Round 9 Lockout Chat

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The daily fantasy wagering game is going great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.

The target jackpot is at $2800 and there’s $30K up for grabs this weekend with Moneyball.

  • AFL $8,000 Geelong vs Western Bulldogs
  • AFL $1,000 All Of Round
  • AFL $5,000 Saturday Slam
  • AFL $1,500 St Kilda vs Sydney
  • AFL $1,500 GWS vs Richmond
  • AFL $1,500 Brisbane vs Adelaide
  • AFL $2,000 Saturday Specky (Late)
  • AFL $1,500 Collingwood vs Hawthorn
  • AFL $1,500 Essendon vs West Coast
  • AFL $5,000 Sunday Funday
  • AFL $1,500 Melbourne vs North Melbourne
  • AFL $1,500 Fremantle vs Carlton


  • Gaff, Shuey, Yeo or Duncan
    Preparing for bye rounds

  • Heeney, D.Lloyd (on field) and 360k
    Hanners, Hibberd and 5k??

  • Rocky to Shuey
    Butler to Greenwood
    leaves $293k
    Rocky to Shuey
    Hampton to Heeney via dpp
    leaves $7k

    • Go #2, almost the last week to get heeney while he still has value. Doing this is also gives you chance to have a look at greenwood what type of score he might be dishing out and you can him in next week if he foes good.

      Help below would be much appreciated :)

  • DEF: Laird, Roberton, Salem, Marchbank, Otten, Newman (Hampton, Stewart)
    MID: Rocky, Zerrett, Titchell, Danger, Adams, Steele, SPP, Barrett (Myers, Fisher)
    RUCK: Stef, Grundy (preuss)
    FWD: Macrae, Haus, Nank, WHE, Rough, Butler (Balic, Polson)


    1) Rocky > JPK & Butler > Heeney

    2) Butler > Lloyd/Greenwood & Rocky > any mid

    3) Rocky > Shuey/Kelly & Butler > Walters

  • Touk and Rockliff

    For heeney and Parker
    Heeney and gaff
    Or Gaff and parker

  • My Team:
    DEF: Adams, Docherty, Laird, Marchbank, Otten, Williamson (Stewart, Vickers-Willis)
    MID: Rockliff, Mitchell, Merrett, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Barrett (Balic, Mountford)
    RUCK: Martin, Grundy (Preuss, Cameron)
    FWD: Macrae, Dahlhaus, Steele, Nankervis, Heeney, Hoskin-Elliot (Butler, Polson)

    Cash: $26k

    Have gone Rockliff to Hannebery and Balic to Lloyd leaving $280k. Thoughts? Cheers

    • Good ins, hanners looks to have hit some form and will increase in price and lloyd is the best downgrade option imo. Leaves enough cash to go bang next week. Good stuff

  • Greenwood vs Lloyd.

    If I pick Greenwood it means I will avoid a donut in my forward line however I’m really looking for some job security in the coming weeks. Who has the better job security?

    • lloyd would have to have better JS. Looks like Greenwood came in for Jenkins and that’s not going to be all season long

    • Lloyd id say has the better job security as now devon smith is out for 6 weeks.

    • Go Greenwood to avoid that donut. Hopefully uses his 2-3 freeby games to prove himself to the coach and gain some JS.

      Help below would be much appreciated :)

    • Greenwood because hes dpp

  • Look at Dom Sheed as an alternate to Walers. Thinking with Hill back in the team walters might be put back into the forward line.

    Can someone please comment on Sheeds job security?

    • Had great game last week and simmo has been an advocate for the development of youth. He has however been a fringe player before.
      JS: 7.5/10

      Help below would be much appreciated :)

    • Sheed’s scores this year, 49, 72, 99, 48, 103. Last year averaged 60.4.

      Why pay almost 400 grand for someone averaging 60-70 when you can get rookies that average that?

  • Which two should I field out of Barrett, Myers and LLoyd?

  • How do you guys think the rain will affect scores this weekend?

    • More tackles, less marks. It will probably negatively effect players that rely on a lot of +6s to get good scores. Guys that rely on tackles for a good score should do well

  • Which 2 to field out Myers, Lloyd and Greenwood. Leaning towards Myers and Lloyd atm.

