at all?

    • That’s four Rd13 mids – two can park on your bench leaving two donuts on the field. How many more donuts will you have on your field?
      I think a lot of coaches are going to struggle to have 18 scoring players in that round lol
      Are there other players with that bye in your team who you don’t see as long-term keepers or who are easier to replace?

    • You can avoid trading any of them if you really want to hold them. To survive ROund 13, make sure the other players in your midfield (including bench) don’t have the bye on the same week to maximise your point total

  • Who’s more likely to gain dpp out of hall phillips and bont??

  • Whens the next dpp? After this weekends games or next weekend?

  • Anyone considering Burton? Did anyone see his game last week? Down 184k from the start of the season due to injuries and form (maybe role?). Some had him flagged as making the jump to premo.

    Has the handy Rd 12 bye and is only 411k. Could make you money and help you through the byes while scoring well!

    Will probably wait 2 weeks but would like to hear opinions and track him this weekend.

  • He did look good on the weekend, but I’d proceed with caution.
    Wait at least two weeks to see how he performs

  • Just curious about how the bye rounds work, I understand only 18 players points count in these rounds but do they just base that on the best scoring 18 players regardless of position? Or is there a structure to it like 5 defenders, 5 forwards, 6 miss and 2 f**ks?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Positions don’t come into account during the byes, the scores come from your best 18 players out of the 22 on your field. If you field 20 and have no ruckmen playing it’s no different to if you have 20 and are missing two players from any other line

  • Just after a little help on how the scoring works for the bye rounds, I understand only 18 players score counts, but is there any structure to the scoring. Like is it 5 defenders, 6 mids, 5 forwards and 2 rucks or is the position irrelevant and they solely just go on the best scoring 18 in the team?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Fry,

    Trade Waterman to Smith and Kelly to rock or trade a deadwood rook in Mutch to Giro and Kelly to Rock and hold both Waters and Gowers this week as they are playing?

    • I usually lean towards trading out players who aren’t playing and with the byes coming up you need as many players playing as possible. For that reason, I like the second option

  • Taranto to Rockliff and Kelly to Beams or Kelly to Rockliff and Waterman/Gowers to Smith?

    • Tough one. Smith looking a good cashcow, but that double upgrade is very nice.

      Im going double upgrade this week myself, but I already have smith.

    • Or do you mean D.smith lol

    • I’d look slightly at your byes and how many players you have in each position. Getting Beams is huge, but if you need Gowers/Smith to help more with bye/position structure over the next 3 weeks I’d lean that way

  • My trades this week

    Murray > Brayshaw
    Kelly > Rocky

    Question is who to field from my rookies.

    1 of Philips,Stephensen, Spargo.
    1 of Ronke, T.smith, Guelfi

    • I’m in a similar boat and honestly throwing darts might be just as easy a way to pick two guys.
      That being said, I’d go with Stephensen against Freo and Smith against the Dogs with Spargo and Ronke worthy of the (E).

  • Taranto to Smith (Smith plays, keep Ronke and bigger bank) or go early on Ronke to Austin via Murphy (Taranto on field)?

    • Unless you see Taranto as a real keeper, someone you’ll want in your team at the pointy end of the season, then get rid of him right now I reckon! His last three weeks have been dismal and with JKelly back and less midfield action he’s unlikely to come anywhere near his 125BE – so he’ll bleed heaps of cash.

    • I think it’s the right time to jump off the Taranto badwagon

  • tarranto with a be of 125 or kelly with a be of 90 to rocky, who do you think, im thinking taranto with the injury from last week and with the higher be could drop a bit more cash than kelly, what u reckon

    • I’m offloading Taranto and definitely getting the Pig. Don’t want to hang on to TT and lose buckets of $$ – don’t want him in my team and may as well trade him out now.
      I want to get rid of TKelly too … just not sure if he’ll be my second trade out yet. (Even if he stays for another week I don’t think his price will drop as much or more than TT’s)
      But I am sure that Taranto goes!

  • Which trade option?

    Ratugolea —> T Smith + Kelly —> Rocky ($194k remaining).

    Murray —> Rice + Ratugolea —> Rocky ($264k remaining).

    Ratugolea —> T Smith + Murray —> Rice ($532k remaining).

    Kelly —-> Rocky + Murray —> Brayshaw ($56k remaining).

    If Murray plays then I’ll probably go with option 1, but what do people think is the best option?

  • Aaah, must have had some kind of brain-fart … I’ve just checked and Taranto’s last three scores haven’t been “dismal’ lol (as I claimed above)
    Clearly last round’s 50 was so bad it clouded my brain.
    Not gonna offload him after all – I’ve got other fish to fry!

    • I see what you did there haha.
      It could be the start of the decline, but he’s safe for another week or two I think

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