Ripe for the Picking – Say Good-‘Byes’ to Your Worries!

2016byesHey Fantasy players, how are we all feeling going into these byes? I’d like to quickly start by apologising for the lateness of this article. I managed to break my old laptop which meant I had nothing to write this on but I have since gotten myself a new laptop (which is awesome!). I’ve also had my University exams getting in the way (I know, life sucks right) but they are over and I am here to help you through your byes! So, without further ado, I bring you the players who are ‘Ripe for the Picking’ through the byes.

I have structured this into three separate sections – one for each bye round. The idea is that you should be using these three rounds to build up a bit of cash and have your team close to full (not complete but full) of premiums by the end of it. There are plenty of cheap premiums to pounce on throughout these byes and I’ll do my best to list them for you. As it is the byes options are scarce so I will provide what I can for each position for each bye, there won’t be a ‘5 To Consider’ like I usually do. Please also note that the options given aren’t players that have that particular bye but rather the players you should be looking to bring in during that bye round.

Round 13

Byes – Adelaide, Carlton, Collingwood, Gold Coast, Richmond and St Kilda.


Zachary Williams ($445,000 BE 73) – Okay, so I mentioned this bloke in my last article but seriously, get around him. I’m trying to load up on a couple of Round 15-ers this week with a couple of Round 13-ers in mind for next week and Zac will be coming in this week for SO many reasons. His draw! Essendon, Carlton, Bye, Collingwood, Brisbane. Yes, that’s right. This bloke playing for a top 8 side has three of the bottom five sides and a Carlton side (that just got smashed by St Kilda) at home. That’s got me excited. Honestly, absolutely crazy run. Not only that, but Z-Will has a last 5 of 100.2 and he actually looks like his tendencies to have a shocker are diminishing with every week (wait for him to pump out a 10 disposal 30 points this week now). He also still has a 3.19% ownership, WHAT THE HELL?! I don’t even want to write this article because he’s too good to pass up and I have to tell you all about him. Thank god you aren’t all in my leagues. Lock and load. Seriously, get around him.

Jimmy Bartel ($496,000 BE 95) – I’ve actually underrated James thoroughly after him burning me earlier this season. He is so consistent and he just loves floating around the ground and popping up for a +6 when you least expect it, whether it be up forward or down back. He has a nice draw coming up with the Bulldogs and Saints before his bye and Sydney (at home) and Fremantle after his bye. If you need a set and forget option this round then J-Bart is definitely the man to go for as Boyd, Kelly and Vince all have the Round 14 bye and Heater is still priced ridiculously high and is likely to be unreachable for most people. He’s averaging 91 all up and hasn’t gone below 90 since Round 5, need I say more? Jimmy will most likely be a Top 6 Defender so keep him on your radar for the whole season.

Grant Birchall ($400,000 BE 51) – Third option, if you don’t have the cash to get to Williams then Birch is an alright option and here’s why. Grant hasn’t been his old self this year (or last year for that matter) but he still goes quietly about it, averaging about 80. The problem is that Hawthorn have so many left foot dead-eyes that Birch isn’t depended on as much anymore and it costs him possessions. Last week Birch had 112 against Essendon, so probably about 92 against any other team, add to that an 82 against Melbourne and an 87 against Brisbane and he’s been doing alright albeit against dud opposition. However, his next 5 isn’t anywhere near as appealing with Gold Coast being the only team that consistently gives up a few points. My reasoning for Birch being here is that there aren’t many defenders you can rely upon weekly. Yes, Birch pumps out the odd 60 but so do most of the premium selections we have on offer. Plus, by his bye round, Birchall could have made you an extra $30k easily. I’m not saying it’s a low-risk strategy or even a good one, but it’s food for thought.


Sam Mitchell ($463,000 BE 97) – Sorry guys but there isn’t much in the way of value in the mids this round, but that’s okay because there is plenty on the way! This bloke is really the only one that I would consider, possibly Mitch Duncan ($493,000 BE 91) or Jack Trengove ($335,000 BE 52) but Duncan seems to be fluctuating a bit in price these days and Trengove is very expensive in Fantasy considering he could be a bust. SMitch is perfect value, and I’m still weighing up whether to get him this week or not. If I don’t get him this week, then I will have to wait until after his Round 15 bye which will mean missing out on an enormous score against Gold Coast in Round 14. After the bye Hodgey should be back which will give Mitchell a bit more freedom as opposition teams will have to try and shutdown both of the Hawks’ veterans. He came back to some sort of form in Round 11 against Melbourne with a solid 109 whilst receiving a Vince tag in the first half but it is still not the same as the scores he was pumping out before teams realised he was the player winning Hawthorn games and decided to shut him down. He’s also a big chance to be one of those players that get a two-week rest before the bye, missing the Gold Coast game down here in Tassie, but I’m not sure Hawthorn can afford to do that with Gold Coast getting some players back and finding some form whilst also coming off the bye. It is seriously a huge 50-50 for me here and I’m not sure which way to go. Uncertainty is never great during the byes so maybe it’s a miss but, if he starts producing 150’s again then we’re all going to be scrambling to find room for the extractor himself to fit into our midfields.


