Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 16

We are on the home straight and want to bring in players that are capable of finishing the season averaging in the top group for their position over that time. Here are some guys that I think are worth a look:


With a three round average of 105, Toby Greene (FWD/MID, $490,000) certainly has the ability to be a top eight forward over the remainder of the season. Over the last few week, he seems to have really clicked as a half forward, kicking plenty of goals and finding enough of the ball to keep the score ticking over in between. I like his ceiling, with a top score of 141 this year but what is more impressive is the fact that 5 out of his 6 hundred have been over 110. He has a soft draw ahead and carries a break even of 95 leading into this weeks home game against the Pies.

Dayne Zorko (FWD/MID, $552,000) hasn’t been getting the credit he deserves this year, averaging 112, while carrying a three round average of 117. Amazingly he has only dropped under 100 on two occasions this year and they were scores of 89 and 91. His most recent score was 147 against the Eagles and he should be great again against the Suns this week. He is coming off a two week layoff and looks set for a huge finish to the year, whilst carrying a BE of 89.


As flagged last week, Luke Parker (MID, $520,000) was the cheapest player capable of mixing with the tops 8 midfielders over the remainder of the season. He certainly didn’t let his 22% of coaches down against the Dogs with a dominant performance, leading all scorers for the round with 158, backing up beautifully from 140 in his pervious game. He is still cheap considering he has a three round average of 121 and has a BE of 50.

Rory Sloane (MID, $577,000) is arguably the form player of the competition with a three round average of 124 and he has massive scores of 140, 139 and 125 over the last month. His tackling has been a highlight, laying 13 in each of his last two games, while collecting plenty of the ball at the same time. He has a couple of tough games over the next four weeks but apart from that, there are plenty of easy opponents during the run home.


Rory Laird (DEF, $475,000) certainly has the potential to mix it with the best over the remainder of the season and that is justified by his impressive form which includes 2 hundreds in his last three games. As mentioned with Sloane, he has a really good draw, with only a couple of games he may find tough to pump out big scores. He has a break even of 90 leading into his game this week at the Blues at the MCG, a venue he scored 106 at last week.

Zac Williams (DEF, $454,000) is owned by just 4% of the competition and he is the smoky to finish among the elite for the run home. He has a five round average of 92 and has been in sensational for since round 8. I love the look of the Giants draw with the Pies, Lions, Power, Tigers and Suns providing him a points frenzy over the next five weeks.  He is a good price considering his form and draw which is supported by an achievable BE of 80.

Rookie of the round:

If you weren’t one of the 10% of coaches that jumped Jack Silvagni (FWD, $146,000) this is the week to do it. We was great on debut against the Pies with 76 and he lead the game in score involvement which will do wonders for his job security. He has a break-even of -9 and looks the goods in a time where cash cows could well dry up.

Twitter Time:

I like it, Simpson is my pick.

Lots of good names there, Sloane for his run home.

I never consider it complete unless I had all my projected top players on each line… And that’s never going to happen.

Martin is a good pick now he is solo ruck again

Yeah I like it

That’s a great effort mate!


Great trades

Gaff is hard to ignore at that price


Enjoy the return to normality this week and discuss your trades in the comments.


  • Which trade
    Option 1: McGovern>Silvagni Kerridge>Gaff 208k left over to go both Enright and JJ/McVeigh next week
    Option 2: McGovern>Silvagni Wells not playing>Franklin 190k left over to get one of Enright/JJ/McVeigh next week
    Option 3: McGovern>silvagni Mills>Enright
    is 4 players from the same team to many

  • Zaharakis + Reid -> Gaff + Silvagni
    Zaharakis + Cox -> Hannebery + Michael

  • Still no mention of Sam Mitchell, bargain!

    • No doubt a great bargain but with a rest or 2 and $50k less you could get Gaff who regained his confidence in the 2 qtr and will play the whole season with a similar average. I would go Sammy over Sloane and Parker IMO

  • Boyd kelly or laird for josh smith

    • Points wise, you have the right order

      • That’s not really an answer is it

        • It pretty much is, isn’t it?

        • Maybe a better question would get you a better answer!

