Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 13

Over the bye rounds, I’ll be doing my traditional top 10 players, carefully ranked in the exact order I would pick them. With limited options each week, hopefully this will help you nail the best captain you possibly can. So let’s not mess around and let’s get this thing happening.

TOP 10 – ROUND 13

#1 – Tom Rockliff v West Coast @ the GABBA

Enjoy it while we can, because we can’t be picking the Pig as our captain in two weeks time, when he has his round 15 bye. Based on form alone he sits at #1 with scores of 142 and 184 in the last two games and we just have to keep whipping this bacon for as long as we can, especially as he’s not coming up against the mega hard teams such as the Giants.

Adelaide scored 6×100+ scores last week against the Eagles with midfielders Thompson (110) and Sloane (107) both cracking the ton. Rocky’s history on the Eagles isn’t ideal though with 109 coming in round one of this year when they lost by 60+ over in the west. Before that he scored 66 (started forward) and 114 back in 2014.

You just have to do it. He’ll be looking at another 130 to 150 score again this week and will do it without getting out of second gear.

#2 – Heath Shaw v Essendon @ Etihad Stadium

Without a joke… Shaw nearly took my #1 spot. If you want to be a little different, then listen to this.

Over the last two weeks, the Bombers have given up 14×100+ scores and last week, Hawthorn defenders had a field day. Birchall (112 and 10 marks) and Gibson (100 and 12 marks) did as they pleased and so with old mate Heath.

He had 109 last week and at Etihad, he even posted a nice 131 there in round 5 against the Saints. Seriously, he’ll have 12+ marks and a massive score against the easiest team to score on.

#3 – Patrick Dangerfield v Bulldogs @ Etihad Stadium

48 touches and 13 marks will get you to a piggish score of 187. By far his best return ever in Fantasy, smashing his previous best of 149 (v GWS). He scored back to back 110 on the Bulldogs last year and is carrying a lowest score of 107 in his last 8 games this year. He’s actually unlucky to be sitting in #3 but the competition is too tough this week.

#4 – Tom Mitchell v Melbourne @ the SCG

Did you know that Tom Mitchell averages 28 points more at the SCG compared to when he plays elsewhere this year? There’s a stat, and the reason he makes my top 5 this week. Averaging 126 at the SCG from five games, Tom will be great. We can sorta ignore his 98 last week against the Giants (tough team), because before that he did have 132 and 163. He has only played the Dees twice in his career for 101 and 104… and will love being out on his home track again this week.

#5 – Dylan Shiel v Essendon @ Etihad Stadium

Plays Essendon. Shouldn’t have to say anymore, but he did have 105 last week, which happened to be his worst score in his last 5 games and should be awesome, along with 10+ more Giants who will all crack a ton as well.

#6 – Lachie Neale v Port Adelaide @ Domain Stadium

Tagged by Robbo last week to just 52, he will be very pleased to be back home away from the firey red head this week. His record against the Power isn’t great (71, 59, 99) but prior to last week, his form was unreal averaging 126 in his last three games. I’m backing him in to be back to his very best this week.

#7 – Lachie Hunter v Geelong @ Etihad Stadium

Getting deep into the 10 now and although I don’t like going players against the Cats as captain right now, Hunter is back at Etihad where he has averaged 113 this year, 10 more a game than being outside in the elements. The Kangaroos still had two guys score 110+ last week on the Cats and I think Hunter will be around that mark or slightly higher on Saturday night.

#8 – Matt Priddis v Brisbane @ the GABBA

He had 137 on the Lions in round one and had 101 before that. The Lions are one of his favourite teams to play. He had 114 last week and should be solid again but for some reason, whenever I back him in in my article… he spuds it up.

#9 – Robbie Gray v Fremantle @ Domain Stadium

A little left field here, but his history on the Dockers is nuts and they’re not what they used to be. 93, 122, 95, 113, 99, 119, 100 and 101 is his last eight games against them and the old fella has been pretty solid in recent weeks, clocking up 113 last weekend.