Stefan Martin ($392,000 BE 106) – I say it week in, week out, but there truly isn’t a heap of value in this position. Tippett and NicNat are injured, Lycett has been spudding it up, Jacobs, Grundy and Mumford (and to a lesser extent Kreuzer) are serviceable but three have the bye and all four are susceptible to an off day. Tom Nicholls has been okay since coming back in but I think we’re all hoping for Dan Currie to come back and you can’t really afford to have both. If you don’t already have Jackson Trengove then his Round 14 bye and price make it difficult to justify bringing him in. Tom Hickey has also been great in patches but not consistent enough to set and forget so just forget instead. There’s seriously nothing going on in this department, you either have Goldy, Gawn or Blicavs, or you will be ranked outside the top 30,000 by the end of byes. However, this man could be back. Old mate Stef has absolutely destroyed the Fantasy world this year, showing everybody how stupid it is to spend so much money on a ruckman. Not only that but he was actually poor enough that he forced Leppa to bring in Trent West to help him out, and then he got worse! The good news could possibly be that West could be dropped this week. He hasn’t been good either and Brisbane are blooding their youth in Eric Hipwood who is bang on 200cm tall. While Eric won’t do much (if any) of the ruckwork, Brisbane aren’t going to drop Schache to make way for him and it’s not like West has been anywhere near the standard of an AFL ruckman, so my bet is Brisbane drop him let Stefan go about his business once again. If this happens, and only if, consider Stef as a downgrade for Tippett or NicNat as it could mean the return of our big bad premo. Possibly. Maybe. Or he could just keep being pathetic, I don’t think I even care about him anymore.

Please Note – This will be the last time I mention the rucks as there isn’t enough to write three different paragraphs on ruckman. Round 14 sees Sauce Jacobs return which could be a viable option but I still think you need a Goldy/Gawn/Blicavs combo. If you have any other ruckman you want to consider post a comment and I’ll try my best to answer.


Isaac Smith ($461,000 BE 83) – One of the three speed demons on the Hawthorn team and the only one who can competently dispose of the ball on a consistent basis, or at all for that matter (thanks Brad Hill). Gaining forward status has made Smith a bit more fantasy relevant. He’s gone below 90 only four times this season, 89, 81, a 39 when Hawthorn got demolished by GWS and a 63 in their Round One loss to Geelong. Issy accumulates the pill a lot and he’s always exciting to watch so it’s not a bad choice picking him in your team, especially for this price. He also loves a sausage roll or two which pads his scores even more and would be one of the reasons for his forward status. Even with a sub-40 score, Smithy is still averaging 90 and he should be good for about that for the rest of the season, possibly slightly more. The real kicker is his 2.2% ownership meaning you can get a 90 every week that barely any other team will get. Strongly consider.

Michael Barlow ($485,000 BE 100) – He’s back, or at least he seems to be. With a last three average of 97, Barlow has shown Ross Lyon how stupid he was for dropping him and helped Fremantle snag their first two wins of the season. Unfortunately, those three scores have been against very lowly opposition and Barlow seems to be taking on some sort of strange tagging role which just proves to me that Ross Lyon has gone crazy and doesn’t care about this season anymore. The good news is that Fremantle have Port Adelaide and Collingwood before their bye which are two teams that traditionally give up a heap of Fantasy points. We all know Barlow can bring his own Sherrin to a game when he’s on (and when he doesn’t have to “tag” or whatever it is you can call what he’s doing), so he’s probably worth the risk, especially at $30k below his starting price. Shouldn’t be a Top 6 Forward by the end of the season due to all the nonsense Fremantle are making him put up with, but he definitely has the ability to be if he is given a free run at it.

Mitch Robinson ($472,000 BE 70) – The new Ryan Crowley, except he can actually get a disposal himself. The only good game-plan Brisbane have put into effect all season is turning Robbo into a shutdown player. The ginger beast was made for this role; he hits so hard that by the third quarter the guy he’s playing on doesn’t even want the ball. Not only does he effectively shut down pretty much anybody he’s sent to, but he also racks up disposals. I have him in my Ultimate Footy team and he’s extremely dependable. Not only does he have a 99.3 last three average and 2.48% ownership but Brisbane also have a great Fantasy run for the rest of the season with plenty of point-allowing teams left to play. As with Zorko and Rocky, it doesn’t matter who Brisbane play or how badly they lose, these three will always do their best to hit the Fantasy scoreboard.

Round 14

Byes – Essendon, Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Sydney, West Coast and Western Bulldogs.

As the byes go on, you want to aim to bring in players who have already missed, so in Round 14 try and bring in players who had the bye in Round 13, same as Round 15 aim for any Round 13 and 14 players you want.


Rory Laird ($478,000 BE 84) – Both Sam Docherty ($517,000 BE 102) and Kade Simpson ($513,000 BE 91) are must haves that come off the Round 13 bye, and if you don’t have them then get them, both are absolutely killing it coming off 114 and 117 respectively. Seriously, last week Carlton didn’t even look like they wanted to go forward, they just all chipped it to each other across the halfback line and my eyes were +6’s every time Docherty got the ball. It was beautiful. But Lairdy looks to be back after his toe injury, smashing out a lazy 96 and 115 in his two games back. Adelaide also have a great run home, playing Collingwood, Essendon, Brisbane and Fremantle between Rounds 17 – 21 is an especially juicy patch, and plenty of home games along the way helps. Adelaide also proved they’re the real deal beating West Coast at Domain which is a huge feat. Laird is a great upgrade target to aim for in Round 14, I know I’ll be going for a double upgrade and he is definitely on my list.


