Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 10


In the St Kilda v Fremantle game I could have 4 players from this game in my top 5, but I don’t.

Let’s start with Leigh Montagna. He has been going great guns with scores of 101, 129 and 109 in his last 3 and even posted 155, 91, 189 and 117 on the Dockers in his last 4 games and that was when they were good.

Last week, Richmond midfielders had a field day at Domain Stadium against them with Cotchin (127), Grigg (117), Dusty (107) and Miles (104) all cracking the ton.

I can’t load up my top 5 with everyone from this game and therefore, Jack Steven is the unlucky one who misses out.

He had a season best 138 last week, but his numbers prior to that (83, 58) are concerning. He’s back though and will rack up again this Saturday arvo. He has scored 107, 148 and 93 in his last runs on the Dockers but if I was tossing up between Steven and Montagna… Montagna gets the nod from me this week.

Nick Riewoldt has averaged 119 in his last 3 games and has been sensational. He had 112 last week and at Etihad Stadium this year, he is now averaging 128 (5 games).

How will the Dockers stop him? The answer is – THEY WON’T!

He has scored 89, 164 and 120 on them in his last 3 and will be untouchable.

Another guy who is untouchable at the moment is Lachie Neale who is thriving without Fyfe. He had 149 last week and scored 112 on the Saints last year. Last week, 5 Bombers cracked the ton against the Saints and Neale even has a great record at Etihad (132, 106 this year).


These guys just missed out on my top 5, and if you like them, I’m giving you the green light to back them in this week.

Firstly, Josh J. Kennedy will carve the Suns a new one this weekend and the Eagles will win this by 100. He kicked 7 (107pts) last week and when Tex Walker played the Suns last week, he bagged 5.2 (116pts) – make sure you have JJK looked in all your DFS teams and Match Day.

Daniel Hannebery has always copped the Ben Jacobs tagged against the Roos and only scored 65 and 93 on them last year as a result of this. With Jacobs out, how will he fair running free on Friday night at the SCG. I really think he can be huge however, he missed my list this week as the Roos are very tough to score on. Gibbs (106) was the best for the Blues against them last week, and therefore it is slightly risky.

Team mate Luke Parker posted 120 and 133 on the Kangas last year, as the Roos and Jacobs focused their attention on Hannas. Parker only has a highest score of 103 in his last 3 this year though and as I said, North can be very tough to score against on their day.

Both these guys will be great though as they WILL beat the Kangaroos for the first time this year.

Why? Cause the Roo’s first nine wins were against Adelaide (@Eti), Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle, Gold Coast, Bulldogs (tough one), St Kilda, Essendon and Carlton. Finally, this week they’ll play a real team (away) and therefore we might see a new trend in the scores they have been giving up.

Dayne Zorko had 91 last week but did have 122, 110 and 148 before that. He loves the GABBA and has scored 122, 148, 109 and 110 there this year. Hasn’t scored over 100 against the Hawks in his last 3 though and that’s why he misses my 5 this week.

Captain consistent, Scott Pendlebury has smashed the Dogs in the past with scores of 113, 114, 133 and 133. The Giants had 8 guys go 100+ last week against the Dogs but my issue here is Pendles’ lack of big scores this year, only going over 120+ once.

Steele Sidebottom on the other had has scored 120+ in 3 of his last 6 games. He even had 130 on them last year and the thing about a top 5 is… you can only have 5 players in it. Tough luck Steele.

If you want something unique, then jump on Lachie Hunter against the Pies who leek points. He had 122 on them last year and in a loss last week, Duncan (122) and Danger (107) still scored solidly. Watch out for a tag from Greenwood though, he was great on Selwood last week, although I think he’ll have his sights set on the inform Bont.


Heath Shaw on the weekend was just plain rude.

His 176pts from 14 marks was out of this world. He is currently the #1 inform player in the league (obviously) and has cracked 130+ in four of his last five games.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. In his last game against the Crows he managed just 61. The Crows have some gun small forwards and running too far off isn’t a good idea. However, the GWS have players to do these jobs and as we saw… Heath doesn’t really care anyway once the ball is won.

Shaw hasn’t scored over 100 against the Crows in his last 5 games and only posted 81 at Adelaide Oval when he played his first game there last year.

Malceski (96) topped scored for the Suns last week against the Crows which is a good sign and other defenders such as Enright (94), Henderson (91), Boyd (101) and even Easton Wood (90) have gone ok against the Crows in recent weeks.

Although history is against him here… and so is the ground, how can we turn our back on a guy who has taken rudeness to a whole new level.

You’ll see why he doesn’t get my #1 position, but his form is so good, how can he be stopped!


Tom Mitchell v Kangaroos @ SCG – 67 on the Roos last year and now he’s back tagging? I can’t see it continuing but he and Horse can’t be trusted.

