One Hundred and Eighty… four – Rd 11 Fantasy Review

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  • Team Name: BT’s Wowee
    Round 11 Score: 1980
    League result: Win
    Studs: Kerridge, Wells, Gazza, Suckers, Parkers last quarter, HUNTER!, Simpson, Zorko
    Duds: Zaka!?!?, Duncan, Dea, Dalhaus, Nic Nat, Hall, Hewitt
    On the Chopping Block: De Goey, Dea, Mills, Hewitt
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Was looking so good at the start with Wells, Zorko, Kerridge, Simpson but then it all went downhill apart from hunter and a few others. Absolutely filthy with that 26 from zaka. Also i brought in Jesse Joyce on my mid bench for dpp action with Brodie Smith for Byes and was experimenting to have my best rookies on the field and when i went back to put brodie smith back in my def it didn’t save and i had to take Joyce’s 35 and missed out on Smith’s 92 on my mid bench (Davis was also there for his 98 on my bench fml)

  • What do we reckon Stef will drop – $30k?

  • field Byrne of Collins this week?

  • Team Name:TEAcake
    Round 11 Scores:2264
    League Results:wwl
    Studs: Titch,Boyd,sauce,hunter,kedge,wells to many
    Duds: ME for not putting an E on becnh for goldy,Zaha, Hall, dusty, dahl
    On the Chopping Block:Hall (no mid time)Linc,trengove
    captained gaz which went pretty well and still had a dohnut

  • Round 11 Scores: 2137
    League Results:WW
    Studs: Hunter, Leuenberger (good to get a ton out of him after losing Goldy)
    Duds: Zaca, Montagna, Ross, Martin, Hall
    On the Chopping Block: Zaca will be the first one traded out.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Hunter and Rocky almost outscored my entire midfield (minus hunter himself), Scores of 26 and 36 from Zaharakis and Montagna is just Disgraceful. Add 55 and 59 from Ross and Hall, and you have 188 from 4 players who should have notched 400+. Can only get better next week…we hope.

  • AARON YOUNG viable trade in option? Three round average 103.66666

  • Round 11 Score: 2412 (28th this round, not often I get to brag!)
    League Results: WWW
    Studs: obviously Rocky (held him while injured), Hunter, Kerridge, Davis and Blakely on field
    Duds: Hall, D.Martin, Docherty (bit harsh)
    Chopping Block: Ruggles, B.Kennedy, S.Martin
    Vent/Brag/Whatver: instant reward trading Jordan Lewis and Vince in this week for Adams and Hartley. Took a punt on fielding Tucker over Ruggles which worked. All about bye management now.

  • downgrade options this week?

  • moved up another 14 spots to 49th overall,looking at going macpherson-stewart and degoey-deledio,given up, on degoey,even as a pies fan,or I could go mills to any defender,already have shaw,bartel,boyd simpson.

  • Team Name: The Silver Lining
    Round 11 Scores: 2213 (AF)
    League Results: L W W
    Studs: Titch (c) Hunter, Pendles, Zerret, Vince, Boyd
    Duds:ZAHARAKIS, Dea, McGovern, Hall
    On the Chopping Block: Zaharakis, Dea, Tippa
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Still finished on 2213 however, would’ve gotten close to 2300 if Zaharakis scored how he usually does. Still pretty happy, considering i had 6 scores under 65

  • Team Name: SkunkWorks
    Round 11 Scores:2217
    League Results: WW
    Studs:hunter omg hunter! titch, hanners, vince, kerridge,tippet, GAZ, merrett (C)
    Duds:hall, dusty, the GENERAL for visiting Kelly and Thommo in the same week (collins 97 and Davis 98 for the emergencies – so lucky), ruggles, mccarthy
    On the Chopping Block: ruggles, mcgovern (should have been 4 goals but finished 1.3 from 4 set shots) turns into laird and jansen.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: happy I traded Stef to Tippet for the extra 30 points. SOOOO glad I reversed Kerridge -> Montagna, thanks to Viney being out. Traded Viney to Steven, and cant copmlain about his first performance (103) in a side that got smashed.

    Now for Rocky… with 7 premo mids already, and only 3 in Def and Fwd it feels silly to stack the mids so hard whilst still playing 3 rookies in def and 2 in fwds. I think only a forced trade will make me get rocky in this week.

  • Stringer and Sutcliffe –> Hams and Vince + 67k??

  • Team Name: Pittard For President
    Round 11 Scores: 2178 (AF)
    League Results: WWW
    Studs: Hunter, B. Smith, Kennedy, Parker, Tippet, Kerridge, Wells, Davis, Tucker
    Duds: Sutcliffe, Gibbo, Blicavs, SBotttom, Stringer
    On the Chopping Block: Sutcliffe, Stringer
    Given up on stringer, promises so much, but delivers very little in a very potent bulldogs fwd line

  • Team Name: Tigga Tails
    Round 11 Scores: 2022
    League Results: Wins
    Studs: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Ablett, Steven, Vince, Kerridge
    Duds: Montagna, Martin, Hall, Henderson
    On the Chopping Block: Mills, Heeney
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Im bringing in Jansen and Zorko.