Gary Ablett Jnr ($521,000 BE 74) – The son of god lost his powers there for a little while, but now he’s back and with style, notching up 3 consecutive 120+ scores and he absolutely tore it up on the weekend. I watched parts of the game and it was the GAJ show, he was everywhere and he looked like he actually wanted the pill, unlike pre-rest Gaz who looked lost and scared whenever he got anywhere near the ball. Gold Coast also play St Kilda, Brisbane, Fremantle, Essendon and Collingwood before the end of the season and Junior is already an absolute legend, he should actually average 120 for the rest of the season. Don’t miss out on Gary at this price if you don’t already have him, I traded him out and I’m hoping the Fantasy Gods bless me this week so that I can do a GAJ/Laird upgrade next week, so exciting!


Leigh Montagna ($503,000 BE 120) – Joey has seven 100+ scores. That’s right, SEVEN! Add to that scores of 98 and 99 (practically tons) and you’ve got to wonder why he’s priced so low. Well, it’s because of the 36 he had two rounds ago that’s still sitting there in his price equation for the next two weeks, hence the BE of 120. Great news though! Joey will be even lower in price come Round 15! Bring him in if you want for Round 14 but you can wait until Round 15 and get him a little cheaper, possibly below $500k! He’s not unique but he will be in the Top 10 Forwards come the end of the season so you can’t afford to not have him really, especially as St Kilda have a fairly Fantasy-friendly run home and, even when they play the difficult teams, that doesn’t seem to bother Joey. Definitely get him in the next couple of weeks if you want value.

Matthew Wright ($413,000 BE 69) and Dale Thomas ($409,000 BE 69) – Both of these blokes are very similar to the aforementioned Grant Birchall in the fact that they’re consistently around the 80 mark and capable of something bigger. Both of them play off the half-forward line and push up on the wing to get disposals and both of them dominated the Saints last game. Carlton’s last four games are against St Kilda, Brisbane, Melbourne and Essendon and these two seem to tear below average teams to shreds. They’re not keepers but they’re definitely worth watching and keeping in mind, especially coming towards the end of the season. They’re not for me but they’re value and going to average 80 for the rest of the year so, if you don’t have the money to get to a keeper but need to get rid of a bleeding cash-cow, these are fair options.

Round 15

Byes – Brisbane, Fremantle, GWS, Geelong, Hawthorn and North Melbourne.


Bernie Vince ($509,000 BE 71) – So Bernard had a huge Round 12 game against Collingwood, and that’s even worse for non-owners than the fact that they didn’t get to bask in the glory of his 134. Due to his Round 14 bye, the price rise Bernie gets from his 134 and the previous 120 against Hawthorn will have to wait another week which means he won’t be anywhere near as much value as he is right now. Vince is relishing some extra time in the midfield, originally gained through the Viney suspension and apparently Roos likes having the ex-crow in there because it seems he’s there to stay, and with 42 disposals why not? Bernie will be a Top 6 Defender which is why I’m annoyed at him having a Round 14 bye instead of a Round 13 bye. Hopefully, come Round 15, I can find a way to get Bernard into my backline.

Jasper Pittard ($435,000 BE 66) – Pittard is another one of my Ultimate Footy team and I almost traded him a couple of weeks ago only for him to keep on absolutely killing it. Averaging almost 89 and owned by just under 5% of the competition, I like the fact he’s a PoD and I love his consistency, going under 75 once all season. I don’t really understand why Pittard isn’t owned by more of the competition, it kind of reminds me of a lower-scoring Sam Docherty. I still have a lot of mistakes to fix in my team but, if I get them all sorted, Pittard is definitely on my radar.


Lachie Neale ($564,000 BE 145) – Okay, now here’s one I love. Lachie Neale had a shocker against Brisbane on the weekend and came up with a sub-60 score after receiving the Robbo tag. Now Neale actually has the Round 15 bye so you can’t actually pick him up for Round 15 (well you can but that wouldn’t be very clever) but in Round 16 after the byes Neale is going to be at a perfect price to snap up and is pretty much a must-have. I don’t really need to provide any stats, this bloke should definitely be a Top 8 Midfielder by the end of the year, as long as nothing drastic happens. 108.2 avg, 8 tons, a 99 and a 98, 4 x 125+, it’s a no brainer. Make sure you’re planning ahead people, don’t screw your team around too much with the byes.

Adam Treloar ($567,000 BE 131) – Treloar is in exactly the same boat as Neale except he will be ready for Round 15 provided he gets a normal score in Round 14. After a “lowly” 93, Treloar’s price is as low as it probably ever will be for the rest of the season. He has the Round 13 bye which means his BE of 131 won’t come into effect until Round 14 but I don’t think he will achieve much lower than that. Heck, he is definitely capable of actually making his 131! His low score is 85, that’s right, not his average, his lowest score this year is an 85. He has 8 tons, three 90 scores and an 85 and he’s owned by 6.46% of teams. That’s just silly people. This is the cheapest he will ever be and we should all be looking at getting these sort of consistent premos in our midfield, especially by Round 15.