    • I would go with Myers and Lloyd. Myers still room to improve and Lloyd should score better with Coniglio and Devon Smith out. Greenwood could score well against the Lions but always a risk with a first gamer.

    • Myers got 63 from 64% game time on the weekend, not to mention he has proved himself in past seasons one year with an average high 70s, another an average of low 80s

    • Myers and Lloyd

  • Who should go between Black & JKH? Thinking Black due to his higher price but he has scored much better than JKH if he does get named next week.

  • My 4 orange lights are soon to be green woohoo. Hannan, Myers, Mutimer and Jobe all in the final 22

  • Parker or hanners?

    • Hanners seems safer, he has scored 3 hundreds in a row, Parker only just got his first of the year. On the other hand Calvin put him in his top 5 captains and is pretty certain he is going big

  • Will O’Connor continue to get games? Only real rookie defender

    • I wouldn’t go there, even if he does have decent job security, he is coming off a score so bad that he is still 150,000. He could be one of those players that averages 30 and never goes above 200,000

      • Don’t know who else I can choose

        • Why do you need a rookie defender? Can you use DPP to get a rookie mid/fwd instead?

          • To trade Hampton out so I can upgrade but it’s annoyin, I don’t have any DEF/MID’s to link as Mitch Hibberd is also on my def bench

    • gws rook named this week but I question JS on either

  • Is Heeney a must this week or would fixing up rookies be more important? Not sold on many rookies’ job security though

    • I would like to know the same, Heeney keeps coming into my team then I reverse trade….then do it again….

    • Depends what rookies your fixing up. If you can make money off of them, or it will save you a donut, for sure. If you have good cover and it’s someone like Polson, I think you hold him and hope he comes back to make money later on.

      In my opinion best to keep it simple and make sure your downgrading and upgrading every week, so your side is constantly improving and closer to being ‘finished’

  • Kinda hoped Myers’d miss the cut, just to make Myers v Lloyd easier.

  • Myers or Lloyd??????????? On field in mid obv

  • Who do I trade out for Heeney?
    Roughead (BE 61) + $93K
    Isaac Smith (BE 116) + $187K

  • Best mid to get? Can get anyone, thinking Duncan as a POD

    • When we don’t know the 8 mids you currently have, tough question to answer. The best mid available right now is Zach Merrett, then probably Tom Mitchell

    • Also Duncan’s highest score this year, 132, Tom Mitchell, Zach Merrett and Rocky score that every second week

      • Team is just below, don’t have Merrett but sitting just out of the top 1k so looking to move up the ranks

  • Yeo or Gaff?

    • As awesome as he has been I’d feel more comfortable going Gaff. I’d always have Yeo’s history on my mind making me nervous

  • Need help with trades this week. Have 5k the bank! Suggestions welcome

    Thinking of going rocky- Kelly or Duncan and miles to Lloyd

    Doch, laird, shaw, marchbank, Newman,Otten( EVW, Williamson)

    Danger, rocky, Fyfe,tmitch,Sloane,Adams, hanners,myers(balic, miles)

    Martin, Jacobs( king, Cameron)

    Macrae, buddy, Steele, nank black, McCarthy, (Barrett , polson)

  • Which one do I trade first out of Balic, Polson and Brett Eddy?? Need to know asap

    • Balic, has no hope of playing again this year

    • Balic imo

      Other 2 more likely to get games now

      • Balic’s manager came out and said that he should return to perth in 2 weeks. The he’ll be back playing shortly after that. So could be back in a month

        • Thanks lads, was planning on going him anyway. Thoughts about rocky and balic to danger and greendwood? Leaves me with 303k in the warnechest

  • Rocky to Heater and Butler to Heeney or Rocky to Zerrett and Butler to Greenwood/Lloyd (Fisher on field)?

  • Who should I trade to avoid a Donut?

    Black? (Not getting a game)

    Butler? (Groin injury out for unknown period but likely 1-2 weeks)

    Polson? (Cull the non playing spud).

    And who do I trade in, Lloyd (Seems a decent enough mid rookie option) or Soldo (This could be the only playing ruck rookie for the year, take the punt?).

