The Friday Scramble: Round 13 – Bye Week 1

FridayScrambleWell we finally got here.  The bye rounds.  But remember this is a marathon not a sprint.  For me I look at the bye period as a three week challenge to fully upgrade my team as much as I can and to improve my overall ranking as much as I can.  And if you have been planning for the bye weeks you should be able to do both of those things.  Like I have said, I am usually a meticulous planner for the byes but this year I haven’t been as well planned.  So I am winging it a bit this year, mainly because it is a bit later than normal.

Bye Thoughts

One of the things we all need throughout the bye period is a bit of luck, and with the injuries from last week that got just a little bit harder!

There will be a lot of people giving advice on the bye rounds, and yes I am one of them, but one of the things that I will be very careful of during the byes is that any player I trade in, particularly the downgrades, must be a huge chance to be playing right through the byes.  There is no point bringing someone in that has questionable job security in R13 as when you need them in R14 or R15 whichever they are playing in, they may not be there and that will hurt you again.

Sideways trading for a one week injury / bye is always risky and it can be even more risky in the bye period in the limited trade version of the game.  All trades at this stage should be focused on improving your team. Obviously guys like Nic NatTippett and Dahlhaus all need to be traded out though as they are all out for a long time.

Selection Dramas!

So not only do we have the guys I have mentioned above out this week we have had some other issues at the selection table presented to us.

How many of you were relying on Lycett to be your knight in shining armor this week?  Well the fact that he has been dropped doesn’t help you a great deal!  Just whilst we are talking rucks, something that might actually help us is that Trent West has been dropped, so for those of us with Stefan Martin that is a great sign.  We all know he plays much better without Trent in the side.  Another ruck issue with Mumford out with an ankle issue.

Marcus Adams returns this week as does Sam Mitchell.  Also we have rookie George Hewett back, but I am sure most have traded him out by now.  Tippa is back for the Bombers as we thought and Hartley finally returns also.


Agreed that he probably won’t be a top 8 forward, however, he is looking good at the moment.  Trading him will be a matter of timing for you and when it works best for you.  I plan to leave him as one of my final upgrades given he is doing so well.  As for Zorko he has been very good.  The only concern that you might have about him would be the scoring with the return of Rocky.  Having said that, I still like Zorko.  So, I make this trade, but as one of my last upgrades.

Umm  first thing would be pray for a miracle?  And if that doesn’t work look for the delete my team button?
Seriously though, you just need to think your way through this.  Both of these guys have R14 byes, and the fact this has happened before the byes start is probably a good thing.  What I would recommend doing is trading one now and then another next week.  This is of course all dependent on the amount of cash you have.  So the one you trade this week would be a R14 or R15 bye player so they play this week, then the second trade would be a R13 player.

I say yes.  In AF, Biggs has a higher BE and he also does in RDT.  I don’t worry so much about that when trading in the bye period though (but when it works out it is a complete bonus).  I am more worried about making sure that my bye structure is working and that I am maximizing players on the field.

Things To Remember

  • Adel, Carl, Coll, GCS, Rich and Stk all have their byes this week, so obviously move them to the bench and get your other guys on the field.
  • Only the guys on the field will actually score for you (except in the standard donut/emergency setting).  So make sure you have that working properly.
  • In Supercoach, all those on byes don’t lockout until the start of the last game of the round so you can move/trade/use them for VC Loophole right up until the start of the last Sunday game.
  • All trades this week must have the next two weeks in mind.
  • Make sure you have a plan B.  As we have seen this week, not everyone will always be available.

Hopefully you can negotiate your way through the next few weeks successfully.  Just remember it isn’t only you that might be struggling to get the 18 on the field.  As our mates at FootyRhino say, two out of three ain’t bad, so aim to win at least two of your league matches in this period (in RDT and SC where league matches are still going).  But most importantly, don’t drop the ball as you will certainly be able to improve your ranking with a few good weeks when others are struggling.  Catch you all next week, @pkd73



  • Would I be right in saying, Reid is safest downgrade option for a fwd, scored well first up and in side pre bye rounds. obviously a lot of changes over these bye rounds to give some players 2 weeks rest where they can.

  • should I trade Mathieson or hewett?

    • Hewett is named – albeit on extended Sunday bench – check final teams before lockout.
      If still named then he stays – you need to keep playing players thru byes.
      Matheson is not a certainty to return anytime soon.

      Matheson goes first I say.

  • Hams or Wagner?

  • Good onya Dunny!

