The Friday Scramble: Round 10

FridayScrambleHoorah!  Carnage is over….or is it?  Players are back, our teams are full and everyone is happy!  If only it were that easy.  We have a few players back, but not all the ones we wanted.  Not only that, we are only a few weeks out from the Bye rounds now, so you should really be starting to consider this!  Let’s have a look at what is happening this week.

The Big Guns are Back!

Well the selection table was kind to us this week with the returns of Ablett, Hall, Wells, Boyd and Barlow.  The two names that were hoping for but didn’t get were Laird and Rocky but hopefully we can get both of them back next week.  Just be slightly careful with Hall and Ablett as they are playing on Sunday, however, there are enough other players on the list that would be more likely to miss out before them.  Perhaps keep an eye on social media tomorrow to see if they board the plane.

Dougal Howard is the one that has come in for Jonas.  This is a concern to those that have brought in Trengove.  Howard will certainly take some of the ruck work whilst Trengove will be required to fill the hole left by Jonas down back.  I must say I thought that Clurey would be the one to come in.  So just temper your expectations of Trengove this week.  Oh, and I wouldn’t be rushing Howard into your side.  I can’t see him dominating in any way at all.

But what the Fantasy gods give with one hand, they taketh away with the other!  We lost Yeo to a quad injury, what is more worrying is that he is listed as TBC as a timeframe.  If you can I would hold until we have some better intel as to how long he is out for.  This is disappointing, as he tended to score well at home and up against a Gold Coast side that has an injury list that resembles a phone book and their two best players coming back from injury, Yeo was scheduled to go massive this week.

Were you one that took the punt on Dan Currie as your R2?  Well hopefully you have another option in there.  It is a Finger injury listed at 2-4 weeks.  Based on that and the fact he isn’t a premium, cash him in and move him on.  Were you also relying on Connor Menadue?  Well Dimma has finally worked out what we all knew, he wasn’t playing well, so he has been omitted.  For me, it is time for him to go.  He has been struggling to get to his BE for a number of weeks now and his omission should be the last straw!

And for those that brought in Kaiden Brand last week, he has also been omitted.  He has plenty of cash to make so you can afford to hold him for a bit longer.  Speaking of rookies, Clayton Oliver is out with a quad injury.  He is listed as a test so you can hold him.  However, his BE isn’t as low as it once was so if you don’t have anyone else to unload, then he could be the man for you.

One of the big plusses from the inclusion of Howard this week is for those that own Gawn.  He was set to dominate Trengove, now, he will completely own Howard.  If you have Gawn, you may even want to consider making him your captain!  (although I will leave the captain advice to Calvin). Nic Nat had a field day last week against Trengove, he would be pissed he didn’t have Dougie as an opponent!

Don’t miss the big articles of the week.

Bye Time!

This year I must say I paid less attention to the byes in my starting squad than ever before, mainly because they are later than normal this year by about 3-4 weeks.  But we can’t stick our head in the sand and ignore them, you need to get onto it now and make sure that you are all sorted.  Every trade for the next few weeks should be done with bye planning in mind.

The plan that I run with is looking to be heavier in round 15 bye players to start with and then as we progress through the byes you trade out those guys and trade in the players that have had their bye.

Many players take the “Meatloaf Strategy” (thanks Footy Rhino and Fenn) that 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  i.e. if you can get two wins out of the three weeks then you can consider that a win.  Some people fully subscribe to this strategy and actually load up on players in one of the bye weeks.  I don’t do this one, but it is certainly a valid option if you are going for league wins.

As you finish the bye rounds you should be planning to have a completed team with trades left (in SC and RDT).  My plan would be to try and come out of the bye’s with a completed side and at least 6 trades left.  The number that I see as being ideal is 8 trades which would be on per week.

For those of you with assistant coach and its’ equivalents in each of the competitions, you should be using it to see how your team is structured throughout the byes.  For those of you in AFL Fantasy, you may not actually be playing during the bye period, so if that is the case, don’t simply give up on your side as you can jump a heap of places during this period.

Whilst your team may look solid when you put the bye microscope over it, but are some of the players you are looking at not actually going to play??  If you are carrying a rookie that looks like they aren’t coming back in the near future you may want to expedite their upgrade/downgrade.  But, don’t screw your whole season just to get 18 on the park during the byes.  So start planning now so that you can have enough fit guys on the park.

