Round 15 Lockout Chat

Discuss everything AFL Fantasy in the comments over the round.

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


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  • Thanks Luke P. Some light in an otherwise dismal round.

  • So have i missed something guys…is it my mistake or another FU from fanhub….i had mt VC on merrett and was happy so friday i put the C on mathieson (on field but a bye) made sure it was saved…even checked again friday night…today my c has changed back onto steven…wtf…now i know fanhub lie and dont give a shit as proven round 1 so nothing i can do but just wanted to vent and see if this has happened to anyone else..

    • Not me, tho I did the same thing. C still on Mathieson… For now

      • Fair enough mate….I suppose I must of done something wrong…wouldnt be the first mistake I have made…

        • It’s been fickle as fuck this season… Thankfully I’ve managed to dodge the carnage!

  • Walla to Suckling for a gain of 1 point.

    Instead of the other trade I was tossing up between of Parish to Gaff.


    Fuck this shit.

  • FFS – tom Mitchell as Captain and Jack Steven as vc. Rubbish

  • Impossible to believe kicking at goal this RD. These guys are on 300 to 500 k $ a year and cant kick a goal from 20 or 30 metres. Its in the head but coaches are also to blame. If you have 3 shots on goal as a player per game kick 3 goals especially now with the bs exculsion zone’

    • JJ had one shot on goal, and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Go dogs πŸ’ˆπŸ’ˆ

  • If the Lions lose Rockliff they obviously need a key forward. Either Tom Lynch will do but thats fantasy.Who’s available? The obvious target[ and I have to bite my tongue] is Travis Joke.Sign him for 2 years while HIPwood and Schache put on weight and mature.
    Merrett was unwanted by Brisbane and 17 other clubs when he was trade bait ..goodbye.

    • what the heck are you talking about!? If the Lions lose Rockcliff..Tom is fine so quit your nonsense

      • There is talk of Rockliff leaving since the Lions may not be prepared to dish out the $800k a year that he wants.

    • What about J Butcher from Port, just kicked 6 in the reserves haha. Don’t mind his awful kick they somehow keep going through the big sticks haha

  • Thoughts on par this week? A few players going big and a few spuds for sure!

  • Anyone else trade in Parker? <3

  • Parker and Gaff in nxt week Zaha and Kerridge out,easy swaps.

  • Very impressive debut imo by Silvagni so atm I’ll probs be getting him in :D

    • Mitch McGovern to Silvagni locked in for me.

      Bullshit injuries/team selections permitting of course.

    • Me too! I still have Papley on my bench in the fwd line, easy trade

  • what’s par? 1750?

    • I hope not, this round will be my worst of the bye rounds. 1480 with Laird and Frost to go. 1 score to be taken off (lowest score 31 at the moment)

      I think par would be lower than last week. Not many massive premium scores and rookies haven’t scored too well this weekend

    • Ive g9t as many 100s as i d9 40s and 50s and im hoping to make it to 1650.
      Id say par 1600

  • 1491 with laird & jacobs to come

  • With their ceilings they are bold trades to make. I’ll keep upgrading all my on field rookies before I trade guys like Kerridge and Zaha

  • 1296 with Gawn, Vince, Laird, Jacobs to come. hoping for 1700:(

  • Whats the deal with not being able to change captain and vice captain on the app after partial lockout on friday??

    • Bit of a trap that one that a few people discovered last week…unfortunately its also cost me this week….only thing i can think of that caused my captain to revert back to last weeks instead of Mathieson….as a few people advised last week…always best to make your changes on the website not the app…

  • Some real [c] traps this RD…..T Mitchell, Trealor & Abllett.

    • For sure. Especially if people loopholed Merrett and didn’t take the 123.

      • Yes i vc’d merrit, went to finalize team just before lockout, including moving captain off mitchell. No can do. Not the first time the app has cost me points this year.

        • I hear you. Had to log in and out a few times as it just wouldn’t save properly. The app is a piece of shit.

  • Midfield this week: Macrae 69, GAJ 78, Steven 65, Mitchell 62 and Hunter 133. 1229 with 3 to play. 1450 the hope. Goodbye top 300.

    • The bye rounds do this every year… They love fooling with the best made plans

    • Exactly the same as me 1230 with Vince, Laird and Gawn to play. Ablett (C), Zaha, Steven let me down. I forgot to take the C off him and stick with Merrett’s score. I will be scraping to 1500 at best!

  • 1313 with Laird, Sloane, Gawn, and Frost to go.. I was hoping to be into the top 500 but sitting at 862 I have no hope now

  • Luke Parker. Geez. Shoulda listened to the trades and got him in while cheap. Went Vince instead. At least I loopholed Zmerritt over Titch (c)

  • 1266 with Laird, Petracca, Frost and Gawn to come. I had 19 playing this week so Rosa’s score of 2 will be taken out of that score. Seemed to have copped it this week with poor scores from Rosa, Suckling, Titch, Steven, Treloar, Phillips, Montagna, Kerridge and Hams.

  • JJ back for doggies. Worth picking up?

  • Happy with my trades of Gresham>Parker & Reid>Silvagni! This week hopefully upgrade J.Smith to JJ or McVeigh (pending available funds) then I’ll only have Mills as my last rook and can start looking at upgrading guys like kerridge, suckling etc.

  • midfield this week. Steven 65, treloar 75, cotchin 63, ablett 78, ross 67 and davis 62. a rookie nearly scored better than most of my premos this week. been a trash week.

  • Trade Kerridge or Tracca first?