    • butler for extra cash, pretty much is as fat as he can get

    • I’m going Butler first over black. In all likelihood the other will be going as well in the next few weeks, so I think Black has more upside as a potential cash generator than Butler has as a FWD emergency that will be losing cash. If you need them on field next week though, Butler should obviously be the one you keep.

      • What bugs me is that although Butler is plump, he does get a game and scores fairly consistently, so I cant see him losing much cash, whilst other cashcows need to be culled now.

        I have no issue holding onto Butler a bit longer IF he gets back into the 22 next week and over byes, he can be culled on his actual bye.

        Black is concerning as if he doesnt get another game will be a pressing issue over the byes.

    • Why do you ask. It’s all a bit retorical?

  • Is it remotely possible Hampton could do ok against lions ?

  • Heeney or any mid? (Got Titch And Zerrett)

  • RDT (limited trades)

    Hold Rocky, or, just bite the bullet and insta lock and load Zerrett. meant Titch.

    • I’d hold rocky in rdt if you have titch and zerret

    • How many trades are you down to? I’m down to 18, and think I’m gonna play it old school and hold – hopefully I can do some good upgrading around him and then enjoy putting him back on my field in week 12!

      • Down to 19 trades (17 after trades)
        If I cull balic and butler, only premium I can reach is a risky (but potentially worth it) Walters.

        If I hold Balic (forced to field Mutimer) I can cull Otten/Hampton (huge BE) to any of the def premiums I want (Lloyd or Simmo).

        But Rocky>Titch might be my only way to get titch.

    • C’mon Shags you’re having a lend.
      Drumming up business? proving your worth?

  • Is Merrett worth the extra 70k over Duncan

  • Lloyd or myers in for butler?

    • I think Myers can only get better and his JS seems to be good.

      But there is a nice price difference there, and Myers is starting to get pricey.

  • How must have is Soldo in peoples opinions? I dont want to miss out on the ONLY ruck rookie getting a game if people tgink he can get more games after this. Extra player on field over byes is good too.

    Dilemmas dilemmas.

    • As made Tiger fan I will say they a fickle ATM lots of players on fringe in and out, that said we lack a tall forward as second option with Griffiths out they have tried a few. This is soldos first game not as the main ruck if he can go ok say kicks two goals he gets another week. Is best rookie option ATM and I have him

    • I figure Nank does that job sitting in the FWD…if you have him. Don’t you have any spuds you need to get rid of?

  • Will Greenwood get consecutive games?

    • Crows supporter – he would have to do amazingly to keep Jenkins out. However, he is listed as a fwd/mid – if he can play a bit of mid, he may just boot Hampton out when JJ comes back

  • Trade Hampton for Heeney or Butler/Black/Balic for rookie like Greenwood/Lloyd ?
    1 leaves me with cash, the other doesn’t ?

  • Batman v Superman?

  • Lloyd or Myers

  • Field 2 out of Myers, Lloyd and Barrett?

  • Hammelmann, Corr or O’Connor as a def rookie? Not ideal but need one

  • Cull Otten or Hampton?

  • Black -> Gallucci, JKH -> Greenwood, 103k in bank to upgrade someone next week?

  • I have 1 trade that I want to do after trading Rocky to merret. Im pondering a few options and I would appreciate imput. Im pretty much garunteed to win in both of my leagues this week because my team is quite good this year (for once)
    My considerations are for the long game. I really want to bring in ablett next week but I also want wouldn’t mind jumping on parker early.
    Im considering 3 options
    Trade fyfe to parker and try upgrade ghs to ablett next week through a downgrade (risky if i need to make other trades next week…)
    Trade fyfe for lloyd and field lloyd and myers to generate $$ and not lose money on fyfes price drop
    Trade ghs for lloyd and field fyfe and lloyd to maximize score and just trade fyfe to ablett next week and lose about 25k

    • I don’t like any option that involves trading Fyfe, it will hurt like hell if he returns to form. Theres no guarantee that Ablett will score better than Fyfe over the duration of the year considering Ablett’s injury history. Make up the points your losing from Fyfes bad form by improving your side around him with traditional downgrade/upgrade trades. Fyfe isn’t going to average 80 for the year, he will eventually return to form