Tom Mitchell ($557,000 BE 88) and Dan Hannebery ($562,000 BE 129) – The Swans’ midfield is about as stacked as it gets and that means that Luke Parker plays forward. Bloody hell. Out of all the Swans’ midfielders I could have the only one I’ve got is Luke bloody Parker. These two however are locks and you should have at least one of them by Round 16. Hannebery is the consistent one in a sense as you’re always going to get a 105-110 from him as expected and anything between 95-120 is acceptable from him. Titch has a much higher ceiling but is much more of a disappointment when he pumps out a 90 as you know you can expect a 160 from him. I would definitely go Titch over Hanners but buyer beware: Horse Longmire loves stuffing about with Titch as much as possible. I honestly think the bloke will have permanent psychological damage from his stint at the bloods due to the amount of times Horse has screwed him over. The only other thing wrong with Titch is that he’s a week early. With the Round 14 bye you want him to have a crappy BE this week and reach it just and then a low one for Round 15, however it’s completely plausible that Tom smashes his BE by 80 and goes up $20-30k in price before his Round 14 bye. If that happens, go to Hannebery, easy done.

Andrew Gaff ($436,000 BE 121) – The recipient of the most disgusting act I’ve seen in football for some time. Gaff was knocked by Tom Jonas’ pathetic excuse for a “contest” on 44 points in Round 9 and has since experienced what I call “The Kozi Effect” affectionately named after everybody’s favourite Sainter. Gaff just hasn’t been right after that KO but I’m hoping that his Round 14 bye helps him out a bit. Sometimes concussions tend to linger for a week or two after the actual occurrence and Gaff could just be feeling it a bit, or maybe he’ll never come right again, who knows? Definitely worth watching, if Gaff is at his best he’s a player you wouldn’t mind ending up with in your final midfielders if necessary. Easily capable of averaging 110 for the rest of the year as long as he’s healthy and that’s exactly what the Eagles’ draw home is. Wait to see what he does against Brisbane this week (120, calling it) and then pick him up for loose change against Essendon in Round 15. You could potential trade somebody like a Mitch Duncan down to him in Round 15, helping your bye structure and pocketing $100k without losing any point difference. Hope you feel better this week Andrew. Tom Jonas, you disgust me.


Robbie Gray ($482,000 BE 80) – Robbie could potentially be in the Round 13 segment due to the fact he should get his BE this week by about 30 points. The reason he isn’t is because he’s another one of those annoying Round 14 bye players and I personally believe that picking him up after his bye outweighs the price rise he will get this week. After a slowish middle of the season where Robbie gave us a 64 and a 58, he had a bit of a break and came back firing on cylinders we didn’t even know he had. He still has a very solid 97.8 average which will only rise this week after he pumps out a 110-120 against point-bleeding Freo. If you’re happy to have him for the byes then sure, jump the gun this week, you’ll be rewarded this round but you’ll have that extra Round 14 bye player so account for that. If not, just sit back, don’t look at the top fantasy player in the Port v Freo game on Saturday and then remind yourself about how you have an extra player in Round 14 because you didn’t make that trade and get him in Round 15, it doesn’t matter either way because once he’s there, he’s there for good. Robbie (and Port) are back people.

Josh J. Kennedy ($462,000 BE 106) – After two sub-par weeks, you might be wondering if JJK is the real deal and you have every right to wonder. With Joshy it’s a sporadic game and if consistency is your thing then he’s probably not for you. He does however have the biggest ceiling whenever he kicks a bag and he tends to do that a fair bit. The thing I really like about him is that, after his Round 14 bye, he plays the likes of Essendon, Carlton, Melbourne, Collingwood and Fremantle, all teams which have very weak spines at the moment (that’s to say they don’t have very strong or seasoned key position players to shut down somebody like Josh). The thing I don’t like about him is his ownership, at 17.18% he’s hardly a PoD and that upsets me a little. But, if you go back to my last article, have a read of the scenario I put to you and tell me if you could live with yourself knowing that happened even though I warned you. I wouldn’t be happy.

So, that’s it for this one Fantasy Players, I hope it helps you all with your trading throughout the byes. All prices are as of the start of Round 13 and will change by throughout the byes obviously and I know I’ve gone a little outside the price range I generally account for in my normal articles but I have done this specifically for two reasons, one; this is a special edition of Ripe for the Picking and you want to know who to trade in throughout the byes, as most people have cashed up for these byes they’re not looking for people who are going to give them 80’s at around $400k. And two; most people are also trying to max out their teams by now, bypassing the medium pricers in turn for a traditional downgrade/upgrade strategy to end the season, hence the heavier focus on fallen premiums rather than an even mix of both.

Any questions, send me a tweet @Sparksy361.

Happy Trading!


