Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 14 #ByeWeek2

This week I am going to look at a few players from various positions that are coming off their bye.


Kade Simpson (DEF, $513,000) After looking tired and completely over it last season, Simmo is having a career year under new coach Brendan Bolton. He has been on fire for the Blues, rebounding off half back and even pushing forward for the odd goal. His marking has been a feature, only dropping below six on one occasion, while reaching double figures twice. He has a five round average of 106 and carries a lowest score of 96 in the last nine games while dropping under that on just one occasion this year.

Sam Docherty (DEF, $517,000) Is another player thriving under Bolton across half back, with marks also a feature, also dropping under six on just one occasion this season. He has been in phenomenal form with a five game average of 109 which includes a hot streak of 5/6 tons, including an impressive 140. The buyer beware with the hot form of these two is that their last five games have been at ES, which is perfect for their role, it will be a lot tougher this week @GWS, but they both still come highly recommended.

Rory Laird (DEF, $478,000) Has bounced back from his injury layoff in impressive form with scores of 96 and 115 in rounds 11 and 12. He is very reliable, scoring 80 or over in seven of his eight games this year and he has a good ceiling with a top score of 136 in round two.  He has a decent month ahead with games against the Roos at AO, before meeting the Dees, Blues and Pies. He is carrying a BE of 85, and is great value while under 500K.


Gary Ablett (MID, $521,000) If you are one of the 65% that don’t own Gaz, it is time to bring him in. He is in outstanding form with a three round average of 121 and this week he faces the Hawks… Sounds scary doesn’t it? Well don’t fear, his numbers against them are through the roof, especially at Aurora where he faces them this week. He has a break even of 76 and should easily continue his three game streak of 120+ scores.

Who doesn’t love a unique superstar to help them win the flag? Adam Treloar (MID, $567,000) is owned by less than 7% of the competition despite his career best average of 110, including a five game average of 112. In the last 9 weeks he has dropped under 100 on just two occasions with a low of 93, while going 115+ in 6 of those games. He has been dominating at the MCG and plays his next two games there against the Dockers and Blues. He has a BE of 133, so won’t be going anywhere price wise but he would be great to have regardless of price.


Sam Jacobs (RUC, $482,000) looks to be back to his best with a five game average of 100 and scores of 134 and 112 in his most recent games. He has a tough match-up with Goldy at AO this week before facing the Dees and Blues who he boasts impressive numbers against.  He has dropped 51K and has a BE of 74.

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Dustin Martin (FWD/MID, $531,000) is a player all serious teams need to have by the end of the season and given his recent form, the sooner the better. He has a five round average of 111 which has included three scores over 120 and an impressive 137 in his most recent hit out. He plays the Lions at the MCG this week and will smash his break-even of 95.

Nick Riewoldt (FWD, $579,000) He comes at a cost and is returning from injury but his five round average of 111 is hard to ignore, especially from a forward. He has seven scores over 110 this season as he fully embraces the role between the wing and forward 50. After playing the Cats this week, he has a very tasty draw which should return some huge scores. He absolutely smashes it at ES and they have seven more games there this season. If cash is an issue, consider Leigh Montagna (FWD/MID, $503,000)

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It certainly has merit if you use the cash wisely. However, Goldy is the best ruck and we haven’t seen Stef score well against a decent ruck for a while, so I would stick to a traditional downgrade/upgrade elsewhere.

Like them all, but I would go with Treloar

Yep, smart move!

Yes mate, as per my weekend wrap on

Considering the byes, Jacobs is a good option

Impressive, but well down the line for me




  • Thoughts on Adams to Laird and McKenzie to Cowan (if playing) +135k??

  • Laird or Hanley?
    Disregarding the byes

  • Definitely undecided on Simmo v Laird.

    Guess it depends on what I can do with that extra $35k vs the potential additional 10 points per round Simmo may bring in.

  • Please help!!!
    Dbj to laird or zara to ablett?
    Can only do one?

    • I’d go 1. DBJ average 65-70 compared to Laird 90-95 is an increase of 25 points

      Zaha will go 100-105 and Gaz about 105-115 so you might get an extra 15 points at best here

      • Really sound logic, zaha is a luxury trade and if he’s your worst mid that’s fine – don’t want to have DJB at the end of the season

      • I’ve gone Zara to ablett (brought in laird last week). the price gap will only get bigger and you get an extra weeks score from Gaz given the byes as well. if you have no other pressing issues, then go for it

    • I would keep Zaha on account of the fact although his average is below that required to be a genuine premo his $ value is just not worth trading in atm. Just in my own current 30 I have 4 players averaging less than Zaha that are worth more $.