          – Grovers Guns covers answer if chasing max points per week.
          – If chasing value then Laird prob moves up to #1.
          – If total points to end of season – beware Kelly & Boyd may get another rest – esp Boyd if finals locked in.
          – If a balance then Laird feels the safer long term option

          (I have Kelly & Laird)

          Good luck!

  • Robbie Gray or Aaron Hall!?

    • Hall, based on the easier run home

    • Gray because he is a gun and plays better against good teams and port will play better second half of the season. I do like Hall though.

  • Ablett or Parker for the run home?

    • Ablett. Parker will start to get tagged after a few good performances. It’s only a matter of time before another 50

      • A tag on Parker isnt what worries me its when Longmire for some reason decides to sit him in the forward line for the entire game that his scoring goes down the drain. Both Mitchell and Parker suffer badly when moved out of the centre.

  • Franklin or Greene ?

  • Great write up as per usual, cheers. Looking at going Zaha & Byrnes > Silvangi via Smith to backline DPP * maybe Sloane, Pendlebury or anyone up to 613,000. Already have Dangerfield, Rocky, Ablett, Lewis, Bont, Tom Mitchell in my midfield. Going Silvagni and Sloane leaves me 36,000 for next week. Maybe Zorko?

  • Should i straight swap Kommer for Silvagni. Kommer is just sitting on my bench. Or should i just downgrade petracca for silvagni???????

    • How much do you need the cash? At least Petracca is playing.

      • kinda need the cash. other trade was going to be trading seedsman or wells depending on who plays and who doesnt. couldnt get them out during byes :/

  • Who should i trade first petracca or davis?

  • trading kerridge out…. have 666k in bank —-> who do I get (mid or fwd)

  • Josh smith > jared McVeigh
    Sam kerridge > gaff
    Josh smith> McVeigh
    KERRIDGE- Robbie Gray

    Josh smith , any defender under 460k
    Mckenzie willis > silvagni and make money for following week.

    • Wouldn’t be trading in robbie gray. He has a very tough fantasy run coming up, playing GWS, Haw, Syd and Nth in 4 of his next 5.

      I picked up Gaff last week, and he should average 105 from this point on. Consider.

      Would probably look at option 3. Load up on some money while there is a viable rookie option

  • Thoughts on
    1. Doing a double downgrade of J.Smith and Currie to C.Smith and Silvagni (via DPP) this week, leaving $275K in the bank and 3 rookies on the field this week.

    Alternatives are

    2. Downgrading Currie to Silvagni via DPP, then upgrading Kerridge to Uber promo mid. Leaves 3 rooks on the field, one of which is Silvagni
    3. J.Smith and Currie -> Silvagni and JJ/Z.Williams/Hanley

    Although it might cost me few points short term, I am leaning towards 1 as this is the first week in a long time (and probably for a long time) that there are multiple good downgrade options.

    • Get those rooks of the field! 3 sounds too many at this point – you weill be left with 1-2 of them if hit by injuries/ rests/ suspensions.

  • Jarrad McVeigh and no cash
    Or K Kolo and $100000 in the backline ?

    Cheers all

    • I am doing KK this week as I need a value Def. Lost C Byrne & Zaha’s suspension is a blessing!
      I had McVeigh.
      KK should be solid for 80-85+ with most of GCS defenders back. Hopefully his 99 is a sign of a less accountable role and recovery from his concussion.

      • KK finally looking good, I started with him but had to trade as he was killing my team, might look at him again in a couple of weeks for the D6 possie.

  • Josh Smith & David Zaharakis -> Jack Steven & Sam Menegola(bench cover). Feels like a real win.

  • do i trade zaha or hold him ??

    • wish I could help, I have him also. I also have Kerridge who has basically the same break even and is worth $15k more now. Zaha has increased from rd 1 by $7k but dropped by $110k since the end of rd 8. But, having said that, discarding his rd 8 score of 57, against the roos, his 2 other appalling scores, 27 v freo and 50 v wce were both at Domain, where he doesnt play again. Are his poor scores entirely from him being tagged? or was it the trip West? I dont know. I really dont. He has played interstate 3 other times, 125 at metricon, 112 at Adelaide oval and 122 at SCG. I am thinking I may not trade him, simply because I have other players who need trading, at a similar price. I really doubt this has helped, as I am still confused.

