Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 18

As we edge one week closer to the finals, it became evident we need the guns that can ‘go big’ in order to compete with the best teams after a phenomenal round where 2350+ was par.


How can we say no to newly named DPP Luke Hodge (DEF/MID, $481,000). After a slow start to the season, he has come back from injury without missing a beat on his way to a three game average of 102 after dropping 134K since the start of the year. We all know Hodgey plays for finals footy and he will want to be in peak condition so he will be keen to continue to build over the coming weeks. Last year he averaged a whopping 111 and I expect plenty of scores around that total over the coming weeks, starting with a 110 vs the Tigers this week. And above all else, have a look how good your team looks with his head in the back line.

Unlikely Ruck Sensation

We all knew Brodie Grundy (RUC, $505,000) was set for a good year, but it was a rare coach who had him mixing it with the absolute best. Well, that’s exactly what he is doing with a three game average of 118 which gives him a low break even of just 63. He is on a streak of four straight hundreds with whopping  scores of 119 and 134 in his last two games against respectable opponents in Shane Mumford and Sam Jacobs. He has certainly elevated his game to the next level and is worth a punt, especially given he is only owned by 3% of the competition.

Crouching Crow

Brad Crouch (MID, $436,000) Is starting to hit the heights we thought he would be producing at the start of the year, with a three round average of 106 and a BE of just 50. With back to back games of 113, Crouch is running hot and apart from a tough game this week down at Skilled stadium, he has an unbelievably good run home. Obviously he is not a top eight mid, but he certainly has the form to serve a purpose at this price.

Big Finisher

Last year, Josh P. Kennedy (MID, $536,000) finished the year like a house on fire and the writing is on the wall that he is peaking at the same time this season. The often forgotten Swan is carrying a three game average of 117 into this weeks game against the Pies at the SCG, a venue he has scored over 110 on four occasions so far this year. He has a break even of 88 and is owned by just 4% of the competition.

Bargain of the week

Jason Johannisen (DEF, $438,000) had a slow first half against the Suns, but bounced back to score over 70 in the second half to record a score of 89. He will look to take full advantage of his second half form, but under the roof at ES where he plays the Saints, who are happy to leak plenty of points, especially across the half back. JJ should easily cover his BE of 90, while enjoying four out of six games at ES for the remainder of the year.

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Twitter Time

Looked pretty good, not a bad option to have as emergency

Ok, We will rule out Doc to save some cash. I am leaning toward Hodge… 111 average last season can’t be forgotten.

Montagna for the games at ES and Gray has a tough game this wee

Beast mode Matho for me




Cheers guys, discuss your trades in the comments!



  • Ranked 455 and i dont have dangerfield. This week is probably my last chance to get him in. Would it be wise to bring in a $550k mid and use the extra $100k else where?

    • Potentially, if you have issues on your field you need to address then having the extra cash would be good, but if your team is almost finished it would be worth getting Danger.

  • Zaharakis to B Crouch and
    Trengrove to Vince

    Decent trades??

    • Maybe not, Crouch is bound to struggle this week against Geelong so there might be better options at this stage. If possible hold a week on that trade??

  • Serious help needed!!
    Any mid under $581 000, thinking Treloar or Gibbs as they are PODs in my league, and I already have Rocky, Hunter, Titchell, Parker, Neale, Sidey and of course Danger.

  • Do you think Walters score will go up with no Barlow and ballas

  • Parker and LeCars or Deledio
    B.Crouch and LeCars or Deledio
    Which one and which one out of Deleido if he gets up or LeCras would you get?

  • Fellow Stefan Martin owners

    Danger signs ahead – Archie Smith promoted to senior list!!!
    Maybe SM not fully fit???
    Hopefully they won’t play the two together like last time
    Good luck for the run

    • I have 2 separate trade scenarios ready to go. Trengove goes into rucks if Martin doesn’t get up.
      Only positive to hold onto is that Stef still tonne’d up playing 3/4’s with broken ribs.

    • I have Stefan and Archie, but I would 100000% rather Stef to shoulder the ruckwork and Archie stay out of the side

  • Who’s got a better run to the end of the year?!


  • Really torn about what path I should take this weekend

    Last three rooks on the ground are Collins (DEF), Davis (FWD) and Hams (FWD)

    Should I ditch Cox to Archie Smith which frees up enough money to turn Collins into Doc, Kelly or Hodge?
    Or should Davis become Clay Smith and turn Collins into JJ?


  • option 1 downgrade gablett for $$$ and move blakely off bench onto the field. smith > smartin. sets up for a big upgrade next week.
    option 2 gablett > smitchell, smith > smartin

    unsure what’s better at this stage of the season?

  • hey fellas, i have a choice of trade this week and each option will leave 1 rookie on field. do i go monty and archie smith this week. or hodge and menegola?

  • Bring in Zorko, coniglio or monty?

  • Do I bring in B.Crouch or Johanissen?

  • Nice work roy.
    My question this week is it worth having a playing bench ruck man? I have cox on my bench using valuable cash i can use else where. If i downgrade to nais i only gain 100k. This is enough to upgrade smith to jj to finish my backline. If i downgrade him yo a 125k ruck who may not play am i better off? I have 2 spots to fill in my entire team with ruggles still to downgrade. Will that 50k be worth it. Steph and gawn are my r1 r2

  • Give me your thoughts on trade out priorities

    Collins, Davis, Hams, Kerridge (All on my ground)

    I’m thinking 1st to last Davis, Collins, Hams and Kerridge

  • Smedts -> Cowan and Blics -> Martin


    Smedts -> Cowan and Blakely -> B Crouch

  • trade priority out of liberatore, yeo, k.kolo, mcveigh?
    all have fairly easy games this week

  • Parker and LeCars
    Parker and C.Smith
    JPK and LeCars
    JPK and C.Smith
    B.Crouch and gray
    B.Crouch and hall

  • T. Phillips –> Shane Yarran
    J. smith –> Sidebottom

    All i could do with the cash this week?

  • Thinking Atkins down to a $125k throw away M10, and McGovern to Z. Merrett. (Yes, I know, should have had him weeks/months ago…)

    Sorry if already covered, are there any $125k mids set to debut any time soon? Menegola looks good at $127k.

    Was debating whether to flick Atkins or Blicavs. Blics has gone 60/68 since the bye, but has 10 scores 90+. Atkins hasn’t gone under 70 since R7, but only has 1 ton.

    Am I doing the right thing to stick with Blic’s ceiling, or should I bank the reliable 70/80 from Atkins. Whoever I keep will be on the field.

  • Going James Rose down to Shane Yarran on the bench, then Wells to Zorko with 131k in the bank :)

  • archie smith or naismith ????

  • Boyd & S. Mitchell
    Hodge & Parker
    Docherty/Kelly & Treloar

    Struggling to decide, please help choose one combo!

  • Who to field? Bartel or Daniel Well?

  • with aaron hall out, who is a good strong replacement??