      • Just for the record the 4 are Kerridge, Laird, Robbie Gray & Isaac Smith.

      • fair points, but in the midfield you want to be bringing in premos not downgrading (at least for starters), so if you keep zaha and he loses a bit more value you may be stuck with him.

        Whilst Gaz is at a good price and low BE

  • Is Boyd/Simpson/Vince/ Docherty worth the extra 35-40k over Laird? I know Laird is cheap and should average 90-95 from here, but he gets a lot of 80’s and 90’s compared to those first four. Simpson has gone 95+ in 11/12 games for example. Thoughts?

    • Laird might be worth it if u don’t want two players from the same team in the same position with simo and docherty

  • Thoughts on who to upgrade Wagner to looking at a downgrade upgrade this week to finish my team. Currently got Shaw, Laird, Simpson, McVeigh and Docherty.

    Looking at Boyd, Suckling, Williams, Jimmy Bartel, Pittard, Biggs or Enright

    • Hold off a week then trade in Boyd or Vince, no reason to trade a non-playing this week, even if you’re not caring about the byes.

      Use the trade elsewhere for a luxury sideways or generate more cash.

      • That was what i was actually thinking of maybe going a Kerridge/Wells to Zorko/NRoo or going Hunter/Duncan/Hanners to Danger

        I sadly can’t get vince i am in RDT so only those at the start of the year

    • +1

    • Finish your team? No wonder I am ranked 7000.

  • Spewing that I started with Laird, held him through his injury and now every bastard trading him in cheap…FMDT

  • 415k in the bank.

    T.Lee -> Docherty or Laird?
    J.Smith -> T.Phillips (if playing)

    then 256-290k odd in the bank for next week to get in montagna or another premium forward.

    Or should i do forward this week considering i have 3 rookies in fwd line still and only one in back line?
    Help would be great thanks

    • Team at the moment anyway which might help:

      Def: Shaw, J.kelly, Vince, Simpson, McVeigh, Tucker, S.Collins, T.Lee
      Mid: Steven, Rocky, Ablett, Hunter, Hannebery, T.Mitchell, Pendles, Blakely, C.Wagner, J.Smith
      Rucks: Gawn, Blicavs, Cox, Currie
      Fwd: Dusty, Z.Merrett, Kerridge, S.Reid, W.Hams, R.Davis, McCarthy (still), J.Short

  • petracca/libba -> ablett/cotchin/laird
    wagner -> laird

    option 1 gives me 8 playing in the mid and 6 playing in the back whereas option 2 gives me 7 and 7 (assuming broad gets named)

  • Should I trade Wagner or Harwood first ?

    • get rid of harwood this week as wagner has the bye. that will give you one extra on the paddock this week and an extra next week

      • +1 and even if you get stuck with Wagner because of forced trades due to injury suspension etc, Wagner is serviceable and good for 70+.

  • Really tossing up between Ablett and Treloar now.
    Already have Hannebery, Rockliff, Ward, Priddis, Selwood and Dangerfield.

    Treloar could be a good POD in my team when trying to win games but Ablett has some good runs on the board.


  • thoughts? either DBJ-docherty, hartley to cheap rook and $110k
    or Walters-montagna and DBJ – Hanley $18K.?

  • Will Selwood and Hunter be top 10 midfielders?

    • On average or total points?

      For total points through the whole year both are possible, especially as Joel is super durable and can do it even with a 100-105 average.

      For average through the whole year, Selwood no – Hunter quite possible.

      Between now and end of the season anyone is possible, thing with owning Selwood is he scores in runs and goes cold in streches too. Trick is to get him at the right point for <$500k and ride a 5 week average of 130. Always manages to average around 102-106 even when he has dips or awesome runs.

  • Sammy mitchell or dusty???

  • The real question with Laird is will he average more points than Kelly from here? Kelly has been a gun so far.