Todd Goldstein v Sydney @ SCG – averaging 120 in his last 3 and has scored 87, 122, 72 and 80 in his last 4 against the Swans. Tippett is on fire at the moment. I’ll pass on Goldy here.

Sam Mitchell v Brisbane @ the GABBA – scored 53, 74 and 66 in his last 3 games and might even cop another tag from ‘Red Bull Robbo’ this week. Dees had 6×100+ on Lions last week but even Sam Mitchell can’t be trusted at the moment.

Max Gawn v Port Adelaide @ Traeger Park – 47 and 59 in his last two games makes you want to throw up. Lycett (136pts, 23 hit outs) and Nic Nat (109pts, 48 hit outs) topped scored for the Eagles against Port last week and surely we can see something better from Max this week. SURELY!

Zach Merrett v Richmond @ the MCG – Only two guys scored over 90 against the Tigers last week (Neale/Blakely) and Zach only had 80 on them last year. Pass.

Dusty Martin v Essendon @ the MCG – Should kill the Bombers but only managed 66 and 107 on them last year. Steven (138, 40d) and Ross (137, 37d) had their own ball on the Bombers last week and I’m expecting a solid 110+ from Dusty here.

Stephen Coniglio v Adelaide @ Adelaide Oval – #3 on form with an average of 122 in his last 3 with 136 last week. Bit scared of this game at Adelaide Oval, but he’s just smoking it at the moment.

Patrick Dangerfield v Carlton @ Etihad – Kangaroos beat Carlton by 67pts last week and Dal Santo and Ziebell were the only midfielders to crack 100+ (108 and 107). He had 108 on them last year and carries a lowest score of only 107 in his last 5 games this year. Solid as they come.

Joel Selwood v Carlton @ Etihad – Only one score over 100 in his last four games against Carlton. We have better.

Adam Treloar v Bulldogs @ the MCG – Treloar has played the Dogs five times in his career and they still sit as the only team he hasn’t scored a ton on. Hot form though with 116 and 131 in the last two weeks.

Matt Priddis v Gold Coast @ Domain Stadium – Scored 105 (10 tackles) last week, his equal best score in his last 5 games. He’s been out of touch but will dominate this week against a team he has scored 106, 155, 103, 108, 100 and 138 on over his career. Suns suck and Priddis will fly.



  • Not completely sold on Montagna since he’s been spending a lot of time in the back 50 recently… Toss up between him and Steven though for me.

  • Josh Kennedy, or Heath shaw?

    • Someone’s gonna stick with him soon. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s this week. In great form but not captain for me this week.

  • No love for Seb Ross?

  • Spot on Calvin, St Nick will have monsta score this w/e…40-50 by qrt time!! CMON!!

  • Dustay

  • So you think Gawn will bounce back after scoring two sub par scores, yet goldy avereging 120 in his last three is a no? Can’t beleive you had Gawn ahead of goldy last week aswell…

    • I’m guessing its because Port dont have a genuine ruck man and they keep getting smashed in there recently. Gawn seems to go huge against teams like this

  • Montag has had 155, 91, 189 in his last 3 agianst freo. Poor research mate

    • Seriously, why be a dick? It’s clear Calvin’s accidentally inserted Voldt’s scores instead of Montags. Poor form, mate.

    • Clearly a typo with him accidentally writing Riewoldt’s past 3 in Monty’s stats.

      An excellent top 5 Calvin well done mate!

    • Good pickup, from now on I’m reading your article. Whats the url?

    • You probably don’t realise it yet, but you will soon see the staggering amount of ignorance in your comment when you…
      a) give the captaincy to one of Calvin’s selections, or
      b) tune in next week to see who he’s selected

      • Actually I often choose captains out of Calvin’s top 5. I read Calvin’s captains for the awesome research he does. How long do you think it takes him to grab all those numbers and put together an article for you? Sometimes I agree with Calvin, sometimes I don’t, but I always appreciate his hard work. It saves me a lot of time.

        Curious why your opening his article and taking the time to comment on it? If I don’t like an article I just don’t read it. Seems you read the article of someone your critical of, then took the time out to point out a typo, and also took the time out to warn someone against following the advice of the article…

        • That’s all good Leeroy. I guess I could point out that I’m not being critical of the article, nor of the typo and I’m certainly not trying to warn people off following any advice given… I’ll just point out my comment was a reply to Luke’s

        • Settle lads, all good in here. This is a happy room

          • That’s the spirit :)

          • Absolutely! Love your work Calvin – you’re my favorite Trader. Your weekly columns are a must read for me – valuable info and always good for a laugh. Speaking of which, I’m finding it really funny that I haven’t yet managed to pick a Captain who’s scored over 100 this season. You’ve gotta laugh and you’ve gotta love footy hey!

