Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 11

With cash hard to generate at the moment, the bargain bin can be a place to look, even if it just means getting in a ‘good name’. However, I have had a look at the top 10 price drops from 2016 to find a few guys who are worthy of discussion given their potential.

Stef Martin (RUC, $442,000) was the man last year, but unfortunately his form has escaped him, especially of late with a three game average of 61, including scores of 58 and 44 in the last two weeks while sharing the ruck duties with Trent West. Throughout the year he has shown he is still capable of good scores with four scores over 90 with a top of 129. An interesting fact is that he has averaged over 90 while playing with Rocky, who will be back this week. He has dropped $189K and has a BE of 130. This is a tough one, certainly not showing the form to bring him in, but worth keeping an eye on if West is dropped and Rocky is named.

*Thanks @Timmy_D11 for the numbers, Stef averages 98 with Rocky and 63 without his partner in crime this year.

Jarrad McVeigh (420,000) has been a little inconsistent with two tons and two sub 60 scores in the last month but he is a star and a great name to have in you back line. He has dropped $118K since the start of his injury interrupted season and a score 100 against the Roos is a good sign, especially leading into a game against the Suns who leak plenty of points. He has a break even of 84, so the time is right.

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Jordan Lewis (MID, $491,000) is so under priced given his potential and form over the last month. He has dropped $122K, but his 17K rise this week shows he is moving back in the right direction with three tons in the last month including 140 on the weekend which gives him a break even of just 64. To get a player of this calibre for under 500K is a no brainer.

I flagged Chad Wingard (FWD, $372,000) last week, but understandably, coaches wanted to see another good game given his slow start to the season by his lofty standards. Well, that’s exactly what he did, backing up his 98 with an equal season high 116. He has a break even of 31 leading into his game against the Pies and is one of the biggest bargains going around.

David Armitage ($462,000) has tackled his way back into Fantasy relevance, increasing in price by 23K this week, but despite this is still available for 130K less than his original asking price. He has a low break even of 45 after two impressive score of 103 and a phenomenal 158 against the Dockers. If he can keep churning out 2 or 3 hundred per month, he is a great pick for that price.

Houston… We have a Rucking Problem

Top 5 Replacements for Stef… if you choose to go that way

Todd Goldstein (RUC, $548,000) Go straight to the top, he is a gun and averages 105 with a three game average of 115. Just make sure his knee pulled up ok.

Max Gawn (Ruc, $499,000) Huge ceiling, can go missing at times but is great to watch when flying.

Scott Lycett (Ruc, $483,000) In career best form! Amazing consistency and a huge three game average of 115 on the back of 136 and 115 in his last two.

Kurt Tippett (RUC, $486,000) Having a great year averaging 93. Don’t be put off by his poor score of 64… that was against Goldstein.

Brodie Grundy (RUC, $462,000) Just quietly going about his business, averaging 91 with scores of 102, 106 and 95 in his last three.

Honourable mentions:

Nic Naitanui (RUC, $458,000) and Mark Blicavs (RUC/MID, $468,000) are both great options and remarkably consistent with both dropping under 80 on just two occasions each. Neither bloke is hitting triple figures as often as I would like.

Twitter time

Howe looks great floating back there, but long term Doc is a far superior player.

Yeah we did, thinking trade at the moment… Maybe make some cash down to Lewis

I would take the punt with Lycett

Wingard is an All Australian

Both great options, but Tich for me

Cheers guys, as always use the comments section to discuss your trades


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  • Guys! Thoughts on Tom Liba??

    If not him, who is the best option for MID priced under 460k


  • Thoughts on Malceski?

  • Priddis, JPK or Gray?

    • Tough but I would lean toward Gray with his DPP. JPK will prob score a tiny bit more though

  • If anyone is still helping sort me out please
    Team is
    Def: Shaw,rich,dea,tippa,Adams ,Harwood,
    Mid:Danger,hanners,pendles,Steven,hunter, Libs,Mcviegh,mills
    Keays,R Davis
    Fwd;Monty,Franklin,kerridge,C Daniel, de goey,petracca,
    Mcarthey ,kommer ( don’t ask me why)
    268k in the kitty
    Help a brother out

    • What about McVeigh to backline via DPP then use DPP to upgrade Harwood to anyone in the mids you can afford, i.e. Macrae, Titchell, Lewis, even Zerrett

    • Martin 442k to Goldy 548k you’ll still have 162k left.
      Then McCarthy 238k to Wingard 372k. Leaving you with 34k.

    • Would look to your forward line first, plenty of good options available. Thinking Daniel to Dusty even though he’s got Nth Melb this week. Also don’t like Kommer – is he ever going to play again – as we head towards Bye rounds.

    • Some of the forwards & backs need to be upgraded, but i’d start this week with getting rid of Mills & Harwood.
      I think you could move McVeigh to backline, swap Harwood for Lewis,
      then move Petracca to forward & swap Mills for Wingard.

  • Robbie gray or Chad Wingard? Which one do I get in?