Things To Remember

  • Rookies are Random!  A few weeks ago we were all trading out some of the Essendon rookies as they were potentially topping out, then last week they dominated and scored well.
  • Go with your gut!  I made a mistake last week in SC after Danger failed as my VC, I was going to go Heater as my C in his place, but went Montagna as I overanalysed the situation.  Shoudla gone with my first instinct.
  • As always check out what Calvin and Jeppa had to say during the week.

Another week, and I am sure more heartache to come for our Fantasy sides.  Stick with it, even if your team is sucking, no one likes a Ghost Ship.  Particularly if you are in a Cash league!  You never know what can happen.  As always good luck (except if you are playing me of course) and I will catch you on the weekend via twitter @pkd73

MB-AFL-6K-Sat-Slam (1)


  • Boyd/Simpson/Docherty/Kelly and Petracca


    Zac Williams and Montagna/Martin/Dahlhaus/Gray ?

    • Think lock in 1st option. BUT depends on your team really. I got doc last week so bringing in Montag this week (Dusty is also great value at his price and against the bombers could go big)

  • who on field
    ruggles collins pick 1
    davis mills j smith pick 2
    ben ken p wright pick 1

    • I’d go Ruggles
      Mills and Davis
      Ben Kennedy

    • 1. Ruggles as Collins is little unknown and key defender without knowing his game time his 2 NAB cup scores were 7 and 30 – mmm is in my team but is warming the pine
      2. Hard but if i have too, then Davis & Smith more chance of better score i believe although Davis with Ablett/Hall back may suffer but sticking with it – and infact looking at Mills i have traded him out he has peaked
      3. Ben – Wright too up and down could give you 100 or 10

  • Thoughts on trades:
    1.) MacPherson/Menadue to Mathieson (bench, if Menadue on field)
    and Mills to S.Collins (bench)

    2.) B.Kennnedy to Mathieson (field)
    and Mills to Simpson/Docherty (field)

    3.) Mills to Collins (bench)
    and B.Kennedy to Steven (field)


    • I’d go 2. Mathieson is a better long term prospect than Collins. but 3 is good too.

    • How much you want to win your match and or how much you want cash.

      – note Menadue and Mcpherson both not playing
      option 1 – is cash grab and sets up some rookies for future both with good JS not sure on Collins scoring power
      option 2 – solid i assume (including opt 3) u need to use Ben to get the cash to get upgrade – my issue with this is you should be upgrading mids first so if you are going to up grade its option 3 all the way
      option 3 – is the better of option 2 & 3 for upgrades – Steven is back and is under priced

      I had similar but went for the win not the cash as playing my mate Garreth (hope he is not reading this as i told him i was going for cash so hope he did too then bam im gunna smash him)

      i went Mills to collins
      and paley via dpp to Lachie Neal BOOM

      that said downside was I have missed out on Maeitheson

  • RDT help:

    DEF: Shaw, Savage, Dea, Houli, M Brown, Wagner (Laird, Tipungwiti)
    MID: Dangerfield, Parker, Hanners, Mills, Hunter, Titchell, Ablett, J Smith (R Davis, Hewett, Dunkley)
    RUCK: Goldstein, S Martin (Grimley)
    FWD: N Riewoldt, Hall, Dusty, Kerridge, Petracca, Sumner (Menadue, Mccarthy)

    Was thinking Mills to Stevens and Ablett to R Gray


    • I think trading Gaz now in RDT is probably too late. He’s performance may not that great but he’s a reliable 80+ scorer and assuming no injury, surely his price wont dip too much lower.

      Mills to Gray is an upgrade of course, but given his average in comparison to his BE I’d probably hold out one week just to be certain.

      Why not trade Mills for Hopper and bank $113,700. Sure, he’s only played two games so far but he’s proven himself as a quality rookie, and has so far given owners respectable scores.

      If you’re hell bent on trading Gaz, throw the cash from the previous trade into a Neale and you’ve bagged yourself a set and forget and transformed a spud into a diamond.

      • Gaz a spud? Now I’ve heard everything!

        • +1 Simon… Gary has been playing at 70% all season and still managing a 100 avg with a couple of big 120’s. Baffled how people have been trading the great man out. Anyway jokes on them because he will be back to (near) his best soon carving out his weekly 130s (I hope).

        • Wait ’til his season ends in rd 12.

          • Rightio. Still doesn’t make the guy a spud. There’s been no better player in my lifetime

        • An overused term that keeps getting thrown around by people who look at fantasy stats without watching the actual footy. When he’s fully fit there isnt anyone better

    • instead of Steven, maybe Ross…

  • First season of Fantasy. Would appreciate some help with order of trade importance:

    Have weak bench coverage all over so that’s not really a factor.

  • Trade out Wells, Mills or DBJ first?