  • How many player from 1 team is to many?

    • Players*

      • Before byes, probably 5.
        Now, as many as you want.

        Sydney has 6 guys (Mcveigh, Titchell, Hanners, Parker, JPK and Buddy) that wouldn’t look out of place in any decent team.

        Brisbane, North, GC, Port on the other hand…

      • 2 in one position is enough or you risk dropping a league game if thst team loses.

  • Wagner > Mcveigh/Williams


    Kerridge > Zorko

    Option 1 leaves mills only rookie on field

    Option 2 assumes Wagner plays and has Wagner and Mills

    • Personally dont agree with people counting rookies and saying they only have one or two yet still have mid pricers who couldn’t get games last year sprinkled through their line up. Upgrade Kerridge to Zorko and upgrade wagner next week. Dont worry about the so called rookie count.

  • whats a better trade?
    1. Davis to Trelaor via Phillips
    2. Davis to parker Via Phillips
    3. Davis to Zorko
    1st trade is cox to Naismith or if one of Pierce or Michael play.

  • Do guys reckon I should bring in coniglo for zaharakis and have 130k left or bring in Sloane/Titch/Pendles with 80k left

    • Sloane for me, he has a good run

      pendles is consistant but sloane can score more

      i’m not 100% sold on titch, has the occasional stinker this year

  • Need help with upgrading my DEF This week

    tossing up between Collins or Wagner out (Wagner named as “test” for knee injury)

    who do i get in to add to my current team of Shaw, Simpson, Laird?

    M.Boyd is my preference but hoping he doesnt get rested end of season, especially now JJ is back

    other options im tossing up between is Kelly, Vince, JJ, Doherty

    I will be looking at getting in another premo DEF hopefully next week with money from downgrading Cox/Currie

  • If Naismith is named do I:

    Trade currie/cox to naismith


    trade davis for silvani?

  • Gday fellas,
    Or Neale?

    • The thing i like about sloane is that he more than any other on your list will be peaking for September action. The others will be winding down for a Bali trip.

  • Docherty, Williams, laird or jj?

    • Docherty for years to come. Lock him in, consistancy is awesome, future leader of the club.

      • Who is the best fantasy option for the rest of the year though

        • JJ. He is a great price and plays under the roof for most of the rest of the season. Lock him in with confidence. also week 18 Luke Hodge will eb a defender. Sell your mother, wife and kids to get him

  • Pick one:
    A. Simpson + Montagna or
    B. Johannsan + Zorko

    Simpson better than JJ and Zorko is better than Montagna but which is the better combo as cant afford the uber combo?

  • Trading petarcca and corringe for silvagni and either A Hall or S Mitchell only got 481k to play with? Any other options. Thinking of A Hall. Can be straight mid of forward to got a bit of dpp I can use.

  • Is boyd in def a good trade in, will he be rested before finals?

    • Peter Boyd should have been brought in after week 5 or 6 when his price was low. There is far too much risk with a rest to feel good about him now. I would look elsewhere..

  • I’m thinking of trading zaharakis to Kane Mitchell, is that too much of a risk??
    Also who should I trade out first- Dea or Menzel
    And to Montagna v franklin
    Laird v Williams

  • Which forward down to silvagni, either tracca, hams, or Davis all on field and then do I upgrade Wagner? Or Davis or tracca! Wagner on bench at the moment

  • Is it better to hop on Zorko over Montagna if I can afford it, given Montagna should stay this price for a while longer?

  • Riewoldt or Greene

    Riewoldt is fantastic on the field but worried age and no finals might mean hes out for the week I really need him

  • I Can get in any MID i want……. Suggestions??

  • Getting rid of kerridge….. what premo player is a must have (666k in bank)

  • Guys need help! I went tracca down to silvagni and feilded him! then went Kommer dpp to Zac Williams! Leaving me with two rookies in forward and back to upgrade

  • whats the major difference between clay smith and jack silvagni????