  • I’m looking to move on Wine, thoughts? Other trade is Hartley to Collins. I still have Menadue sitting on my bench and not sure what to do with him as there aren’t really any other downgrade options at the moment. Worth trading him to Dunkley and moving Mathieson to bench?

  • Torn this week.
    1) Jelwood and Kerridge to Lewis and McVeigh
    2) Thickey and Papley to Goldy and Sam Michael.

    Leaning toward 1 because it’s 2 keepers.

    • Lewis has scored less than ten points more than selwood.. It’s not a crazy trade, but it’s for break even reasons, not because “keeper”

    • If your looking at it that way (Keepers) then really opt 1 is one keeper and a high end midrange to two keepers. Whereas opt 2 is two scrubbers for a keeper and potential cash generator, so opt 2 is the better trade.

    • Thanks fellas. I figure Jelwood (and Geelong) are pretty average atm. You’re right the 129BE of his has a lot to do with it too. I think Lewis will have at least 10 points greater avge than Jelwood by years end. (Fingers crossed)

    • Definitely 2 imo

      • Lewis is a chance to average 10 more than Jelwood, however Goldy is pretty much a lock to average 20+ more than Hickey (it’s 30 point atm)

        • Definitely Thickey will be going, just whether it’s this week or next.

  • Worth getting on Dunkley or Blakely as MID 8 ?

  • Bont, Libba or Gaff as a cheap mid this week? Want to get rockliff or mitchell in next week.

    • I would go Bont, averaging 100 in his last 5 and a good BE. Just whether the rnd 14 bye suits you or not.

    • i think gaff will be cheaper in 2 weeks, cant see him scoring at break even, but could be juicy for the brisbane game or after the bye.

  • JJK from West Coast? Worth a look

    • Yeah, he’s good value. Not as consistent as the MID-FWDs, but high enough average to justify his spot

  • Can anyone explain why JPK’s scores are down this year from last year? averaging same disposals, kick:handball ratio and tackles.

  • Gday all which player should be my highest priority upgrade this week hewett or wagner?

    • I’ve gone Hewett to Mathieson in RDT

      Keeping Wagner, reckon he goes alright for a rookie DEF

      • Im looking at bringing West or Collins into my bench as my first trade for Ruggles/Mcgovern,depending which bench spots turn green, then Hewett to Wingard…how does this sound?

        • Not sold on Wingard… I’ve actually gone with Tex Walker instead. So now that I think about it, go Wingard so either my team will benefit or my advice will appear sage! Either that or they’ll both suck I guess

          • Yeah i will lock in hewett>wingard for now…im thinking birchall>collins then hewett>gray or lids….if ruggles/ mccarthy plays… i dunno!!!!!!

      • agreed, keep wags over hewett

  • Zaharakis/Gray/Gaff/SMitchell or Armitage?
    Cheers in advance

    • I’d go Gaff for being consistent, should be over his whack in the head. Hard call but, Zaha has been great until he got tagged, Gray might be coming good ?, Mitchell disappointing and can do much better, Armitage had a great game and seems to be improving. Only Nostradamus knows :)

  • Yep/Why not/Not yet/Not yet and no

    You’re welcome

    • What is he welcome for Bad advice? Armitage has a great schedule coming up, he is hugely underpriced and has a low BE.

      • That is on the assumption he goes back to what he did last year and doesn’t continue in the form he’s had for every other year.

      • Remember that Armitage scored high cos of his 17 tackles… def wont be that high every week. safer with Steven

      • Bad advice or good advice? Only time will tell amigo…

  • What order would my priority be??? trading out wines to:

    Merrett, Martin, Steven, Lewis, Ablett

  • Got a bad feeling Goldstein wont get up this week with a Friday game. What’s the plan to cover that ??

  • which one? Trading out viney to:
    Steven, Tom mitchell or Hunter?

    • I’ve got the same dilemma, for me it’s hunter or Tom Mitch since I already have Steven,
      I’m leaning towards twitch coz I’m a swans supporter but hunter has an enormous work rate

      • But I didn’t really answer your question, oops.
        I’d go Titch, Steven, Hunter but all 3 can average the same, I’d just look at who they have for their next games.

  • Lads, I’ve been offered Scotty Lycett for Matt Priddis in my draft league. My ruck stocks are putrid (Cal Sinclair and Rory Lobb) but I am worried about Priddis figuring things out and Lycett dropping off. Opinions?

  • Gray or Deledio

  • Trading out Stef and BenKen

    Whats my best option..?

    1. Lycett & Lewis (40k remaining)
    2. Lycett & Wingard (162k)
    3. Grundy & Titch (23k)
    4. Grundy & Dusty (20k)

  • dahlhaus vs robbie g ?

  • Kerridge to Titch
    Tadams to lewis


  • Trades this week. C.Cameron–>J.Joyce
    Z.Smith–>B.Grundy and putting the Captaincy on Brodie Grundy.
    WHat do you think