  • My team
    DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Adams, Smith, Mills, Tippa, Collins, Harwood
    MID: Danger, Dusty, Parker, Gibbs, Duncan, Merrett, Petracca, Rockliff, McPherson, Jansen
    RUC: Gawn, Cox, Currie, Frost
    FWD: Franklin, Barlow, Wells, Hall, Kerridge, Robinson, Davis, Kommer
    12k in the bank

    Is there any reasonable way I can do a double upgrade next week to get some promos mentioned above

    • Adams, Smith, Mills and Tippa all need to go but the problem is there isn’t much on offer as far as back line rooks go. Do you think Hall will go back to being his normal self? If not, you could downgrade him to Hams/Reid/Phillips? I’m not really sure mate as your backline is loaded with fattened cows and no one to trade them too. Maybe it’s even worth getting in a bottom pricer who may play later in the year for one of the four I mentioned just to make some cash? Good luck!

      • Do not downgrade Hall.

        Honestly play the long term game and this week trade out non-players like Kommer & McPherson to maybe S.Reid & W.Hams. Probably wont make you anything this week, but you’ll be in a better position.

        Next week think about getting out maybe Petracca for T.Phillips and Upgrade Tippa to Simpson or Laird and have approx $40-60k left over.

        Final week of the byes I’d trade downgrade Harwood to a rookie & maybe time to upgrade Wells to any Premo Midfielder you desire.

        R16 you start looking at getting rid of Mills, Adams, Smith, Davis etc… Plus you gotta fix up your Ruck soon if Currie doesn’t play.

        That’s what I’d do.

        • i dunno, i cant see an issue with flicking hall off for a few, he will drop in price if selected after the bye and could be a nice get in 3 to 4 weeks time.

  • Great article! I already have my trade plans sorted (sort of) but this definitely has a lot of research and basically just hands everyone their upgrades targets on a platter

  • Definitely considering trading in Robbie Gray

  • Im planning on getting Laird/Simpson next week who would you choose

    Round 15 plans to get in Vince, but would the other one of laird/Simpson be better?

    What would you rank these players as?

    • Splitting hairs. they’re all getting it done with a 100 AVE. I’d say Laird first with Adelaide’s form and run home. Vince second for his MID role and Simpson for Understated consistency.

    • Geez, that’s difficult. Okay, so if Bernie keeps his midfield time to the same, he will be the highest averaging out of the 3. If not, he will be the lowest averaging out of the 3 but he still won’t go below 85. Simpson has been killing it just like Docherty but I’m a bit worried because the two of them basically do the same thing so one of them should theoretically drop off (although it doesn’t look like it). Laird is definitely the value out of them all and him, and the Crows, are looking so good. If it was me personally I would be:
      1. Laird
      2. Vince
      3. Simpson

      But you’re more than entitled to your own opinion! Happy trading!

  • Thoughts on Jade Gresham as a bit of value in the midfield?

  • Great write up. Thanks. Switching to RDT though, as my AF team is sorted for now who are the top 6 forwards though come season end? Thinking of getting in Zorko this week. Already have Merret, Montanga, Dusty, Kerridge, Hall and Petracca as my forwards with McGovern and Hams as my back ups. Money is no issue.

    • You sound like you are sorted! Should be giving me advice! Out of the ones you have, Kerridge and Petracca definitely will not be Top 6 Forwards (obviously Hams and McGovern won’t either) and Hall probably not unless he gets his old role back. Zorko and Gray are probably the other two you don’t have with the likes of Rooey (when healthy), Buddy and JJK right up there too. I also hate to say it but Wells’ current form suggests he will be if he doesn’t slow down but that’s a very long shot.

  • Thanks mate. Great article with some really good insight.

  • What does everyone think of my options:

    This week trade in Suckling and have enough cash to go Mills to Dusty next week.
    Or Trade in Rose this week, with enough to go up to Dusty AND Laird next week?

    • depending if you are playing for points, i would go next weeks double premo grab but

    • I dunno how good Rose’s JS is. Saying that Laird is better than Suckling but I’d go for the first option. Why not get Sam Reid (GWS) or Hams?

      • I have Hams and Reid is my other trade this week.
        I think Suckling will be good for points thru byes and has DPP which will help in future, but if(big IF) Rose can hold his spot till at least round 15, he’ll score ok and will have made a bit of cash and allows a double upgrade next week.
        Thanks for your thoughts guys.

        • If rose holds his position this week with hewett and papley coming in. I’d go rose then.

          I just don’t think suckling’s a top 6 def and you’ll end up trading him out at some point.

          • 100% agree. Was expecting to upgrade later, with faint hope he’d explode and become a keeper.

            I think I’ll be getting Rose if named.

    • I got Suckles last week and I’m so worried he’s going to be the next Razi Fantasia with Dahlhaus going down. I’ve heard a couple of rumours that Papley is coming in for Rose this week but, if he’s named, he should be good until after the byes I’d say. Are there any other Downgrades you can look at? Give Jeppa’s a read (again if you already have) and see what you can line up because the second option is definitely better than the first.

  • Trade Thoughts:

    Downgrade Wingard to Sam J Reid and upgrade Eric Mackenzie to Kade Simpson?? I have 55k left in the bank for next week.