#10 – Jordan Lewis v Kangaroos @ Etihad Stadium

I don’t need to remind you, but last week, Geelong’s 3 main midfielders Dangerfield (187), Selwood (132) and Duncan (111) all carved it up against the Roos. Last year Lewis had 117 on them however that was his first 100+ score against them in five games. Either way, he sits comfortable at #10 with scores of 126, 106 and 140 in his last three games this year.


With Kurt Tippet out, how will Max Gawn go against Cal Sinclair?

He had 96 on the Swans last year and a massive 146 on Monday against the Pies. At the SCG, things might be a little trickier. The short week might hurt and I’m just not as confident here as I probably should be. Unlucky to miss the 10, but against the Swans at the SCG with a short week could be a little risky.

After scores of 115, 121 and 115, surely Zach Merrett has done enough to crack my top 10? Obviously not and this week against the Giants, it’s way too risky. Josh Kennedy (98) and two others equal topped scored for the Swans last week against the Giants and they are just way too hard to score on at the moment.

David Zaharakis has a great record on them though (91, 132, 95 and 106) but could cop a small tag from Griffen who went to JPK at times last week. Either way you look at it… anyone against the Giants right now has to be overlooked or selected at your own risk.

Joel Selwood has hit some form with scores of 132 and 111 in his last two this year but has horrid history against the Dogs with just 81 and 84 in his last two runs.

Another one of our favourites is Dan Hannebery and I’m worried that he’ll be tagged this week like he was last year by Paul Roos, when he sent Daniel Cross to him for his score of 74. Melbourne have a few options they could use in this role, and therefore I’ll stay clear in case they do send someone like they have before. He only managed 81 last week and will enjoy being back at the SCG where he averages 110 in his last three there.


Todd Goldstein hates playing the Hawks and has only managed 88 and 80 in his last two games. They’re becoming very difficult to score against at the moment, despite Berger having a solid 77 on them last Friday night. Goldy will be much better than that, but the Hawks scare me like the Giants do.

Will Red Bull Robbo run with Andrew Gaff? He has been shaken since his knock a few weeks back and only returned scores of 66 and 79. Robbo will probably rough him up even more and last week, Robbo tagged Neale (52) and will certainly get a job on someone again, and Gaff is at the top of the list. He has only scored 1×100+ on the Lions in his career 7 games and must be crossed off the list.

Callan Ward, Stephen Coniglio and Toby Greene were all in the calculations, just based on the fact they play the Bombers. Ward is coming off 110 and 117 but has only averaged 86 on the Bombers in his last three and although things are very different now, I still left him out. Coniglio hasn’t scored a ton in the last three weeks so that’s why he missed the top ten, however, Greene was nearly there. He had 113 last week and even posted 120 and 100 in his last two runs on the Bombers. Greene is the type of player that would dominate Essendon for a huge score as the Giants waltz on to win this one by 100+.



  • Love the idea of the map to display the top picks

  • one huuuundred and eighty!!!
    three weeks in a row? i sure hope so

  • Really considering R.Gray as a pod captain this week

    • He’ll score well, maybe even 120+, but he doesn’t have that huge ceiling. Don’t think he’s gone over 130 more than once or twice in his career.

      Shaw has gone over 130 4 times this season and Rocky goes over 130 more often than most people floss!

  • I love that 64% picked someone else as Capt? Wtf

    • They are trollin’

      • You can vote on the poll multiple times, so all someone has done is sat there and spammed the ‘someone else’ option

        • Love your work mate. True legend of the footballing community. I’d like to formally invite you around for a BBQ at my place in the Amazon Forest. RSVP by tonight please, I don’t have many spots left.

  • Goldy’s history worries me a bit… Was gonna get him for Stef. Maybe I should save some coin with Jacobs?

    • If so, wait till next week for Sauce.

      Man wtf is going on with Stef! Even now, I feel like spending $150k+ to get him to Goldy is a waste because who would be surprised if Stef started scoring 120’s for fun.

