Round 13 Lockout Chat

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


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  • Playing – 21
    Played – 12
    Score so far – 1283
    Scratched scores so far – 16,36,46
    Lowest score to count – 77
    Top 3 – 159, 144, 135

  • Playing – 21
    Played – 12 + Capt.
    Score so far – 1269
    Scratched Scores so far – 19, 46, 76
    Lowest Score to count – 77
    Top 3 – 147, 144, 135 capt

  • Does anyone have an idea what a benchmark score would be this round??

    • 1700ish

    • Jeppa says 1950.
      I hope he’s being humorous.

      • I think thats probably a par score for him (inside the top 100), for the rest of us mortals anything over 1800 should move you up in the rankings. You have to remember many teams would have put 0 effort into bye planning, and therefore be fielding <18

      • It’s not hard to imagine scoring that high this week, in fact plenty would be on track with popular picks like Lewis, Barlow, Rocky, Zorko, Robbo, Bartel, Danger, etc. going nuts.

        I can’t imagine par being 1950, but maybe somewhere in the middle… the way things are going, plenty of teams will be nudging 2000 but that won’t be par or ‘benchmark’.

        • I have rocky zorko barlow danger and stef. I’m definitely flying so far, but i still think ill finish around 1900.

          • I’m heading for a score of around 2000-2070, with 21 playing;

            looking to drop away the scores by Harwood and Stewart (11 & 38)

          • current third lowest is Libba’s 74 – but I don’t think Hams and Reid will both beat that.

  • Playing – 20
    Played – 13(captain included)
    Score so far – 1331(with scratched scores)
    Scratched Scores so far – 37,38
    Lowest Score to count – 46
    Top 3 – 159,147,143

  • Playing – 20
    Played – 12
    Score so far – 1412 (or 1458 if you count collins)
    Scratched Scores so far – Collins 46
    Lowest Score to count – Blakely 77
    Top scores – 159, 147, 143, 135 (C), 121, 112, 111…..
    With 8 to go (only 7 more will count) i should make it to 2000

  • Playing – 20
    Played – 13
    Score so far 1240 with Captain
    Scratched Scores hopefully – B=Jones 41 and C Wagner 23
    Lowest Score to Count – C Wagner 23 (Kangers)
    Top Scores so far 135 (C), 121,111, 106

  • Every week it’s a toss up between Tucker and Collins as to who is going to score the worst.
    Byrne-Jones and Keays have to go.
    At least Stef looks like he’s back.
    Barlow is looking like he’s worth getting back in.

  • Defs a round where it separates the men from the boys (premos from the rookies)

    Lowest score of 100 from my 8 premo and then three rookie scores in the 40s.

    21 playing so ATM lowest counting score is 100 (wont stay that way with heart beat Hartley)

  • Full 22playing this week
    Currently 1363 from 15
    Have scores of Auston (19), Harwood (11) Collins (46), Stewart (38) & Walters (48) included in total.
    Have Shaw, Vince, Hanners, Tictchell, Bennedy, Luey and Hams to go so hopefully drop most of those scores out and come up with something respectable

  • Par for top 200 will be 1950-2000

    • I’m up there in the scoring but not in the rankings.AF was 6500 currently 2000 but of course that will change..some still have their captain to play.

  • Parker having a good one. Much better than last week.

  • DEA OUT.

    Won’t be cracking 2000 this round after all.

  • Looks like I’m going to be a little below par this week but hoping for 1750-1800…Sounds bad but only have 19 playing this week as it is by far my weakest bye round….hopefully what I fall behind this week I make up with interest over the following two weeks….

    Crikey the round 15 bye premos have come out to play this week…

  • 1773 with Shaw Tippa kelly and Z Merrett to go. Phew.

  • 1545 with shaw, zerrett, reid & hams to go. 2 scores to be dropped (at the moment 11 & 45)

  • Dea out?!? Nooooooo!

  • 1700 with Hams/Reid/Merrett/Scully/Shaw

    20 playing this week. Wagner (72) and Stewart (38)

    Should be around par?

  • I’m having a great start to the bye rounds. 18 played before this last game – 2000 points which has moved me from 1400ish to 185 in overall rankings. 3 playing now (Shaw, Hartley and Reid) with my lowest scores 2x72s to be taken over.

  • Do kick ins not count for stats? I’ve seen Shaw have 2 that don’t seem to count on his score.

  • What the heck fantasia…he’s eclipsed his average when he was a in my team already by quarter time

  • 1708 with heater still playing. overall position 2213 18 playing Dea a late out Harwood 11 K Stewart 38 B Keays 37 T west out C Sinclair 53 so I had some low scores and some nice scores. I will be happy with 1750,or somewhere around that..