    • Solid trades to me. Maybe want to look at how you plan on making cash in the next couple of weeks, but as long as you find a way to do that then it’s definitely worth it.

  • Think in the ruck position you overlook Jacobs I would of thought he’d be a prime one to consider beyond the standard (goldy /Gawn combination )

    • he actually gave his thoughts on jacobs, check out the please note

      agree 100%

    • Definitely don’t overlook him. He has a nice run home and he has always been solid but I don’t like his bye (which is the whole idea of this article) and I don’t think he’s better than Goldy, Gawn or Blicavs. He’s probably 4th at the moment and will be 5th the moment Stef gets up to his usual antics and you don’t really want to have the 5th best ruckman in your team if you can avoid it. Could definitely do a lot worse than Sauce though.

  • Sloane is on my radar for a R14/15 pickup, but probably not R14 as I have been telling everyone Laird will be ripe for the picking then.

    Averaging 116.2 over his last 5 – is there any one other than Dangerfield running hotter over 5 games?

    Has jumped to equal 2nd in the coaches votes too, just 1 vote behind his old running mate.

    At a rather juicy $26 for the Charlie too IMO.

    • Getting Crows in is a big must towards the finals. The form they’re in is fantasytastic (i’ll take credit for inventing this word if it’s never been used before) and they’re run home is really good. Laird is top of my list, but Sloane is very behind.

    • Danger is $26 for the Brownlow?! Look at that, we’re all helping each other out! I believe that Danger is in the best current form as far as last 5 are concerned and is only challenged by Rocky. I won’t be going to Sloane as I don’t consider him a keeper and he doesn’t do enough for me but he’s certainly capable!

    • wowee, $26! i am on for $20!

    • Steven just over Sloane imo for best premo mid to jump on next week.

      5 round average of 118 vs 116. 3 round average of 123 vs 109. Atm can’t really go wrong with either.

  • Shaw, Laird, McVeigh, Wagner, Suckling, Harwood (Ruggles, Collins)
    Pendles, Tich, Jelwood, Lewis, Ablett, Rocky, Smith, Blakely (Matheson, Sumner)
    Goldstein, Gawn (Currie, Cox)
    Martin, Merret, Hall, Montagna, Kerridge, Wingard (McCarth, Hams)

    Thinking of Sumner– Reid
    Wagner – Vince
    Should help my bye structure …. Or should I wait on Vince until after his bye and snag S. Mitchell??

    Cheers for comments!

    • BTW thank you for the detailed write up!!

    • No problem!

      Sound logic as far as I’m concerned. It’s completely up to you and depends whether you want to hold Vince for a week or you can’t afford to due to the byes. It’s not really going to make a difference for you seeing as Wagner and Vince play in the same teams so, if you were planning on holding Wagner until the bye anyway, go for it. If not, wait until Round 15.

    • I would get Vince now if possible.

      • Thank you fellas, looks like I will be grabbing Vince this week! Cheers

  • Fantasy trades:
    Kade Kolo —> Pittard
    Dea —> ZWilliams

    Kolo seems to have lost the ‘premo’ status of last year. Would it be worth it to trade him now then wait for him to possibly regain his form?

    • What about the fact he got Kade Ko’d on the weekend?

      I like both those trades, very unique and if it suits your bye structure I would go for it. Williams should do very well down the stretch

      • I know, its a bit harsh because he was KO’d but since rd 6 where he scored 86, he has had 1 score above that. Not sure that I can keep him thinking it may turn around. Although, same could be said for a lot of my players :(

    • I’m actually trading Kolo this week so happy with that. You don’t want to hold onto Dea at all and try and make some cash elsewhere? Just an idea but he did kill it last week. He does come up against the Giants this week though and he could spud it up. I don’t mind those trades at all, just make sure you know how you are going to make cash in the coming weeks.

      • I tried to see who i could get if I traded Mills instead of Dea (I had 159k to spend) but the only options seemed to be someone like McVeigh, who’s similar to KK in the sense that its possible that he could gain form, instead of actually having form like Pittard/Williams.

  • In a quandary re: DPP trading.
    This week I have 2x DEF/FWDs playing in my backline. I want to trade out a FWD and switch one of the DEF/FWDs in his place, and then trade in a DEF to the vacant DEF position. Any ideas how to go about doing this?? Fantasy site isn’t overly helpful. Apparently there are up/down arrows which should allow you to make the switch before the final trade, but it doesn’t appear on the site for me (4 computers/devices tried).
    Any help is appreciated.

    • On the app it comes up as a blue ‘S’ on the righthand side (at least that how i do it on my iPhone).

    • Okay, so the only problem I’ve had with switching DPP’s while trading is when I’ve made a double trade. So, make a single trade in the trade menu (don’t just hit the little ‘T’ below a player, actually go to the trade menu). When you’ve placed your forward up for trade, a blue box with an ‘S’ in it will appear next to any player still in your team that can be moved from their current line to the spot freed up by the player you’re trading eg. Your two DEF/FWD players will have this box next to them if they are in Defence. You have to do this BEFORE putting the second player up for trade in a double trade otherwise the two free spots make it too hard for the system to work out. On the app it is exactly the same except when you hit the little ‘T’ under a player I believe it takes you straight to the trade menu.