    Also, who should I bring in out of Steven and Dustin Martin?


  • Rocky to gray/Kelly
    Macpherson to mathieson

    I’m not worried about byes and going for league wins. Rocky should be back next week but I don’t want to risk him missing again and he’ll most likely come back slow too.


    • I’d go option 2 mate Rocky should be back next week and if you’ve held him this long may as well keep holding. Also Mathieson is the best rook to bring in this week and you don’t want to be missing out on him. (Only probably is he may struggle against the Hawks this week).

      • Only reason I held is due to having 9 outs two weeks in a row lol. Also why I’m now focussed on league

  • Boys I’m torn between these trades and forward planning for next week :

    First lock is Mills>Collins but then do
    I go Fantasia>Boyd leaving $108k or Fantasia >Simpson or Docherty leaves me $136k
    Thoughts appreciated. .

    • boyd, it’s not that much cash and he’s the best one

    • I’d go with Simpson mate, I would be thinking Boyd would get rested some time during the season and also Simpson is a little bit cheaper.

    • I’m in the same boat, I can afford to grab either Boyd, Docherty or Simpson.
      I’ve backed Docherty.
      Might be a shit call, but you gotta risk it for the biscuit.

  • Really can’t decide on who to get any help is appreciated,
    Montagna + 4K or
    Gray + 44k kind of leaning towards gray as the extra cash can come in handy for next week thoughts ??

  • Davis v W/C or McGovern v GWS as M8 this week?

  • is having west or paine at F6 for a few weeks a terrible idea?

  • Hey gents, little stuck here;

    Gablett > Neale/Sidebottom/Ross
    Biggs > Williams/Savage

    • I’m not surprised you’re stuck… they’re terrible choices to have

  • Gday all,
    Been super busy this week so haven’t had much time to fiddle with trades. Need to move on Fantasia or Mills. Below is my team before trades. Thoughts on team and possible trades?

    DEF: Shaw,Vince,Fantasia,Mills,Byrne,Ruggles (Byrne-Jones,Cameron)
    MID: Neale,Hannebery,Coniglio,Hunter,T.Mitchell,Ablett,Keays,Blakely (Rockliff,MacPherson)
    RUC: Gawn,Martin (Currie,Frost)
    FWD: Riewoldt,Merrett,Hall,Kerridge,B.Kennedy,Tipungwuti (Davis,Sumner)

    $38,000 in the bank

  • Get in Steven, Cotchin or priddis?

  • Bartel and Mathieson
    Gray/Kelly and Collins?

  • Too late to get Petracca? Still got Papley and could trade him to Petracca for 14k. Good or bad move?

    • BE is 9. I brought him in this week… went Stef Martin & Fantasia to Petracca & Steven. A ruck and a defender to a mid and a forward. Gotta love DPP magic!

      It’s a good move amigo, do it

    • At least tracca is playing who knows when/if papley gets another game…go for it

      • Will either be Papley to Petracca or Papley to Gray. First option leaves me coin to upgrade elsewhere next week or just grab Gray now?

        • Get gray now… i was 8k short and his BE is bout 110 so he will likely be +-5k next week so no great difference but you save a trade as gray is a keeper and tracca is a stepping stone

  • Montagna or Dalhaus for a forward upgrade?

    • I like Dal as a unique but Tags has the ceiling

  • JJK v Bartel?

    Can JJK average 95+ and be a keeper??

  • I’ve grabbed Zorko already but I could get Montagna or Volt or someone else in the forward line,
    Already have Dusty and Hall.

  • which option?
    1. macpherson to mathieson, mills to williams 50k
    2. macpherson to matheison, selwood to steven (also have danger and duncan) 150k
    3. macpherson to matheison, bkennedy to r gray 10k
    4. macpherson to matheison, selwood to dusty (switch to forwards next week) 150k
    5. macpherson to matheison, papley to wingard 100k

  • Petracca

    I really have no idea what to do

    • id get petracca and wait for the suns to start playing competitively before bringing in kk. Could u please help above

  • Who to upgrade first fasolo mills or josh smith? I’m gonna play Marcus Adams over mills

  • Who to trade in
    Bailey Williams or cheap forward
    Barlow or jjk (west coast)

  • Who to trade in
    Bailey Williams or cheap forward
    Barlow or jjk (west coast) ????

  • M.Mcgovern > Mathieson via DPP
    J.Steele > J.Steven – Leaving 155k in bank


    J.Smith > J. Steven

  • Any one got the Ruggles or Byrne dilemma? I’m starting Ruggles, anyone disagree?