    • I’ve edited. Obviously a typo looking at Voldt’s numbers. Last four v Freo: 155, 91, 189 and 117. Huge.

  • Uncanny how Montagna and Voldt have both scored 89,164,120 on the dockers in their last 3 Calvin.

  • Dangerfield or Parker and why? Or go with someone different

  • Really need help haven’t had a captain get me 100 yet, danger, Parker shaw Gawn or zieball need help asap!!

    • Wow, that is either incredibly unlucky or you didn’t pick yourself up a premium prior to round 1… May I ask who you’ve had?

      Danger is a lock 100+ this week.

      • I have had Parker every time his scored 90 and Gawn last two weeks but didn’t mean him last week! I he robbie Gray when he was on fire and he got 58 I’ve just been unlucky haha

    • I you have Dusty go him imo. He’s the best bet imo other than a player from the Saints game or JJK/Priddis vs the Suns.

    • Shaw is number 2 on the list and has a 130+ over last 5. If you have him, pick him.

  • Secret Squirrels & Luke – obvious typo and mix up with Roo’s stats.
    Ricky – It’s an opinion piece he writes, not a definite science and you don’t even pay for it. Feel free to do different, but over the years he gets it right more often than not.

    Calvin – always appreciate the article and nearly always pick whoever I have on your list, because your research and reasoning is solid and no one can plan for concussions, surprise tags etc.

    • Taezer, i know mate, only pointing it out so old mate Calvin can adjust it. It’s called proof reading. I have always appreciated the work the pirate puts in to his captain selections.

  • Jack Steven for me..

  • Great article Calvin Nroo for me had made up my mind before article you just drove it home. The man is on fire 112 last week and correct me if I’m wrong that’s without even kicking goal – was in position a few times but other saints flew in front of him – predict 165

    • Yep not only was his 112 impressive cause he didn’t score any goals, it was impressive because he only had 7 marks. He usually gets 10+. If he has a few more marks and a couple goals look out

  • montagna really didn’t seem to get involved against essendon on the weekend

  • Ahhh Steven vs Rooey vs Shaw vs Danger. Think I’ll go with Calvin and lock in Rooey

  • what do you think about throwing the big C on Jordan Lewis he should smash Brisbane and no tag risk??

    • Could have a big one, I think it’s his 250th. Been a bit too up & down for me to trust him. Better options this week imo.

    • I was thinking also he could be a great smokey! Loves these games and would be a great way to bounce back from some ordinary games lately.
      Hoping for 110+
      still slightly risky picking him tho

  • treloar vs conig vs neale?

  • Did my rage trades last Sunday night.

    Waiting for tonight’s team lists before rerversing them and doing something sensible.

  • What are the numbers for cotchin vs esseden , good smokey choice?

  • Having trouble…
    Sam Mitchell, Shaw or Pendlebury? struggling haha

  • need help with deciding a caption between, David Zaharakis, Zach Merrett, Lachine Hunter and Aaron hall who do you think is the best choice.

  • Dangerfield, Steven or Gawn for captain?

  • For people like warnie who don’t have anyone in the top 5, I’ve extended my picks here.

    #6 – Dan Hannebery
    #7 – Jack Steven
    #8 – Steele Sidebottom
    #9 – Lachie Hunter
    #10 – Scott Pendlebury

  • Out of interest, has anyone ever captained Priddis and been happy with their choice afterwards?

    Not knocking the guy (won a chunk of cash when he won his Brownlow), but as a previous owner I can’t make myself pick him in DT. Handballs way too much

    • never owned him. i just think more consistent and bigger scorers around to even have him.

      the only reason you would consider having him is if your trying to get an edge on your league for a unique option.

  • Which one do I use?

    • Up the top is an article with my order listed.
      People find it useful from time to time, others not so much

      • Last week I followed the list… Last week my captain was Maxy

        • then maybe you should try picking your own?
          Here’s an idea, go through your player list and find the the player who has scored the most scores over 110 in the last 9 games.
          Once you have found this player, put the C on him and leave it there for the next 9 games. Better than continuously swapping to the worst performer every week>

  • Hunter over Shaw ummmm are people high??

  • Don’t go hatin’. How else are regular dumb arses like myself gonna get reasonable scores without these Traders helping out. Keep up the good work fella’s

  • Montagna or Dalhaus for a forward upgrade?

  • Ziebell, Coniglio or Bont for captain?

  • I’m still trying to work out how Heath Shaw made it to number 2 on this list. Form may be one thing, but no hundreds in his last 5 vs Adelaide should of been a clue. Never even considered him, and Shaw was the only player i had in the top 5.