      If you’re still have trouble maybe post a screenshot of the trade screen and we can help you out.

      Happy trading!

    • Use the advance trades option on your PC

  • What are people’s thoughts on the 4th ruck position at this stage of the season?

    I have Gawn and Martin (argh) on-field, Cox and Currie on the bench. I really want to double-downgrade this week and I’m thinking of selling off Cox for a $125k nobody and then banking on Currie coming back at some stage and being my bench cover.

    Add in Josh Smith down to Sam Reid and that leaves me with $434k in the WARne chest for next week!

    • BTW, brilliant article Sparksy, appreciate the effort that’s gone into it!

    • Personally I wouldn’t cut Cox just yet, as he can score reasonably well, and there aren’t many downgrade ruck options IMO that will make cash as quick as we’d like. But if there’s no other way of making some $$ then go for it.

      I still have Cox and Currie on the bench also, but I have got other rookies who need to get cut before I go there.

      • Yes but what I’m saying is I’m burning that 4th ruck spot to a nobody who won’t play at all, as I’m satisfied that I won’t need 2 bench playing rucks going forward. Cox has also bottomed out in price and will start losing money soon if he keeps putting up 40’s.

        My only other rookie downgrade options would be Ruggles or Sumner.

        • I’d have thought you’d want everyone that is named to play over the bye period, regardless of scores as its best 18. Therefore going from someone that should play, Cox, to someone that won’t score is a waste. So, for example, I’d downgrade Sumner to a Wagner (North’s). May not get as much money but at least you get some points.

    • If Naismith is named for Sydney go him.

    • My thoughts on the fourth Ruck at this stage would be to have one that is definitely playing until after the byes, and then cull them (in an ideal world). If you really need to get rid of Cox this week then it isn’t a bad idea, you’re not going to miss out on too much value. I only have $375k so you’re up on me there! But I also get an upgrade this week which is nice!

      Cheers for the props! Your trades sound good to me! Go down to Naismith if he plays because then you’ll make heaps of money and get the same output, if not more.

  • DEF: A Mcdonald-Tipunwuti, B Vince, D Byrne-Jones, J Bartel, C Mills, H Shaw, (K Simpson, S Collins)
    MID: L Hunter, T Liberatore, S Pendlebury, L Parker, K Stewart, D Martin, P Dangerfield, C Blakely (J Smith, J Lyons)
    RUCK: K Tippett, M Jamar (S Frost, M Cox)
    FWD: M Barlow, C Petracca, S Kerridge, J Bruce, Kerridge, M Brown, B Deledio (R Davis, A Hall)

    My team isn’t that great but its only my 2nd year doing this. I am thinking trading down M Brown for S J Reid and then upgrading K Tippett for either T Goldstein or M Gawn. Any other suggestions? This is only my 2nd year doing this.

    • Brown to Reid and Tippett up to Goldy or Gawn sounds good to me! Not a bad team for your second year! Good effort mate.

      • Thanks for the reply. Any other suggestions you can give for the coming weeks would be most appreciated. Still learning and try and research and take as much advice as possible. Great article by the way.

        • Thanks very much. All I can say is listen to the podcast, read as many DT Talk articles as possible and watch as much footy as possible. These guys really know what they’re talking about and there’s so many different opinions they give so it’s great to get every single angle on a trade you could potentially make or a player you could get in the future and obviously you’ll get better with more experience. Just keep on keeping on!

    • you’ve listed Kerridge twice in the Forwards. you have frost and jamar this week which should be enough so just bench tippet for a week.

      I would look to upgrade Bruce – maybe to Robbie Gray if you can

      • Thanks for the reply. Yeah was submitting the request in via mobile like this one and accidentally did Kerridge twice before submitting it.
        Tippett is out for 6 weeks so i need to trade. Thanks for the Bruce to Gray suggestion. Will take on board. Appreciate any others that you think will improve my team. Still learning and trying to research and improve as much as i can for now and future teams.

  • I have got a lot of round 15 bye players, am looking for rookie downgrade options for my bench, preferably players with a bye this round. Any suggestions?

    • Kennedy is going to be named for GWS and Hipwood has been confirmed for Bris.

    • Hams has a Round 14 bye and Phillips from Collingwood has a Round 13 bye but I’m not sure how secure he is as he could potentially be dropped. Bring in Hams if you don’t already have him (don’t expect a huge score this week) but if you’re really desperate for a Round 13 rookie then I think Phillips is your only choice. There are PLENTY of Round 15 rookies out there, read Jeppa’s for rookie reports, that will help.

  • Williams, Pittard or Bartel for RDT??

  • Is it worthwhile swapping rich to Williams? Or get swap Leslie to a rookie who will play?

    • Rich is okay when he isn’t getting tagged, Williams is better but it’s always a good idea to avoid sideways trades if you can. There aren’t many Defensive rookies that are playing though so I can’t really help sorry, stocks are thin. Williams is handy though so if you really want to go Rich to Williams then that’s still solid.