    Here’s how I think my team will go during byes… Is this ok?
    My structure is currently 7-12-11 after getting gray and reid in with Mathieson and Curry not playing.
    So this week I have 20 playing with struggles stuck on the bench.
    next week I ditch 2x rd 14 (probs petracca and tipper) for laird and some one else from rd 13 =20 with 2 not playing so 18…
    Rd 15 I drop 2 of struggles, Mathieson, Reid (GWS) or Stef and pull in any rd 13 or 14 players and have 21 with 1 or 2 not playing should be 19 or 20….
    Does this sound ok or should I really try to get a rd 13 player in instead of gray to even things up?
    Many thanks for any input! 😀

    • Currie may be back next week

      • And if he is, his break even is -27!!! Lots of money to make. If he gets enough games you could just about sideways trade him for a fallen premium

    • Who did you drop four Reid/Gray?
      Who are you 2 that will not play in R14? …and R15? Hopefully you are not trading some possible players this week.

      You are obviously a bit R13 heavy – and run the risk of falling tight or short for R14/15.
      All it takes is a key injury (or 2) and this plan goes up in smoke.
      I would make sure you can grab 2 x R13 premo guys next to boost your team thru R14/15.

      I did the same shuffle – skipped getting Gray this week for Hams so I can do double R13 upgrade next week.

      • …reading your post again – sounds like Matheson & Currie out for Gray/ Reid.

        As Tbd says – keep Currie -he should be back next week. But Only if you can use him in Ruck in R14 & R15.

        Matheson stlll has a slim chance of playing next week. But he can go.

        What other options do you have…

      • Hey fellas thanks for the replies!
        I dropped mason redman and josh smith this week for gray and Reid. Redman was a mistake I’m happy to be rid of… I guess I could keep smith as he is a rd 13 bye?

  • Need help. Which one to trade in: Ablett, Dusty Martin or Rocky? Can I trust injury prone Gazza & Rocky? As I currently have 22 playing this week Gazza & Dustin work brilliantly for my bye structure. Rocky doesn’t but his recent performance and be make him the juiciest option.

    • Really all 3 are great premoiums and youd be unlucky to go wrong with any of them…..BUT Rocky has averaged 163 the last fortnight and remembering runs he has made before like late last year he could average 150+ for the next month…hard to compete without him…

  • I can C. Daniel waving goodbye while I get on the Hams train.

    That leaves me with Keay and Ham soup on the forward bench.

  • Which one should I trade out – Bennedy or Tippa? Both named late in the extended bench and too many R14 forwards. The other will go next week.

  • Who to drop this week? Byrne, harwood or smith (collingwood) thinking of downgraded to tucker? Don’t get much cash for dropping byrnes. Is this a good option for little cash. Or is there a cheaper option. Already have reid and hams

  • hopefully Trent west stays in the reserves, every time i watch the bloke i keep trying to work out what the hell they’re trying to achieve with him in the team. NOTHING. i honestly can’t see what position this guy would be successful in. time to put that experiment to bed and now return to big STEFAN roaming the ground!!!

  • What premo defender should I trade smith for?
    already have shaw, Simpson and vince

  • Okay guys, what should I do?

    1, Kerridge & Smith > Reid & Pierce (Frost to Fwd)

    2, Smith & Mills > Reid & Hams

    3, Kerridge & Smith > Reid & Hams

  • Reid or Hams? Is Hams worth the extra $$$?

    • Hams is worth the extra cash imo.

      He has the lower BE of the 2. (-7 vs 5)

  • Pick 2: Reid, Rose, Hipwood, Hams. (leaves 100-225k in the bank)

  • Hams then Reid
    (Read Jeppa’s article)

  • Thoughts on Wagners JS? Need him to play throughout the byes but Andrew Swallow might come in for him next week.

  • DMac > Wagner and Smith > Tucker +164k


    DMac > Wagner and Smith > Austin +249k

    Tucker way better JS but Austin gives me like 85k more

  • Which 2 should go first between Sumner, McCarthy, Cox, Cameron & Mathieson.

    I am looking at trading Sumner to Hams and McCarthy to Reid and need to try to cash in this week. Hoping Mathieson will play soon and will look to downgrade either Cox or Cameron next week if any cheap rucks or defenders are named.

    Any help appreciated.

  • Please rename this article to “The Friday Regurgitation”.

  • Good article, is Byrne for hams and daulhaus for Sam Mitchell with 137k in bank a good trade?

  • My first trade is Tippa down to Tucker banking $100k. Was (still am) tempted to go Austin but Jeppa reckons his JS is poor and is on borrowed time when Hombsch and Jonas return

    2nd trade I’m stuck, but keen to increase the war chest for next week.
    Currently have 21 playing this week with the likes of Mills, J Smith, Frost, Mathieson, Ruggles on the chopping block

    Any suggestions? Reid is an option but I can only bring him in for Mathieson, which banks $50k. Trading one of Mills or Smith will give me the most cash but who for??