    Already have Shaw, Simpson and Vince in the backline, and deffs planning on bring in Boyd. Last two spots are probably between Kelly, Laird and Docherty

  • Hey Lads, need some advice. Haven’t had the best year with injuries and suspensions but here is my team. I have 207k. Looking at double upgrading. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance:

    DEF: Shaw, Vince, Suckling, Dea, DBJ, Tucker (Mohr, Austin)
    MID: Dangerfield, Treloar, Rockliff, T.Mitchell, S.Mitchell, Davis, J.Smith, Sumner (Mathieson, Jansen)
    RCK: Goldy, Martin (Currie, A.Smith)
    FWD: Riewoldt, Merrett, Hall, Walters, Wells, Kerridge (Hams, Howard)

    Thanks again.

    • DBJ could be moved on, has the bye and has probably maxed out. Laird, Simpson, Docherty all great options off the bye. Not sure how much that leaves you with but you could perhaps do Walters to Dusty who I believe is a must heading into the second half of the season. Some doubt around Wells so keep an eye on that too, could even do him to Dusty if he misses a few. I’m not sure 207k would quite be enough to trade two rookies. Can you help below? Cheers

    • you can’t double upgrade with 207k in bank.

  • Thoughts?

    Adams to Laird and McKenzie (WCE) to Hammelmann +140k


    Adams to Laird and McKenzie to Cowan (if named) +135k

  • Hey guys, is it worth keeping Nic Nat until after bye round 15 then get Blicavs?

  • ok guys need some advice: got 7 forwards and need to plan for next weeks bye. so I was planning trading mid to forward via dpp. this way I can trade for a premium who has a bye this roud which helps me out for next week essentially giving me an extra trade.

    I was planning going:

    wells and either libba/ bont to Simpson/ Docherty/ laid and Robbie Gray

    any other suggestions or who is the best option?

  • Anyone think Hall can come back and average 105-110? Thinking of bringing him in for Tippa. Or better to wait a week and grab Merrett? Hall about 50k cheaper

  • Thinking DJB to Laird and M Duncan to Pendlebury. Is it too soon to upgrade Duncan?

  • Hey guys, thoughts on these options…?

    1. Harwood -> Hammelman & Dea -> Laird
    – 220k remaining

    2. Petracca -> Phillip & Harwood -> Laird
    – 190k remaining

  • Dbj or wagner? Who would you trade? Either are going to be downgrades And cash spent upgrading harwood to either Simpson or a gun mid

  • is T phillips a must?

  • Ruggles to Kade Kolo?
    Will upgrade Dan Howe to Simpson or Laird next week.
    Other trade is Zaha to Ablett.
    Thanks guys.

  • Thoughts on trades for fantasy DBJ to Laird and Biggs to Simpson any feedback would be appreciated Thanks in Advance

  • If T.Phillips -> J.Smith is my first trade I will have 565k left.

    Then would it be better to go T.Lee -> Docherty this week


    L.McCarthy -> Montagna and then do the other one next week.

    or does it not really matter who i do first?

  • Have 206K in the bank
    DEF: Vince, Bartel, Shaw, Tippa, Laird, Byrne-Jones (hartley, Adams)
    MID: Hunter, Gibbs, Rockliff, Neale, Blakely, Merrett, Hopper, Martin (Jansen, Hewett)
    RUC: Goldstein, Gawn (Cox, Currie)
    FOR: Kerridge, Wells, Wingard, McCarthy, Petracca, Phillips (Kommer, Kennedy)

    Need to upgrade forwardline not sure what trades to make though

  • Is it a partial lockout this week? The FAQ on the Fantasy site lists the partial lockouts but doesn’t include this week. I would have thought the Crows / Roos game on Thursday night would have been a partial lockout game.

  • mitch duncan or toby greene????

  • Lads, I’m torn and need help…

    Cotch or Martin?!?!?!

    Dusty has a couple loooooow scores but has a massive top end whereas Cotch is far more consistent but could cop a tag or 2 for the rest of the year…

    • Dusty for mine, I bought him in this week given Zorko is now out, hopefully will get Zorko back after the bye. Dusty seems to be over his Daddy issues and hitting form.

  • Simpson or Laird?! Keep second guessing myself here. I like Laird’s run home & price tag (although terrible weather in Adelaide tonight), Simpson has the consistency.

    Placing in the top 1000 so feel it’s a pivotal decision