  • Have 206K in the bank. Need to upgrade forwardline

    DEF: Adams, Bartel, Vince, Laird, Tippa, Shaw (Byrne-Jones, Hartley)
    MID: Rockliff, Neale, Hunter, Merrett, Blakely, Martin, Gibbs, Hopper (Jansen, Hewett)
    RUC: Goldstein, Gawn (Cox, Currie)
    FOR: Kerridge, Wells, Wingard, Petracca, Phillips, Kennedy (McCarthy, Kommer)

  • How would you rate Grundy as an option for nic nat?

    • Good unique option if you can’t get Goldy or Gawn

    • If you have to and if you’re happy to hold Grundy as he has the bye this round then sure. I’d go Sauce Jacobs over him as Sauce is more consistent and Adelaide are red hot but Sauce is $25k more so up to you. Goldy and Gawn are much nicer options.

  • $36,000 salary

    DEF: M Boyd, Bartel, Shaw, Docherty, Vince, Byrne-Jones (Collins, Broad)
    MID: S Mitchell, Wells, Danger, Hunter, Sidebottom, Dahlhaus, J Steven, J Smith (B Williams, Mathieson)
    RUC: Gawn, Tippett (Cox, Currie)
    FWD: Z Merrett, D Martin, D Zorko, A Hall, R Davis, Hams (T West, P Wright)

    Unlucky with Dahlhaus and Tippett injuries, should I downgrade Dahlhaus to a Sam Gibson-priced mid (~433K) and upgrade Tippett>Goldy or downgrade Tippett>Blicavs and upgrade Dahlhaus>Rockliff?

    If I downgrade Dahlhaus, who’s a good option? Cheers!

  • nice looking team and yes, unlucky with injuries.

    tip to blic and dahl to rocky good trades for forced.

  • waiting for team release so i can do my usual reverse trades and fill in some blanks as per usual

    • Yep. All that time spent throughout the week contemplating our trades, even though we KNOW it’s just gonna be thrown out the window come teams announcement…

  • If all goes to plan I’m thinking:

    13. bryne to hams, tippett to gawn
    14. dunkley to abblett, downgrade cox
    15. upgrade petracca, downgrade harwood.

    Thoughts appreciated

  • DEF Dea Harwood Vince Shaw Malceski Boyd [Collins Cowan]
    MID Dahlhaus Liberatore Hannebery Duncan Davis Dangerfield Montagna
    [Mathieson Hewett]
    RUCKS Sinclair Gawn [Currie Cox]
    FWD Buddy Wells Petracca Kerridge Zorko JJ Kennedy [Kommer West]

    Sitting at my highest 1189 overall which I cannot see improving at all. But after 3 years playing this game [iam 56 and love it] I am finally working out how to pick the cash cows.

    Any help please

    Thanks for the help since I posted this team on the 10th I have Rocky in And K Simpson Gone are Malceski and Hewett gone are Dahlhaus and Collins for K Stewart and B Keays.. 2278 score overall rank 1939 $162000 in the bank

  • Who to trade out? Dea or Harwood?

    • I’m inclined to say Dea because I can just see Essendon getting a 150+ point demolishing honestly, I don’t even see how they are going to get the ball against GWS. Dea definitely has a better earning potential and scoring potential than Harwood though. I still have Harwood and don’t have Dea anymore and I’ve regretted every moment of it.

      Make of that what you will and happy trading!

      • Thanks mate. Everything is pointing towards trading Harwood for me since it does suit my bye structure better. The only thing in favour of trading Dea is the extra 65K I would make which could be extra handy during the byes. I’ve noticed that Dea scores well when playing at the Etihad comapared to other grounds.

        Probably going to go with Harwood.

    • I have put the trades there I still have Dea and Harwood

  • Is Zachary Williams even going to play?

  • please help I need a downgrade option defender for under 200k.

  • Are you desperate…?

    Logan Austin $157k
    Eric Hipwood $184k

    That’s about it and they’re definitely bench cover only…

    Hope you can find something else!
    Happy trading!

  • I got 21 playing this weeks so I’m trading Mathieson to Reid then mills to either laird, docherty or Simpson who is the best bet out of those 3?

    • Docherty and Laird are about on par. You will get a tad more out of Docherty personally as he is so consistent but Laird is a bit cheaper so that evens them up. Simpson is a peg below both personally but it wouldn’t be wrong selecting him either.

  • bit stuck for trades this week, any suggestions

    shaw Williams yeo Collins tucker suckling bench smith laird(mills)

    macrae reid(matheison) hopper hunter rockliff rich Duncan blakely bench stevens ablett

    gawn martin bench s.frost s.micheal

    petracca walters hams kerridge Campbell wells bench martin hall

    • Not too bad man. All I can suggest is Smith needs to go soon as he’s useless and your backline is fairly Round 15 heavy so try and right that by Round 15. It’s the same structure as mine but I have plans so make sure you do too if possible.

      Happy trading!

  • Which 2 would you trade out between Davis Smith and Mathieson?

    • Mathieson isn’t getting a game and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life during the byes so shop him first despite the fact he’s barely earned anything. Smith is useless so I’d get rid of him next, only keep him if you need that DPP link with your backline. Davis still has a bit in him and I think he will relish the bye break so he’d be the last one to trade out of those 3.

  • Cracking article Sparksy!