      I’m giving him until his bye, and if he doesn’t pull his finger out, he’ll go to Blicavs for $50-70k.

      • Taezar

        Sadly the answer we’re all looking for in relation to Martin is on the Brisbane Lions site 😡😡😡
        The assistant coach explains that they’re very happy with the West/Martin combo
        Doesn’t help our dream team side maybe time to offload after bye!!!!!!
        Good luck

        • He was scoring poorly (not this bad) before West got a game. Last year Leunberger played like 15 games and Stefan still managed a low score of 80-odd and a 114 average…

      • My mate who’s a Brisbane fan reckons it’s the concussion. He’s not going into contests as bravely and expecting contact. I don’t reckon he’ll get back to what he was this year. Should have chosen Goldy in round one… Bad call!!

    • I perfer Goldy but Jacobs will always get you a solid 90 avg.

      Personally I’m going to hold Stef until after the byes.. I’ve been praying to the DT gods that he will come good after a week off and am going to finish my Defs, Mids 7 Backs first.

  • Who’s the best option for daulhaus was really thinking Callan ward? Also what’s everyone’s thoughts on Ryan griffin?

    • Lochie

      IMO Robbie Gray – same bye so doesn’t change your structure much????
      Also would give you a DPP if you’re thinking to play as midfielder
      Good luck

  • Awesome stat filled write up. So tempted to go with Shaw as think he could go huge but probably play it safe and stick the C on Rocky

  • Appears many are looking at the Max Gawn options. Might just want to scan his scores this year before you commit. High risk, high reward though…. and he plays the Swans away. Massive risk people

    • His 3 games out of Melbourne have all been great surprisingly (116, 138, 142). Still carries massive risk as you say, but against Sinclair could be worth the punt.

      He won’t score worse than Rocky did for everyone when he got injured this year or Gaz when get got hurt last year.

  • Last time I nearly chucked the C on Shaw he got 160s. Last time I nearly chucked the C on Rocky he got 142. Last time I did chuck the C on Rocky he got 33. Tempting to go with Shaw, but I know Rocky will woo me by lockout. Tempting to go ‘unique’ with Shaw tho… it really is

    • Tell me who you put the ‘c’ on so who i know who to avoid then ;)

      • Hehe… currently Shaw (RDT) and Rocky (AF), so I’ve got a few bob each way ;)

    • It has to be rocky from here on out! I’m just gonna reel off his end of season runs from the last few years to clear things up for ya…

      Round 16 onwards, 2013:

      Round 14 onwards, 2014:

      Round 15 onwards, 2015:
      53 (Jacobs, ugh)

      Okay so he’s done it the last 3 years, looks like the 2016 fantasy festivities have already begun for Rocky. I certainly wont be taking the C off him other than 2 weeks from now…

  • What about Steven

    • I assume he wasn’t mentioned due to the fact St Kilda have the bye. ;)

      other than that fact he could be a great option

  • Who to bring in for daulhaus someone help? Already went McCarthy to Reid now daulhaus to someone thinking Sam or Tom Mitchell or Callan ward anyone’s opinion would be great thanks!!

    • Lochie

      I don’t want to repeat myself but I replied earlier 🤔
      IMO both Mitchell (Swans) or Robbie Gray would be great picks
      Same byes would also help your bye structure
      Gray would also give you a DPP link if needed😉
      Good luck

    • if you havent got rocky get him in, if you have tom mitchell probably best option for longterm point of view

  • Who is the best option for luke brown in defence?

    I can afford any1 i was thinking Boyd?

    • Yep. Boyds a sure bet. Lots of value in the back line at the minute though with Z.WIlliams, Pittard, Suckling or Hanley all good options if you want a little bit more cash for the byes.

  • mitch robinson to Priddis? stopped mitchell/ gibbs/ neale the last 3 weeks. Wouldn’t be touching priddis. Back him unders everywhere