    Already own Hams/Collins

    Planning on getting Laird and Ablett next week


    • Can you move some players around to trade Smith/Mills for Reid? That will give you the most cash in any event?

      • Unfortunately not! Can’t see much value in defence this week as double downgrade

        I could go Smith to Laird this week which leaves me with no cash, then trade Mills down to facilitate Ablett next week??

        I’ve also got Dunkley but don’t think he’s ready to go just yet

        • Keep Dunkley. Doesn’t on the face of it make much sense to bring in someone who isn’t playing this week but if it suits bye structure go for it.

          • cheers, at this stage i’ll either go down to Austin (shaky JS but might be good for a few weeks) OR trade J Smith to Laird. If not this week, then next round when he’s playing

  • Smith or Byrne first too go? And best premo under 500k was thinking Mitchell or Zara

  • Okay fellas, I’m upgrading West this week. Thoughts on going to Gawn, or Stef for a bit of a risk? He’s value @392k.

    • Gawn is a set and forget, can’t go wrong. Can’t bring Martin in on his current form (and I’ve been an owner all season, argh).

    • Go stef for value. JL announced west came in too give stef a 4 week break and now he will go bakc into ruck dominate and depleted west coast. hell go 120+

  • Hams and Z.Merrit in i think this week out Tippa and Brown

  • D: Shaw, Vince, Rich, Suckling, Harwood, Collins (Docherty, Laird)
    M: Neale, Hannebery, Titch, Duncan, Rockliff, Blakely, Hopper, Reid (Mathieson, Sumner)
    R: Martin, Jacobs (Cox, Currie)
    F: Z.Merrett, Wells, McCarthy, Barlow, Kent, Petracca (Martin, Kerridge)

    Went: Mills and Menadue –> Laird and Reid

    21 playing.

    Any other decent trade options in there?

  • I’m burning my 4th ruck position to make some cash – but who goes, Cox or Currie?

    Currie is listed as being 1 week away and was outscoring Cox when he was playing, Cox also seems to have maxed out in price.


    • Cox easily. It’s what I’m doing.

      • That’s exactly my thoughts, except for some reason Warnie, Roy and Calvin mentioned trading Currie both in the live chat last night and the video this morning.

        • There’s no reason to just accept every idea/opinion The Traders (or anyone else) give out – yes, they’re pretty well-informed and thoughtful commentators but they’re not perfect and they do get it wrong sometimes! If you’ve considered the pros and cons of a trade then, unless they give supporting reasons or info you weren’t aware of, you should trust yourself to make the right coach’s decision even when The Traders think otherwise. Fortune favours the bold!

  • Would u consider Bailey Williams as a downgrade option?

  • Thoughts on MacPherson > Wagner and Smith > Austin +249k


    MacPherson > Wagner and Smith > Tucker +164k

    Not sure which one because I think Tucker will average more and have better JS but, Austin is 85k cheaper which leaves more money for my next weeks trade to Laird.


  • Cash: $34K
    DEF: Shaw, Vince, Simpson, Wagner, Byrne-Jones, Smith (Collins, Harwood)
    MID: Dangerfield, Hannebery, T.Mitchell, Zaha, Steven, Hunter, Lewis, Blakely (Jansen, Macpherson)
    RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Currie, Cox)
    FWD: Merrett, Hall, Montagna, Martin, Kerridge, Wells (McGovern, Hams)

    Thoughts on trades? I’m think of going
    1.) McGovern to S.Reid and Smith to Laird or
    2.) McGovern to S.Reid and MacPherson (downgrade)
    Also could get Rocky in for Blakely but Blakely has been good lately. Or other trades.

  • looking to move De Goey in a downgrade:

    Reid or Hams?

    I think Hams has higher scoring potential but do I want to pocket the extra 60k… other trade is Wagner down to Ashby.


  • DEF: Shaw, Vince, Docherty, J. Smith, Byrne, Harwood (Lee, Ruggles)
    MID: Titch, Dangerfield, Pendles, Ablett, Hunter, Zaha, Duncan, Rocky (Gresham, Mathisen)
    RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Currie, Cox)
    FWD: Dusty, Kerridge, Montagna, R. Gray, Suckling, Davis (Paine, McGovern)

    Looking to double down this week for some $$$

    Lee -> Reid (Suckers DPP)
    Paine -> Naismith????? Will he get named?

    • Good trades.
      I’m looking to bring in Naismith (if named) cheap as chips and with Tippett out for a while should have decent JS, but is also fighting for a spot with Nankervis and Derickx and if he has one bad game could be dropped anyway.

  • Contrary to what the great Jeppa is recommending, would you burn your D8 and bring in someone like Austin who has shaky JS but very cheap right now at $157k??

  • Trade in Corey Wagner or Austin?

  • will Robbie Gray be a top 6 forward?